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Ffos Las

Sun, 17th Feb, 2013

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Dunraven Welsh Foxhunters Hunters' Chase (Class 4) of £6,000.00 5-y-o plus

3m. 1st - £3,743.00 2nd - £1,161.00 3rd - £580.00 4th - £290.00 10 Declared Heavy


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67P-Fair Point 11,ch g 11-10

Moonax-Pampered Molly

(1)(Mr Wyn Morris)
Rated 113

Wyn Morris

Mr J Cook(5)

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/1U-Cave Hill 11,b g 12-0

Dr Massini-Eurogal

(1)(Mr C Lees)
Rated 110

C Lees

Ms Lucy Jones(5)

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P-2PPrinceful 10,b g 11-10

Useful-Spinner's Mate

(1)(Mr Terry Reffell)
Rated 115

J M Bradley

Mr E David(7)

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5F/1Tricky Trickster 10,b g 12-0


(1)(Mr Chris Giles)
Rated 137

Paul Nicholls

Mr Steven Clements

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P63PSpirit Of Barbados 7,b g 11-10

Oscar-Finnisk Dream

(1)(Mr David Brace)
Rated 109

D Brace

Miss C Prichard(7)

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7R35Big Game Hunter 7,b g 11-10

Sadler's Wells-Hill Of Snow

(1)(Mr A B Leyshon)
Rated 115

A B Leyshon

Miss R Leyshon(7)

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3-24Bobs Law 9,b g 11-10

Bob Back-Retinue

(1)(The Big Dreamers Partnership)
Rated 99

Mickey Bowen

Nick Williams

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12-7Kingspark Boy 6,b g 11-10


(1)(Mr E R Clough)

D A Rees

Mr Matthew Barber(5)

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17/1Silver Token 8,gr g 11-10

Silver Patriarch-Commanche Token

(1)(Mr David Brace)

D Brace

Mr B Gibbs(7)

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25P-Pathian Prince 10,b g 12-0

Parthian Springs-Smilingatstrangers

(1)(Mr E R Clough)
Rated 100

E R Clough

Mr A Johns(7)

Probable SP 4/5 Tricky Trickster, 7/1 Fair Point, 8/1 Big Game Hunter, 10/1 Cave Hill, 14/1 Princeful, Silver Token, 16/1 Spirit Of Barbados, Bobs Law, 25/1 Pathian Prince, 33/1 Kingspark Boy.