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Fri, 30th Nov, 2012

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Bet With The Free Racing UK iPhone App Handicap Hurdle (Class 5) of £5,000.00 3-y-o plus

2m. 1st - £3,249.00 2nd - £954.00 3rd - £477.00 4th - £238.00 15 Declared Meeting Abandoned


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-926Grand Diamond 8,b g 11-10

Grand Lodge-Winona

(1)(Caledonia Racing)
Rated 108

J Goldie

Callum Whillans(5)

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3137Lillioftheballet 5,b m 11-3


(1)(The Dregs Of Humanity)
Rated 101

J Goldie

Lucy Alexander(3)

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3P99Weetfromthechaff 7,gr g 11-2

Weet-a-minute-Weet Ees Girl

(1)(Mr J M Carlyle)
Rated 100

M Barnes

M J McAlister

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142FParc des Princes 6,b g 11-6

Ten Most Wanted-Miss Orah

(1)(Tarzan Bloodstock)
Rated 104

N Richards

D C Costello

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2755Bridlingtonbygones 7,br g 11-10

Bob's Return-Slaney Athlete

(1)(Mr Alan Lamont)
Rated 108

Karen McLintock

B Hughes

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4244Formulation 5,b g 11-7

Danehill Dancer-Formal Approval

Rated 105

Rebecca Menzies

J M Maguire

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33UPUrban Kode 4,b g 11-1


(1)(Suzy Brown, John Baird, Tony Evans)
Rated 99

Miss L Russell

Craig Nichol(7)

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339Garth Mountain 5,b g 11-3

Rock Of Gibraltar-One of The Family

(1)(Mr H Burns)
Rated 101

H Burns

Shaun Dobbin(7)

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73-0Musnad 4,ch g 11-7

Mr Greeley-Jadarah

(1)(Mr Dan Gilbert)
Rated 105

B Ellison

Danny Cook

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536-Coax 4,b g 11-2

Red Ransom-True Glory

(1)(Foulrice Park Racing Limited)
Rated 100

P F Holmes

R McGrath

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424-War Poet 5,b g 11-10

Singspiel-Summer Sonnet

(1)(Carl Chapman & Mrs Martina Mulhall)
Rated 108

C A Mulhall

F Keniry

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22-5Swaledale Lad 5,b g 11-12


(1)(Mr D Challoner)
Rated 110

R Ford

Brian Harding

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526-Oscar Stanley 5,b g 11-0


(1)(Mrs Rose Dobbin)
Rated 98

Mrs R Dobbin

K Renwick

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163-Winstone 7,b g 11-6

Pierre-Cushenstown Best

(1)(Mr George A Charlton)
Rated 104

G A Charlton

F Davis

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5552King Brex 9,b g 11-0

Primatico-Moon Shine

(1)(Alexander Family)
Rated 98

N W Alexander

Mr C Alexander(7)

Probable SP 11/4 War Poet, 6/1 King Brex, 13/2 Parc des Princes, 10/1 Winstone, 12/1 Coax, Oscar Stanley, 14/1 Urban Kode, Bridlingtonbygones, Formulation, 16/1 Garth Mountain, Musnad, Weetfromthechaff, Swaledale Lad, 20/1 Grand Diamond, 25/1 Lillioftheballet.