The Week In Photos - 2nd May 2010

Head Of The Posse (right) tackles Deutschland at Sligo 02-05-10

Lough Ferrib (right) seen winning at Sligo as Paddy Kennedy and Boyney Boy crash out 02-05-10

Action from Sligo 02-05-10

Flat Out and Emmet Mullins survive this error to win at Sligo 02-05-10

Rain Delayed and Keagan Latham (left) narrowly beat Miss Gorica at Cork 30-04-10

Fiddlededee is a very easy winner at Tipperary 29-04-10

Hampstead Heath wins despite a last fence error at Tipperary 29-04-10

Flase Economy is clear jumping the last at Tipperary 29-04-10

Lady Fowler pictured with her first Irish winner One Back For Luck at Kilbeggan 01-05-10

Kerry Blue and runs out at the last flight at Tipperary 29-04-10

Andrew Lynch holding onto Balsaflour after unseating at the first fence at Tipperary 29-04-10

Mick Darcy and Lenny Flynn relaxing at Tipperary 29-04-10

All Photographs are Copyright of Healy Racing Photography
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