HorseTrackerBall D'arc (FR)

b g 2011 Network (GER)-Pretty Moon (FR)(Moon Madness)

Gigginstown House Stud
S C E A Le Fragneau & Mme Nicole Terri
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05Jan19 Cor 20f Soft to Heavy 4y+ HcapHdl(25K)
11-5[20/1]17th of 18, 74.32L behind Midnight Stroll
C Brassil
Rated 140
16Dec18 Nav 20f Yielding to Soft 4y+ HcapHdl(50K)
11-0[20/1]16th of 20, 18.59L behind Salty Boy
P J Vaughan
Rated 140
25Feb18 Naa 16f Soft 5y+ S(46K)
11-10[11/10F]bf5th of 5, 33.25L behind Doctor Phoenix
J W Kennedy
Rated 157
27Dec17 Leo 17f Yielding to Soft 5y+ S(100K)
11-12[11/2]unseated rider in race won by Simply Ned
J W Kennedy
Rated 158
10Dec17 Cor 17f Heavy 5y+ S(60K)
non-runner (temperature)
Rated 158
11Nov17 Naa 16f Soft to Heavy 4y+ S(32K)
11-10[6/4F]1st of 6, 5L to Ordinary World
J W Kennedy
Rated 155
04Nov17 Dow 20f Soft 4y+ S(50K)
11-10[16/1]3rd of 7, 8.50L behind Disko
K M Donoghue
Rated 151
27Apr17 Pun 16f Good to Yielding 5y+ NovCh(115K)
11-10[11/2]3rd of 8, 13.25L behind Great Field
B J Cooper
Rated 153
16Apr17 Fai 20f Good to Yielding 5y+ NovCh(100K)
11-10[5/1]3rd of 6, 5.25L behind Road To Respect
D N Russell
Rated 155
02Apr17 Fai 17f Soft to Heavy 5y+ S(42K)
11-10[6/5F]bf2nd of 7, 0.5L behind Ballycasey
B J Cooper
Rated 151
12Mar17 Naa 20f Soft to Heavy 5y+ NovCh(32K)
11-8[2/1JF]1st of 4, 15L to Gangster
B J Cooper
Rated 144
19Feb17 Nav 17f Soft to Heavy 5y+ NovCh(42K)
11-1[6/4]1st of 3, 19L to Tully East
B J Cooper
Rated 142
15Jan17 Fai 17f Soft 4y+ HcapCh(100K)
10-9[3/1F]1st of 13, 9L to Pairofbrowneyes
J W Kennedy
Rated 133
26Dec16 Leo 17f Yielding to Soft 4y+ HcapCh(26K)
11-3[9/4F]bf3rd of 12, 3.00L behind Lake Takapuna
B J Cooper
Rated 133
10Dec16 Nav 20f Yielding to Soft 4y+ HcapCh(50K)
10-6[4/1JF]bf2nd of 15, 6.5L behind Oscar Knight
B J Cooper
Rated 130
20Nov16 Pun 16f Soft 4y+ NovCh(42K)
11-4[4/1]4th of 5, 7.50L behind Identity Thief
R Walsh
Rated 130
31Oct16 Wex 16f Good 4y+ NovCh(11K)
11-12[4/7F]1st of 8, 3L to Our Dougal
R Walsh
13Oct16 Pun 18f Good 4y+ NovCh(32K)
11-1[7/2]hd62nd of 6, 2.25L behind Three Stars
J J Burke
08Oct16 Fai 16f Good 4y+ NovCh(11K)
11-12[5/6F]bfhd5unseated rider in race won by Ordinary World
B J Cooper
13Sep16 Lis 17f Heavy 4y+ NovCh(14K)
11-12[11/10F]bfhd42nd of 10, 3L behind Three Stars
B J Cooper
26Apr16 Pun 16f Good to Yielding 5y+ H(100K)
11-12[25/1]6th of 6, 26.25L behind Don't Touch It
D N Russell
Rated 142
08Apr16 Ain 16f Good to Soft 4y+ H(75K)
11-4[16/1]7th of 11, 12.50L behind Buveur D'air
B J Cooper
Rated 143 1
21Feb16 Naa 16f Soft to Heavy 4y+ H(46K)
11-3[5/1]1st of 8, 2L to Moon Over Germany
B J Cooper
Rated 135
31Jan16 Pun 16f Soft to Heavy 4y+ H(30K)
11-7[9/2]1st of 5, 3L to Royal Caviar
B J Cooper
Rated 131
09Jan16 Pun 16f Heavy 5y+ H(42K)
11-0[12/1]hd33rd of 5, 10.75L behind Min
D N Russell
28Dec15 Lim 16f Heavy 4y MdnHdl(12K)
11-7[5/4]hd21st of 12, 1.25L to Berry Des Aulmes
K C Sexton
26Dec15 Leo 16f Heavy 4y MdnHdl(13K)
11-4[13/2]hd1unseated rider in race won by Coney Island
L P Dempsey
14Dec15 Nav 16f Heavy 4y MdnHdl(12K)
11-7[4/6F]bf2nd of 15, 4.75L behind Moon Over Germany
B J Cooper
05Nov15 Thu 16f Good 4-7y NHF(9K)
11-11[2/1F]1st of 8, 9L to Timmone
Ms N Carberry
28Apr15 Pun 16f Good to Yielding 4-5y NHF(100K)
10-13[33/1]12th of 22, 21.16L behind Petit Mouchoir
Mr D G Lavery
29Mar15 Lim 16f Soft to Heavy 4y NHF(25K)
11-2[8/1]5th of 7, 27.25L behind Charbel
Mr R P Quinlan
01Feb15 Bel 24f Good to Yielding 4y Point to Point
11-9[4/7F]1st of 3, 2.5L to Return Flight
Derek O'Connor

Symbols Explained

ts2 Tongue Strap vs2 Visor hd2 Hood es2 Eye Shield ec2 Eye Cover cp2 Cheekpiece bl2 Blinkers tt2 Tongue Tie bf Beaten Favourite on Last Run

The superscript number on headgear bl2 indicates number of times worn. A plus bl+ indicates more than 10 times where as red background bl1indicates first time.