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HorseTrackerYossi (IRE)

b g 2004 Montjeu (IRE) - Raindancing (IRE) (Tirol)

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Owner Mrs Alison Guest
Trainer R C Guest
Last Win   Huntingdon Sun, 22nd Mar, 09 9/4Fav, A P McCoy Jim Best
Days Since Last Win   2624
Last Run   Southwell Tue, 3rd Apr, 12  6th, 20/1, Declan Cannon
StatisticsRunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Lifetime (Flat)631211.59%€26503.98€-61.75
Lifetime (N.H.)91211.11%€5666.36€-5.75
Form Timeline
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Date Course Conditions Race Result Jockey OR Class
03Apr12 Sou 14A 4y+ Hcap(3K) 8-2[20/1] 6th of 8, 12.00L behind Shifting Gold Declan Cannon 45 5
29Mar12 Kem 11A 4y+ Hcap(2K) 8-4[25/1] 3rd of 8, 7.00L behind The Blue Dog Declan Cannon 45 6
16Mar12 Wol 12A 4y+ Hcap(2K) 8-13[15/2] 7th of 11, 20.25L behind Visions of Johanna F Norton 46 7
09Mar12 Wol 12A 4y+ Hcap(2K) 8-4[22/1] 8th of 11, 6.69L behind Holden Eagle Declan Cannon 47 6
02Mar12 Wol 12A 4y+ Hcap(2K) 8-4[8/1] 5th of 11, 8.03L behind Holden Eagle Nora Looby 46 6
24Feb12 Wol 12A 4y+ F(2K) 8-5[16/1] 4th of 6, 8.28L behind Thundering Home William Carson 46 6
17Feb12 Wol 12A 4y+ Hcap(2K) 8-9[25/1] 4th of 12, 6.75L behind Den Maschine Charles Eddery 47 7
07Feb12 Sou 11AS 4y+ Hcap(2K) 10-9[6/1] 11th of 14, 41.75L behind Mustajed Mr S Walker 47 6
02Feb12 Wol 12A 4y+ Hcap(2K) 8-8[12/1] 7th of 12, 6.44L behind Black Iceman William Carson 47 6
20Jan12 Wol 12A 4y+ Hcap(2K) 8-10[33/1] 2nd of 7, hd behind Hada Men F Norton 45 6
13Jan12 Wol 12A 4y+ Hcap(2K) 8-6[20/1] 4th of 9, 10.50L behind Black Iceman Charles Eddery 45 7
06Jan12 Wol 9A 4y+ Hcap(2K) 8-5[33/1] 8th of 11, 19.75L behind Vanilla Rum Charles Eddery 45 7
26Dec11 Wol 12A 3y+ Hcap(3K) 8-3[25/1] 7th of 7, 25.25L behind Tornado Force Shirley Teasdale 45 5
22Dec11 Sou 12A 3y+ Hcap(2K) 8-4[20/1] 12th of 14, 38.88L behind Spahi Charles Eddery 45 6
10Dec11 Wol 12A 3y+ Hcap(2K) 8-3[50/1] 6th of 11, 5.25L behind Honourable Knight Charles Eddery 45 6
05Oct11 Tow 16F 4y+ HcapHdl(3K) 11-8[18/1] 8th of 9, 87.50L behind Giant O Murchu Harry Haynes 5
20Sep11 Bev 10GF 3y+ Hcap(2K) 10-0[12/1] 12th of 15, 10.78L behind Dean Iarracht Mr S Walker 45 6
01Sep11 Kem 11A 3y+ Hcap(2K) 9-0[8/1] 9th of 11, 17.01L behind Professor John Kelly Harrison 48 6
25Aug11 Car 17GS 4y+ H(3K) non-runner 5
23Aug11 Yar 11G 4y+ Hcap(2K) 8-3[40/1] 3rd of 10, 7.25L behind Iron Condor Kelly Harrison 6
18Aug11 Sou 12A 3y+ Hcap(2K) 9-6[28/1] 7th of 9, 62.75L behind Sennockian Storm R Lucey-Butler 6
11Aug11 Bev 12S 3y+ Hcap(2K) 9-1[8/1] 8th of 8, 53.75L behind Ocean Bluff R Lucey-Butler 6
01Aug11 Car 11G 4y+ Hcap(2K) non-runner 6
24Jul11 Pon 10GF 3y+ Hcap(4K) 8-11[33/1] 12th of 15, 35.81L behind Betteras Bertie Kelly Harrison 5
01Apr11 Wol 9A 4y+ F(3K) 8-11[33/1] 3rd of 4, 9.75L behind Majuro F Norton 5
31Mar11 Wol 12A 4y+ Hcap(2K) 9-2[14/1] 2nd of 10, 0.5L behind Broughtons Paradis P Hanagan 6
22Mar11 Sou 11A 4y+ Hcap(2K) 8-4[12/1] 6th of 6, 28.00L behind Beau Fighter James P Sullivan 5
15Mar11 Sou 12A 4y+ Hcap(2K) non-runner 6
08Mar11 Sou 11A 4y+ F(2K) 8-11[4/1] 5th of 12, 14.25L behind Kipchak F Norton 6
11Feb11 Sou 12A 4y+ Hcap(2K) 9-0[9/2] 3rd of 11, 3.75L behind Bring Sweets Andrew Heffernan 6
03Feb11 Tow 16S 4y+ HcapHdl(3K) 11-12[4/1] 5th of 7, 34.75L behind Orang Outan P Aspell 4
27Jan11 Sou 11A 4y+ F(2K) 8-9[20/1] 2nd of 6, hd behind Trans Sonic F Norton 6
16Jan11 Sou 12A 4y+ Hcap(2K) 9-1[17/2] 9th of 11, 22.38L behind Magic Haze Sean Palmer 6
06Jan11 Sou 12A 4y+ Hcap(2K) 8-8[10/1] 3rd of 7, 14.50L behind Dontpaytheferryman Sean Palmer 6
21Dec10 Sou 12AS 3y+ Hcap(4K) 9-3[15/2] 4th of 12, 24.00L behind Kumbeshwar Sean Palmer 6
18Dec10 Sou 12AS 3y+ F(3K) 8-7[15/2] 2nd of 7, 21L behind Camps Bay Sean Palmer 6
10Dec10 Sou 12AS 3y+ Hcap(2K) non-runner 6
06Dec10 Sou 12AS 3y+ F(2K) 8-9[7/4F] 2nd of 7, 6L behind Castle Myth Sean Palmer 6
30Nov10 Sou 12AS 3y+ Hcap(3K) 8-3[10/3] 2nd of 6, 2.25L behind Maslak Sean Palmer 5
23Nov10 Sou 12A 3y+ Hcap(3K) 8-3[16/1] 2nd of 9, 2L behind Kingaroo Sean Palmer 5
11Nov10 Sou 12A 3y+ Hcap(2K) 8-12[11/1] 4th of 12, 11.50L behind Kingaroo Sean Palmer 6
03Nov10 Not 10H 3y+ Hcap(3K) 8-3[16/1] 7th of 14, 16.78L behind Spring Secret Sean Palmer 5
26Oct10 Cat 12GS 3y+ Hcap(2K) 9-10[5/1] 5th of 15, 9.25L behind Emirate Isle P Hanagan 6
12Oct10 Lei 10GS 3y+ Hcap(3K) 8-10[14/1] 8th of 15, 6.31L behind Goodlukin Lucy Greg Fairley 5
01Oct10 Hex 16G 4y+ H(3K) 11-3[11/2] 4th of 11, 21.25L behind Holiday Cocktail P Aspell 5
14Sep10 Yar 11GS 3y+ Hcap(4K) 9-9[16/1] 6th of 14, 24.50L behind Extremely So D Holland 5
05Sep10 Yor 12GF 4y+ Hcap(10K) 8-0[33/1] 12th of 14, 17.32L behind Antigua Sunrise Sean Palmer 4
22Aug10 Mus 14G 3y+ Hcap(5K) 9-12[16/1] 4th of 7, 8.75L behind Cat O' Nine Tails P Makin 5
09Aug10 Win 12G 3y+ Hcap(3K) 9-10[12/1] 4th of 8, 5.56L behind Super Duplex L Dettori 5
25Jul10 Car 11G 4y+ Hcap(15K) 9-5[100/1] 11th of 15, 19.56L behind Film Festival Miss W Gibson 3
05Jun10 Lin 12A 3y+ F(3K) non-runner 6
30May10 Utt 16G 4-8y H(2K) non-runner
24Apr10 Mar 17G 4-6y H(3K) 11-4[85/40] 2nd of 6, 15L behind Brandy Butter Andrew Glassonbury 5
10Sep09 Eps 12GF 4y+ Hcap(10K) 11-10[33/1] 9th of 11, 17.75L behind Epsom Salts D Crosse 4
31Aug09 Hun 16GF 4y+ HcapHdl(4K) 11-12[14/1] 5th of 14, 13.00L behind Weather Front S E Durack 4
16Jul09 Eps 12G 4y+ Hcap(8K) 9-9[7/2] 8th of 8, 43.81L behind Run For Ede's S Drowne 4
09Jul09 Eps 12GS 4y+ Hcap(8K) 9-9[7/2] 2nd of 4, shd behind Norman The Great T P Queally 4
24Jun09 Kem 12A 4y+ Hcap(7K) non-runner 4
08Jun09 New 17G 4y+ HcapHdl(5K) 11-12[7/1] 9th of 11, 62.00L behind Olivino R Johnson 4
02Jun09 Fol 12GF 4y+ Hcap(9K) non-runner 4
23Mar09 Plu 16G 4y+ MdnHdl(4K) non-runner 5
22Mar09 Hun 16GF 4y+ HcapHdl(6K) 11-11[9/4F] 1st of 8, 3.25L to Desert Lover A P McCoy 4
01Jan09 Fak 16G 4y+ MdnHdl(3K) 11-2[9/4] 3rd of 13, 2.75L behind Midsummer Magic R Lucey-Butler
16Dec08 Fol 17S 3y+ H(4K) 11-4[10/1] 4th of 10, 25.75L behind Circus of Dreams T Scudamore
12Aug08 Not 14S 3y+ Hcap(12K) 9-5[8/1] 2nd of 5, 2L behind The Betchworth Kid J Quinn
10Jul08 Not 14GS 4y+ Hcap(10K) 11-10[4/1] 8th of 11, 4.25L behind Spring Dream J E Moore
03Jul08 Hay 14G 4y+ Hcap(8K) 8-12[9/2] 2nd of 9, 0.75L behind La Vecchia Scuola N Callan
07Jun08 Don 12GS 4y+ Hcap(7K) 9-1[11/2] 10th of 13, 12.63L behind Cotton Eyed Joe S Sanders
30Oct07 Yar 10G 3y+ Hcap(7K) 8-13[9/2] 5th of 9, 7.00L behind Kavachi J Quinn
13Oct07 Yor 10G 3y+ Hcap(12K) 8-3[16/1] 4th of 12, 4.75L behind Flying Clarets J Quinn
22Sep07 Ayr 13S 3y+ Hcap(18K) 8-12[12/1] 7th of 9, 10.75L behind Black Rock E Ahern
12Sep07 Hay 12G 3y+ Hcap(10K) 9-3[11/2] 3rd of 9, 1.00L behind Double Doors T Eaves
17Aug07 Cat 12G 3y+ Mdn(5K) 9-2[1/4F] 1st of 6, 0.5L to Inasus J Quinn
25Jul07 Lin 11S 3y+ Mdn(4K) 9-2[9/4] 4th of 13, 1.50L behind Dawn Sky J Quinn
10Jul07 Pon 12G 3y+ Mdn(7K) 8-13[5/2] 2nd of 11, shd behind Rhaam J Quinn
30Jun07 Che 12G 3y Hcap(8K) 9-4[2/1] 2nd of 4, 19L behind Aureate P Hills
19May07 New 12G 3y Hcap(20K) 8-13[7/4F] 6th of 8, 9.50L behind Veracity J Quinn
28Apr07 Hay 12G 3y Mdn(4K) 9-3[4/1] 2nd of 11, 2L behind Spice Route N Callan
18Oct06 Yar 10G 2y Mdn(5K) 9-3[1/1F] 4th of 12, 4.75L behind Shimoni N Callan
02Oct06 Pon 10G 2y Mdn(8K) 9-3[4/1] 3rd of 12, 1.00L behind Eglevski S Golam
13Sep06 San 8G 2y Mdn(7K) 9-3[25/1] 2nd of 9, 3.5L behind Kid Mambo S Golam