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HorseTrackerLion Na Bearnai (IRE)

b g 2002 New Frontier (IRE) - Polly Plum (IRE) (Pollerton)

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Owner Lock Syndicate
Trainer Thomas Gibney
Breeder Mr And Mrs F Daly
Last Win   Fairyhouse Sat, 1st Feb, 14 14/1, A E Lynch
Days Since Last Win   910
Last Run   Fairyhouse Mon, 6th Apr, 15  fell, 33/1, K C Sexton
StatisticsRunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Lifetime (N.H.)42479.52%€207400.00€69.00
Form Timeline
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Date Course Conditions Race Result Jockey OR Class
06Apr15 Fai 29S 5y+ HcapCh(275K) 10-2[33/1] fell in race won by Thunder And Roses K C Sexton 135
01Mar15 Nav 20H 4y+ HcapHdl(11K) 10-3[3/1JF] 2nd of 9, 4.75L behind Mine Now A E Lynch 95
31Jan15 Fai 21SH 5y+ S(20K) 11-3[14/1] 2nd of 7, 0.5L behind Los Amigos A P Heskin 134
06Dec14 Ain 26GS 6y+ HcapCh(140K) 11-4[66/1] pulled up in race won by Oscar Time A P Heskin 139 1
23Nov14 Nav 24YS 4y+ HcapCh(100K) 11-2[33/1] brought down in race won by Balbriggan M A Enright 136
21Apr14 Fai 29GY 5y+ HcapCh(250K) 10-11[33/1] 11th of 26, 24.75L behind Shutthefrontdoor A P Heskin 140
05Apr14 Ain 35GS 7y+ HcapCh(1000K) 10-10[33/1] pulled up in race won by Pineau De Re D N Russell 147 1
22Feb14 Fai 25SH 5y+ S(40K) 11-8[16/1] 4th of 7, 49.75L behind On His Own D N Russell 140
01Feb14 Fai 21H 5y+ S(20K) 11-4[14/1] 1st of 5, 4L to Competitive Edge A E Lynch 138
12Jan14 Nav 20SH 5y+ HcapCh(27K) 11-10[14/1] 7th of 10, 69.75L behind She's Got Grit A E Lynch 140
30Nov13 Fai 20GY 4y+ HcapHdl(10K) 10-6[16/1] 5th of 24, 3.63L behind Followmeuptocarlow A P Heskin 95
20Apr13 Ayr 32G 5y+ HcapCh(180K) 11-11[40/1] pulled up in race won by Godsmejudge Mr R P McNamara 147 1
01Dec12 New 26GS 4y+ HcapCh(150K) 10-5[40/1] pulled up in race won by Bobs Worth A P Thornton 148 1
09Apr12 Fai 29GS 5y+ HcapCh(250K) 10-5[33/1] 1st of 29, 4.5L to Out Now A P Thornton 135
19Feb12 Nav 24S 5y+ NovCh(37K) 11-3[50/1] 1st of 7, 0.75L to Four Commanders A P Thornton 108
29Dec11 Leo 21S 4y+ HcapCh(12K) non-runner (lame) 108
04Dec11 Fai 29SH 5y+ HcapCh(27K) 9-10[11/1] 5th of 16, 23.75L behind Smoking Aces A P Thornton 109
06Nov11 Cor 28S 4y+ HcapCh(50K) 9-12[9/1] 8th of 14, 53.25L behind The Bishop Looney A P Thornton 110
25May11 Pun 25G 4y+ HcapCh(14K) 10-11[10/1] 1st of 20, 4.5L to Sang Bleu Mr M M O'Connor 105
09May11 Ros 21GY 5y+ HcapCh(14K) 10-10[10/1] 5th of 16, 12.63L behind Information A P Crowe 105
01Jan11 Fai 29SH 5y+ HcapCh(28K) 9-9[10/1] 2nd of 15, 7L behind Droim Toll A P Thornton 104
13Nov10 Pun 20SH 4y+ HcapCh(10K) 11-7[16/1] 3rd of 18, 5.00L behind Beautiful Sound A P Cawley 102
30Oct10 Naa 16S 4y+ NovCh(15K) 11-7[50/1] 7th of 12, 20.06L behind Kakagh A P Heskin
27Oct10 Pun 20GY 4y+ NovCh(13K) non-runner (Reserve)
25Sep10 Nav 20Y 4y+ NovCh(13K) 11-9[33/1] 6th of 17, 18.00L behind Realt Dubh A P Thornton
28Mar09 Nav 22G 4y+ HcapHdl(11K) 10-10[12/1] fell in race won by Lisabbey Lord E C McCarthy 97
28Feb09 Nav 20SH 4y+ HcapHdl(11K) 10-3[12/1] 4th of 26, 13.00L behind Halfback E C McCarthy 97
22Feb09 Naa 24S 4y+ HcapHdl(13K) 10-2[20/1] 3rd of 17, 4.50L behind Moscow Roller E C McCarthy 95
01Jan09 Fai 22S 4y+ HcapHdl(11K) 10-3[8/1] 9th of 16, 6.06L behind Bobsthewizard E C McCarthy 96
14Dec08 Nav 22H 4y+ HcapHdl(10K) 10-13[10/1] 4th of 14, 4.25L behind Lochan Lacha E C McCarthy 94
03Dec08 Fai 20SH 4y+ HcapHdl(12K) 10-6[12/1] 5th of 14, 18.50L behind Mustangsallyrally A P Thornton 95
02Nov08 Cor 20H 4y+ HcapHdl(13K) 10-3[14/1] 10th of 23, 9.88L behind Mystical Breeze A P Thornton 95
25Oct08 Naa 16SH 4y+ HcapHdl(12K) 11-3[14/1] 6th of 22, 7.63L behind Merry Cowboy E M Butterly 95
11Oct08 Fai 18SH 4-6y HcapHdl(13K) 10-5[20/1] 3rd of 15, 7.50L behind Pied Piper Man A P Thornton 94
15Aug08 Tra 20G 4y+ HcapHdl(10K) 11-1[10/1] 6th of 12, 22.50L behind Old Peak Road J C Tobin 97
07Aug08 Tip 20S 4y+ HcapHdl(13K) 11-7[14/1] 8th of 19, 26.50L behind Clan Music B J Geraghty 100
28Jul08 Gal 16G 4y+ HcapHdl(20K) 10-3[50/1] 16th of 20, 56.31L behind Stage Manager J C Tobin 102
27Apr08 Gow 20G 4y+ HcapHdl(12K) 11-6[16/1] 16th of 18, 47.76L behind Earth And Sky Mr J C Tobin 104
29Mar08 Nav 16H 6y+ MdnHdl(12K) 11-5[20/1] 2nd of 27, 4L behind Sandyzar Mr J C Tobin
16Mar08 Nav 16H 6y+ MdnHdl(12K) 11-5[25/1] 5th of 15, 35.75L behind Ballydungmanor Mr J C Tobin
23Feb08 Fai 20Y 5y+ MdnHdl(12K) 11-5[66/1] 12th of 24, 78.75L behind Chasing Cars Mr J C Tobin
31Jan08 Thu 18H 5-7y NHF(8K) 11-7[25/1] 8th of 16, 114.25L behind Joncol Mr J C Tobin
11Nov07 Nav 16 4-7y NHF(10K) 11-7[33/1] 7th of 10, 16.25L behind Winterdown Star Mr J C Tobin
23Oct07 Fai 18F 5-7y NHF(9K) 11-9[33/1] 8th of 13, 20.00L behind Prince Roco Mr J A Jenkins