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HorseTrackerAntigua Sunrise (IRE)

b m 2006 Noverre (USA) - Staff Approved (GB) (Teenoso (USA))

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Owner David And Jackie Knaggs
Trainer Richard Fahey
Last Win   York Sun, 5th Sep, 10 9/1, Lee Topliss
Days Since Last Win   2088
Last Run   Hamilton Sat, 14th Jul, 12  4th, 2/1JFav, Shane B Kelly
StatisticsRunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Lifetime (Flat)385913.16%€55042.28€-4.75
Form Timeline
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Date Course Conditions Race Result Jockey OR Class
14Jul12 Ham 11H 3y+ Hcap(6K) 9-9[2/1JF] 4th of 5, 9.25L behind Queen's Estate S B Kelly 72 5
29Jun12 Che 10G 3y+ Hcap(15K) 9-1[7/2] 5th of 7, 7.88L behind Al Baidaa Lee Topliss 75 3
16Jun12 Yor 12S 3y+ Hcap(20K) 9-7[12/1] 5th of 19, 5.50L behind Crackentorp Miss Phillipa Tutty 76 3
26May12 Yor 12GF 4y+ Hcap(13K) 8-9[20/1] 5th of 16, 2.88L behind Franciscan P Mathers 76 3
02May12 Pon 10H 3y+ Hcap(12K) 9-0[6/1] 7th of 8, 16.25L behind Easy Terms Laura Barry 79 3
04Nov11 Wol 12A 3y+ Hcap(5K) 9-5[15/2] 8th of 10, 18.01L behind Raucous Behaviour P Hanagan 79 4
22Oct11 Don 12G 3y+ Hcap(8K) 9-1[12/1] 7th of 15, 6.56L behind Suhaili Laura Barry 80 4
08Oct11 Yor 10G 3y+ Hcap(10K) 8-12[8/1] 8th of 16, 7.38L behind Licence To Till Laura Barry 81 4
24Sep11 Hay 10GS 3y+ Hcap(20K) 8-10[14/1] 3rd of 15, 0.56L behind Askaud Laura Barry 3
26Aug11 Ham 12GS 3y+ Hcap(20K) 8-11[9/1] 7th of 11, 17.50L behind Shernando Lee Topliss 3
23Jul11 Yor 10G 3y+ Hcap(15K) 9-3[10/1] 2nd of 11, 0.5L behind Tenby Lady P Hanagan 3
22Jun11 Car 11S 3y+ Hcap(24K) 8-13[10/1] 11th of 14, 23.50L behind Easy Terms Lee Topliss 4
11Jun11 Yor 12G 3y+ Hcap(15K) 10-3[15/2JF] 9th of 16, 9.38L behind Crackentorp Miss Phillipa Tutty 3
13May11 Yor 12G 4y+ Hcap(40K) non-runner 2
11May11 Yor 12G 4y+ Hcap(11K) 9-3[8/1] 5th of 18, 3.28L behind Line Of Duty P Hanagan 4
27Apr11 Pon 10GF 3y+ Hcap(10K) 9-1[6/1] 3rd of 8, 1.25L behind Snow Dancer G Chaloner 3
25Sep10 Hay 10S 3y+ Hcap(20K) 9-0[7/1] 3rd of 16, 4.50L behind All Annalena P Hanagan 3
05Sep10 Yor 12GF 4y+ Hcap(10K) 9-0[9/1] 1st of 14, 0.5L to Royal Straight Lee Topliss 4
18Aug10 Yor 12G 3y+ Hcap(30K) 8-10[16/1] 8th of 16, 5.88L behind The Fonz P Mulrennan 2
24Jul10 Yor 10GF 3y+ Hcap(15K) 9-9[4/1F] 5th of 13, 2.50L behind Destinys Dream P Hanagan 3
12Jun10 Yor 12G 3y+ Hcap(20K) 9-1[15/2] 5th of 18, 12.25L behind Desert Recluse Miss L Allan 3
09Jun10 Ham 12GF 4y+ Hcap(35K) non-runner 3
05Jun10 Mus 12GF 4y+ Hcap(12K) 9-8[7/4F] 2nd of 8, 3L behind Just Lille T Hamilton 4
14May10 Yor 12GF 4y+ Hcap(40K) 7-12[10/1] 4th of 15, 3.38L behind Hanoverian Baron P Hanagan
28Apr10 Pon 10GF 3y+ Hcap(15K) 9-8[6/1] 1st of 7, 1.25L to Dazzling Light P Hanagan 3
17Apr10 Don 10GF 4y+ Hcap(7K) 8-10[7/1] 8th of 10, 13.25L behind Aphrodisia P Hanagan 4
20Sep09 Ham 13G 3y+ Hcap(17K) 8-1[9/1] 7th of 9, 4.31L behind Braveheart Move P Hanagan 3
15Aug09 Rip 10GF 3y+ Hcap(10K) 9-8[7/2] 4th of 8, 8.25L behind Kaloni P Hanagan 4
25Jul09 Yor 10GF 3y+ Hcap(15K) 8-6[9/2] 3rd of 11, 2.13L behind Summer Gold P Hanagan 3
10Jul09 Yor 14G 3y Hcap(11K) 8-13[4/1JF] 5th of 8, 18.53L behind Akmal P Hanagan 3
18Jun09 Rip 12GS 3y Hcap(8K) 8-12[5/1] 1st of 9, 1.25L to Omokoroa T Hamilton 4
27May09 Bev 12GF 3y Hcap(4K) 9-3[9/4F] 1st of 12, hd to Classic Contours T Hamilton 5
15May09 Yor 12S 3y Hcap(10K) 8-10[6/1] 1st of 12, 1L to Tepmokea P Hanagan 4
23Apr09 Bev 10GF 3y Hcap(4K) 9-3[7/2F] 3rd of 13, 5.25L behind Topolski P Hanagan 5
17Apr09 Thi 8GF 3y Hcap(6K) non-runner 5
03Apr09 Mus 7GF 3y Hcap(5K) 9-6[11/2] 3rd of 10, 6.50L behind Green Agenda P Hanagan 5
18Oct08 Cat 7GS 2y Hcap(6K) 8-11[11/2] 2nd of 9, 0.5L behind Amber Sunset T Hamilton
20Sep08 Cat 6GS 2y Mdn(6K) 8-5[12/1] 5th of 11, 9.88L behind Hartley B McHugh
13Sep08 Che 7GS 2y Mdn(8K) 8-12[8/1] brought down in race won by Akhenaten Dale Gibson
25Jul08 Thi 7GF 2y Mdn(8K) 9-0[7/1] 5th of 8, 7.50L behind Vitoria P Hanagan
12Jul08 Yor 6H 2y Mdn(10K) 8-5[16/1] 5th of 10, 3.75L behind Lakeman B McHugh