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b g 2008 Norse Dancer (IRE)-Gulchina (USA)(Gulch (USA))

Mrs J M Haines
Last Win
Southwell Fri, 17th Apr, 15 5/1, Nick Scholfield
Days Since Last Win
Last Run
Southwell Tue, 10th May, 16  fell, 4/1, Mr Martin McIntyre
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10May16 Sou 20f Soft 5y+ HcapCh(5K)
11-5[4/1]fell in race won by Annamult
Mr M J McIntyre
Rated 100 5
12May15 Sou 20f Good 4y+ HcapHdl(5K)
11-5[8/1]3rd of 12, 8.00L behind Bohemian Rhapsody
T Scudamore
Rated 112 4
29Apr15 Wol 12f Standard 4y+ Hcap(4K)
8-10[5/1]7th of 7, 21.00L behind Grand Liaison
T P Queally
Rated 59 5
17Apr15 Sou 20f Good 4y+ HcapHdl(5K)
11-6[5/1]1st of 12, 6L to Ruaraidh Hugh
Nick Scholfield
Rated 99 4
31Mar15 Exe 19f Good 4y+ H(3K)
11-1[4/1]1st of 9, 8L to Murtys Delight
T Scudamore
Rated 95 5
10Mar15 Sou 12f Standard 4y+ Hcap(4K)
9-0[25/1]3rd of 8, 9.00L behind Serenity Now
Mitch Godwin
Rated 60 6
25Jun14 Kem 16f Standard 4y+ Hcap(3K)
9-3[6/1]8th of 9, 43.56L behind See And Be Seen
D Swift
Rated 61 6
23May14 Tow 16f Good to Soft 4y+ HcapHdl(3K)
11-10[5/1]7th of 7, 46.50L behind Vedani
Nick Scholfield
Rated 98 5
05May14 Kem 16f Good 4y+ HcapHdl(6K)
11-0[20/1]12th of 15, 61.81L behind Purple 'n Gold
Danny Burton
Rated 106 4
07Mar14 Wol 12f Standard 4y+ Hcap(3K)
9-7[8/1]5th of 6, 19.50L behind Helmsley Flyer
D Swift
Rated 62 6
19Feb14 Kem 16f Standard 4y+ Hcap(3K)
9-10[5/1]2nd of 11, 2L behind Mighty Mambo
D Swift
Rated 60 6
26Jan14 Wol 14f Standard 4y+ Hcap(3K)
9-10[9/2]3rd of 8, 2.50L behind Fire In Babylon
R Kingscote
Rated 60 6
22Jan14 Kem 12f Standard 4y+ Hcap(3K)
9-10[11/1]5th of 9, 3.31L behind Obboorr
S M Levey
Rated 60 6
22Aug13 Wol 12f Standard 3y+ Hcap(4K)
10-4[20/1]bl9th of 9, 21.75L behind Azrag
Ms B Andrews
Rated 63 5
23Jul13 Sou 16f Soft 4y+ H(3K)
10-12[16/1]bl2nd of 5, 0.75L behind Belle De Fontenay
T Messenger
Rated 102 5
07Jul13 Mar 18f Good to Firm 4y+ HcapCh(6K)
11-10[12/1]cp9th of 11, 65.75L behind Mister Wiseman
T Messenger
Rated 102 4
21Jun13 Mar 20f Good 5y+ S(5K)
10-12[33/1]cp4th of 7, 13.75L behind Bar De Ligne
T Messenger
10May13 Mar 17f Good 4y+ HcapHdl(4K)
11-4[28/1]cp8th of 10, 39.50L behind Coffee
T Messenger
Rated 107 4
12Apr13 Wet 16f Good to Soft 4y+ HcapHdl(4K)
11-4[10/1]cp7th of 8, 30.00L behind Ulys Du Charmil
T Messenger
Rated 110 4
28Mar13 Sou 16f Slow 4y+ NHF(7K)
11-0[12/1]cp4th of 11, 7.25L behind Anna's Arch
T Messenger
13Mar13 Hun 16f Good to Soft 4y+ MdnHdl(4K)
11-1[9/2]cp3rd of 16, 6.25L behind Bob's World
T Messenger
Rated 113 4
18Feb13 Sou 16f Soft 4y+ MdnHdl(3K)
11-2[66/1]cp3rd of 14, 1.25L behind Mixologist
T Messenger
24Jan13 Kem 16f Slow 4y+ Hcap(4K)
9-8[14/1]6th of 11, 4.94L behind Llamadas
L P Keniry
Rated 64 5
10Jan13 Kem 16f Standard 4y+ Hcap(3K)
10-0[33/1]6th of 9, 5.47L behind Entitlement
L P Keniry
Rated 65 6
04Dec12 Wol 14f Standard 3y+ Hcap(3K)
9-7[33/1]bl8th of 8, 21.00L behind Stand Guard
L P Keniry
Rated 68 5
12Oct12 Wol 14f Standard 3y+ Hcap(3K)
9-12[28/1]bl10th of 11, 17.56L behind Porcini
Dane O'Neill
Rated 72 5
03Oct12 Kem 12f Standard 3y+ Hcap(6K)
8-13[33/1]10th of 10, 11.88L behind Huff And Puff
Dane O'Neill
Rated 72 4
15Apr12 Mar 17f Soft 4y+ H(3K)
10-7[20/1]bl4th of 16, 42.00L behind Johns Spirit
T Messenger
24Feb12 War 16f Good 4y H(3K)
10-12[8/1]7th of 12, 27.75L behind One Lucky Lady
T Messenger
10Feb12 Wol 14f Standard 4y+ Hcap(3K)
9-4[7/2F]bf4th of 10, 5.50L behind Accumulate
P Makin
Rated 72 5
26Jan12 Kem 12f Standard 4y+ Hcap(3K)
8-12[4/1F]1st of 9, 1.75L to Rowan Ridge
Dane O'Neill
Rated 67 5
06Jan12 Wol 12f Standard 4-6y Mdn(2K)
9-3[11/8F]1st of 6, 2.25L to Satwa Ballerina
Dane O'Neill
Rated 67 6
10Oct11 Sal 10f Good 3y Hcap(3K)
9-6[9/1]cp5th of 11, 4.56L behind Orthodox Lad
Jim Crowley
Rated 69 5
23Sep11 New 10f Good to Firm 3y+ Hcap
Rated 69 6
06Sep11 Lin 10f Soft 3-4y Mdn(2K)
9-3[13/2]cp3rd of 12, 6.50L behind Satwa Dream
S Donohoe
Rated 72 6
16Aug11 Kem 11f Standard 3-5y Mdn(2K)
9-3[11/2]cp3rd of 9, 6.13L behind Star Commander
Jim Crowley
20Jul11 San 8f Soft 3y+ Hcap(6K)
9-1[14/1]8th of 11, 8.50L behind Stand To Reason
S Donohoe
11Oct10 Win 8f Good to Soft 2y Hcap(2K)
9-4[5/2F]bf4th of 10, 4.50L behind Aldwick Bay
E J McNamara
03Sep10 Lin 8f Standard 2y Mdn(3K)
9-3[11/8F]bf3rd of 11, 1.25L behind Safari Team
Jack Mitchell
13Aug10 New 7f Soft 2y Mdn(5K)
9-3[6/1]3rd of 17, 3.75L behind Diamond Penny
Jack Mitchell
28Jul10 San 7f Good to Firm 2y Mdn(7K)
9-3[25/1]7th of 9, 3.19L behind Borug
P Cosgrave

Symbols Explained

ts2 Tongue Strap vs2 Visor hd2 Hood es2 Eye Shield ec2 Eye Cover cp2 Cheekpiece bl2 Blinkers tt2 Tongue Tie bf Beaten Favourite on Last Run

The superscript number on headgear bl2 indicates number of times worn. A plus bl+ indicates more than 10 times where as red background bl1indicates first time.