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Last Winner   Tesseract (IRE)
5/2, Joseph Patrick O'Brien
Killarney Thu, 14th Jul, 16
Runs Since Last Winner   3
Days Since Last Winner   14
Last Runner   Cernunnos (FR)
fell, 13/2, Tom George
Market Rasen Sat, 16th Jul, 16

Killarney 16-7-08 Barry Geraghty. (Jockey) (Photo HEALY RACING)
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Last 90 Days (N.H.)80122415.00%€328948.26€-36.08
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Date Course Conditions Race Result Trainer OR
16Jul16 Mar 21G 4y+ 10-4[13/2] Cernunnos fell in race won by Long House Hall Tom George 135 1
15Jul16 Kil 25YS 5y+ 10-8[4/1F] Carriganog 2nd of 14, 16L behind Tulsa Jack Joseph Patrick O'Brien 133
14Jul16 Kil 17GY 4y+ 11-12[11/4JF] Draco 3rd of 14, 2.25L behind Akito Joseph Patrick O'Brien
14Jul16 Kil 17GY 4y+ 11-12[5/2] Tesseract 1st of 8, nk to Hudson's Bay Joseph Patrick O'Brien
13Jul16 Kil 20GY 4y+ 11-12[2/9F] Oathkeeper 1st of 10, 4.25L to Billy De Kid Joseph Patrick O'Brien
12Jul16 Kil 17GY 4y+ 10-11[7/2F] Hurricane Ben 4th of 13, 3.25L behind Lilly The Lioness James G Sheehan 132
11Jul16 Kil 20GY 4y+ 11-11[7/1] Russian Roulette 1st of 17, 2L to Joy Neville Charles O'Brien 101
10Jul16 Str 16G 4y+ 10-10[2/1] Stamp Your Feet 2nd of 7, 19L behind Avispa Tom George 4
10Jul16 Str 16G 3y+ 11-9[5/1] I'dliketheoption 3rd of 11, 6.75L behind Instant Karma Jonjo O'Neill 122 3
09Jul16 Tip 20GY 4y+ 11-12[11/8F] Exactoris 1st of 10, 4.5L to Air Command Joseph Patrick O'Brien
09Jul16 Tip 16GY 4y+ 11-9[14/1] Plinth 4th of 10, 12.25L behind Ivan Grozny Joseph Patrick O'Brien 138
08Jul16 Cor 20G 4y+ 11-0[15/8F] Shanpallas 4th of 6, 15.25L behind Simenon C Byrnes 133
05Jul16 Ros 16GY 4y+ 11-7[7/1] Steamboat Quay 10th of 18, 17.50L behind Kilcaragh Boy Gordon Elliott 90
05Jul16 Ros 16GY 4y+ 11-7[5/2] Kalopsia 2nd of 16, 6.5L behind Vintage Salon Joseph Patrick O'Brien
03Jul16 Lim 22G 4y+ 11-5[11/4F] King Leon 2nd of 11, 12L behind The King Of Brega Joseph Patrick O'Brien 127
03Jul16 Lim 21G 4y+ 11-10[14/1] Shutter Island 7th of 18, 10.00L behind Fleurys Fort Charles O'Brien 107
03Jul16 Lim 16G 6y+ 11-12[2/1JF] MacBride 9th of 18, 35.50L behind Hudson's Bay Joseph Patrick O'Brien 123
02Jul16 Bel 24Y 4y+ 11-8[20/1] Irish Bulletin 2nd of 15, 4.5L behind Manuka E McNamara 103
02Jul16 Bel 17Y 5y+ 11-10[6/1CF] Tigris River 4th of 12, 10.50L behind Winter Lion Joseph Patrick O'Brien 135
02Jul16 Bel 17Y 5y+ 11-12[4/9F] Tesseract 1st of 13, 7L to Lord Fendale Joseph Patrick O'Brien
02Jul16 Bel 20Y 4y+ 11-6[8/1] Waaheb 3rd of 5, 51.00L behind Bamako Moriviere D K Weld
01Jul16 Wex 16G 5y+ 11-12[5/1] Bally Longford 4th of 5, 7.75L behind Xsquared Henry De Bromhead
01Jul16 Wex 20G 5y+ 11-12[3/1F] Tailspin pulled up in race won by Ash Rowe Henry De Bromhead
30Jun16 Bel 17YS 4y 11-0[3/1] Cradle Mountain 5th of 6, 31.00L behind Muthaza Joseph Patrick O'Brien
30Jun16 Bel 20YS 4y+ 10-13[14/1] Coldstonesober 9th of 15, 15.63L behind Heist J R Finn 112
20Jun16 Kil 19G 4y+ 11-4[9/2] Princely Conn 6th of 11, 22.50L behind Supreme Vinnie Thomas Mullins 133
18Jun16 Gow 16GF 4y+ 11-11[10/1] Russian Roulette 9th of 20, 14.06L behind Coolfighter Charles O'Brien 101
18Jun16 Gow 16GF 5y+ 11-12[5/4F] MacBride 4th of 12, 12.25L behind Zafarqand Joseph Patrick O'Brien 126
14Jun16 Ros 24S 4y+ 10-10[7/2F] Happy As Larry pulled up in race won by Jo Go J Motherway 93
14Jun16 Ros 20S 4y+ 11-6[9/2JF] Some Hawk 3rd of 10, 3.50L behind Plain Talking Thomas Mullins 121
14Jun16 Ros 20S 4y+ 11-12[4/7F] Captain Barbossa unseated rider in race won by Sizing Alberta Joseph Patrick O'Brien
14Jun16 Ros 16S 4y+ 10-8[11/4F] Tesseract 2nd of 7, 4.5L behind Delegate Joseph Patrick O'Brien
13Jun16 Ros 20G 4y+ 11-12[7/2] Hard To Call 2nd of 6, 7.5L behind Sandymount Duke Gordon Elliott
13Jun16 Ros 25G 5y+ 10-10[3/1JF] Sir Abbot 2nd of 11, 1.25L behind Aranhill Chief Robert Tyner 121
13Jun16 Ros 17G 4y+ Tiger Roll non-runner (stone bruise) Gordon Elliott
06Jun16 Lis 19G 5y+ 11-8[13/2] Rock On Fruity unseated rider in race won by Stellar Notion C Byrnes 128
06Jun16 Lis 24G 4y+ 11-0[7/2] Sea Light 4th of 10, 14.25L behind Ah Littleluck C Byrnes 112
06Jun16 Lis 16G 4y+ 11-7[8/13F] Kalopsia 7th of 15, 17.00L behind Una's Pleasure Joseph Patrick O'Brien
01Jun16 Pun 16G 4y+ 11-4[8/1] Princely Conn 2nd of 13, 2.25L behind Bamako Moriviere Thomas Mullins 129
01Jun16 Pun 20G 5y+ 11-5[6/1] Baby Whizz pulled up in race won by Chief Of Panama Thomas Mullins 102
01Jun16 Pun 22G 5y+ 11-0[13/8F] Alelchi Inois 1st of 7, 1L to Sadler's Risk W P Mullins 149
01Jun16 Pun 18G 5y+ 11-7[9/4] Sizing Platinum 4th of 5, 61.75L behind Mr Fiftyone Henry De Bromhead 145
31May16 Bal 23G 4y+ 11-2[5/1JF] Carriganog 2nd of 13, 1.5L behind King Leon A P O'Brien 129
31May16 Bal 20G 4y+ 11-0[11/8F] Shanpallas 1st of 15, 0.5L to Cliff House C Byrnes 124
31May16 Bal 20G 5y+ 11-4[9/2] Crazyheart 4th of 14, 34.00L behind Carrig Cathal Paul Nolan
30May16 Bal 17G 4y+ 11-5[3/1] Hurricane Ben 1st of 11, 6L to Rebel Cry James G Sheehan 118
30May16 Bal 16G 4y+ 10-10[11/2] Sweet Cherry 4th of 12, 3.75L behind The Nutcracker E D Delany 112
26May16 Tip 20GY 4y+ 11-1[20/1] Irish Bulletin 7th of 18, 22.50L behind Pilgrim Way E McNamara 107
26May16 Tip 16GY 5y+ 11-4[7/1] Hes Our Robin 7th of 18, 21.38L behind Heartbreak City Thomas Mullins 93
23May16 Sli 20GY 4y+ 10-13[2/1F] Happy As Larry 2nd of 16, 1.5L behind The Mad Well J Motherway 89
23May16 Sli 16GY 4y+ 11-6[2/1F] Spring Forward 9th of 16, 6.41L behind Yes Man Edward P Harty 89
21May16 Aut 21S 4y+ 10-5[9/2] Simonsig unplaced in race won by Un De Sceaux Nicky Henderson 157 1
19May16 Clo 16G 4y+ 11-12[3/1] Princely Conn 1st of 6, 2.25L to Fearachain Thomas Mullins 126
19May16 Clo 19G 4y+ 11-12[18/1] My Matador 8th of 12, 36.88L behind Black Warrior E J O'Grady 99
16May16 Kil 20G 4y+ 10-10[8/1] Itsnothingpersonal 3rd of 15, 9.75L behind Conduct Yourself E J O'Grady 102
16May16 Kil 20G 4y+ 10-7[7/1] Give Me A Break 2nd of 5, 3.75L behind Dressedtothenines Michael Hourigan 123
15May16 Kil 21G 5y+ 11-12[7/2] Baby Whizz 4th of 12, 13.50L behind Samanntom Thomas Mullins 102
15May16 Kil 17G 4y 11-7[5/2] King Of Aragon 5th of 14, 14.88L behind Sound Money A P O'Brien 109
14May16 Pun 25G 5y+ 11-2[13/2] Chute Hall pulled up in race won by Windy Millie Thomas Cooper 99
14May16 Pun 16G 4y+ 11-12[9/10F] Marchese Marconi 3rd of 7, 10.25L behind Chatham House Rule A P O'Brien
14May16 Pun 24G 4y+ 11-1[12/1] Hogan's Alley 19th of 25, 54.82L behind Bye Bye O Bye M F Morris 91
14May16 Pun 16G 4y+ 11-4[25/1] Spring Watch 8th of 25, 16.63L behind Double Speak M F Morris
13May16 Ain 20G 4y+ 10-8[9/4F] Saint Charles 5th of 10, 26.75L behind Nathans Pride Nicky Henderson 130 2
12May16 Tip 20YS 5y+ 11-12[13/8F] Fairly Legal 3rd of 16, 21.75L behind Stoughan Cross Robert Tyner
12May16 Tip 20YS 4y+ 11-11[4/1F] Scoir Mear 1st of 19, 2L to Theo Thomas Mullins 101
12May16 Tip 16YS 5y+ 11-5[2/5F] Dont Kick Nor Bite 2nd of 18, 10L behind Conrad Hastings Robert Tyner
09May16 Ros 25GY 4y+ 11-12[11/4] Salsa Sensation 6th of 7, 36.25L behind Go Darsi Go T M Walsh 116
09May16 Ros 22GY 5y+ 11-3[4/1] Sir Abbot 2nd of 11, hd behind Rebel Cry Robert Tyner 116
08May16 Lim 19GY 5y+ 11-12[12/1] Off The Charts pulled up in race won by Blazing Beacon Ms Sandra Hughes 109
08May16 Lim 24GY 4y+ 10-13[13/2] Colbert Station 7th of 11, 40.25L behind The Mulcare Rover T M Walsh 119
08May16 Lim 19GY 4-6y 11-7[8/1] Siberian Vixen pulled up in race won by Billy's Hope Edmond Kent 102
08May16 Lim 16GY 5y+ 11-12[11/2] No Dice 9th of 18, 55.50L behind Balzac Turgot A J Martin
30Apr16 Pun 20GY 4y+ 10-9[6/1] Anibale Fly 1st of 25, 3L to The Romford Pele A J Martin 135
30Apr16 Pun 25GY 5y+ 11-1[12/1] Regal Encore 2nd of 15, 0.75L behind Pleasant Company A J Honeyball 139
30Apr16 Pun 16GY 4y 11-0[3/1] Ivanovich Gorbatov 3rd of 5, 9.13L behind Apple's Jade A P O'Brien 153
30Apr16 Pun 18GY 4y+ 10-11[2/1] Slowmotion 5th of 7, 7.53L behind Whiteout A P O'Brien 137
30Apr16 Pun 30GY 5y+ 10-13[7/1] Heathfield pulled up in race won by Fletchers Flyer A J Martin 133
29Apr16 Pun 16Y 4y+ 11-5[20/1] Pure Vision 6th of 8, 37.50L behind Koshari A J Honeyball
29Apr16 Pun 20Y 4y+ 10-6[11/8F] Jer's Girl 1st of 9, 10L to O O Seven Gavin Patrick Cromwell 143
29Apr16 Pun 16Y 4y+ 11-12[11/4] My Tent Or Yours 3rd of 6, 4.75L behind Vroum Vroum Mag Nicky Henderson 163
29Apr16 Pun 21Y 5y+ 11-6[7/2F] Marlbrook pulled up in race won by Avant Tout C A Murphy 143