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Last Winner   Ultimate Horseman (IRE)
5/4Fav, Gordon Elliott
Downpatrick Fri, 8th May, 15
Runs Since Last Winner   9
Days Since Last Winner   14
Last Runner   Mullinavat (IRE)
4th, 12/1, David M O'Brien
Clonmel Thu, 21st May, 15

Ms N Carberry
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Last 90 Days (N.H.)58111918.97%€206972.76€-23.94
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Date Course Conditions Race Result Trainer OR
21May15 Clo 16G 5-7y 12-0[12/1] Mullinavat 4th of 10, 11.50L behind Roconga David M O'Brien
20May15 Sli 18YS 4y 11-0[4/1] Woodford Island 6th of 9, 40.00L behind Balko Des Flos Gordon Elliott
18May15 Ros 20YS 5-7y Edith Somerville non-runner (change in going) Sabrina J Harty
17May15 Lim 16G 5-7y 12-0[11/4] Ultimate Horseman 7th of 8, 10.03L behind Prickly Gordon Elliott
15May15 Kil 16GY 5-7y 12-0[13/2] Spicy Fruity 4th of 11, 2.75L behind Thumb Stone Blues Gordon Elliott
14May15 Tip 23SH 4y+ 11-2[3/1] Tiger Sam 6th of 8, 11.50L behind Mountain Philip Noel Meade
12May15 Lim 16YS 4-7y 11-9[11/2] Howayadoing 5th of 18, 13.25L behind Good Thyne Tara Gordon Elliott
11May15 Kil 17GY 5-7y 12-0[9/10F] After Rain 4th of 9, 6.25L behind Le Legro J R Barry
11May15 Kil 22GY 5y+ 10-6[7/2] Federici 2nd of 9, 0.5L behind Ravished E Bolger 121
10May15 Kil 17YS 4y 11-7[14/1] Royal Supremo 10th of 14, 72.31L behind Ballinderry Moth N Stokes
08May15 Dow 18GY 5-7y 12-0[5/4F] Ultimate Horseman 1st of 8, 2.75L to Itshard To No Gordon Elliott
04May15 Dow 16Y 4-7y 11-7[8/1] Turfmans Daughter 11th of 20, 20.75L behind Okotoks Noel Meade
02May15 Pun 16S 4-7y After Rain non-runner (change in going) J R Barry
02May15 Pun 24S 5y+ 11-7[2/1F] Josies Orders 1st of 14, 2.75L to Federici E Bolger
01May15 Pun 25GY 4y+ 12-0[4/11F] On The Fringe 1st of 9, 1L to Noble Prince E Bolger
01May15 Pun 17GY 4-6y 11-1[10/1] Osez Josephine 13th of 24, 25.63L behind Now Let Go Mrs John Harrington
30Apr15 Pun 16Y 4-7y 12-0[6/1] Ok Corral 2nd of 8, 2.25L behind Yorkhill Nicky Henderson
30Apr15 Pun 24Y 4y+ 11-3[8/1] Rogue Trader 2nd of 25, 3.25L behind Avant Tout T J Taaffe 123
30Apr15 Pun 33Y 5y+ 11-7[13/8F] Quantitativeeasing 2nd of 14, nk behind Uncle Junior E Bolger
30Apr15 Pun 16Y 4y+ 10-9[20/1] Seeyouallincoppers 3rd of 25, 7.13L behind Bog War Gordon Elliott 106
29Apr15 Pun 16GY 4-7y 11-4[7/2F] Disko 2nd of 13, 3.25L behind Bellshill Noel Meade
28Apr15 Pun 16GY 4y 11-7[11/1] Showem Silver 9th of 21, 20.28L behind Timing'severything Noel Meade
28Apr15 Pun 16GY 4-5y 11-4[14/1] Red Giant 4th of 22, 9.00L behind Petit Mouchoir Noel Meade
28Apr15 Pun 16GY 4y+ 10-8[33/1] Indian Icon 17th of 25, 19.13L behind Some Article Ms Sandra Hughes 128
28Apr15 Pun 24GY 5y+ 11-0[8/13F] Wish Ye Didnt 1st of 11, 10L to Enniskillen E Bolger
24Apr15 Kil 16GY 5-7y 12-0[3/10F] Attribution 2nd of 13, 4L behind Kilkishen Henry De Bromhead
22Apr15 Fai 16G 4-7y 12-0[10/11F] Delegate 3rd of 14, 2.50L behind Peter The Mayo Man Gordon Elliott
21Apr15 Wex 18G 4-7y 11-9[11/4F] Miss Dinamic 2nd of 14, shd behind Tigroney Gordon Elliott
13Apr15 Tra 16G 4-7y 11-9[9/4] Miss Dinamic 3rd of 13, 4.25L behind The Brock Inn Gordon Elliott
12Apr15 Tra 16GY 5-7y 12-0[6/1] Gala Ball 3rd of 9, 3.88L behind Childrens List T E Hyde
11Apr15 Ain 17G 4-6y 11-0[7/2] Whistle Dixie 4th of 19, 6.25L behind Hollies Pearl Gordon Elliott 1
11Apr15 Ain 35G 7y+ 11-3[14/1] First Lieutenant 16th of 39, 95.00L behind Many Clouds M F Morris 154 1
09Apr15 Ain 21GS 6y+ 12-0[5/2F] On The Fringe 1st of 29, 3.75L to Pacha Du Polder E Bolger 134 2
07Apr15 Fai 16S 4-7y 12-0[8/1] Killer Miller 4th of 9, 5.38L behind An Dearg Mor Noel Meade
06Apr15 Fai 16S 4-7y 11-11[7/2] Space Cadet 3rd of 7, 12.25L behind Anibale Fly Gordon Elliott
06Apr15 Fai 29S 5y+ 10-0[33/1] Rogue Angel unseated rider in race won by Thunder And Roses M F Morris 130
05Apr15 Fai 16SH 4-5y 11-4[4/1] Bel Ami De Sivola 6th of 20, 32.50L behind Castello Sforza Gordon Elliott
02Apr15 Clo 16S 4-7y 11-9[11/2] Miss Dinamic 2nd of 12, 4.25L behind Myska Gordon Elliott
29Mar15 Lim 20SH 4y+ 11-3[5/1] Rogue Trader 1st of 9, Dht to Rogue Trader T J Taaffe
26Mar15 Cor 16SH 4-7y 12-0[2/1] Dallas Cowboy 2nd of 11, 0.75L behind Mall Dini Gordon Elliott
22Mar15 Dow 18Y 4-7y 11-2[4/5F] John Monash 6th of 8, 20.38L behind Celldomfed Gordon Elliott
21Mar15 Gow 16YS 4-7y 12-0[7/1] Casual Approach 2nd of 11, 0.5L behind Kinnitty Castle Gordon Elliott
19Mar15 Thu 16YS 4-6y 12-0[15/8F] Alamein 1st of 9, 11L to Agentleman M F Morris
17Mar15 Dow 16YS 5-7y 12-0[4/1] Jack Slade 3rd of 8, 20.75L behind Danielle's Journey Noel Meade
15Mar15 Nav 16SH 5-7y 12-0[8/1] Sunrae Shadow 6th of 10, 9.75L behind Art Of Security Noel Meade
14Mar15 Lim 16H 4-7y 11-2[5/1] Lady Dromlac 3rd of 8, 31.25L behind Kate Appleby Shoes T Hogan
14Mar15 Lim 16H 4y 11-7[4/5F] Vinciaettis 1st of 4, 0.75L to Tokenella C F Swan
13Mar15 Che 26S 5y+ 12-0[6/1] On The Fringe 1st of 24, 17L to Following Dreams E Bolger 134 2
12Mar15 Che 26G 5y+ 11-1[28/1] Bless The Wings 2nd of 24, 12L behind The Package Gordon Elliott 134 2
11Mar15 Che 31G 5y+ 11-2[8/1] Quantitativeeasing carried out in race won by Rivage D'Or E Bolger 140 2
10Mar15 Che 32GS 5y+ 11-6[7/2F] Very Wood 10th of 17, 41.00L behind Cause Of Causes Noel Meade 140 1
07Mar15 Gow 18SH 4-7y 12-0[4/1] Rosstemple 6th of 6, 48.75L behind Yorkhill E Bolger
05Mar15 Clo 16SH 4-7y 12-0[8/1] Ben Button 3rd of 7, 14.75L behind Sizinguptheamazon P J Rothwell
04Mar15 Dow 18Y 4-7y 12-0[10/11F] Alberta 1st of 7, 8.5L to Hot On Her Heels Gordon Elliott
01Mar15 Nav 16H 5-7y 12-0[9/2] Wes Hardin 5th of 7, 29.00L behind Anibale Fly Noel Meade
28Feb15 Leo 16S 4y 11-5[6/4F] The West's Awake 7th of 11, 20.75L behind Charbel E J O'Grady
26Feb15 Thu 16SH 4-7y 11-9[25/1] Musical Queen 6th of 11, 78.00L behind Elusive Ivy P J Rothwell
26Feb15 Thu 16SH 4y+ 11-5[7/2F] Don Franco 8th of 14, 14.75L behind Rebel Cry J T R Dreaper 94
22Feb15 Naa 16SH 4-7y 11-13[7/4] Tycoon Prince 1st of 2, 3L to Up For Review Gordon Elliott
21Feb15 Fai 16S 5-7y 12-0[11/4] Casual Approach 5th of 15, 22.25L behind Golan Lodge Gordon Elliott