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Last Winner   I Knew Well (IRE)
6/4Fav, T J Taaffe
Tipperary Fri, 17th Apr, 15
Runs Since Last Winner   8
Days Since Last Winner   7
Last Runner   London Bridge (GB)
p.u., 16/1, Noel Meade
Kilbeggan Fri, 24th Apr, 15

N P Madden
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RunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Last 90 Days (Flat)2000.00%€0.00€-2.00
Last 90 Days (N.H.)66557.58%€108483.28€-7.25
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Date Course Conditions Race Result Trainer OR
24Apr15 Kil 25GY 5y+ 10-10[16/1] London Bridge pulled up in race won by Ravished Noel Meade 102
24Apr15 Kil 16GY 4-5y 10-4[16/1] Nidhaam 5th of 9, 52.75L behind Fiosrach M Flannery
23Apr15 Tip 24GF 4y+ 11-4[100/1] Presenting Julio 12th of 20, 74.75L behind Bitsandpieces Denis W Cullen
23Apr15 Tip 16GF 4y+ 10-11[20/1] Finish In Style 4th of 15, 23.00L behind Mr Picotee E Bolger
22Apr15 Fai 17G 5y+ 11-12[12/1] Old Castletown 7th of 9, 75.50L behind The Conker Club T M Walsh 97
21Apr15 Wex 23G 5y+ 11-7[6/1] Shake The Bucket 3rd of 6, 7.00L behind Annie Oakley Niall Madden 118
17Apr15 Tip 17GY 5y+ 11-7[2/1F] If Not For You 3rd of 4, 11.25L behind Usa Edward P Harty 123
17Apr15 Tip 20GY 4y+ The Gatechecker non-runner (change in going) Michael Hourigan
17Apr15 Tip 16GY 4y+ 10-11[33/1] Day Day 15th of 16, 61.69L behind Hard Bought J A Berry 94
17Apr15 Tip 16GY 4y+ 11-7[6/4F] I Knew Well 1st of 8, 2.75L to Shabra's Bertolini T J Taaffe 112
17Apr15 Tip 16GY 4y+ 10-11[33/1] Nidhaam 16th of 17, 77.25L behind Give Her Bach M Flannery
15Apr15 Lim 20YS 5y+ 11-12[7/1] Troll D'Oudairies 8th of 14, 61.50L behind Morney Wing Martin Brassil
15Apr15 Lim 19YS 5y+ 11-12[66/1] Presenting Julio 12th of 15, 71.25L behind Casual Approach Denis W Cullen
11Apr15 Gow 7YS 3y+ 10-0[25/1] Cillian's Return 9th of 16, 14.16L behind Serefeli A J Martin
10Apr15 Wex 19G 5y+ 11-4[8/1] Best Value pulled up in race won by Up Sluggarh T J Nagle Jr 110
10Apr15 Wex 19G 5y+ 11-7[33/1] Ice Ice Baby pulled up in race won by Ellaway Rose F Oakes
10Apr15 Wex 24G 4y+ 10-9[14/1] Mr Shankly 13th of 15, 112.25L behind Shadow Play John James Feane 84
10Apr15 Wex 20G 4y+ 10-12[16/1] Top Spin 6th of 16, 15.50L behind Eight Till Late C A Murphy 106
07Apr15 Fai 25S 5y+ 11-2[12/1] Down Under pulled up in race won by Mr Goodenough F Flood 113
07Apr15 Fai 16S 4y+ 9-10[20/1] Some Article 1st of 17, nk to Clondaw Warrior Thomas Mullins 119
07Apr15 Fai 24S 5y+ 10-8[16/1] Oscar Knight 4th of 16, 10.00L behind Jimmy Two Times Thomas Mullins 118
07Apr15 Fai 17S 4y+ 11-12[33/1] Old Castletown 6th of 7, 41.50L behind Upazo T M Walsh
06Apr15 Fai 29S 5y+ 11-0[66/1] Alderwood 5th of 28, 13.75L behind Thunder And Roses Thomas Mullins 144
06Apr15 Fai 22S 4y+ 10-6[50/1] Call Rog 18th of 18, 62.88L behind I Shot The Sheriff M F Morris 119
05Apr15 Fai 17SH 5y+ 11-5[6/1] Minella Foru 5th of 10, 16.75L behind Ballyadam Approach Edward P Harty 128
05Apr15 Fai 20SH 5y+ 11-10[20/1] Noble Emperor 5th of 8, 7.88L behind Gilgamboa A J Martin 142
05Apr15 Fai 16SH 4y+ 9-12[33/1] O'Donoghue's Opera 5th of 14, 14.63L behind Sir Scorpion P J Rothwell 97
05Apr15 Fai 16SH 5y+ 11-5[50/1] No Kidding 11th of 19, 37.00L behind Voices Of Spring Martin Brassil
02Apr15 Clo 20S 5y+ 11-4[10/1] Itsnothingpersonal 12th of 16, 53.00L behind Knockrea E J O'Grady
28Mar15 Nav 20H 5y+ 11-3[9/1] Fahamore 6th of 9, 22.88L behind Boher Call Edward P Harty 110
28Mar15 Nav 20H 4y+ 10-6[6/1] Best Of Three 15th of 17, 124.03L behind Duty Dance T M Walsh 99
28Mar15 Nav 16H 4y+ 10-5[33/1] Lunch Master 19th of 21, 85.32L behind Bog War P J Rothwell 88
21Mar15 Gow 25YS 5y+ 11-3[20/1] Chute Hall 6th of 11, 44.75L behind Fergiethelegend Thomas Cooper 106
21Mar15 Gow 20YS 4y+ 11-9[25/1] Give Me A Break 15th of 16, 104.12L behind Mine Now Michael Hourigan 126
19Mar15 Thu 16YS 5y+ 11-4[4/1] Getting Late 3rd of 11, 21.13L behind Alisier D'irlande E J O'Grady
17Mar15 Wex 17S 5y+ 10-3[5/1] Merrion Row 6th of 7, 35.25L behind Davinia's Tip P J Rothwell 100
17Mar15 Wex 16S 5y+ 11-4[5/4F] I Knew Well 1st of 16, 2L to Motown Bob T J Taaffe 113
17Mar15 Wex 16S 4y 10-9[100/1] Taste Of More 10th of 10, 69.63L behind Skilled Augustine Leahy
15Mar15 Nav 16SH 4y+ 10-6[10/1] Leave At Dawn 7th of 10, 8.13L behind Grand Partner C Byrnes 109
14Mar15 Lim 16H 4y+ 10-11[25/1] Spare A Thought 5th of 10, 31.00L behind Occidental Lady Augustine Leahy 92
14Mar15 Lim 19H 4-6y 11-12[4/5F] The Gatechecker 3rd of 10, 24.50L behind On Fiddlers Green Michael Hourigan
13Mar15 Che 17S 5y+ 11-0[17/2] Sort It Out 2nd of 24, 8L behind Wicklow Brave E P Harty 134 1
10Mar15 Che 25GS 5y+ 10-5[33/1] Dursey Sound 21st of 24, 64.07L behind The Druids Nephew Jonjo O'Neill 134 1
08Mar15 Naa 19YS 4y+ 10-10[11/1] Some Article 14th of 17, 29.28L behind Fletcher Thomas Mullins 121
07Mar15 Gow 20SH 4y+ 11-12[25/1] Top Spin 5th of 18, 2.75L behind Hard Bought C A Murphy 107
07Mar15 Gow 16SH 4-5y 11-0[12/1] Finish In Style 11th of 14, 37.13L behind What Lies Ahead E Bolger
04Mar15 Dow 18Y 4y+ 11-9[8/1] Pass The Ball 6th of 15, 42.75L behind Annie Alainn Niall Madden 92
01Mar15 Nav 17H 5y+ 10-9[10/3JF] White Arm 4th of 9, 14.50L behind The Parishioner A J Martin 98
01Mar15 Nav 24H 9y+ 10-9[12/1] Like Your Style 5th of 5, 27.50L behind No Secrets Edward P Harty 118
28Feb15 Leo 16S 4y+ 9-10[11/1] Sir Scorpion 1st of 14, 0.5L to Princely Conn Thomas Mullins 104
28Feb15 Leo 20S 5y+ 11-10[25/1] Long Way Back 6th of 10, 15.75L behind Heck Thomas John Queally
22Feb15 Naa 24SH 5y+ 11-0[10/1] Fahamore pulled up in race won by Miss Xian Edward P Harty 112
22Feb15 Naa 20SH 5y+ 10-3[33/1] Call Rog pulled up in race won by Empire Of Dirt M F Morris 119
22Feb15 Naa 16SH 4y+ 11-6[25/1] Princeton Plains 11th of 13, 92.00L behind Misty Lady Edward P Harty 119
19Feb15 Clo 16S 4-6y 10-11[50/1] Missy Milan 8th of 10, 71.00L behind Fruits Of Glory T J Taaffe
18Feb15 Pun 20Y 4y+ 11-12[20/1] Pass The Ball 10th of 22, 22.79L behind Bold Optimist Niall Madden 95
18Feb15 Pun 16Y 5y+ 11-12[20/1] Some Article 1st of 22, 1.75L to Investmentsuccess Thomas Mullins 114
15Feb15 Nav 22YS 4y+ 10-0[25/1] Ballyburke pulled up in race won by Forever Gold P J Rothwell 99
14Feb15 Gow 20SH 4y+ 10-11[33/1] Top Spin 7th of 11, 33.75L behind Follow The Sign C A Murphy 110
14Feb15 Gow 16SH 4y 11-7[25/1] Rhymers Club 10th of 11, 138.75L behind Whiteout C Byrnes
12Feb15 Thu 22YS 5y+ 11-12[33/1] Namarama pulled up in race won by He Rock's John Queally 102
11Feb15 Dow 20YS 4y+ 10-7[10/1] Court Jester 6th of 11, 11.00L behind Glenquest S Wilson 97
11Feb15 Dow 20YS 5y+ 10-11[100/1] Born Of A Tuesday 11th of 13, 79.06L behind After Aspen Karl Thornton
07Feb15 Naa 16YS 5y+ 10-3[16/1] Chute Hall 13th of 13, 114.50L behind Strongpoint Thomas Cooper 109
01Feb15 Pun 28S 5y+ 11-0[20/1] Like Your Style 9th of 9, 21.56L behind Embracing Change Edward P Harty 125
01Feb15 Pun 24S 4y+ 11-2[50/1] Flaming Dawn 7th of 18, 17.63L behind Lean Araig E J O'Grady 129
31Jan15 Fai 20SH 4y+ 11-1[33/1] Pass The Ball 7th of 17, 31.00L behind Missyspet Niall Madden 98
31Jan15 Fai 16SH 6y+ 11-12[33/1] Sir Scorpion 6th of 20, 32.00L behind Velvet Maker Thomas Mullins
30Jan15 Dun 12A 4y+ 9-11[2/1F] Poker Gold 9th of 14, 6.78L behind Mount Flora W P Mullins 65