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Last Winner   Apache Stronghold (IRE)
9/2, Noel Meade
Leopardstown Sun, 8th Feb, 15
Runs Since Last Winner   8
Days Since Last Winner   19
Last Runner   Festive Felon (IRE)
p.u., 8/1, Noel Meade
Naas Sun, 22nd Feb, 15

RunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Last 90 Days (N.H.)725146.94%€196265.00€-51.84
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Date Course Conditions Race Result Trainer OR
22Feb15 Naa 24SH 5y+ 11-4[8/1] Festive Felon pulled up in race won by Miss Xian Noel Meade 116
22Feb15 Naa 16SH 4y+ 11-3[9/1] The Herds Garden 5th of 13, 16.50L behind Misty Lady Noel Meade 116
21Feb15 Fai 25S 5y+ 11-3[12/1] Foildubh 2nd of 5, 0.5L behind Roi Du Mee John Patrick Ryan 145
21Feb15 Fai 21S 5y+ 11-12[8/1] Kilcarry Bridge 5th of 6, 29.50L behind Smokey Joe Joe John Patrick Ryan 123
14Feb15 Gow 20SH 5y+ 11-8[8/1] Texas Jack 2nd of 5, 4.25L behind Champagne Fever Noel Meade 157
10Feb15 Clo 22YS 4y+ 11-0[12/1] Russian Bill 9th of 9, 112.25L behind Roi Des Francs Noel Meade
08Feb15 Leo 24Y 5y+ 11-10[20/1] Texas Jack 5th of 8, 10.50L behind Carlingford Lough Noel Meade 157
08Feb15 Leo 16Y 4y+ 10-5[14/1] The Herds Garden 9th of 18, 17.13L behind Sort It Out Noel Meade 118
08Feb15 Leo 21Y 5y+ 11-10[9/2] Apache Stronghold 1st of 9, Valseur Lido Noel Meade 149
08Feb15 Leo 18Y 4y+ 9-13[11/2] Josephine Marcus 16th of 23, 38.75L behind Who's That Noel Meade 99
08Feb15 Leo 16Y 4y 11-0[7/1] Officieux 8th of 8, 67.25L behind Petite Parisienne Noel Meade
07Feb15 Naa 19YS 5y+ 11-11[8/15F] Aengus 1st of 16, 2.25L to Tongie Noel Meade
18Jan15 Leo 16S 4y+ 11-0[15/2] Waxies Dargle fell in race won by Katie T Noel Meade 131
18Jan15 Leo 21S 5y+ 10-1[10/1] Down Ace 10th of 15, 61.06L behind Foxrock Noel Meade 128
18Jan15 Leo 16S 4y+ 11-5[11/4] Bonny Kate 6th of 18, 9.75L behind Golan Road Noel Meade
17Jan15 Naa 19SH 5y+ 11-10[13/8F] Russian Bill 1st of 15, 1.25L to Goulane Chosen Noel Meade
17Jan15 Naa 24SH 5y+ 11-5[3/1] Wounded Warrior 1st of 5, 9.5L to Rule The World Noel Meade 138
17Jan15 Naa 16SH 4y 11-0[14/1] Zanouska 7th of 12, 38.38L behind Social Riser Gordon Elliott
15Jan15 Thu 20SH 5y+ 11-0[11/2] Down Ace fell in race won by Vroum Vroum Mag Noel Meade 128
15Jan15 Thu 20SH 6y+ 11-8[8/1] Texas Jack 2nd of 4, 44L behind Don Cossack Noel Meade 158
15Jan15 Thu 16SH 4-5y 11-4[25/1] Jack Slade 12th of 18, 38.87L behind Knockraha Pylon Noel Meade
11Jan15 Fai 16SH 5y+ 11-12[33/1] Sunrae Shadow 12th of 25, 66.78L behind Rathpatrick Noel Meade
11Jan15 Fai 16SH 4y 11-7[11/2] Officieux 1st of 13, 12L to Hostile Fire Noel Meade
10Jan15 Pun 24SH 4y+ 10-10[25/1] Marshim 8th of 12, 21.50L behind Lean Araig W Power 102
10Jan15 Pun 16SH 5y+ 11-5[25/1] Josephine Marcus 8th of 22, 19.25L behind Mount Corkish Girl Noel Meade
10Jan15 Pun 20SH 5y+ 11-12[5/1] Busty Brown 4th of 8, 17.00L behind Jarry D'Honneur Noel Meade
05Jan15 Thu 22SH 4y+ 10-6[12/1] Macetown Gale 7th of 18, 47.50L behind Zipporah Garvan Donnelly 80
05Jan15 Thu 22SH 5y+ 11-1[16/1] Bronco Bill 10th of 13, 83.25L behind Roi Des Francs Noel Meade
05Jan15 Thu 18SH 5y+ 11-3[14/1] Jim Will Fix It 5th of 7, 42.75L behind Mount Colah Seamus Roche
04Jan15 Naa 20SH 5y+ 11-10[20/1] Couleur France 4th of 7, 5.75L behind Mckinley Noel Meade 132
04Jan15 Naa 16SH 5y+ 11-2[20/1] Draycott Place 4th of 5, 5.25L behind Sizing Granite John Patrick Ryan
03Jan15 Cor 16H 5y+ 11-3[7/1] The Herds Garden 2nd of 6, 11L behind Bosman Rule Noel Meade 118
01Jan15 Fai 25SH 5y+ 11-2[12/1] Mr Goodenough 5th of 11, 31.00L behind Sword Fish John F Robinson 115
01Jan15 Fai 22SH 4y+ 10-9[5/1] Zigger Zagger 5th of 11, 17.50L behind Mydor Noel Meade 101
01Jan15 Fai 16SH 4y+ 10-6[7/2JF] Owen Mc 11th of 12, 56.75L behind Frontline Noel Meade 102
01Jan15 Fai 20SH 5y+ 11-5[66/1] Silver Serenade 15th of 19, 171.78L behind Missyspet Mrs A M O'Shea
01Jan15 Fai 16SH 5y+ 11-10[25/1] Mallory Heights 16th of 22, 66.91L behind O Ceallaigh Garvan Donnelly
31Dec14 Pun 16S 3y 10-7[6/1] Hannah's Magic fell in race won by Chatham House Rule A L T Moore
29Dec14 Leo 24S 4y+ 11-10[5/1] Apache Stronghold 2nd of 7, 3L behind Don Poli Noel Meade
29Dec14 Leo 16S 4y+ 11-10[100/1] Alderwood 7th of 7, 29.88L behind Hurricane Fly Thomas Mullins
29Dec14 Leo 20S 5y+ 11-12[12/1] Wildebeest 10th of 13, 17.50L behind Windsor Park Noel Meade
28Dec14 Leo 16S 4y+ 11-5[10/1] The Herds Garden 4th of 13, 7.75L behind Shemshal Noel Meade 118
28Dec14 Leo 24S 4y+ 11-10[7/1] Monksland 3rd of 8, 5.75L behind Lieutenant Colonel Noel Meade 156
28Dec14 Leo 19S 4y+ 11-12[12/1] Art Of Payroll 6th of 7, 41.25L behind Le Vent D'Antan Ms Sandra Hughes
28Dec14 Leo 24S 4y+ 10-6[33/1] Owennacurra Milan 5th of 21, 9.00L behind Usuel Smurfer Miss Mary Louise Hallahan 119
28Dec14 Leo 20S 4y 11-7[6/4F] Snow Falcon 2nd of 8, 0.5L behind Identity Thief Noel Meade
26Dec14 Leo 17S 4y+ 11-12[12/1] Chancol fell in race won by Clarcam Noel Meade
26Dec14 Leo 18S 4y+ 11-6[20/1] Six Stone Ned 8th of 21, 29.16L behind Westerners Son Noel Meade 110
26Dec14 Leo 16S 3y 10-5[16/1] Kabjoy 8th of 12, 35.63L behind Fiscal Focus Mrs John Harrington
26Dec14 Leo 16S 4y 11-7[10/1] Aengus 3rd of 12, 6.50L behind Alvisio Ville Noel Meade
21Dec14 Thu 22SH 5y+ 11-4[4/1] Flinders River pulled up in race won by Wrath Of Titans Noel Meade
20Dec14 Fai 23S 4y+ 10-9[8/1] Glenmoreangie 7th of 10, 49.75L behind Abolitionist Noel Meade 100
20Dec14 Fai 20S 4y+ 11-8[5/1] Champoleon pulled up in race won by Arbre De Vie Noel Meade
20Dec14 Fai 16S 3y 11-0[7/1] Officieux 3rd of 15, 10.50L behind Thunder Zone Noel Meade
20Dec14 Fai 24S 4y+ 11-12[6/1] Busty Brown 3rd of 10, 7.00L behind Val De Ferbet Noel Meade
14Dec14 Nav 17YS 4y+ 11-12[100/1] Festive Felon 13th of 18, 50.50L behind Lots Of Memories Noel Meade
14Dec14 Nav 20YS 4y+ 10-3[11/2] Harvey Logan 7th of 23, 22.50L behind Lite Duties Noel Meade 118
14Dec14 Nav 20YS 4y+ 11-3[16/1] Couleur France 3rd of 5, 7.75L behind No More Heroes Noel Meade 130
14Dec14 Nav 16YS 4y+ 11-0[16/1] Six Stone Ned 18th of 21, 42.13L behind Shabra's Bertolini Noel Meade 111
14Dec14 Nav 16YS 4y+ 11-12[7/2] Wildebeest 3rd of 29, 11.75L behind Domesday Book Noel Meade
12Dec14 Che 31GS 5y+ 11-12[6/1] Big Shu pulled up in race won by Any Currency Peter Maher 152 2
07Dec14 Pun 20Y 5y+ 11-10[8/1] Texas Jack 4th of 6, 6.25L behind Don Cossack Noel Meade 158
07Dec14 Pun 20Y 4y+ 10-3[20/1] Blazing West 7th of 17, 31.25L behind Lite Duties W J Austin 95
07Dec14 Pun 16Y 4y+ 11-3[20/1] Real Man Of War 4th of 7, 22.50L behind Rock The World R P Rath
06Dec14 Nav 20YS 4y+ 11-12[11/4] Smokey Joe Joe fell in race won by Its The Ice I Like S J Mahon 116
06Dec14 Nav 23YS 4y+ 10-3[13/2] Ancient Highway 15th of 16, 71.41L behind Whatareudoingtome P A Fahy 86
06Dec14 Nav 20YS 4y+ 11-3[16/1] Josephine Marcus 8th of 29, 26.25L behind Killeena House Noel Meade
06Dec14 Nav 16YS 4y 11-7[33/1] Rock Of Glenstal 16th of 19, 44.75L behind Modem Noel Meade
30Nov14 Fai 29YS 5y+ 10-11[16/1] Thomond 4th of 13, 3.06L behind Embracing Change Noel Meade 123
30Nov14 Fai 20YS 4y+ 10-10[9/2] Down Ace 2nd of 8, 2.75L behind Ros Brin Noel Meade 117
30Nov14 Fai 20YS 4y+ 11-10[4/1] Apache Stronghold 2nd of 13, 8L behind Valseur Lido Noel Meade
30Nov14 Fai 16YS 3y 10-9[66/1] Be Seeing You 13th of 15, 62.06L behind Kalkir Gordon Elliott