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Last Winner   Whip Up A Frenzy (IRE)
5/1, A Oliver
Dundalk Fri, 7th Nov, 14
Runs Since Last Winner   14
Days Since Last Winner   42
Last Runner   Keep It Cool (IRE)
10th, 16/1, Jonathan Fogarty
Dundalk Fri, 21st Nov, 14

W J Lee
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Last 90 Days (Flat)91102110.99%€216705.30€2.75
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Date Course Conditions Race Result Trainer OR
21Nov14 Dun 12A 3y+ 9-12[16/1] Keep It Cool 10th of 14, 6.50L behind That's Ours Jonathan Fogarty 60
21Nov14 Dun 12A 3y+ 9-1[14/1] Buccaneer Bob 12th of 14, 32.06L behind Innoko Miss Susan A Finn 51
21Nov14 Dun 8A 3y+ 9-1[7/1] El Dem I 3rd of 8, 1.25L behind Tirghra Peter McCreery 65
21Nov14 Dun 6A 3y+ 9-4[7/1] Antiquus 5th of 13, 1.44L behind Serenity Spa Ms Joanna Morgan 79
21Nov14 Dun 6A 2y 9-3[5/1] Anonymous Lady 3rd of 12, 3.00L behind Split The Atom Adrian Paul Keatley 68
14Nov14 Dun 8A 3y+ 9-4[7/2] Strait Of Zanzibar 3rd of 8, 0.75L behind Misty Lane K J Condon 87
14Nov14 Dun 8A 3y+ 9-5[25/1] Little Arrows 10th of 13, 9.76L behind Almosthaditall K J Condon 63
14Nov14 Dun 5A 3y+ 9-0[9/2] Hi Empress 2nd of 11, hd behind Times In Anatefka Sean P Hennessy 51
14Nov14 Dun 5A 2y 9-0[14/1] Elliano 8th of 10, 14.63L behind Daisy Bell A Oliver
12Nov14 Dun 7A 3y+ 9-4[8/1] Antiquus 3rd of 9, 1.25L behind Whaileyy Ms Joanna Morgan 78
07Nov14 Dun 11A 3y+ 8-13[4/1] Sharjah 2nd of 11, 1.25L behind Hes Our Music Andrew Slattery 70
07Nov14 Dun 8A 3y+ 8-13[8/1] Athassel 3rd of 13, 2.13L behind Havelock Ellis T J O'Mara 47
07Nov14 Dun 8A 3y+ 9-0[3/1] Dash pulled up in race won by Camakasi T Stack 74
07Nov14 Dun 8A 2y 9-5[25/1] Virtual Velocity 5th of 14, 5.00L behind Unorthodox A Oliver
07Nov14 Dun 7A 2y 9-3[5/1] Whip Up A Frenzy 1st of 13, 0.5L to Private Party A Oliver 68
05Nov14 Dun 12A 3y+ 9-5[10/1] Buccaneer Bob 5th of 14, 10.50L behind Minot Street Miss Susan A Finn 52
05Nov14 Dun 8A 3y 9-0[8/1] Trade Marked 3rd of 14, 2.00L behind Nedera Augustine Leahy 60
05Nov14 Dun 6A 2y 9-0[7/4F] Lady Of Light 3rd of 8, 1.50L behind Sharaasa W McCreery
05Nov14 Dun 7A 3y+ 9-5[66/1] Loyalty Card 7th of 9, 8.00L behind Whaileyy Augustine Leahy
04Nov14 Mai 6H 3y+ 9-2[3/1F] Maarek unplaced in race won by Gammarth Miss E McCutcheon 112 1
01Nov14 San 10F 3y+ 8-12[15/1] Fiesolana 8th of 11, 4.76L behind Dayatthespa W McCreery 112
26Oct14 Leo 9Y 3y+ 9-5[10/1] Tar Isteach 8th of 20, 7.25L behind Diylawa T Stack 76
26Oct14 Leo 10Y 3y+ 9-12[6/1] I'll Be Your Clown 8th of 17, 2.53L behind Stronger Than Me A Oliver 93
26Oct14 Leo 15Y 3y+ 9-7[7/2F] Stomachion 11th of 22, 7.00L behind Clondaw Warrior Sir Michael Stoute 99
26Oct14 Leo 7Y 3y+ 9-2[16/1] Kanes Pass 1st of 13, 1L to Francis Of Assisi W McCreery 94
26Oct14 Leo 7Y 2y 9-10[4/1] Nasution 2nd of 9, 1.5L behind Prologue David Wachman 84
26Oct14 Leo 7Y 2y 9-5[8/1] Chaplin Bay 5th of 11, 12.25L behind Zawraq David Wachman
26Oct14 Leo 7Y 2y 9-0[20/1] Fact Or Folklore 6th of 15, 7.50L behind Easter W McCreery
25Oct14 Leo 12YS 3y+ Break My Mind non-runner (coughing) Edward Lynam 84
25Oct14 Leo 8YS 2y 9-10[8/1] Swordfight 3rd of 20, 1.38L behind Duke Ellington David Wachman 75
25Oct14 Leo 8YS 2y 9-5[66/1] Tudor City 13th of 16, 22.63L behind Giovanni Canaletto A J Martin
25Oct14 Leo 8YS 2y 9-0[7/2] Off Limits 1st of 20, shd to Zannda David Wachman
24Oct14 Dun 11A 3y+ 9-7[16/1] Little Arrows 14th of 14, 11.78L behind Johann Bach K J Condon 68
24Oct14 Dun 12A 3y+ 9-8[11/1] Tooreen Legend 6th of 14, 2.56L behind Gretzky T Stack 89
24Oct14 Dun 5A 2y 9-3[9/1] Anonymous Lady 1st of 8, 0.5L to Enter The Priory Adrian Paul Keatley 65
24Oct14 Dun 7A 3y+ 9-6[7/1] Strait Of Zanzibar 7th of 14, 1.85L behind Captain Joy K J Condon 90
22Oct14 Nav 13S 3y+ 9-0[9/1] Lettre De Cachet 1st of 18, 0.5L to Very Intense A Oliver 78
22Oct14 Nav 8S 3y 8-13[12/1] Mouskersize 5th of 18, 1.62L behind Princess Glamour W McCreery 65
22Oct14 Nav 8S 4y+ 9-10[8/1] Vasoni 9th of 18, 12.56L behind Happy Anniversary Timothy Doyle 63
22Oct14 Nav 8S 2y 9-5[11/4] Harold Peto 1st of 17, 1.5L to Avenante K J Condon
22Oct14 Nav 10S 3y+ 8-13[5/1F] Break My Mind 3rd of 15, 5.75L behind Hannah's Magic Edward Lynam 84
22Oct14 Nav 5S 3y+ 9-8[10/1] Tylery Wonder 4th of 12, 2.28L behind In Salutem W McCreery 87
22Oct14 Nav 6S 2y 9-0[12/1] Glimmer Of Peace 5th of 10, 5.75L behind Red Ivy W McCreery
19Oct14 Naa 12GY 3y+ 9-1[20/1] Rocky Bleier 1st of 16, 1.5L to Princess Pearlita W T Farrell 85
19Oct14 Naa 8GY 3y+ 9-0[12/1] Fastnet Mist 2nd of 15, behind Avenue Gabriel David Wachman 92
19Oct14 Naa 6GY 2y 9-0[20/1] Iffraja 15th of 19, 11.59L behind Byzantium Edward Lynam
19Oct14 Naa 6GY 2y 9-5[6/1] Adventureman 8th of 17, 11.69L behind Endless Drama Edward Lynam
18Oct14 Cor 8S 3y+ 9-5[20/1] Tar Isteach 4th of 18, 3.50L behind Flight Risk T Stack 75
18Oct14 Cor 8S 2y 9-10[6/1] Nasution 4th of 15, 1.51L behind Sarah Joyce David Wachman 85
18Oct14 Cor 8S 3y+ 9-7[25/1] Croi An Or 5th of 9, 4.06L behind Sun On The Run T Stack 93
18Oct14 Cor 7S 2y 9-5[3/1] Dawn Mirage 2nd of 15, 3L behind Mandamus David Wachman
18Oct14 Cor 5S 3y+ 9-9[10/1] Acting Talent 4th of 14, 3.06L behind La Canaada M C Grassick 57
18Oct14 Cor 6S 3y+ 10-6[9/1] Hidden Oasis 9th of 13, 12.25L behind Bubbly Bellini David Wachman 102
17Oct14 New 8S 2y 9-0[5/1] Agnes Stewart 2nd of 7, 0.5L behind Together Forever Edward Lynam 100 1
12Oct14 Cur 16Y 3y+ 9-5[14/1] Hassle 14th of 21, 9.41L behind El Salvador C G Cox 95
12Oct14 Cur 8Y 2y 9-0[40/1] Hot Sauce 9th of 9, 13.31L behind Together Forever John Joseph Murphy
12Oct14 Cur 6Y 3y+ 9-9[10/1] An Saighdiur 3rd of 9, 6.00L behind Viztoria Andrew Slattery 102
12Oct14 Cur 9Y 3y+ 9-0[33/1] Will I Ever 12th of 15, 21.75L behind Fastnet Mist T Stack
12Oct14 Cur 7Y 2y 9-0[33/1] The Tempest 16th of 22, 13.00L behind Royal Navy Ship David Wachman
12Oct14 Cur 7Y 2y 9-0[7/1] Private Paradise 3rd of 23, 2.75L behind Devonshire David Wachman
10Oct14 Dun 8A 3y+ 9-4[11/4] Bold Henmie 7th of 14, 2.10L behind Waterloo Sunrise Peter Fahey 57
10Oct14 Dun 7A 2y 9-4[9/1] Whip Up A Frenzy 3rd of 14, 2.75L behind Liffey View A Oliver 69
10Oct14 Dun 5A 2y 9-0[33/1] Anonymous Lady 5th of 7, 6.00L behind Cleveland Street Adrian Paul Keatley
08Oct14 Nav 10Y 3y 9-0[50/1] Pushkar 14th of 18, 26.75L behind Felix Mendelssohn Timothy Doyle
08Oct14 Nav 10Y 3y+ 9-12[9/1] Rocky Bleier 1st of 14, nk to Madeira Classic W T Farrell 77
08Oct14 Nav 8Y 2y 9-5[25/1] Harold Peto 6th of 18, 7.50L behind Mohaayed K J Condon
08Oct14 Nav 8Y 2y 9-0[25/1] Curvy 8th of 18, 14.00L behind Bocca Baciata David Wachman
08Oct14 Nav 5Y 3y+ 9-0[25/1] D And J's Child 12th of 13, 16.77L behind Chiclet Peter Fahey 60
05Oct14 Lon 7G 3y+ 8-12[7/1] Fiesolana 7th of 14, 5.94L behind Olympic Glory W McCreery 112 1
03Oct14 Dun 12A 3y+ 9-10[11/2] Akinspirit 4th of 13, 2.75L behind Tight Times Michael Butler 59
03Oct14 Dun 7A 2y 9-0[25/1] Laffina 4th of 12, 2.25L behind Orcia David Wachman
03Oct14 Dun 8A 2y 8-11[8/1] Moving On Up 3rd of 13, 3.50L behind Manny Owens C F Swan
30Sep14 Fai 12GF 3y+ 9-0[6/4F] Break My Mind 1st of 8, 1.5L to Lettre De Cachet Edward Lynam 75
30Sep14 Fai 7GF 3y+ 9-0[12/1] D And J's Child 4th of 9, 7.50L behind Katimavik Peter Fahey 60
30Sep14 Fai 6GF 2y 9-0[50/1] Anonymous Lady 9th of 12, 18.00L behind Buenos Y Bobos Adrian Paul Keatley
29Sep14 Ros 12G 3y+ 9-13[33/1] Belclare Boy 11th of 14, 25.00L behind A Greater Force P Meany
29Sep14 Ros 7G 3y+ 9-13[12/1] Strait Of Zanzibar 3rd of 15, 1.00L behind Henson K J Condon 83
29Sep14 Ros 7G 2y 9-0[66/1] Ask Katie 6th of 15, 10.50L behind Military Angel David Peter Nagle
28Sep14 Cur 5GF 3y+ 8-11[12/1] Antiquus 9th of 17, 2.00L behind Prince Connoisseur Ms Joanna Morgan 83
28Sep14 Cur 6GF 2y 8-12[25/1] Ortiga 4th of 6, 7.50L behind The Great War Edward Lynam
28Sep14 Cur 7GF 2y 9-5[8/1] Dawn Mirage 4th of 21, 4.25L behind Portage David Wachman
26Sep14 Dun 11A 3y+ 9-6[6/1F] Calle Aneto 6th of 14, 3.25L behind Horsewithnoname Ms Joanna Morgan 57
26Sep14 Dun 8A 3y+ 9-11[11/2] Merry Mast 9th of 14, 5.29L behind Corker Hill Andrew Slattery 61
26Sep14 Dun 8A 2y 8-13[50/1] Busy Bush 8th of 14, 8.13L behind Private Party J T Gorman 64
21Sep14 Gow 9GF 3y+ 9-10[25/1] Belclare Boy 5th of 14, 8.28L behind Salariaq P Meany
21Sep14 Gow 8GF 3y+ 8-13[8/1] Zelos Dream 1st of 14, 0.75L to Corker Hill Seamus G O'Donnell 50
21Sep14 Gow 8GF 3y+ 9-7[12/1] Merry Mast 3rd of 16, 2.00L behind Succeed And Excel Andrew Slattery 58
21Sep14 Gow 8GF 2y 9-5[50/1] Duke Ellington 8th of 16, 8.50L behind Intransive W McCreery
21Sep14 Gow 8GF 2y 9-0[50/1] Marol 15th of 16, 21.66L behind Together Forever P D Deegan
20Sep14 Ayr 6GF 3y+ 9-3[20/1] An Saighdiur 7th of 27, 4.14L behind Louis The Pious Andrew Slattery 103 2
20Sep14 Ayr 6GF 3y+ 9-4[25/1] Ansaab 12th of 26, 7.32L behind Huntsmans Close Alan McCabe 89 2
20Sep14 Ayr 6GF 2y 9-0[12/1] Blackbriar 6th of 13, 5.06L behind Dark Reckoning T Stack 93 1