Tote announce changes to pools & guarantees for behind closed doors racing

Fri 22nd May 2020, 14:50

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Tote Ireland has announced that for the forthcoming period of Irish racing taking place behind closed doors they are making changes to the operation of Tote pools, guarantees and rules.

Trifecta Rollovers

From the resumption of racing on June 8th 100% of any Tote Trifecta rollovers will roll to the next race on that card. Should the Trifecta on the final race of the card not be won, the rollover will go to Race 1 of the designated Irish meeting on the next race day.

There will therefore be no Super Trifecta race held on Sunday’s racing.

Pick 6

There will be no Pick 6 offered for the coming period. This is due to the reduction of people playing into the pool with the lack of on course, high street and other betting channels. Changes to the Trifecta rollover rules and Pick 6 availability have also been made to facilitate the requirement for social distancing by removing the need to have additional staff on site to manage these processes.

Jackpot & Placepot Rollovers

Any Jackpot or Placepot rollovers shall roll to the designated Irish meeting on the next race day. There will be no Super Jackpot held on Sunday’s racing.

Existing Rollovers

As is there is no Pick 6 during the behind closed doors period, a special Jackpot will be held on the Curragh card, Saturday June 13th. This Jackpot pool will contain the outstanding €21,589 Pick 6 and €4,608 Jackpot rollovers, giving a total Rollover of €26,197 (€18,338 net pool).

A special Trifecta pool will be held at the Curragh on Derby day, June 27th (race TBC) with a rollover of €19,651 (€13,756 net pool).


The Placepot will continue to be guaranteed for €15,000 (€10,500 net pool) daily.

The Jackpot will also continue to be guaranteed for €3,000 (€2,100 net pool) Monday to Saturday and for €5,000 (€3,500 net pool) on Sundays. There will also be a special €5,000 (€3,500 net pool) Jackpot guarantee for Derby Saturday at the Curragh.

Complete Tote Guarantees and Rollover information can be found here.

Key Dates

Rollover Jackpot - €26,197 (€18,338 net pool) — Curragh, Saturday 13th June

Rollover Trifecta - €19,651 (€13,756 net pool) — Curragh, Saturday 27th June