Dundalk Delayed But Will Race

Fri 18th Jan 2013, 18:25

©Healy Racing Photos
By Thomas Weekes
There will be a long delay at Dundalk this evening due to a problem arising from insurance cover for stalls' handlers.

The dispute, which dates back to an incident at Cork last autumn when a stalls' handler was injured, is being rectified but racing will start much later than the advertised 5.50pm start time.

The stalls' handlers have been given an assurance by HRI Chief Executive Brian Kavanagh that they are covered.

Will there be another Irish winner at Aintree?

A lot has been said recently about the fact that the Irish contingent at Cheltenham tend to stoke up the fires of Anglo-Irish needle with their flag waving and chest beating due to our incredible success in recent years. As pointed out previously, this is nothing more than a bit of harmless fun that some folk on both sides of the Irish Sea take a little too seriously.