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Leading Sires Season 2010/2011

SireRunsWinsWin %
Beneficial (GB)3604713.06
Oscar (IRE)3243611.11
Milan (GB)2323113.36
Flemensfirth (USA)2613111.88
Presenting (GB)2302410.43
Saddlers' Hall (IRE)1141916.67
Witness Box (USA)1581912.03
Old Vic1901910.00
Winged Love (IRE)1051514.29
Dr Massini (IRE)1451510.34
Definite Article (GB)811417.28
Bob Back (USA)891415.73
Dushyantor (USA)891415.73
King's Theatre (IRE)491326.53
Luso (GB)243135.35
Oscar Schindler (IRE)1141210.53
Heron Island (IRE)691115.94
Lahib (USA)33927.27
Revoque (IRE)9199.89
Moscow Society (USA)15795.73
Bach (IRE)13685.88
Alderbrook (GB)10887.41
Anshan (GB)12775.51
Classic Cliche (IRE)33618.18
Tikkanen (USA)46613.04
Exit To Nowhere (USA)10665.66
Great Palm (USA)13464.48
City Honours (USA)46613.04
Alflora (IRE)55610.91
Turtle Island (IRE)10465.77
Bishop of Cashel (GB)60610.00
Bob's Return (IRE)48510.42
Supreme Leader7956.33
Glacial Storm (USA)5159.80
Blueprint (IRE)43511.63
Fourstars Allstar (USA)7656.58
Court Cave (IRE)5159.80
Portrait Gallery (IRE)7356.85
Catcher In The Rye (IRE)36513.89
Indian Danehill (IRE)22522.73
Leading Counsel (USA)29517.24
Windsor Castle (GB)7456.76
Germany (USA)14428.57
Son Of Sharp Shot (IRE)6466.67
Posidonas (GB)31412.90
Overbury (IRE)6546.15
Sonus (IRE)24416.67
Whitmore's Conn (USA)18422.22
Flying Legend (USA)16425.00
Kotashaan (FR)20420.00
King's Theatre29413.79
Lord Of Appeal (GB)4449.09
Carroll House5048.00
Laveron (GB)3538.57
Mister Mat (FR)19315.79
Rashar (USA)8433.57
Double Trigger (IRE)6350.00
Close Conflict (USA)6234.84
Desert King (IRE)6350.00
Medaaly (GB)8337.50
Rudimentary (USA)5235.77
Christophene (USA)12325.00
Rainwatch (GB)7342.86
Subtle Power (IRE)3538.57
Grand Plaisir (IRE)12325.00
Amilynx (FR)3538.57
Saffron Walden (FR)13323.08
Publisher (USA)20315.00
Broadway Flyer (USA)11327.27
Cloudings (IRE)3239.38
Platini (GER)33100.00
Kasmayo (GB)28310.71
Wareed (IRE)16318.75
Sandmason (GB)6233.33
Wizard King (GB)20210.00
Talkin Man (CAN)19210.53
Fair Mix (IRE)4250.00
xBob's Return17211.76
Passing Sale (FR)22100.00
Noverre (USA)4250.00
Lavirco (GER)22100.00
Zagreb (USA)8522.35
Loup Sauvage (USA)15213.33
Sayarshan (FR)2328.70
Beat All (USA)2926.90
Humbel (USA)5423.70
Little Bighorn2129.52
Goldmark (USA)3326.06
Welsh Lion (IRE)19210.53
Hubbly Bubbly (USA)9622.08
Craigsteel (GB)4324.65
Kadastrof (FR)12216.67
Well Chosen (GB)2827.14
Moonax (IRE)5223.85
Sunshine Street (USA)2627.69
Mohaajir (USA)2229.09
Quws (GB)4424.55
Marignan (USA)6023.33
Insatiable (IRE)3825.26
Lend A Hand (GB)6233.33
Tel Quel (FR)4025.00
Mr Combustible (IRE)2827.14
Insan (USA)2129.52
Runyon (IRE)18211.11
Montjeu (IRE)5240.00
Brian Boru (GB)3226.25
Houmayoun (FR)2428.33
Traditionally (USA)9222.22
Busy Flight (GB)3625.56