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West Ilsley

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Last Winner   King Crimson (GB)
5/1, Charles Bishop
Brighton Tue, 26th Apr, 16
Runs Since Last Winner   5
Days Since Last Winner   2
Last Runner   Shahaama (GB)
7th, 4/1, G Lee
Redcar Thu, 28th Apr, 16
RunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Last 90 Days (Flat)89172519.10%€348505.92€48.58
Last 90 Days (N.H.)17020.00%€35311.50€-17.00
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Date CourseConditionsRace ResultJockeyORClass
28Apr16Red6S3y+ 9-0[4/1]Shahaama 7th of 11, 7.75L behind CerseiG Lee5
28Apr16Lin8A3y 9-0[12/1]Ettie Hart 6th of 6, 10.75L behind London GloryCharles Bishop6
27Apr16Asc8G3y 8-12[9/2]Summer Icon 4th of 5, 1.81L behind Dawn Of HopeS De Sousa803
26Apr16Bat12G3y 9-5[13/2]Rockliffe 6th of 13, 5.75L behind Harry's EndeavourJ F Egan576
26Apr16Bri7GF4y+ 9-0[8/1]Sarmadee 2nd of 7, 0.75L behind Good Luck CharmKillian Hennessy735
26Apr16Bri5GF4y+ 9-1[5/1]King Crimson 1st of 5, 1.5L to Major PuseyCharles Bishop794
26Apr16Bri8GF4y+ 9-2[2/1F]Fitzwilliam 5th of 11, 9.13L behind Fairy MistMr P Pilley556
26Apr16Bat8G4y+ 9-3[11/2JF]Knight Of The Air 2nd of 15, 0.5L behind Saint HelenaG Baker616
26Apr16Not8GS3y 9-0[9/1]Siri 1st of 8, nose to High DrawS De Sousa5
26Apr16Bri6GF2y 8-12[8/1]Sayesse 1st of 6, 3.75L to Masquerade BlingCharles Bishop5
25Apr16Win8GS3y 9-5[16/1]Star Blaze 8th of 14, 12.78L behind DefrockedS De Sousa5
25Apr16Che7A3y 9-5[5/2]Tigerwolf 4th of 10, 4.25L behind War StoryCharles Bishop885
23Apr16San20G5y+ 10-11[8/1]Viva Steve 5th of 11, 8.50L behind Junction FourteenMr H A A Bannister1332
23Apr16Lei7GS4y+ Volunteer Point non-runnerS De Sousa1021
23Apr16Lei12GS3y 8-12[10/1]Muthraab Aldaar 7th of 7, 30.00L behind Du MotoS De Sousa753
23Apr16Lei5GS2y 9-2[11/2]Billy's Boots 2nd of 8, 5L behind HyperfocusS De Sousa5
23Apr16Hay8G3y+ 9-0[9/1]Angelic Guest 4th of 12, 2.06L behind FadillahCharles Bishop5
23Apr16Hay7G4y+ 8-11[7/1]Lincoln 11th of 13, 6.53L behind PredominanceMr P Pilley952
22Apr16San10GS3y 9-4[5/1]Harrison 3rd of 12, 2.75L behind StargazerS De Sousa903
22Apr16San5GS3y 8-10[15/2]Sixties Sue 3rd of 8, 1.38L behind WillytheconquerorS De Sousa882
22Apr16San8GS3y 8-10[11/1]Czabo 1st of 9, 2.25L to MidhmaarS De Sousa852
21Apr16Bev7GS3y 9-7[15/8F]Blacklister 6th of 9, 6.00L behind Billy RobertsR L Moore705
21Apr16Bev5GS2y 9-0[6/1]Zig Zag Girl 6th of 9, 8.25L behind SeafrontG Gibbons5
20Apr16Cat7GS4y+ 9-7[12/1]Arnold Lane 4th of 13, 4.31L behind LavettaT Eaves883
20Apr16Eps9S3-4y 8-11[15/8]Silca Star 5th of 5, 41.75L behind FinelcityS De Sousa5
20Apr16Cat7GS3y 9-0[11/1]Ettie Hart 5th of 11, 13.75L behind Normandie LadyG Gibbons5
19Apr16Bri8GS3y+ 9-6[3/1]Fitzwilliam 2nd of 12, 1L behind Free To RoamS De Sousa556
19Apr16Bri8GS4y+ 8-9[12/1]Knight Of The Air 5th of 13, 3.13L behind Ice SliceS De Sousa615
19Apr16Bri7GS4y+ 8-12[5/1]Fingal's Cave 1st of 10, 1.25L to Outback RulerCharles Bishop764
19Apr16Bri5GS2y 9-5[9/4F]Raffle King 3rd of 7, 0.63L behind VisionaryCharles Bishop5
18Apr16Win6S4y+ 9-6[6/1F]Potternello 6th of 16, 7.25L behind Secret LookCharles Bishop646
18Apr16Win12S3y 9-7[11/4JF]October Storm 3rd of 6, 5.00L behind Cat RoyaleG Baker755
18Apr16Win5S2y 8-10[2/1F]Zig Zag Girl 2nd of 6, 1.25L behind Fastnet SpinCharles Bishop5
16Apr16Not10S3y 9-1[7/1]Rockliffe 5th of 11, 12.00L behind NietzscheCharles Bishop596
16Apr16Ban17H4-6y Mister Whitaker non-runnerMr H A A Bannister6
15Apr16Bat5S2y 9-2[7/1]Billy's Boots 5th of 8, 6.50L behind Stoneyford LaneS De Sousa5
15Apr16Bat5S3y+ 8-3[8/1]Sixties Sue 5th of 13, 7.50L behind DemoraS De Sousa881
15Apr16Bat6S3y 9-0[8/1]Willsy 1st of 10, nk to Ower FlyS De Sousa744
15Apr16Fon14GS4-6y The Blue Bomber non-runnerA Thornton6
15Apr16Fon18GS4y+ 11-6[8/1]Needless Shouting 6th of 7, 135.50L behind Red Devil StarA Thornton1144
14Apr16New6S3y+ 9-6[6/1]Mobsta 9th of 11, 6.66L behind Magical MemoryS De Sousa1061
14Apr16Rip8H3y Motdaw non-runnerMr P Pilley693
14Apr16Che26S5y+ 10-12[9/2]Warden Hill 3rd of 8, 13.75L behind Perfect CandidateMr H A A Bannister1372
14Apr16New10S3y 9-0[6/1]Harlequeen 2nd of 9, 1.25L behind LinguisticS De Sousa902
14Apr16New7S3y 9-0[9/2]Summer Icon 2nd of 10, 1.5L behind JadaayilS De Sousa794
13Apr16Kem6A3y 8-13[8/1]Shahaama 7th of 11, 4.75L behind SaeedanM Harley5
13Apr16New5GS4y+ 8-11[10/1]King Crimson 8th of 8, 12.25L behind BrandoCharles Bishop823
13Apr16New9GS4y+ 8-13[20/1]Bossy Guest 7th of 9, 5.91L behind MahsoobS De Sousa1071
13Apr16Bev12S3y Muthraab Aldaar non-runnerT Eaves755
13Apr16New7GS3y 9-2[7/2]Scrutineer 2nd of 6, 2L behind Ibn MalikS De Sousa1031
13Apr16Bev7S3y 9-2[3/1JF]Motdaw 3rd of 7, 2.06L behind GalesburgG Gibbons694
13Apr16New6GS3y 9-5[12/1]Tigerwolf 3rd of 5, 5.75L behind Gifted MasterCharles Bishop882
12Apr16New7S3y 9-0[50/1]Epsom Icon 7th of 10, 3.63L behind NathraCharles Bishop991
11Apr16Win8S3y 9-7[3/1JF]Blacklister 2nd of 9, 2.5L behind Sir RodericG Baker705
09Apr16Ain16S4y+ 11-7[16/1]Sgt Reckless 13th of 17, 47.81L behind Ivan GroznyMs N Carberry1362
09Apr16Ain25S5y+ 10-12[8/1]Knock House pulled up in race won by MaggioMs N Carberry1431
09Apr16Ain25S5y+ Warden Hill non-runnerA Thornton1371
09Apr16Lin7A4y+ 9-1[7/1]Arnold Lane 8th of 13, 4.19L behind ExchequerS De Sousa893
09Apr16Lin7A4y+ 9-2[6/1]Potternello 6th of 8, 4.38L behind Baileys MirageS De Sousa655
08Apr16Lei5H2y 9-2[7/2]Sayesse 4th of 5, 11.50L behind Sterling SilvaS De Sousa5
08Apr16Lei6H3y 8-11[5/2]Sixties Sue 3rd of 4, 5.75L behind C NoteS De Sousa883
08Apr16Ain20GS5y+ 11-10[28/1]Somersby 4th of 6, 33.75L behind God's OwnB Hughes1571
06Apr16Not10H3y 9-5[10/1]Visage Blanc 5th of 12, 9.25L behind Walsingham GrangeG Baker685
06Apr16Not8H3y 9-1[9/2]Motdaw 1st of 8, 6L to Nutbourne LadG Baker695
05Apr16Pon6H3y Shahaama non-runnerS De Sousa5
04Apr16Lin16A4y+ 8-10[5/1]Fitzwilliam 5th of 7, 13.75L behind Force Of DestinyS De Sousa565
03Apr16Don10S3y Harrison non-runnerS De Sousa903
03Apr16Asc24GS1-0y 10-10[16/1]Loch Ba 5th of 14, 18.25L behind Forgotten GoldW Hutchinson1262
02Apr16Don5S2y Billy's Boots non-runnerS De Sousa4
02Apr16Kem8A4y+ 9-0[5/2F]Volunteer Point 2nd of 9, hd behind Kyllachy QueenG Gibbons1021
02Apr16Don8S4y+ Bossy Guest non-runnerS De Sousa1071
02Apr16Don6S3y+ 9-5[8/1]Mobsta 1st of 13, 1L to SuedoisS De Sousa1001
02Apr16Kem5A2y 9-2[9/1]Stringybark Creek 1st of 9, 1.25L to TomilyCharles Bishop4
01Apr16New23GS5y+ 10-13[7/2]Viva Steve 2nd of 7, hd behind Potters CrossMr H A A Bannister1293
31Mar16Wol5A3y+ 8-10[6/1]Shine Likeadiamond 4th of 6, 5.50L behind LapilliJ F Egan675
30Mar16Kem11A3y+ 9-13[9/2]Sarmadee 10th of 12, 9.25L behind BiodynamicCharles Bishop5
30Mar16Lin12A3y 9-0[3/10F]Siri 2nd of 6, 1.5L behind Spinning PearlS De Sousa6
28Mar16Mar17S4-6y The Blue Bomber non-runnerC O'Farrell6
27Mar16Wol9A3y 9-5[5/1]Muthraab Aldaar 1st of 11, 0.5L to Zio GianniS De Sousa5
25Mar16Wol5A4y+ 9-0[11/2]King Crimson 1st of 9, 0.5L to Secret AssetCharles Bishop784
25Mar16Wol5A2y 9-3[25/1]Stringybark Creek 2nd of 11, 9L behind Sutter CountyCharles Bishop3
25Mar16Lin8A4y+ 9-5[50/1]Arnold Lane 10th of 12, 7.38L behind Captain JoyS De Sousa892
25Mar16Lin7A4y+ 9-0[4/1]Volunteer Point 1st of 10, 2.25L to Bint DandyG Gibbons1022
24Mar16Wol12A3y 9-4[22/1]Rockliffe 8th of 11, 22.50L behind RecognitionT Eaves596
23Mar16Kem12A3-5y 8-6[15/8]October Storm 1st of 5, 2.5L to HavishamS De Sousa6
19Mar16Fon18G4y+ 10-10[10/1]Needless Shouting 6th of 9, 41.00L behind Karinga DancerL P Aspell1183
17Mar16Che26G5y+ 11-11[16/1]Knock House 4th of 22, 17.50L behind Cause Of CausesMs N Carberry1442
16Mar16Che16G5y+ 11-10[50/1]Somersby 5th of 10, 13.53L behind Sprinter SacreB Hughes1561
16Mar16Che21G4y+ 10-8[33/1]Sgt Reckless 19th of 26, 17.15L behind Diamond KingB Hughes1401
15Mar16Che32GS5y+ 11-6[66/1]Viva Steve 8th of 20, 68.00L behind Minella RoccoMr R O Harding1301
12Mar16Wol7A3y 9-1[16/1]Willsy 5th of 12, 4.75L behind IlzamJ F Egan724
11Mar16Che5A4y+ 9-7[7/1]King Crimson 2nd of 10, hd behind Welease BwianCharles Bishop755
10Mar16Che8A3y 8-8[12/1]Blacklister 6th of 6, 5.26L behind ManjaamMr P Pilley774
10Mar16Che8A4y+ Arnold Lane non-runnerT Eaves893
09Mar16Lin16A4y+ Fitzwilliam non-runnerS De Sousa565
07Mar16Wol7A4y+ 9-5[4/1]Potternello 6th of 8, 1.81L behind Binky BlueS De Sousa655
05Mar16Lin7A3y 9-1[20/1]Jaadu 3rd of 11, 2.25L behind HaalickJ F Egan851
03Mar16Che7A4y+ 9-8[9/4JF]Fingal's Cave 5th of 8, 3.28L behind Dutch GardenG Baker705
01Mar16Lin8A4y+ 9-0[1/3F]Volunteer Point 1st of 5, 0.75L to Bint DandyG Gibbons1022
27Feb16Kem16GS4-6y 10-7[8/1]The Blue Bomber 7th of 11, 12.00L behind BolvingAidan Coleman5
27Feb16Kem24GS5y+ 9-11[14/1]Viva Steve 6th of 15, 13.50L behind Theatre GuideMr H A A Bannister1311
26Feb16Lin7A4y+ 9-2[2/1F]Arnold Lane 4th of 8, 2.88L behind Pour La VictoireT Eaves903
26Feb16Lin5A3y 9-7[8/1]Pacches 5th of 6, 5.00L behind Pink MartiniCharles Bishop705
25Feb16Mey6G3y+ 9-0[13/2]Divine unplaced in race won by BaccaratM Barzalona
25Feb16Lin5A4y+ 9-7[7/1]King Crimson 4th of 9, 1.34L behind Secret AssetCharles Bishop755
25Feb16Mey8G3y+ 9-1[33/1]Bossy Guest unplaced in race won by Safety CheckP J Smullen1081
25Feb16Lin6A4y+ 8-12[5/1]Potternello 4th of 8, 0.44L behind HeartsongJ F Egan655
25Feb16Lin8A4-6y 9-5[5/6F]Sarmadee 3rd of 4, 2.25L behind EsteemableCharles Bishop6
24Feb16Kem16A4y+ Fitzwilliam non-runnerJ Fanning566
22Feb16Wol7A4y+ 9-7[15/8F]Fingal's Cave 1st of 11, 1.75L to Top OfferG Baker705
19Feb16Wol7A3y 9-5[4/1]Jaadu 2nd of 5, shd behind Dream MoverF Norton834
13Feb16Lin8A3y 9-5[6/4F]Blacklister 1st of 8, 0.75L to LastmanlastroundG Baker755
11Feb16Che10A3y 9-4[20/1]Rockliffe 2nd of 6, 0.5L behind You're A GoatT Eaves576
11Feb16Che8A4y+ 9-7[7/1]Fingal's Cave 4th of 9, 1.51L behind Gracious GeorgeG Baker705
10Feb16Kem7A3y 9-1[33/1]Willsy 1st of 12, hd to Santiburi SpringJ F Egan695
10Feb16Kem10A4y+ 9-6[33/1]Follow The Faith 13th of 13, 18.25L behind Star LinksCharles Bishop507
08Feb16Wol9A4y+ 9-7[9/2]Sarmadee 3rd of 8, 0.56L behind AppearedCharles Bishop5
06Feb16San24S5y+ 11-4[9/2]Knock House fell in race won by Le ReveG Sheehan1442
06Feb16Lin7A4y+ 8-13[10/1]Arnold Lane 8th of 13, 3.56L behind RealizeT Eaves902
30Jan16Che21H5y+ 10-5[15/2]Viva Steve 6th of 12, 44.25L behind King's OdysseyG Sheehan1312