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Last Winner   Silver Wings (IRE)
7/2, S Donohoe
Windsor Mon, 27th Apr, 15
Runs Since Last Winner   1
Days Since Last Winner   1
Last Runner   Tango Sky (IRE)
3rd, 14/1, S De Sousa
Wolverhampton Mon, 27th Apr, 15
RunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Last 90 Days (Flat)115143112.17%€117415.90€10.16
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Date CourseConditionsRace ResultJockeyORClass
27Apr15Wol7A4y+ 8-7[14/1]Tango Sky 3rd of 8, 2.00L behind Crazy ChicS De Sousa664
27Apr15Wol6A3y Tamarin non-runnerS De Sousa616
27Apr15Win5G2y 9-5[7/2]Silver Wings 1st of 9, 2.25L to ArchimedesS Donohoe5
27Apr15Win5G2y Silver Springs non-runnerT P Queally5
25Apr15Wol14A4y+ 8-11[15/2]Santayana 4th of 8, 14.00L behind Chloe's ImageD J Bates536
25Apr15Wol6A4y+ 9-0[9/4JF]Archie Stevens 4th of 5, 1.03L behind For AymanTom Marquand665
25Apr15Lei5GF2y 9-5[20/1]Willaway 7th of 8, 19.50L behind Soapy AitkenT P Queally5
25Apr15Lei5GF2y 9-0[25/1]Edgeoftheforest 6th of 8, 9.50L behind Soapy AitkenS Donohoe5
24Apr15Don5GF4y+ 8-6[8/1]Sir Billy Wright 5th of 12, 2.25L behind Distant PastD J Bates714
24Apr15Don7GF4y+ 9-3[25/1]Know Your Name 9th of 13, 9.56L behind BirdmanD J Bates695
23Apr15Bat12F3y 8-11[4/1]Smugglers Lane 5th of 8, 11.50L behind AkavitD J Bates526
23Apr15Bat10F3y 9-2[11/1]Jaganory 5th of 5, 20.25L behind Triple DipS Donohoe705
23Apr15Bat5F2y 9-5[8/1]J'aime Le Francais 6th of 6, 13.75L behind Ower FlyS De Sousa6
21Apr15Bri6GF4y+ Black Dave non-runnerD J Bates705
21Apr15Bri5GF2y Silver Springs non-runnerT P Queally5
20Apr15Win6GF4y+ 8-13[22/1]Telegraph 13th of 15, 16.01L behind GlastonberryD J Bates606
20Apr15Win5GF2y Sweet Taboo non-runnerD J Bates5
20Apr15Win5GF2y 8-6[25/1]Frivolous Lady 12th of 13, 20.31L behind Great PageCatherine Gannon5
20Apr15Win5GF2y Pity Cash non-runnerS Donohoe5
20Apr15Win5GF2y 8-6[7/1]Silver Springs 10th of 13, 13.25L behind Great PageS De Sousa5
18Apr15Wol9A4y+ 9-6[3/1]Swift Cedar 3rd of 7, 1.50L behind Taro TywodJ F Egan665
18Apr15Not10GF3y 9-0[8/1]Albecq 7th of 8, 39.13L behind HubertasD J Bates616
18Apr15Not5GF2y 9-2[6/4F]Raj To Riches 2nd of 7, nk behind Sir DudleyD J Bates5
17Apr15Bat12F4y+ 8-4[8/1]Cabuchon 6th of 12, 11.75L behind Elysian FieldsD J Bates516
17Apr15Bat5F2y 9-0[16/1]Nag's Wag 1st of 7, 1L to Rogues' GalleryA Kirby5
17Apr15New16GF4y+ 9-0[20/1]Eshtyaaq 11th of 12, 33.13L behind WordinessJ P Spencer664
17Apr15New16GF4y+ 8-10[14/1]Wordiness 1st of 12, 3.75L to Knightly EscapadeS De Sousa624
17Apr15New7GF3y Carry On Deryck non-runnerNon Runner932
17Apr15New5GF2y Sweet Taboo non-runnerS Donohoe4
17Apr15New5GF2y 8-11[100/1]Zeeoneandonly 4th of 10, 5.06L behind Harvard ManD J Bates4
16Apr15Che5A4y+ 9-4[7/4F]Sir Billy Wright 2nd of 6, nk behind Arctic LynxA Kirby715
16Apr15Che13A4y+ 8-6[10/1]Annaluna 3rd of 4, 23.50L behind NoguchiD J Bates585
15Apr15Kem6A3y 9-1[33/1]Doctor Kehoe 10th of 11, 29.00L behind MullionheirD J Bates636
15Apr15Kem6A4y+ 8-6[25/1]Archie Stevens 2nd of 9, nk behind Gung Ho JackD J Bates625
15Apr15Kem7A4y+ 9-4[11/2]Black Dave 1st of 9, 0.5L to Buckland BeauD J Bates705
13Apr15Win8G3y 9-3[11/1]Mywayalways 9th of 14, 6.56L behind Lear's RockD J Bates745
13Apr15Win5G2y 9-5[4/1]Raj To Riches 2nd of 8, shd behind HandytalkA Kirby5
13Apr15Win5G2y 8-11[16/1]Zeeoneandonly 8th of 8, 21.09L behind HandytalkD J Bates5
10Apr15Wol7A4y+ 8-12[8/1]Al's Memory 6th of 9, 2.26L behind KingscroftD J Bates695
10Apr15Wol7A3y 9-2[11/2]Fast Scat 10th of 11, 17.51L behind On The TilesA Kirby556
10Apr15Lei10GS3y 8-13[20/1]Paddys Motorbike 1st of 8, 3.75L to BelgradeD J Bates804
08Apr15Kem7A3y 8-11[20/1]Jaganory 6th of 6, 4.75L behind Rain Wind And FireD J Bates725
03Apr15Lin16A4y+ 9-5[8/1]John Reel 4th of 11, 1.63L behind MymatechrisJ F Egan1012
03Apr15Lin5A3y Anonymous John non-runnerNon Runner952
02Apr15Wol5A4y+ 9-6[7/1]Archie Stevens 7th of 11, 6.28L behind Give Us A BelleJ F Egan646
02Apr15Wol9A4y+ 9-2[8/1]Swift Cedar 3rd of 7, 6.00L behind Al MuheerJ F Egan676
28Mar15Kem5A2y Nag's Wag non-runnerNon Runner4
28Mar15Kem5A2y 8-11[20/1]What A Whopper 8th of 8, 22.75L behind Rah RahD J Bates4
27Mar15Wol7A4y+ 9-1[10/1]Al's Memory 3rd of 9, 2.00L behind Rouge NuageJ F Egan695
23Mar15Wol7A4y+ 9-3[13/2]Tango Sky 9th of 10, 13.56L behind Gold ClubJ F Egan665
19Mar15Wol12A3y 8-6[12/1]Smugglers Lane 7th of 12, 9.13L behind RosenbaumD J Bates526
19Mar15Wol12A3y 7-13[66/1]Abba Zabba 11th of 12, 16.88L behind RosenbaumJoey Haynes456
19Mar15Wol6A3y 8-13[25/1]Doctor Kehoe 8th of 8, 6.25L behind SubversiveJ F Egan675
18Mar15Kem7A3y 9-0[20/1]Jaganory 3rd of 5, 2.63L behind Dark WarJ F Egan734
17Mar15Sou6A4y+ 9-1[12/1]Black Dave 2nd of 12, 0.5L behind ColourbearerD J Bates685
17Mar15Sou6A4y+ 9-3[20/1]Archie Stevens 9th of 12, 15.81L behind ColourbearerJ F Egan675
17Mar15Sou5A3y 8-13[7/2]Come Uppence 4th of 6, 7.25L behind Crosse FireJ F Egan774
14Mar15Wol7A4y+ 9-0[6/1]Tango Sky 6th of 11, 3.50L behind WoodbridgeD J Bates665
14Mar15Wol5A3y 9-0[9/1]Anonymous John 4th of 8, 1.81L behind Primrose ValleyJ F Egan952
14Mar15Lin7A3y 9-1[50/1]Carry On Deryck 7th of 7, 4.81L behind Lexington TimesJ F Egan951
13Mar15Wol9A3y 8-10[11/2]Smugglers Lane 2nd of 11, 3L behind AnniversarieD J Bates526
13Mar15Wol9A3y 8-6[66/1]Abba Zabba 7th of 11, 9.01L behind AnniversarieMatthew Cosham486
13Mar15Lin7A3y Cheerio Sweetie non-runnerNon Runner705
12Mar15Che16A4y+ 9-3[7/2]John Reel 2nd of 5, nk behind MarzoccoJ F Egan972
11Mar15Sou5A3y 9-0[6/1]Ya Halla 1st of 7, 1.5L to Margot RoseJ F Egan566
11Mar15Sou14A4y+ Back Burner non-runnerHarry Burns565
11Mar15Sou14A4y+ 8-9[7/2]Santayana 4th of 5, 26.00L behind Katie GaleJ F Egan535
11Mar15Sou7A3y+ 8-12[5/1]Alfaraaby 7th of 8, 12.13L behind Play NicelyJ F Egan5
10Mar15Wol17A4y+ Severnwind non-runnerJ F Egan506
10Mar15Wol7A4y+ 9-4[16/1]Telegraph 7th of 10, 9.00L behind Poppy BondJ F Egan626
10Mar15Wol6A4y+ 9-6[9/2]Sir Billy Wright 1st of 7, nk to Point NorthJ F Egan685
10Mar15Sou12A4y+ 8-12[11/4]Back Burner 4th of 8, 9.75L behind Serenity NowHarry Burns566
07Mar15Wol7A3y 8-13[40/1]Cheerio Sweetie 7th of 7, 13.50L behind Forest MaidenJ F Egan704
07Mar15Wol5A4y+ 8-12[25/1]Archie Stevens 5th of 8, 2.26L behind ScorelineD J Bates705
06Mar15Wol6A3y Tamarin non-runnerNon Runner596
06Mar15Wol5A4y+ 8-10[2/1F]Black Dave 1st of 7, 1.75L to Rylee MoochD J Bates625
05Mar15Sou8A3y 9-2[25/1]Abba Zabba 8th of 9, 17.31L behind Prayer TimeJ F Egan486
04Mar15Lin7A3y 9-7[25/1]Carry On Deryck 5th of 6, 8.25L behind Four SeasonsD J Bates983
04Mar15Lin7A3y 9-6[10/1]Anonymous John 2nd of 6, 1.75L behind Four SeasonsJ F Egan943
04Mar15Lin7A3y 9-5[33/1]Alfaraaby 5th of 10, 9.03L behind VentriloquistJ F Egan5
02Mar15Wol7A4y+ 9-1[15/2]Al's Memory 3rd of 10, 1.31L behind My Son MaxJ F Egan695
28Feb15Lin16A4y+ 9-2[5/1]John Reel 3rd of 7, 0.53L behind Hurricane HigginsJ F Egan922
28Feb15Lin8A4y+ 8-8[20/1]Verse Of Love 4th of 11, 2.88L behind HalationJ F Egan823
26Feb15Sou11A4y+ 8-12[5/2]Back Burner 2nd of 7, 3.25L behind CarragoldJ F Egan566
26Feb15Sou5A3y 9-6[9/4JF]Come Uppence 2nd of 8, nk behind Moon RiverJ F Egan745
25Feb15Kem6A3y 9-1[8/1]Ya Halla 5th of 7, 4.25L behind You're CoolJ F Egan586
24Feb15Lin10A3y 8-5[6/1]Smugglers Lane 2nd of 11, 0.75L behind Total DemolitionHarry Burns506
23Feb15Wol5A3y 9-6[6/1]Tamarin 2nd of 8, 2.25L behind Captain FutureA Kirby596
21Feb15Lin7A4y+ 8-6[50/1]Verse Of Love 9th of 14, 4.94L behind BaddiliniJ F Egan862
20Feb15Wol9A3y 9-5[33/1]Alfaraaby 7th of 10, 9.56L behind Single LenseJ F Egan5
20Feb15Wol14A4y+ 9-2[9/4F]Santayana 1st of 7, 3.25L to LaceyJ F Egan486
19Feb15Che14A4y+ 9-1[10/1]Wordiness 6th of 7, 12.13L behind Deuce AgainJ F Egan734
19Feb15Che6A4y+ 8-8[7/2F]Black Dave 3rd of 12, 0.50L behind Oriental RelationJ F Egan625
18Feb15Lin10A3y 9-2[6/4]Miss Minuty 2nd of 3, shd behind Steady MajorA Kirby716
18Feb15Lin5A4y+ 7-11[7/2]Kodafine 4th of 6, 3.50L behind TarooqD Brock636
17Feb15Wol5A3y 8-12[12/1]Cheerio Sweetie 4th of 8, 5.50L behind MignolinoJ F Egan724
17Feb15Wol12A4y+ 9-0[13/2]Cabuchon 7th of 11, 6.06L behind Well Owd MonJ F Egan536
17Feb15Wol7A4y+ 9-11[7/2F]Telegraph 6th of 11, 6.00L behind Mambo SpiritA Kirby576
16Feb15Wol7A4y+ 8-12[25/1]Tango Sky 1st of 12, 0.5L to Imperator AugustusD J Bates645
16Feb15Wol7A3y+ 8-4[9/1]La Estatua 3rd of 9, 5.25L behind AffileoD J Bates685
16Feb15Wol12A4y+ 10-10[11/2]Santayana 2nd of 10, 3.25L behind GoldmadchenMs B Andrews486
14Feb15Lin6A4y+ 8-13[5/1]Black Dave 3rd of 9, 1.00L behind Skinny LoveJ F Egan625
14Feb15Lin7A4y+ 9-3[8/1]Al's Memory 6th of 9, 2.91L behind PactolusJ F Egan705
14Feb15Lin6A3y 9-7[7/4]Anonymous John 2nd of 5, 1.75L behind Primrose ValleyJ F Egan933
13Feb15Wol12A4y+ 9-5[11/8F]John Reel 3rd of 5, 1.50L behind Gold TrailJ F Egan852
13Feb15Wol7A3y+ 8-4[10/1]La Estatua 7th of 9, 4.00L behind After The SunsetJ F Egan685
13Feb15Wol7A3y 7-13[40/1]Just Marion 6th of 6, 4.81L behind Harry HurricaneD Brock654
13Feb15Wol14A4y+ 8-9[20/1]Severnwind 4th of 5, 18.50L behind Vosne RomaneeJ F Egan526
13Feb15Wol5A3y Ya Halla non-runnerNon Runner586
11Feb15Lin10A3y 8-4[8/1]Smugglers Lane 1st of 8, 0.75L to Secrets SafeD J Bates456
09Feb15Wol7A4y+ 9-5[9/4F]Telegraph 1st of 9, 1.25L to HappydoingnothingA Kirby576
08Feb15Sou6A3y 9-4[9/4JF]Bannister Bell 4th of 6, 4.50L behind Excelling OscarF Norton576
07Feb15Lin5A3y+ Crystal Quartz non-runnerNon Runner745
05Feb15Che6A3y 8-13[9/2]Cheerio Sweetie 6th of 6, 17.00L behind Red StripesJ F Egan774
05Feb15Che5A3-4y 9-9[2/7F]Crystal Quartz 1st of 4, 3.5L to Mary Ann BuggJ F Egan745
05Feb15Wol12A4y+ 8-7[11/2]Cabuchon 6th of 8, 10.31L behind TrimouletD J Bates546
05Feb15Wol7A3y 9-4[7/1]Edw Gold 5th of 6, 6.50L behind Celestine AbbeyD J Bates556
05Feb15Wol7A4y+ 9-0[5/2F]Telegraph 6th of 10, 8.00L behind EtaadHarry Burns576
04Feb15Che5A3y 9-3[8/1]Anonymous John 3rd of 8, 0.75L behind Merdon CastleJ F Egan912
03Feb15Sou6A3y+ 8-7[9/2]La Estatua 7th of 7, 21.53L behind Gerrard's SlipJ F Egan685
03Feb15Sou11A4y+ 10-2[16/1]Santayana 2nd of 12, 1L behind Amazing Blue SkyMiss K F Begley466
02Feb15Wol17A4y+ 9-5[15/8F]John Reel 1st of 7, 0.75L to Gabrial's StarJ F Egan852
01Feb15Che8A4y+ Swift Cedar non-runnerHarry Burns685
01Feb15Che13A4y+ 8-13[16/1]Wordiness 3rd of 7, 8.25L behind Karam AlbaariHarry Burns745
01Feb15Che6A4y+ 9-8[4/1]Kodafine 4th of 10, 3.50L behind Gung Ho JackHarry Burns636
31Jan15Lin6A4y+ 8-12[25/1]Haadeeth 9th of 12, 4.09L behind Gabrial's WawaHarry Burns636
30Jan15Wol5A4y+ 8-9[9/2]Black Dave 4th of 8, 4.75L behind Pensax LadJ F Egan635
30Jan15Wol9A4y+ 9-5[4/1]Swift Cedar 8th of 8, 13.75L behind Reggie BondJ F Egan685
30Jan15Wol9A4y+ 8-9[12/1]Tango Sky 7th of 8, 13.00L behind Reggie BondHarry Burns655
29Jan15Wol9A3y 9-3[25/1]Josie Joe 10th of 11, 12.38L behind Let Right Be DoneJ F Egan566
29Jan15Wol9A3y 8-7[33/1]Smugglers Lane 4th of 11, 2.25L behind Let Right Be DoneC Catlin456
29Jan15Wol7A4y+ 9-4[10/1]Telegraph 3rd of 10, 0.38L behind Sakhee's RoseJ F Egan576
29Jan15Wol17A4y+ Bathwick Street non-runnerNon Runner665