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Last Winner   Saddlers Deal (IRE)
20/1, Craig Gallagher
Bangor Sat, 16th May, 15
Runs Since Last Winner   12
Days Since Last Winner   7
Last Runner   Apterix (FR)
3rd, 10/3Fav, D Allan
Musselburgh Fri, 22nd May, 15
RunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Last 90 Days (Flat)129143410.85%€205225.60€-20.25
Last 90 Days (N.H.)737219.59%€78098.30€-25.00
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Date CourseConditionsRace ResultJockeyORClass
22May15Mus14GF4y+ 9-7[10/3F]Apterix 3rd of 10, 1.50L behind Gabrial The DukeD Allan804
22May15Pon12GF4y+ 8-5[9/2]Serenity Now 8th of 8, 11.50L behind ModernismJ Butterfield674
21May15Goo16G4y+ 9-1[5/1]Samtu 2nd of 10, 1.75L behind FitzwillyB A Curtis784
19May15New10GS4y+ 8-8[14/1]Monsea 8th of 9, 11.25L behind KinemaT Hamilton724
19May15New10GS3y 9-5[4/1]Dominada 4th of 9, 8.00L behind Making ShapesT Hamilton785
19May15New5GS3y+ 8-12[12/1]Hello Beautiful 9th of 9, 5.31L behind Savannah BeauT Hamilton555
18May15Red8GF3y 9-4[16/1]Off The Scale 8th of 9, 13.63L behind Tommy DoccT Eaves675
17May15Mar18G5y+ 10-8[20/1]Shrapnel 6th of 7, 26.25L behind Le BacardyFelix de Giles1223
16May15Don12GF4y+ 8-11[6/1F]Serenity Now 4th of 18, 5.75L behind SellingallthetimeCallum Shepherd675
16May15New8G4y+ 8-6[8/1]Dream Walker 10th of 14, 10.18L behind Spark PlugS De Sousa902
16May15Thi6GF4y+ Polski Max non-runnerD Swift833
16May15Ban17G4y+ 11-3[7/1]It's A Mans World 6th of 8, 62.25L behind Good of LuckGarry Lavery1184
16May15New8G4y+ 9-0[33/1]Top Notch Tonto 13th of 16, 6.44L behind Night Of ThunderS De Sousa1101
16May15Ban20G5y+ 9-12[20/1]Saddlers Deal 1st of 9, 2.75L to Owen GlendowerCraig Gallagher934
16May15New12G4y+ 9-0[20/1]Balty Boys 5th of 8, 15.00L behind TelescopeJ Fortune1081
15May15New8G4y+ 8-11[20/1]Top of The Glas 10th of 13, 20.78L behind MusaddasJoe Doyle883
15May15Yor12GF4y+ Totalize non-runnerJames Doyle942
15May15Yor5GF2y 8-12[33/1]Baby Ballerina 8th of 11, 3.84L behind DeliziaD Swift1
14May15New8G3y 9-6[4/1]Cabelo 8th of 11, 8.53L behind Theydon BoisS De Sousa745
14May15Yor16G4y+ 9-2[22/1]Knightly Escapade 9th of 15, 5.78L behind LycidasB A Curtis793
13May15New7S3y+ Jimmy Crackle non-runnerT Eaves536
13May15Yor12G4y+ 9-7[8/1]Seamour 6th of 16, 6.50L behind LibranJames Doyle854
13May15Yor12G4y+ 9-2[16/1]Carthage 4th of 16, 4.25L behind LibranS De Sousa804
13May15New6S3y+ 9-10[13/2]Debit 3rd of 13, 4.25L behind Don't TouchT Eaves735
13May15Yor10G4y+ 8-9[50/1]Ty Gwr 17th of 18, 14.37L behind MahsoobB A Curtis872
12May15Bev12G3y 9-2[16/1]Penny Boo 5th of 12, 5.75L behind Avenue Des ChampsT Eaves526
12May15Bev7G3y 9-5[100/1]Ace of Marmalade 7th of 8, 17.89L behind Thorkhill StarT Eaves5
12May15Bev10G3y 9-3[11/2]Multi Grain 6th of 7, 8.25L behind Donna GraciosaT Eaves665
12May15Bev8G4y+ 9-7[14/1]Autun 10th of 10, 31.13L behind AltharoosS De Sousa824
12May15Bev5G2y 9-5[5/1]General Alexander 2nd of 12, nk behind LathomT Eaves5
11May15Don7GS4y+ 8-5[25/1]Two Moons 12th of 15, 7.32L behind Twin AppealS A Gray813
09May15Thi12S4y+ 8-11[14/1]Rock On Bollinski 8th of 11, 16.56L behind CraggaknockP Pickard704
09May15Not8S4y+ 9-4[9/2]Red Inca 3rd of 10, 2.25L behind Irondale ExpressChris Meehan656
09May15Hex16H4-6y 10-9[6/5F]Smart Talk 2nd of 7, 7L behind Ryedale RacerDougie Costello6
09May15Asc6GF4y+ 9-2[14/1]Mon Brav 10th of 21, 8.84L behind ChildesplayR Hughes754
09May15Hex24H4y+ 11-11[13/2]George Fernbeck pulled up in race won by ManballandallJ Reveley1194
09May15Hex24H4y+ 10-1[8/1]Dusky Bob 4th of 6, 15.50L behind ManballandallDougie Costello954
09May15Asc7GF4y+ 9-1[10/1]Baraweez 12th of 26, 6.03L behind Speculative BidD Swift1002
09May15Hay16GS4y+ 9-12[11/1]Vodka Wells 10th of 16, 29.75L behind War SoundGarry Lavery1321
09May15Hex16H5y+ 9-8[15/2]Saddlers Deal 4th of 6, 3.50L behind Super ColliderCraig Gallagher934
09May15Not6S3y+ 9-2[6/4F]Awjab 1st of 4, nk to FoolaadT Eaves745
09May15Hay8GS3y 8-10[10/1]Gerry The Glover 1st of 5, 1.25L to FirmamentB A Curtis813
09May15Asc12GF4y+ Totalize non-runnerR Hughes943
08May15Rip6S3y 9-5[4/1]Eastern Racer 2nd of 10, nk behind EspecialD Swift775
08May15Rip16S4y+ Serenity Now non-runnerCallum Shepherd665
08May15Mar17G4-6y Smart Talk non-runnerG Sheehan6
08May15Mar24G4y+ 11-7[10/3]Gone Forever pulled up in race won by The Road AheadR Johnson1253
08May15Che13S4y+ 9-0[40/1]Montefeltro 7th of 8, 31.56L behind Clever CookieRobert Tart981
08May15Mar20G5y+ 9-13[25/1]Bar De Ligne 9th of 13, 25.38L behind Anay TurgeCraig Gallagher1302
07May15Che6S3y 9-4[5/2F]Northgate Lad 2nd of 12, 1L behind NavigateG Lee863
07May15Wor20GS4y+ 11-8[10/1]Fleet Dawn 1st of 16, 1L to SinglefarmpaymentFelix de Giles1154
06May15Che19GS4y+ 9-3[25/1]Edge Of Sanity 16th of 17, 66.75L behind Trip To ParisP Mulrennan992
06May15Che19GS4y+ 8-12[17/2]Buthelezi 7th of 17, 7.25L behind Trip To ParisB A Curtis942
05May15Cat16S4y+ 9-5[9/2CF]El Massivo 5th of 11, 6.63L behind UnderwrittenP Pickard586
05May15Cat7S3y+ 9-2[20/1]Myboydaniel 4th of 11, 2.75L behind Our Time Will ComeP Pickard5
04May15Bev7G3y 9-4[14/1]Invincible Wish 11th of 14, 11.88L behind Three GracezS A Gray626
04May15Bev7G4y+ 8-12[11/2]Echo Of Lightning 1st of 10, 1L to ShamaheartT Eaves605
04May15Bat12F4y+ 9-6[5/2]Full Day 4th of 4, 12.00L behind Elysian FieldsR Hughes794
04May15Bev5G3y 8-10[11/1]Paco's Sunshine 8th of 10, 12.38L behind StanghowJason Hart645
04May15Bev5G2y 9-0[10/1]Baby Ballerina 6th of 11, 10.06L behind King's MimicT Eaves6
03May15Ham5S3y 9-0[7/2]Canny Kool 2nd of 6, nose behind AppleberryT Eaves962
03May15Ham13S4y+ 8-5[16/1]Saptapadi 5th of 11, 16.75L behind AramistB A Curtis783
02May15Hex16G4y+ 11-5[3/1]Vodka Wells 1st of 8, 2.25L to Harvey's HopeGarry Lavery1253
02May15Don5GF2y 9-5[14/1]Mr Morse 3rd of 6, 2.50L behind BirchwoodP Pickard5
02May15Don15GF4y+ 8-8[11/2]Samtu 1st of 7, 6L to WordinessP Pickard714
02May15Thi12GF3y+ 9-7[12/1]Apterix 1st of 10, 0.75L to Legend's GateGarry Lavery5
02May15Thi12GF3y+ 10-0[100/1]Hartford Starts 8th of 10, 17.50L behind ApterixT Eaves455
02May15Thi8GF4y+ 8-12[16/1]Dream Walker 7th of 18, 4.38L behind Sound AdviceT Eaves902
02May15Thi8GF4y+ 8-11[33/1]Ty Gwr 15th of 18, 14.16L behind Sound AdviceD Swift892
02May15Thi8GF4y+ 8-9[33/1]Autun 16th of 18, 17.41L behind Sound AdviceS De Sousa872
02May15Thi7GF3y 9-0[14/1]Percy's Lass 5th of 8, 5.06L behind Foreign DiplomatD Swift4
02May15New9GF3y+ 9-3[8/1]Balty Boys 1st of 10, 2.25L to HalationR Hughes1022
01May15Ban24G4y+ March Seventeenth non-runnerGarry Lavery865
30Apr15Red7GF3y+ Two Moons non-runnerB A Curtis814
28Apr15New8GF4y+ 9-0[7/1]Jimmy Crackle 8th of 13, 11.63L behind Galilee ChapelT Eaves556
26Apr15Wet8G3y 9-1[7/2]Awjab 2nd of 7, 2.75L behind Lady LekkiP Pickard705
25Apr15Don7GF4y+ 10-1[8/1]Mon Brav 7th of 7, 6.50L behind IntisaabMiss L Wilson794
25Apr15Hay10G4y+ 9-6[9/2]Memory Cloth 5th of 10, 5.75L behind Final CountdownD Swift794
25Apr15Rip5G3y 9-7[11/1]Canny Kool 1st of 8, 3.25L to Rita's BoyG Lee854
25Apr15Rip12G4y+ 8-9[10/1]Manhattan Swing 3rd of 7, 8.13L behind FattsotaT Eaves962
25Apr15Rip16G4y+ 9-12[18/1]Midnight Game 9th of 9, 57.50L behind Trip To ParisT Eaves942
24Apr15Don6GF4y+ 8-8[10/1]Hello Beautiful 3rd of 8, 8.50L behind Pull The PlugT Eaves575
24Apr15San8G4y+ 9-1[8/1]Top Notch Tonto 4th of 6, 4.25L behind Custom CutS De Sousa1101
23Apr15Sou11A4y+ 8-8[9/4F]Serenity Now 2nd of 8, nk behind Ralphy LadCallum Shepherd625
23Apr15Bev10GF4y+ 9-4[9/1]Monsea 3rd of 6, 1.06L behind Next StopT Hamilton725
23Apr15Bev12GF4y+ 8-11[17/2]Full Day 2nd of 8, hd behind Two JabsT Eaves754
23Apr15Bev7GF3y 9-5[6/1]Gerry The Glover 2nd of 5, 13L behind Bow And ArrowT Eaves823
23Apr15Per16GS4y+ 10-12[12/1]Amaze 4th of 7, 12.50L behind SkilledJ Reveley4
23Apr15War29G5y+ 11-12[12/1]Herdsman 6th of 6, 26.75L behind AllthekingshorsesFelix de Giles1303
22Apr15Per24GS4y+ 11-0[22/1]Dusky Bob 11th of 16, 32.50L behind See The LegendMr W H R Reed1004
22Apr15Cat7GF3y 9-0[9/2]Cabelo 1st of 9, 3.5L to Princess PeachesS De Sousa715
21Apr15Wol7A4y+ 9-7[15/2]Jimmy Crackle 7th of 12, 4.07L behind Jonnie SkullD Swift556
20Apr15Win12GF4y+ 8-9[11/1]Carthage 1st of 10, hd to Arc LighterS De Sousa744
20Apr15Pon6G3y+ 8-12[22/1]Paco's Sunshine 5th of 11, 4.03L behind BeardwoodJason Hart5
20Apr15Pon8G4y+ 8-9[40/1]Debit 11th of 13, 31.00L behind ArrowzoneT Eaves734
18Apr15Wol12A3y+ 9-10[9/2]Apterix 3rd of 4, 4.50L behind AltaayilJ Butterfield5
18Apr15Ayr16G4-6y 11-8[10/1]Oscar Blue 3rd of 8, 13.00L behind William HenryAidan Coleman3
18Apr15Thi5G3y 8-10[12/1]Northgate Lad 2nd of 12, 0.75L behind Among AngelsT Eaves833
18Apr15Ayr20G4y+ 11-8[16/1]Midnight Game 2nd of 9, 3L behind AvidityGarry Lavery1253
18Apr15Thi12G4y+ 9-1[20/1]Manhattan Swing 2nd of 10, 0.75L behind KelinniD Swift912
18Apr15Ayr21G4y+ 10-8[25/1]Bar De Ligne pulled up in race won by RascalGarry Lavery1322
18Apr15Thi7G4y+ 9-0[9/2]Balty Boys 2nd of 3, 1.25L behind Heaven's GuestP Pickard1053
18Apr15Ayr16G5y+ 11-3[15/2]Yorkist 2nd of 7, 6L behind Duke Of NavanAidan Coleman1391
18Apr15Ayr16G5y+ 9-12[25/1]Shrapnel 5th of 7, 57.06L behind Duke Of NavanGarry Lavery1271
18Apr15Thi6G3-4y 9-3[7/2]Eastern Racer 2nd of 8, 1.5L behind ExcillyT Eaves755
18Apr15Thi7G4y+ 8-11[10/1]Echo Of Lightning 9th of 15, 7.06L behind BirdmanT Eaves605
18Apr15Ban24G5y+ 10-11[8/13F]Powerstown Dreams fell in race won by Imagine The ChatNathan Moscrop1225
17Apr15Sou20G4y+ 10-2[13/2]March Seventeenth 9th of 12, 59.25L behind Rocky RebelCraig Gallagher884
17Apr15Sou16G4y+ 11-0[7/1]Ice 'n' Easy pulled up in race won by Yes DaddyCraig Gallagher1104
17Apr15New16GF4y+ 9-10[7/1]Knightly Escapade 2nd of 12, 3.75L behind WordinessR Hughes764
17Apr15Ayr24G4y+ 11-12[8/1]Five In A Row 5th of 12, 15.00L behind Wicked SpiceAidan Coleman1253
17Apr15New7GF3y 8-5[33/1]Gerry The Glover 7th of 12, 8.25L behind Desert ForceS A Gray822
17Apr15Ayr20G5y+ 11-4[11/1]Conquisto 4th of 13, 4.63L behind Presenting JuniorGarry Lavery1431
17Apr15Ayr20G5y+ 11-1[28/1]Ultimate pulled up in race won by Presenting JuniorAidan Coleman1331
17Apr15Ayr24G4y+ 11-5[5/1F]Racing Europe 3rd of 11, 10.75L behind Capard KingAidan Coleman1283
17Apr15Ayr16G4y+ 11-8[10/1]Vodka Wells 6th of 14, 5.34L behind Aristo Du PlessisAidan Coleman1253
17Apr15Ayr16G4y+ 10-8[14/1]It's A Mans World 4th of 14, 5.03L behind Aristo Du PlessisGarry Lavery1183
17Apr15Ayr20G4y+ Gone Forever non-runnerAidan Coleman1253
16Apr15Rip5GS4y+ Alaskan Bullet non-runnerGarry Lavery754
15Apr15Che28G5y+ 11-12[22/1]Herdsman pulled up in race won by Whats HappeningAidan Coleman1303
15Apr15Bev10G3y 9-2[100/1]Ace of Marmalade 8th of 8, 46.00L behind BriardaleJ Butterfield5
15Apr15Bev10G3y 9-0[100/1]Penny Boo 6th of 8, 12.00L behind BriardaleP Pickard5
14Apr15Sou14A4y+ 9-0[4/1]Serenity Now 2nd of 6, 1.75L behind HainesCallum Shepherd625
13Apr15Kel26G5y+ 11-1[7/1]Presented 7th of 9, 50.50L behind Lord BrendyD Bass1143
13Apr15Red5GF3y+ 10-0[6/5F]Mon Brav 3rd of 5, 2.50L behind HaajesD Swift806
11Apr15New12G4y+ 8-7[66/1]Magic Skyline 11th of 11, 31.50L behind Pressure PointP Pickard575
11Apr15New10G4y+ 9-3[16/1]Memory Cloth 4th of 13, 3.25L behind Mica MikaD Swift794
11Apr15New6G4y+ 8-9[20/1]Polski Max 8th of 16, 5.78L behind Arctic FeelingD Swift833
11Apr15New6G3y+ 9-0[66/1]Off The Scale 6th of 8, 2.34L behind CollosiumP Pickard5
09Apr15Sou7A3y 8-13[6/1]Awjab 5th of 7, 14.50L behind SculpturedP Pickard776
08Apr15Cat7GS3y+ 10-0[7/4]Mon Brav 3rd of 4, 4.25L behind Trixie MaloneD Swift806
08Apr15Cat12GS4y+ 9-5[11/1]Saptapadi 8th of 9, 16.56L behind Mr GallivanterP Pickard814
06Apr15Red7GF4y+ 9-5[10/1]Debit 16th of 19, 18.25L behind Skinny LoveS De Sousa735
06Apr15Hun16GS4y 11-8[15/8F]Top of The Glas 3rd of 6, 19.25L behind Lucky JimW Kennedy1144
06Apr15Hun20GS5y+ 10-0[16/1]Saddlers Deal 7th of 10, 29.25L behind Arthur's OakW Kennedy953
06Apr15Red8GF4y+ 9-6[11/4F]Lady Crossmar 3rd of 11, 1.78L behind Fieldgunner KirkupS De Sousa794
06Apr15Red7GF3y+ 8-10[9/2F]Invincible Wish 5th of 12, 3.28L behind Risk 'n' RewardS De Sousa656
06Apr15Red5GF4y+ 8-7[9/2]Hello Beautiful 5th of 6, 3.63L behind FredrickaS De Sousa595
05Apr15Mus5S2y 8-7[7/1]Baby Ballerina 2nd of 4, 1.5L behind PoweralliedT Eaves5
05Apr15Mus16S4y+ 9-0[7/2]Streets Of Newyork 3rd of 13, 8.75L behind Lady KashaanJ Butterfield773
05Apr15Sed17GS4y+ 10-6[14/1]Amaze pulled up in race won by ApterixCraig Gallagher4
05Apr15Sed17GS4y+ 10-6[11/8F]Apterix 1st of 12, 0.75L to VenueGarry Lavery1174
04Apr15Car17S4-6y Smart Talk non-runnerW Kennedy6
04Apr15Car17S4y+ 11-8[4/1F]Top of The Glas 2nd of 8, 5L behind TekthelotW Kennedy1144
04Apr15Hay20S4y+ 10-10[13/2]Powerstown Dreams 6th of 16, 13.25L behind Southfield VicAidan Coleman1242
04Apr15Kem7A4y+ 8-1[12/1]Almuheet 3rd of 9, 1.13L behind Speculative BidCameron Hardie882
03Apr15Mus7S3y+ 8-7[11/4]Eastern Racer 3rd of 7, 9.50L behind Third Time LuckyTom Marquand774
03Apr15Mus7S3y+ 8-9[66/1]Penny Boo 6th of 7, 20.00L behind Third Time LuckyP Pickard4
03Apr15Mus8S3y 7-13[25/1]Dominada 9th of 11, 11.13L behind MoonlightnavigatorTom Marquand822
03Apr15Mus14S4y+ 8-12[16/1]Buthelezi 1st of 11, 1.25L to EsteamingB A Curtis882
03Apr15Mus5S2y 8-10[28/1]Mr Morse 6th of 6, 8.13L behind TribesmanTom Marquand3
02Apr15Lud16S4y+ 10-6[9/2]Red Inca 6th of 6, 38.50L behind BombaderoC O'Farrell1103
02Apr15Lud24S5y+ 11-11[25/1]Ice 'n' Easy 5th of 6, 85.25L behind A Good SkinC O'Farrell1283
31Mar15Sou14A4y+ 9-5[6/4F]Samtu 4th of 9, 16.00L behind Caged LightningB A Curtis715
29Mar15Don10GS4y+ 8-12[14/1]Carthage 11th of 18, 9.44L behind Mica MikaD Swift764
29Mar15Don10GS4y+ 8-11[20/1]Monsea 17th of 18, 29.69L behind Mica MikaT Eaves754
29Mar15Don12GS4y+ 9-0[22/1]Edge Of Sanity 6th of 9, 17.91L behind WindshearP Mulrennan1002
29Mar15Don7GS3y 9-0[12/1]Cabelo 10th of 12, 16.19L behind MulaaseqD Tudhope735
29Mar15Don7GS4y+ 9-5[50/1]Mon Brav 10th of 18, 9.84L behind Johnny CavaginP Pickard824
29Mar15Don7GS4y+ 9-2[16/1]Lady Crossmar 6th of 18, 7.03L behind Johnny CavaginD Swift794
28Mar15Don10G4y+ 8-5[20/1]Magic Skyline 11th of 14, 35.25L behind Walk Like A GiantTom Marquand595
28Mar15Don10G3y 9-5[7/2]Dominada 6th of 9, 13.50L behind PandoraD Tudhope825
28Mar15Don8G4y+ 9-0[14/1]Baraweez 8th of 22, 5.76L behind GabrialC D Hayes1002
28Mar15Don5G2y 9-3[7/1]General Alexander 3rd of 9, 2.81L behind RavenhoeC D Hayes4
27Mar15Wol17A4y+ 9-5[7/1]Capellanus 4th of 6, 14.50L behind TawsJ P Spencer754
27Mar15New16GS4y+ 11-1[14/1]Midnight Game 8th of 9, 29.50L behind AvidityC O'Farrell1283
27Mar15Wet16G4y+ 10-5[9/1]Ebazan pulled up in race won by Mr BurbidgeNathan Moscrop1044
27Mar15Wet22G4y+ 11-4[8/1]Masirann 3rd of 14, 5.75L behind CowslipAidan Coleman1074
27Mar15Wet16G4y+ 10-8[66/1]Hartford Starts 9th of 11, 17.00L behind Aristo Du PlessisNathan Moscrop4
25Mar15Sou8A3y 9-2[12/1]Invincible Wish 4th of 6, 13.50L behind What AshamA Rawlinson695
25Mar15Sou7A4y+ 8-3[11/4]Two Moons 5th of 9, 7.75L behind Pearl NationB A Curtis812
25Mar15Sou7A3y+ 8-13[33/1]Off The Scale 4th of 9, 14.75L behind The NabP Pickard4
24Mar15Hex20GS4y+ 10-11[18/1]Dusky Bob 7th of 10, 65.25L behind Palm GreyC O'Farrell1034
22Mar15Mar20G5y+ 11-4[7/1]Saddlers Deal 5th of 6, 12.00L behind Mister WisemanNathan Moscrop974
21Mar15Kel27GS4y+ 10-10[3/1F]Racing Europe 2nd of 10, hd behind MilansbarJ Reveley1252
20Mar15Sed17GS4-6y 11-4[15/8F]Oscar Blue 1st of 6, 4L to SherryW Kennedy6
20Mar15Sed17GS4y+ 11-6[4/7F]Gone Forever 2nd of 9, 6L behind VenueW Kennedy1254
20Mar15Sed20GS4y+ 11-7[7/1]Five In A Row 3rd of 11, 8.00L behind Make Me A FortuneW Kennedy1252
20Mar15Sed20GS4y+ 10-12[28/1]Ice 'n' Easy 6th of 11, 26.00L behind Make Me A FortuneC O'Farrell1162
19Mar15Wol5A4y+ 9-3[11/1]Hello Beautiful 11th of 11, 11.91L behind Quality ArtP Pickard616
17Mar15Sou12A4y+ 8-4[9/1]Serenity Now 3rd of 7, 6.50L behind TacticusS A Gray585
15Mar15Car26S5y+ 10-10[7/1]Presented pulled up in race won by Russe BlancMr J Bargary1163
15Mar15Car19S4y+ 11-9[9/2]Film Director 5th of 5, 88.25L behind Central FlameC O'Farrell1174
14Mar15Utt16S4-6y Oscar Blue non-runnerR Johnson5
14Mar15Utt20S4y+ 11-6[33/1]Bar De Ligne pulled up in race won by Beg To DifferNathan Moscrop1343
13Mar15Fak24G5y+ 11-7[12/1]George Fernbeck 3rd of 4, 43.50L behind BenevolentC O'Farrell1253
13Mar15Che20S4y+ 11-3[66/1]Conquisto 14th of 21, 37.47L behind Killultagh VicCraig Gallagher1402
13Mar15Fak16G4y+ 11-2[6/1]Red Inca 2nd of 8, 7L behind Boss Des MottesC O'Farrell1103
13Mar15Fak16G4y+ 10-7[2/1F]Apterix 1st of 6, hd to AldboroughGarry Lavery1154
13Mar15Fak21G5y+ 11-7[10/1]Saddlers Deal 2nd of 8, 17L behind Lord FoxNathan Moscrop1005
13Mar15Che24S4y+ 11-7[11/1]Definitly Red pulled up in race won by Martello TowerR Johnson1431
11Mar15Sou8A3y 9-3[6/4F]Invincible Wish 1st of 5, 2.25L to Moon ArcA Rawlinson656
11Mar15Sou7A3y+ 8-7[15/2]Penny Boo 8th of 8, 25.13L behind Play NicelyB A Curtis5
11Mar15Sou7A4y+ 8-7[7/2]Two Moons 1st of 6, 1L to RealizeB A Curtis773
10Mar15Sou12A4y+ 8-13[9/4F]Serenity Now 1st of 8, 1L to GoldmadchenTom Marquand576
08Mar15Mar24GS4y+ Capellanus non-runnerCraig Gallagher1273
08Mar15Mar17GS4y+ 11-1[5/4F]Relic Rock 2nd of 4, 2L behind WilberdragonT Scudamore1204
07Mar15San16G5y+ 11-7[10/3]Yorkist 3rd of 5, 13.75L behind Traffic FluideA P McCoy1393
07Mar15Ayr25S5y+ 11-9[5/1]Soudain 4th of 7, 48.00L behind King Of The WoldsB P Harding1213
07Mar15San16G4y+ 10-6[33/1]Midnight Game 11th of 23, 24.75L behind Ebony ExpressG Sheehan1301
07Mar15San16G4y+ 10-6[33/1]Zaidiyn 7th of 23, 12.00L behind Ebony ExpressC O'Farrell1301
05Mar15Car17S4y+ 10-9[9/1]Masirann 3rd of 7, 21.00L behind GreybouggNathan Moscrop1074
05Mar15Sou8A3-5y 8-5[4/1]Boolass 2nd of 8, 2.25L behind MartiniquaiseB A Curtis5
04Mar15Cat16GS4y+ 10-13[11/4]It's A Mans World 1st of 8, 4.5L to GlenconkeyneGarry Lavery1165
03Mar15New24G5y+ 11-6[11/4]Jac The Legend 2nd of 6, 11L behind Dystonia's RevengeW Kennedy1104
03Mar15Sou12A4y+ 9-5[11/2]Serenity Now 2nd of 7, 3.25L behind CascadiaT Eaves576
03Mar15Sou14A4y+ 9-3[5/2]Samtu 1st of 6, 0.75L to Lexington BayB A Curtis695
01Mar15Sed20S5y+ Saddlers Deal non-runnerNathan Moscrop1004
01Mar15Sed20S4y+ 11-2[14/5]Film Director 2nd of 6, 1.75L behind Red DanaherC O'Farrell4
01Mar15Sed20S4y+ 11-2[11/4]Ice 'n' Easy 4th of 6, 26.75L behind Red DanaherR Johnson1204
28Feb15New12S4y 10-12[13/2]Sand Blast 2nd of 16, 3.25L behind Miss CrickSam Twiston-Davies6
28Feb15New21S8y+ 11-4[7/1]Bothy 7th of 15, 48.50L behind Leave It BeJ E Moore1223
27Feb15Don16G4y+ 11-9[4/1]Full Day 5th of 7, 23.25L behind Favorite GirlFelix de Giles1233
26Feb15Che8A4y+ 8-13[7/2]Two Moons 8th of 9, 7.41L behind Forceful AppealD Swift774
26Feb15Lud16S4y+ 11-6[6/5F]Vodka Wells 2nd of 6, nk behind Norse LightNathan Moscrop1194
23Feb15Wol6A3y+ 8-12[20/1]Off The Scale 9th of 13, 11.76L behind Van WilderP Pickard5
22Feb15Sou24GS4y+ Capellanus non-runnerCraig Gallagher1273
22Feb15Sou16GS4y+ Relic Rock non-runnerNathan Moscrop1204