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Glebe House Coolcullen Carlow

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Last Winner   Moonlight Magic (GB)
5/1, K J Manning
Leopardstown Sun, 25th Oct, 15
Runs Since Last Winner   18
Days Since Last Winner   36
Last Runner   Ringside Humour (IRE)
2nd, 13/2, K J Manning
Dundalk Fri, 27th Nov, 15

Gowran Park 13-5-10 Trainer Jim Bolger With His Stable Jockeys Kevin Manning (Right) & Davy Moran (Centre).(Photo HEALY RACING)
RunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Last 90 Days (Flat)176204811.36%€682124.30€-54.33
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Date CourseConditionsRace ResultJockeyORClass
27Nov15Dun12A3y+ 8-11[13/2]Ringside Humour 2nd of 8, hd behind BitternK J Manning83
20Nov15Dun8A3y+ 9-6[10/1]Wexford Opera 5th of 11, 6.25L behind Political PolicyK J Manning79
20Nov15Dun12A3y+ 9-2[7/1]Locus Standi 6th of 14, 3.38L behind Hatch HallK J Manning58
20Nov15Dun12A3y+ 9-0[9/2]Bridle Path 5th of 14, 3.88L behind Neatly PutK J Manning
13Nov15Dun11A3y+ 9-2[5/1]Ringside Humour 2nd of 6, 2.75L behind Stronger Than MeK J Manning83
13Nov15Dun7A3y+ 9-5[5/6F]McGuigan 2nd of 10, 1.5L behind Chicago FallK J Manning73
30Oct15Dun11A3y+ 8-11[16/1]Locus Standi 2nd of 13, 0.75L behind DaliyanR P Whelan55
30Oct15Dun8A3y+ 8-12[16/1]Mile Buiochas 12th of 14, 10.16L behind ExcelliR P Whelan47
30Oct15Dun8A3y+ 9-0[7/1]Bridle Path 2nd of 10, 1.75L behind Walk Of ShameR P Whelan
30Oct15Dun8A3y+ 9-0[12/1]Ringside Humour 7th of 9, 5.28L behind Don't BeR P Whelan83
30Oct15Dun8A2y Dynamic Focus withdrawn (refused to load) R P Whelan
30Oct15Dun7A2y 9-0[5/1]Intense Stylist 7th of 10, 2.94L behind True CompanionR P Whelan67
30Oct15New7S2y 9-0[1/1F]Clear Cut 2nd of 13, shd behind Chelsea LadK J Manning4
28Oct15Dun7A2y 9-5[9/4JF]Qatari Hunter 3rd of 9, 2.50L behind KadraK J Manning
25Oct15Leo8GY3y+ 9-5[10/3]McGuigan 3rd of 18, 1.38L behind Chinese LightK J Manning80
25Oct15Leo8GY3y+ 9-5[33/1]Pirolo 15th of 18, 15.76L behind Chinese LightR P Whelan
25Oct15Leo10GY3y+ 9-7[4/1F]Spin Point 7th of 18, 9.75L behind Stronger Than MeK J Manning82
25Oct15Leo15GY3y+ 8-11[20/1]Theophilus 8th of 23, 4.53L behind Silver ConcordeK J Manning87
25Oct15Leo15GY3y+ 8-7[8/1]Sr Cartage 3rd of 23, 0.50L behind Silver ConcordeR P Cleary83
25Oct15Leo9GY2y 9-3[5/1]Moonlight Magic 1st of 7, 0.75L to LandofhopeandgloryK J Manning
25Oct15Leo9GY2y 8-12[16/1]Leafy Shade 3rd of 7, 1.50L behind Moonlight MagicR P Whelan100
25Oct15Leo9GY2y 8-12[25/1]Taisce Naisiunta 7th of 7, 5.75L behind Moonlight MagicR P Cleary102
25Oct15Leo7GY3y+ 9-12[20/1]Flight Risk 5th of 7, 3.00L behind Sovereign DebtR P Whelan104
25Oct15Leo7GY3y+ 9-0[10/1]Steip Amach 4th of 7, 2.00L behind Sovereign DebtK J Manning101
25Oct15Leo7GY2y 9-3[1/1F]Theodorico 1st of 7, 0.5L to Orangey RedK J Manning82
25Oct15Leo7GY2y 9-5[10/1]Balanced Approach 6th of 15, 5.25L behind AwtaadK J Manning
25Oct15Leo7GY2y Vocal Experience non-runner (lame)
25Oct15Leo7GY2y 9-0[20/1]Girl Of The Hour 5th of 13, 4.63L behind Pretty PerfectK J Manning
25Oct15Leo7GY2y 9-0[20/1]Silvercups 8th of 13, 7.38L behind Pretty PerfectR P Whelan
24Oct15Leo12GY3y+ 8-4[25/1]Locus Standi 16th of 20, 9.15L behind ProspectorR P Cleary62
24Oct15Leo8GY3y+ 9-12[10/1]Wexford Opera 5th of 13, 3.63L behind LaganoreR P Cleary84
24Oct15Leo8GY3y+ 9-2[12/1]Club Wexford 3rd of 13, 3.25L behind LaganoreD M Redmond81
24Oct15Leo8GY2y 9-3[12/1]Race In Focus 13th of 16, 7.23L behind Jaqen H'GharR P Whelan68
24Oct15Leo7GY2y 9-3[5/1]Tribal Beat 2nd of 7, 3.5L behind Blue De VegaK J Manning97
24Oct15Leo7GY2y 9-0[20/1]Mimicking 5th of 7, 6.00L behind Blue De VegaR P Whelan99
24Oct15Leo10GY3y+ Mandatario non-runner (stiff) 96
24Oct15Leo8GY2y 9-5[9/4F]Stellar Mass 3rd of 14, 1.25L behind TirmiziK J Manning104
24Oct15Leo8GY2y Wexford Voice non-runner (coughing)
24Oct15Leo8GY2y 9-0[16/1]Runmhar 3rd of 13, 5.00L behind Even SongK J Manning
23Oct15Dun12A3y+ 10-1[8/1]Mandatario 4th of 9, 4.00L behind Tooreen LegendK J Manning96
23Oct15Dun7A3y+ 8-4[10/1]Heavy Weight 1st of 12, shd to Back On TopR P Cleary70
21Oct15Nav10GY3y+ 9-5[11/4F]Ringside Humour 2nd of 9, 0.75L behind Vintage CharmK J Manning83
21Oct15Nav10GY3y+ 8-5[10/1]Vintage Charm 1st of 9, 0.75L to Ringside HumourR P Cleary69
21Oct15Nav8GY4y+ 8-10[11/1]High Focus 3rd of 16, 4.75L behind Talented KidD M Redmond59
21Oct15Nav8GY3y 10-0[7/1]McGuigan 3rd of 6, 6.25L behind Jacobs WellK J Manning80
21Oct15Nav5GY2y 9-5[6/1]Burning Bullet 1st of 8, 0.5L to AsparK J Manning
20Oct15Gow9G3y+ 9-4[20/1]So Focussed 2nd of 17, 0.75L behind Crocodile RockR P Whelan
20Oct15Gow9G3y+ 9-0[13/2]White Lotus 10th of 17, 25.13L behind Crocodile RockK J Manning
20Oct15Gow9G3y+ 9-6[13/8]Loch Garman 3rd of 4, 6.25L behind MohaayedK J Manning102
20Oct15Gow14G3y+ 7-8[33/1]Traidisiun 13th of 15, 25.56L behind Santo PrinceR D Dolan63
20Oct15Gow14G3y+ 8-4[20/1]Locus Standi 7th of 15, 8.06L behind Santo PrinceR P Cleary62
20Oct15Gow7G3y+ High Focus non-runner (Reserve) 59
20Oct15Gow7G2y 8-7[12/1]Intense Stylist 2nd of 12, 3L behind Jaqen H'GharD M Redmond65
20Oct15Gow8G3y 9-4[12/1]Tap Focus 6th of 16, 7.25L behind Nancy AstorK J Manning60
20Oct15Gow8G2y 9-5[10/1]Mandarin Monarch 1st of 10, shd to Zulu AlphaK J Manning
20Oct15Gow8G2y 9-0[12/1]Dynamic Focus 6th of 10, 9.81L behind Mandarin MonarchR P Whelan
18Oct15Naa12GF3y+ 8-4[8/1]Robertstown 1st of 12, shd to MacnicholsonR P Cleary82
18Oct15Naa7GF3y+ 8-10[5/1]Ring Presence 11th of 11, 17.25L behind The Eyes Have ItK J Manning58
18Oct15Naa8GF3y+ Steip Amach non-runner (in season) 101
18Oct15Naa6GF2y 8-9[9/2]Al Mohalhal 1st of 10, 1.75L to Snowy SceneK J Manning87
18Oct15Naa6GF2y 8-8[16/1]Special Focus 6th of 10, 7.50L behind Al MohalhalR P Whelan87
18Oct15Naa6GF2y 9-0[12/1]Ceol Na Nog 8th of 11, 12.31L behind Cool ThunderR P Whelan
18Oct15Naa6GF2y 9-5[5/1]Tribal Beat 1st of 11, 5L to Short StackedK J Manning84
17Oct15Cor8YS3y+ 9-0[11/2]Bridle Path 6th of 17, 13.50L behind Bunk Off EarlyK J Manning
17Oct15Cor8YS3y+ 9-7[7/1]Ringside Humour 2nd of 7, 2.5L behind Cailin MorK J Manning83
17Oct15Cor8YS2y 9-2[6/1]Brontide 10th of 10, 68.75L behind VerbosityK J Manning76
17Oct15Cor8YS3y+ 9-12[4/1]Flight Risk 4th of 5, 4.00L behind Brendan BrackanK J Manning105
17Oct15Cor7YS2y 9-5[4/6F]Moonlight Magic 1st of 9, nk to EmbiranK J Manning
16Oct15Dun11A3y+ 8-9[4/1]New Direction 3rd of 14, 5.00L behind Honor OakR P Whelan47
16Oct15Dun11A3y+ 9-7[16/1]Mandatario 3rd of 8, 5.25L behind Fire FightingR P Whelan93
16Oct15Dun8A3y+ 9-8[11/2]Wexford Opera 6th of 9, 4.81L behind Golden RavenR P Whelan79
16Oct15Dun7A2y 9-0[11/1]Bobailin 6th of 9, 3.26L behind Lady OakR P Whelan84
16Oct15Mai6GS2y 9-2[5/6F]Smash Williams 3rd of 7, 6.25L behind Donjuan TriumphantK J Manning1
13Oct15Cur10GF3y+ 8-13[7/4F]Spin Point 3rd of 6, 3.25L behind ShadagannK J Manning82
13Oct15Cur10GF3y+ 8-6[12/1]Ri An Domhnaigh 3rd of 13, 5.00L behind Van SchaickR P Cleary58
13Oct15Cur8GF2y 9-5[11/2]Theodorico 2nd of 11, 3.5L behind IdahoK J Manning82
13Oct15Cur7GF3y+ 9-1[11/2]Wexford Opera 1st of 10, 1.5L to DownforceK J Manning80
13Oct15Cur7GF2y Race In Focus non-runner (in season)
11Oct15Cur12G3y+ Loch Garman non-runner (change in going) 102
11Oct15Cur12G3y+ 9-0[7/2]Morning Mix 4th of 5, 14.00L behind VariableK J Manning99
11Oct15Cur16G3y+ Sr Cartage non-runner (change in going) 84
11Oct15Cur8G3y+ 8-1[14/1]Timeless Focus 11th of 13, 22.31L behind Johann BachD Fitzpatrick60
11Oct15Cur8G2y Mimicking non-runner (change in going) 101
11Oct15Cur8G2y 9-0[20/1]Special Focus 7th of 9, 4.25L behind Best In The WorldR P Whelan87
11Oct15Cur6G3y+ 9-11[10/1]Flight Risk 5th of 10, 7.13L behind Fort Del OroK J Manning106
11Oct15Cur9G3y+ 9-0[8/1]Vintage Charm 5th of 12, 4.00L behind SynopsisK J Manning74
11Oct15Cur7G2y Moonlight Magic non-runner (change in going)
11Oct15Cur7G2y 9-5[33/1]Vocal Experience 8th of 16, 8.38L behind Black SeaR P Cleary
10Oct15Lim11SH3y+ 8-8[10/1]New Direction 4th of 14, 1.03L behind Along The ShoreR P Cleary47
10Oct15New10G2y 8-11[15/2]Glamorous Approach 1st of 10, 1.25L to LandofhopeandgloryK J Manning901
10Oct15Lim8SH2y 9-5[12/1]Intense Stylist 10th of 14, 16.01L behind Bulgadin LadyR P Whelan68
10Oct15Lim8SH3y+ 9-1[25/1]Intensical 11th of 12, 20.28L behind Third DimensionR P Whelan87
10Oct15Lim8SH3y+ 8-8[14/1]Wexford Opera 4th of 12, 6.28L behind Third DimensionR P Cleary80
10Oct15New7G2y 9-1[20/1]Sanus Per Aquam 3rd of 7, 6.00L behind Air Force BlueK J Manning1101
10Oct15Lim7SH2y 9-5[11/1]Qatari Hunter 4th of 10, 4.75L behind A Year To RememberR P Whelan
10Oct15New8G2y 9-1[8/1]Clear Cut 6th of 8, 12.75L behind Gifted MasterK J Manning1
10Oct15Lim7SH3y+ 8-11[33/1]Venetian Queen 4th of 4, 12.25L behind In My PocketR P Cleary
10Oct15Lim7SH2y 8-7[9/1]Race In Focus 4th of 14, 3.75L behind SevenleftR P Cleary
09Oct15Dun7A2y 8-12[8/1]Siamsaiocht 2nd of 6, 4.5L behind Hit It A BombK J Manning91
07Oct15Nav10GY3y 9-5[25/1]Pirolo 13th of 15, 19.53L behind ProspectorR P Whelan
07Oct15Nav10GY3y 9-0[8/1]Vintage Charm 4th of 15, 7.25L behind ProspectorK J Manning74
07Oct15Nav10GY3y+ 8-6[33/1]Tap Focus 13th of 17, 8.88L behind Dew LineR P Cleary63
07Oct15Nav8GY2y 9-5[3/1]Al Mohalhal 3rd of 14, 3.75L behind Cook IslandsK J Manning87
07Oct15Nav16GY3y+ 9-0[7/1]Deontas 13th of 14, 37.09L behind Giant RedwoodK J Manning78
04Oct15Tip7GY3y+ 8-11[6/1]Wexford Opera 8th of 13, 4.12L behind SeanieR P Whelan80
04Oct15Tip7GY3y+ 9-0[20/1]Steip Amach 3rd of 10, 1.87L behind Sovereign DebtR P Whelan99
04Oct15Tip9GY2y 9-0[50/1]Race In Focus 6th of 15, 8.13L behind SiamsaiochtR P Cleary
04Oct15Tip9GY2y 9-0[3/1]Siamsaiocht 1st of 15, 0.5L to DawenkourR P Whelan91
04Oct15Lon8G2y 8-13[9/2]Herald The Dawn unplaced in race won by UltraK J Manning1101
04Oct15Lon8G2y 8-11[10/1]Turret Rocks 2nd of 8, 1.25L behind BallydoyleK J Manning1021
02Oct15Dun12A3y+ Locus Standi non-runner (Reserve) 62
29Sep15Fai7GY3y+ 9-5[5/2F]McGuigan 6th of 15, 2.81L behind Chestnut FireK J Manning82
29Sep15Fai12GY3y+ 8-11[9/2]Spin Point 3rd of 15, 2.25L behind Hudson's BayK J Manning82
29Sep15Fai12GY3y 8-6[16/1]Focus On Arminta 6th of 8, 8.00L behind Saga BoltonR P Cleary
29Sep15Fai6GY2y 8-12[13/2]Taisce Naisiunta 6th of 9, 3.75L behind BebhinnK J Manning104
29Sep15Fai6GY2y 9-5[11/4F]Clear Cut 2nd of 16, shd behind Golden PearlK J Manning
28Sep15Ros12G3y+ 9-1[20/1]Traidisiun 9th of 15, 19.75L behind TawseefD Fitzpatrick67
28Sep15Ros12G3y+ Pirolo non-runner (reserve)
28Sep15Ros7G3y+ 8-7[20/1]High Focus 3rd of 12, 4.50L behind Expreso BrasileiroR P Cleary60
28Sep15Ros7G2y 9-0[16/1]Bobailin 8th of 13, 14.88L behind Red StarsR P Whelan86
28Sep15Ros7G2y 9-0[11/4]Silvercups 5th of 13, 7.50L behind Red StarsK J Manning
27Sep15Cur16G3y+ Sr Cartage non-runner (change in going) 84
27Sep15Cur8G3y+ 9-6[10/1]Wexford Opera 3rd of 15, 1.38L behind Fit For The JobK J Manning80
27Sep15Cur8G2y 9-3[12/1]Stellar Mass 4th of 9, 0.81L behind Port DouglasK J Manning
27Sep15Cur7G2y 9-1[16/1]Leafy Shade 8th of 10, 7.56L behind CoolmoreR P Whelan100
27Sep15Cur7G2y 9-0[33/1]Mimicking 5th of 10, 2.56L behind CoolmoreK J Manning90
27Sep15Cur7G2y 9-0[25/1]Mrs King 9th of 10, 12.56L behind CoolmoreR P Cleary
27Sep15Cur7G2y 9-5[12/1]Brontide 9th of 22, 5.59L behind Hit It A BombR P Whelan79
27Sep15Cur7G2y 9-5[9/2]Theodorico 3rd of 22, 0.28L behind Hit It A BombK J Manning
27Sep15Cur5G2y 9-5[6/1]Vocal Experience 7th of 10, 4.01L behind JenniechildK J Manning
24Sep15Cor12S3y+ 9-0[7/1]Deontas 4th of 14, 15.75L behind AvenanteR P Whelan79
24Sep15Cor12S3y+ 9-0[33/1]Luminize 9th of 14, 28.50L behind AvenanteR P Cleary
24Sep15New7GS2y 9-0[2/1F]Sanus Per Aquam 1st of 6, nose to TasleetK J Manning1101
23Sep15Naa8Y3y+ 9-0[20/1]Venetian Queen 8th of 16, 8.62L behind Athassel AbbeyR P Whelan
23Sep15Naa8Y3y+ 9-0[5/1]Vintage Charm 5th of 16, 7.00L behind Athassel AbbeyK J Manning75
23Sep15Naa8Y2y 9-7[12/1]Glamorous Approach 3rd of 12, 2.63L behind Mint ChaiK J Manning90
23Sep15Naa7Y3y+ 9-9[9/2F]Wexford Opera 5th of 13, 4.75L behind KatimavikK J Manning80
23Sep15Naa7Y2y 9-5[10/1]Tribal Beat 2nd of 16, 4.75L behind Blue De VegaK J Manning
23Sep15Naa7Y2y 9-0[6/4F]Ceol An Ghra 6th of 14, 5.31L behind KalismaK J Manning
23Sep15Naa6Y3y 9-3[10/1]Ring Presence 6th of 17, 7.00L behind Louis LeroyK J Manning59
21Sep15Nav10Y3y+ 9-12[12/1]High Focus 12th of 17, 31.75L behind The NutcrackerK J Manning61
21Sep15Nav8Y3y+ 9-5[6/1]Ringside Humour 5th of 9, 7.50L behind IbergmanK J Manning84
21Sep15Nav8Y3y+ 9-5[2/1]McGuigan 2nd of 8, 1.25L behind Golden RavenK J Manning82
21Sep15Nav8Y3y+ 8-11[15/2]Rapid Eye 18th of 18, 83.75L behind Mr MoondanceK J Manning51
21Sep15Nav6Y2y 9-5[5/4F]Al Mohalhal 2nd of 9, hd behind MunshidK J Manning87
21Sep15Nav6Y2y 9-0[11/1]Intense Stylist 7th of 11, 5.89L behind KnowK J Manning
20Sep15Gow9Y3y+ 9-6[13/2]Law Major 8th of 10, 19.50L behind Pullman BrownK J Manning87
20Sep15Gow9Y3y+ 8-9[3/1F]Super Focus 6th of 13, 11.53L behind FlanneryD M Redmond62
20Sep15Gow9Y3y+ 9-5[7/4F]Spin Point 1st of 17, shd to Van SchaickK J Manning
20Sep15Gow9Y3y+ Stair An Damhsa non-runner (Reserve)
20Sep15Gow9Y3y+ 9-0[20/1]Stellar Glow 7th of 7, 17.25L behind Jack NaylorK J Manning100
20Sep15Gow8Y2y 9-0[20/1]Ceol Na Nog 7th of 13, 9.13L behind RayisaK J Manning
20Sep15Gow8Y2y 9-0[50/1]Race In Focus 11th of 13, 19.13L behind RayisaR P Whelan
18Sep15Lis12SH3y+ 9-6[6/4F]Sr Cartage 1st of 10, 4.5L to CocoonK J Manning67
18Sep15Lis7SH3y+ 9-2[20/1]Club Wexford 8th of 12, 9.37L behind Third DimensionK J Manning85
17Sep15Lis12SH3y+ 9-5[10/1]Robertstown 1st of 10, 0.5L to Swamp FoxK J Manning
17Sep15Lis8SH3y+ 9-5[14/1]Vocal Nation 9th of 12, 8.50L behind Snakes And LaddersK J Manning65
16Sep15Lis9H4y+ 9-1[11/2]Sr Cartage 1st of 8, 3L to Snakes And LaddersK J Manning67
16Sep15Lis9H3y 8-13[14/1]Tap Focus 6th of 11, 12.50L behind Dew LineK J Manning64
16Sep15Lis7H2y 9-0[7/2CF]Silvercups 3rd of 9, 2.75L behind PinwoodK J Manning
13Sep15Cur10G3y+ Loch Garman non-runner (going) 102
13Sep15Cur10G3y+ 8-10[50/1]Intensical 19th of 21, 20.28L behind TorcedorK J Manning88
13Sep15Cur10G3y+ 8-8[14/1]Salthouse 21st of 21, 27.78L behind TorcedorR P Cleary93
13Sep15Cur6G2y 8-13[33/1]Escondida 16th of 30, 10.66L behind Glass HouseR P Cleary78
13Sep15Cur6G2y 8-13[50/1]Wexford Voice 21st of 30, 15.29L behind Glass HouseR P Whelan
13Sep15Cur7G2y 9-3[5/2]Herald The Dawn 2nd of 5, 3L behind Air Force BlueK J Manning110
13Sep15Cur7G2y 9-0[25/1]Leafy Shade 8th of 9, 11.00L behind MindingK J Manning100
13Sep15Cur7G2y 9-0[66/1]Taisce Naisiunta 6th of 9, 5.00L behind MindingR P Whelan92
12Sep15Leo8Y3y+ 9-0[66/1]Steip Amach 6th of 9, 9.75L behind LegatissimoK J Manning99
12Sep15Leo10Y3y+ 8-11[14/1]Pleascach 4th of 7, 3.50L behind Golden HornK J Manning114
12Sep15Leo12Y3y+ 9-9[15/8F]Answered 5th of 5, 58.25L behind Fascinating RockK J Manning109
12Sep15Leo12Y3y+ Morning Mix non-runner (going) 99
12Sep15Leo14Y3y+ 9-1[33/1]Mandatario 16th of 16, 44.38L behind SilwanaK J Manning94
12Sep15Leo8Y2y 9-3[66/1]Escondida 9th of 9, 17.50L behind Johannes VermeerR P Whelan78
12Sep15Leo8Y2y 9-3[5/4F]Sanus Per Aquam 3rd of 9, 2.00L behind Johannes VermeerK J Manning110
12Sep15Leo7Y2y 9-0[66/1]Fiuntach 11th of 13, 21.19L behind AnambaR P Whelan
12Sep15Leo7Y2y 9-0[12/1]Siamsaiocht 3rd of 13, 1.13L behind AnambaK J Manning
11Sep15Don8G2y 9-0[7/2]Turret Rocks 1st of 8, 0.75L to MarenkoK J Manning1021
07Sep15Gal12Y3y+ 9-5[20/1]Robertstown 6th of 16, 4.75L behind AlveenaR P Whelan
07Sep15Gal12Y3y+ 9-5[11/2]Spin Point 2nd of 16, 1L behind AlveenaK J Manning
07Sep15Gal12Y3y+ 9-0[10/1]Stellar Glow 8th of 10, 10.13L behind ZhukovaK J Manning100
07Sep15Gal7Y3y 8-12[16/1]Tap Focus 5th of 7, 3.38L behind Best Not ArgueK J Manning64
07Sep15Gal7Y2y 9-0[11/2]Bobailin 7th of 12, 13.63L behind SimannkaK J Manning86
07Sep15Gal8Y3y+ 9-2[8/1]High Focus 13th of 15, 13.16L behind Johann BachK J Manning61
07Sep15Gal8Y2y 9-5[5/1]Al Mohalhal 3rd of 15, 0.26L behind EbediyinK J Manning
05Sep15Nav8GF3y+ 9-5[9/2]McGuigan 2nd of 17, 0.75L behind Red NapoleonK J Manning82
05Sep15Nav10GF3y+ 9-5[10/1]Selskar Abbey 10th of 22, 6.32L behind Snap ClickK J Manning68
02Sep15Gow7G3y+ 8-10[14/1]Rapid Eye 6th of 15, 3.00L behind Rigid RockD M Redmond51
02Sep15Gow7G3y+ 9-0[7/1]Alertness 9th of 12, 6.91L behind Granny MayK J Manning70
02Sep15Gow7G2y 9-4[9/1]Gealan 13th of 13, 13.41L behind Lass VegaK J Manning74
02Sep15Gow7G2y 9-5[9/1]Wexford Voice 5th of 14, 5.25L behind Reddot RomanK J Manning
02Sep15Gow9G3y+ 9-12[11/2JF]Wexford Opera 4th of 17, 1.38L behind DaliyanK J Manning78
02Sep15Gow9G3y 8-11[5/4F]Vitalized 1st of 10, 3.75L to Love LetterK J Manning71