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Last Winner   Majestic Hero (IRE)
9/4Fav, David Probert
Sandown Fri, 29th Aug, 14
Runs Since Last Winner   67
Days Since Last Winner   57
Last Runner   Diamond Vine (IRE)
10th, 14/1, William Twiston-Davies
Brighton Thu, 16th Oct, 14
RunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Last 90 Days (Flat)1305183.85%€52088.74€-60.25
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Date CourseConditionsRace ResultJockeyORClass
17Oct14Wol7A2y Invincible Zeb non-runnerWilliam Twiston-Davies626
17Oct14Wol6A3y+ Gower Princess non-runnerAbie Knowles646
16Oct14Bri6H3y+ 8-12[14/1]Diamond Vine 10th of 10, 16.88L behind Port LairgeWilliam Twiston-Davies466
16Oct14Bri6H3y+ 9-3[8/1]Night Trade 7th of 10, 16.75L behind Tidal BeautyRaul Da Silva506
16Oct14Bri8H3y Trigger Park non-runnerDavid Probert506
15Oct14Kem5A3y+ 9-1[20/1]Spic 'n Span 6th of 10, 5.13L behind Bubbly BaileyWilliam Twiston-Davies486
15Oct14Kem5A2y 8-6[10/1]Air Of York 7th of 10, 4.88L behind SparbrookWilliam Twiston-Davies456
11Oct14Wol6A2y Arizona Snow non-runnerWilliam Twiston-Davies606
10Oct14Yor5GS3y+ 9-1[20/1]Judge 'n Jury 18th of 19, 14.14L behind Arctic FeelingA Kirby893
08Oct14Kem6A2y 8-11[25/1]Zebs Lad 9th of 9, 16.25L behind Just The TipC Catlin726
08Oct14Not5S2y 9-5[8/1]Aussie Ruler 10th of 13, 6.00L behind Charlie LadR Winston784
07Oct14Bri10H3y+ 9-3[4/1]Hill Fort 7th of 10, 23.50L behind Mister MaydayMr M Ennis656
07Oct14Lei6G3y+ 9-4[25/1]Italian Tom 10th of 15, 7.44L behind SmokethatthundersDavid Probert675
07Oct14Bri7H2y Powerfulstorm non-runnerC Catlin605
07Oct14Bri6H3y+ 8-8[6/1]Night Trade 4th of 10, 3.00L behind TelegraphCameron Hardie506
07Oct14Bri6H3y+ 8-10[20/1]Trigger Park 5th of 10, 4.50L behind TelegraphP J Dobbs506
06Oct14Win5S2y 9-5[3/1]Majestic Hero 5th of 7, 5.13L behind GoldcrestDavid Probert834
06Oct14Win5S2y Aussie Ruler non-runnerR Winston784
06Oct14Win6S3y+ 9-1[100/1]Aduvee 11th of 11, 39.38L behind Lady BrigidWilliam Twiston-Davies5
03Oct14Wol6A3y+ 9-4[14/1]Noverre To Go 8th of 11, 5.82L behind Fitz FlyerLuke Morris736
03Oct14Wol5A3y+ 8-10[12/1]Spic 'n Span 5th of 12, 3.88L behind Pearl NoirLuke Morris496
27Sep14Hay5G3y+ 8-13[33/1]Judge 'n Jury 9th of 15, 5.14L behind High On LifeB A Curtis912
27Sep14Hay6G3y+ 9-4[16/1]Secret Witness 14th of 15, 21.00L behind Barracuda BoyB A Curtis873
26Sep14Wol6A3y+ Night Trade non-runnerDavid Probert516
26Sep14Hay5G2y 9-4[16/1]Union Rose 5th of 7, 3.25L behind Rosie's PremiereWilliam Twiston-Davies962
26Sep14Hay5G2y Majestic Hero non-runnerDavid Probert832
25Sep14Kem6A2y Aussie Ruler non-runnerB A Curtis755
24Sep14Goo5G3y+ 9-2[12/1]Top Cop 8th of 9, 10.75L behind Dishy GuruWilliam Twiston-Davies695
24Sep14Goo7G3y+ 8-11[33/1]Supersta 7th of 14, 8.03L behind Good Luck CharmB A Curtis734
24Sep14Goo7G3y+ 8-9[50/1]Fantasy Justifier 12th of 14, 13.22L behind Good Luck CharmC Catlin714
24Sep14Goo7G2y 9-5[100/1]Arcanman 10th of 10, 33.88L behind American ArtistB A Curtis5
23Sep14Not5GF3y+ 9-4[20/1]Powerful Wind 10th of 10, 24.13L behind MutafaakirRaul Da Silva774
23Sep14Not5GF2y 8-6[50/1]Emilys Girl 8th of 9, 6.56L behind EssakaRaul Da Silva456
22Sep14Lei5GF3y+ Judge 'n Jury non-runnerCameron Hardie913
22Sep14Lei6GF2y Emilys Girl non-runnerR Ffrench455
20Sep14New7S3y Pensax Lad non-runnerWilliam Twiston-Davies724
20Sep14New7S3y 8-11[16/1]Classic Pursuit 7th of 8, 33.50L behind Above The RestR Havlin704
20Sep14New6GS3y+ 9-7[14/1]Corporal Maddox 10th of 12, 9.00L behind CharterT P Queally834
20Sep14New6GS3y+ 9-2[12/1]Light From Mars 11th of 12, 11.25L behind CharterM M Monaghan834
17Sep14San5G3y+ 9-3[16/1]Mr Dandy Man 9th of 14, 4.06L behind Only Ten Per CentWilliam Twiston-Davies725
17Sep14San5G3y+ Italian Tom non-runnerB A Curtis675
16Sep14Che10G3y+ 9-8[16/1]April Ciel 10th of 13, 22.75L behind Urban SpaceWilliam Twiston-Davies636
16Sep14Che6G2y 8-0[20/1]Air Of York 7th of 9, 5.25L behind MecadoRaul Da Silva485
16Sep14Che7G3y+ 9-3[100/1]Aduvee 10th of 11, 25.75L behind So NobleWilliam Twiston-Davies5
14Sep14Ffo5GF3y+ 8-7[8/1]Spic 'n Span 2nd of 4, 1.5L behind Spider LilyWilliam Twiston-Davies456
14Sep14Ffo6GF2y 9-5[7/1]Aussie Ruler 3rd of 7, 1.50L behind Wonder Of QatarR Winston754
13Sep14Bat6F3y+ 9-0[20/1]Powerful Wind 10th of 10, 34.50L behind MarmaladyS A Gray794
13Sep14Bat6F2y Zebs Lad non-runnerS A Gray724
12Sep14Sal6G3y 9-4[25/1]Gower Princess 6th of 14, 7.25L behind GanymedeWilliam Twiston-Davies626
12Sep14Sal5G3y+ 8-10[14/1]Mr Dandy Man 7th of 7, 9.25L behind Perfect MuseR Havlin724
11Sep14Don6GS3y+ 9-7[20/1]Secret Witness 9th of 18, 3.91L behind Shore StepJ Fanning893
11Sep14Don6GS3y+ Corporal Maddox non-runnerDavid Probert823
11Sep14Che8G2y Arizona Snow non-runnerB A Curtis636
11Sep14Che8G2y 8-6[33/1]King's Bond 13th of 13, 39.51L behind Vita MinaC Catlin506
11Sep14Che6G3y+ 8-13[16/1]Top Cop 6th of 11, 2.81L behind JontlemanWilliam Twiston-Davies714
11Sep14Che6G3y+ Pensax Lad non-runnerB A Curtis724
11Sep14Che5G2y 8-10[14/1]Air Of York 3rd of 10, 8.00L behind Magic MacWilliam Twiston-Davies486
11Sep14Che5G2y 8-7[66/1]Emilys Girl 7th of 10, 9.63L behind Magic MacB A Curtis456
11Sep14Che7G2y 9-0[100/1]Powerfulstorm 4th of 12, 7.00L behind FinialWilliam Twiston-Davies455
10Sep14Kem7A2y 9-6[16/1]Arizona Snow 11th of 11, 21.31L behind Father StoneWilliam Twiston-Davies636
10Sep14Kem6A3y+ 8-11[4/1F]Noverre To Go 2nd of 10, shd behind The Dandy YankJames Doyle755
06Sep14Asc5GF3y+ 9-6[16/1]Secret Witness 10th of 18, 3.83L behind Algar LadDavid Probert893
06Sep14Asc5GF2y 9-7[14/1]Union Rose 3rd of 10, 1.78L behind SquatsWilliam Twiston-Davies952
06Sep14Asc5GF2y 8-10[11/1]Majestic Hero 8th of 10, 5.91L behind SquatsDavid Probert842
05Sep14Che12GS3y+ 9-8[25/1]April Ciel 8th of 8, 72.06L behind CinnillaOisin Murphy665
05Sep14Che5GS3y+ 9-5[8/1]Go Charlie 4th of 6, 10.75L behind Rise To GloryA Kirby526
05Sep14Che5GS3y+ 8-13[14/1]Spic 'n Span 6th of 6, 20.25L behind Rise To GloryWilliam Twiston-Davies456
05Sep14Che6GS3y+ 9-6[16/1]Corporal Maddox 3rd of 9, 0.81L behind Amadeus Wolfe ToneDavid Probert834
05Sep14Che7GS3y+ 8-8[20/1]Trigger Park 5th of 13, 13.00L behind Belle BayardoDavid Probert536
05Sep14Che8GS3y+ 9-7[25/1]Hill Fort 2nd of 14, nose behind Belle ParkWilliam Twiston-Davies616
04Sep14Wol6A3y+ Night Trade non-runnerRaul Da Silva506
04Sep14Wol7A3y+ 8-11[50/1]Aduvee 8th of 10, 30.25L behind RamshackleMr M Ennis5
04Sep14Sal7G2y 9-0[66/1]Invincible Zeb 13th of 13, 20.13L behind Rosalie BonheurS Drowne685
03Sep14Bat6G3y+ 8-13[7/2]Night Trade 3rd of 7, 0.38L behind See VermontD A Parkes506
03Sep14Bat5G3y 9-7[11/1]Go Glamorous 7th of 9, 10.03L behind BashibaWilliam Twiston-Davies685
03Sep14Bat5G3y 9-1[33/1]Gower Princess 5th of 9, 7.03L behind BashibaB A Curtis625
03Sep14Bat6G3y+ 9-1[12/1]Fantasy Justifier 10th of 12, 13.81L behind Sleep WalkC Catlin715
03Sep14Bat6G3y+ 8-7[3/1JF]Diamond Vine 8th of 9, 11.25L behind MethaalyHector Crouch466
03Sep14Lin6A2y 9-5[8/1]Aussie Ruler 4th of 9, 5.50L behind Charming ThoughtLuke Morris775
02Sep14Kem6A3y+ 9-3[8/1]Light From Mars 5th of 9, 3.25L behind Major JackMr M Ennis844
02Sep14Goo11GS4y+ 8-11[25/1]April Ciel 11th of 11, 29.00L behind Last Minute LisaMr M Ennis665
02Sep14Goo6GS3y+ 8-12[16/1]Vincentti 10th of 10, 8.69L behind Inciting IncidentMr M Ennis784
30Aug14Bat5GS3y+ 8-12[12/1]Spic 'n Span 5th of 8, 10.50L behind Catalinas DiamondWilliam Twiston-Davies456
30Aug14Bat6GS3y 9-0[8/1]Go Charlie 5th of 6, 7.50L behind Captain RyanS Drowne526
30Aug14Che5GS3y Pensax Lad non-runnerB A Curtis734
30Aug14San5GS3y+ 9-1[20/1]Judge 'n Jury 6th of 17, 3.94L behind Chilworth IconD A Parkes933
29Aug14San5GS2y 9-2[9/4F]Majestic Hero 1st of 5, 1.25L to PerarduaDavid Probert794
27Aug14Kem6A3y 8-12[25/1]Zafraaj 11th of 12, 13.13L behind MaymyoMr M Ennis586
27Aug14Kem6A3y 9-2[7/1]Dandys Perier 9th of 12, 7.63L behind MaymyoWilliam Twiston-Davies556
25Aug14Che6S3y+ 9-1[14/1]Corporal Maddox 4th of 10, 4.25L behind DominateMr M Ennis834
25Aug14War5S3y+ Spic 'n Span non-runnerC Catlin456
25Aug14War5S2y 9-7[5/1]Zebs Lad 6th of 6, 18.00L behind Amber CrystalLuke Morris775
25Aug14Che8S2y 9-0[50/1]Emilys Girl 6th of 6, 26.75L behind Encore L'amourS Drowne155
25Aug14Che8S2y 9-0[50/1]Powerfulstorm 5th of 6, 16.75L behind Encore L'amourWilliam Twiston-Davies255
25Aug14War6S3y+ 9-9[8/1]Italian Tom 4th of 9, 5.75L behind Mrs WarrenLuke Morris685
24Aug14Goo5G3y+ 9-8[6/1]Go Glamorous 4th of 6, 1.00L behind Two Turtle DovesDavid Probert685
23Aug14New5GF3y+ 8-13[20/1]Powerful Wind 9th of 12, 6.63L behind Holley ShiftwellD A Parkes814
23Aug14New5GF3y+ 9-4[12/1]Vincentti 8th of 12, 6.38L behind Holley ShiftwellB A Curtis794
23Aug14Yor5G3y Mr Dandy Man non-runnerNeil Farley742
23Aug14Yor6G2y Aussie Ruler non-runnerLuke Morris791
22Aug14Goo7G3y+ 9-4[20/1]Supersta 9th of 11, 6.69L behind Aqua ArdensS Drowne735
22Aug14Goo6G3y+ 8-5[16/1]Night Trade 9th of 9, 9.56L behind LindartD A Parkes525
22Aug14Goo6G3y+ 8-9[16/1]Diamond Vine 4th of 9, 3.50L behind LindartRyan Tate455
21Aug14Bat6F3y+ 9-1[14/1]Top Cop 8th of 8, 7.31L behind SilverricaD A Parkes735
21Aug14Bat5F4y+ 8-7[16/1]Spic 'n Span 4th of 6, 5.81L behind My MeteorS Drowne456
21Aug14Bat5F2y 9-5[20/1]King's Bond 5th of 8, 11.75L behind King CrimsonDavid Probert6
21Aug14Yor6G2y 8-11[28/1]Union Rose 19th of 19, 15.63L behind MubtaghaaWilliam Twiston-Davies972
20Aug14Sou5A3y+ Spic 'n Span non-runnerLuke Morris496
20Aug14Lin6A3y+ 9-7[14/1]Noverre To Go 5th of 6, 5.03L behind Panther PatrolS Drowne774
20Aug14Yor6GF2y 8-5[11/1]Majestic Hero 6th of 14, 5.38L behind Felix LeiterDavid Probert792
20Aug14Yor5GF3y+ 8-9[25/1]Judge 'n Jury 15th of 15, 11.93L behind BlaineD A Parkes912
20Aug14Yor5GF3y+ 8-11[20/1]Secret Witness 8th of 15, 2.15L behind BlaineLuke Morris922
19Aug14Lei7G3y+ 8-13[25/1]Trigger Park 8th of 10, 14.25L behind Jay KayWilliam Twiston-Davies556
19Aug14Lei6G3y Fantasy Justifier non-runnerWilliam Twiston-Davies714
19Aug14Lei6G3y 8-7[10/1]Pensax Lad 1st of 5, 1L to Ridge RangerB A Curtis664
19Aug14Lei6G2y 8-9[33/1]Air Of York 8th of 10, 13.50L behind White Vin JanWilliam Twiston-Davies536
19Aug14Bri6G3y+ 9-4[11/1]Zafraaj 5th of 7, 8.56L behind Perfect PastimeDavid Probert586
19Aug14Bri5G2y 9-7[15/2]Arizona Snow 1st of 6, hd to Lady ZodiacLuke Morris596
18Aug14Win5GS3y 8-10[25/1]Mr Dandy Man 6th of 6, 5.50L behind Newton's LawS Drowne744
16Aug14Don5G3y+ 9-7[14/1]Secret Witness 15th of 17, 7.52L behind Go FarS Drowne923
16Aug14New6GS3y+ 9-3[12/1]Light From Mars 3rd of 11, 1.00L behind MoonspringMr M Ennis844
15Aug14New6S3y 8-12[8/1]Classic Pursuit 5th of 8, 11.75L behind KatawiS Drowne714
14Aug14Sal6GF3y+ 8-9[25/1]Night Trade 6th of 10, 6.25L behind SpiraeaS Drowne535
13Aug14Kem6A3y Dandys Perier non-runnerS Drowne556
12Aug14Not5G3y+ 8-4[25/1]Judge 'n Jury 1st of 7, 4L to Green DoorD A Parkes913
11Aug14Thi5S3y Mr Dandy Man non-runnerS Drowne744
11Aug14Thi5S2y 9-5[1/1F]Aussie Ruler 3rd of 8, 5.25L behind Johnny B GoodeS Drowne804
09Aug14Lin6A2y 9-2[10/1]Air Of York 9th of 10, 18.09L behind White Vin JanS Drowne556
08Aug14New6S3y+ 9-10[8/1]Secret Witness 3rd of 6, 2.75L behind Forest EdgeS Drowne923
08Aug14Bri5GF3y+ 8-10[7/1]Spic 'n Span 5th of 5, 7.25L behind Spider LilyLuke Morris456
08Aug14Bri6GF3y+ 9-12[5/1]Noverre To Go 6th of 8, 4.25L behind Panther PatrolS Drowne784
08Aug14Bri6GF2y 9-5[16/1]Arizona Snow 4th of 5, 7.00L behind MecadoS Drowne635
07Aug14Hay6GS4y+ 9-7[10/1]Italian Tom 4th of 8, 3.25L behind Borough BoyS Drowne695
07Aug14Hay6GS3y+ 9-12[14/1]Corporal Maddox 8th of 10, 7.56L behind Compton ParkS Drowne854
07Aug14Hay6GS3y+ 8-10[16/1]Supersta 6th of 10, 5.75L behind Compton ParkC Catlin734
07Aug14Hay6GS3y 9-6[20/1]Fantasy Justifier 1st of 10, shd to Shades of SilkC Catlin675
07Aug14Hay6GS3y 9-6[12/1]Pensax Lad 7th of 10, 5.94L behind Fantasy JustifierS Drowne675
06Aug14Bri6G3y 9-1[3/1]Go Charlie 3rd of 7, 2.38L behind LunarianS Drowne496
06Aug14Bri5G2y Zebs Lad non-runnerOisin Murphy755
05Aug14Ffo6GS3y+ 9-7[8/1]Night Trade 3rd of 10, 4.00L behind Gracie's GamesS Drowne536
05Aug14Ffo6GS3y+ 8-13[8/1]Diamond Vine 2nd of 10, 3.25L behind Gracie's GamesLuke Morris456
05Aug14Ffo6GS2y 9-0[66/1]Emilys Girl 7th of 7, 19.26L behind As A DreamS Drowne5
04Aug14Kem7A2y 9-7[33/1]Invincible Zeb 10th of 10, 11.75L behind MuradifR Havlin705
04Aug14Kem6A2y 9-5[100/1]King's Bond 7th of 10, 9.63L behind Spring LoadedR Havlin5
03Aug14New12G3y+ 9-11[25/1]April Ciel 14th of 14, 33.63L behind JarlathLuke Morris675
03Aug14New5G3y+ Powerful Wind non-runnerDavid Probert824
03Aug14New10G3y+ 10-12[33/1]Hill Fort 6th of 10, 12.50L behind Victor's BetMr Mario Baratti675
02Aug14Don6GF3y+ 9-8[33/1]Go Glamorous 10th of 13, 8.38L behind Fever FewS Drowne705
02Aug14Lin8A2y Air Of York non-runnerWilliam Carson606
02Aug14Don5GF3y 9-7[4/1F]Classic Pursuit 3rd of 11, 1.00L behind Where The Boys AreS Drowne705
02Aug14Don6GF3y+ 8-13[10/1]Secret Witness 3rd of 6, 4.75L behind JustineoS Drowne923
01Aug14Bat5F3y Go Charlie non-runnerR Ffrench495
31Jul14Ffo6GF3y 9-5[12/1]Go Charlie 2nd of 4, 8L behind ShingleA Kirby495
31Jul14Ffo5GF2y 9-4[7/2]Zebs Lad 6th of 6, 5.38L behind IndariaA Kirby755
30Jul14Lei7GF3y 9-3[6/1]Dandys Perier 5th of 7, 10.25L behind HenkeG Lee576
30Jul14Goo7GF3y+ 9-8[33/1]Corporal Maddox 6th of 15, 4.53L behind RelatedS Drowne853
29Jul14Goo5GF4y+ 8-13[33/1]Powerful Wind 20th of 21, 10.70L behind InxileDavid Probert823
29Jul14Goo6GF2y 9-0[12/1]Aussie Ruler 2nd of 13, 1.5L behind MisleadingS Drowne2
29Jul14Goo5GF2y 9-1[25/1]Union Rose 5th of 8, 3.13L behind Cotai GloryWilliam Twiston-Davies961
28Jul14Lin7A3y+ 8-7[8/1]Trigger Park 8th of 12, 7.25L behind Blue ClumberS Drowne486
28Jul14Lin7A2y Air Of York non-runnerS Drowne605