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Navan Meath

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Last Winner   Bonny Kate (IRE)
2/5Fav, P Carberry
Gowran Park Sat, 21st Mar, 15
Runs Since Last Winner   3
Days Since Last Winner   8
Last Runner   Sunrae Shadow (GB)
14th, 25/1, P Carberry
Navan Sat, 28th Mar, 15

NAVAN 9-11-08. Trainer Noel Meade after he saddled his 4th winner of the day. Photo HEALY RACING.
RunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Last 90 Days (Flat)3000.00%€0.00€-3.00
Last 90 Days (N.H.)72131718.06%€384902.26€-27.67
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Date CourseConditionsRace ResultJockeyORClass
28Mar15Nav16H4y+ 11-12[25/1]Sunrae Shadow 14th of 20, 76.50L behind Sizing TitaniumP Carberry
22Mar15Dow28Y5y+ 11-4[3/1F]Bose Ikard 6th of 10, 15.88L behind Riverside CityP Carberry123
22Mar15Dow18Y4y+ 11-6[12/1]Six Stone Ned 2nd of 15, 7L behind Feel The AirG N Fox108
21Mar15Gow20YS4-5y 11-5[2/5F]Bonny Kate 1st of 10, 2L to Stowaway SplashP Carberry
17Mar15Dow16YS5-7y 12-0[4/1]Jack Slade 3rd of 8, 20.75L behind Danielle's JourneyMs N Carberry
17Mar15Dow20YS5y+ 11-12[2/1F]Zigger Zagger 2nd of 6, 2.5L behind Annie OakleyP Carberry
17Mar15Wex20S4y+ 11-1[4/1]Heck Thomas 3rd of 9, 11.00L behind I Shot The SheriffG N Fox121
15Mar15Nav16SH5-7y 12-0[8/1]Sunrae Shadow 6th of 10, 9.75L behind Art Of SecurityMs N Carberry
15Mar15Lim19SH5-7y 11-7[9/10F]Ice Cold Soul 1st of 6, 4.75L to Mall DiniMr F Maguire
15Mar15Nav24SH5y+ 10-7[14/1]Tulsa Jack 4th of 7, 61.50L behind HeathfieldP Carberry109
15Mar15Nav23SH5y+ 11-4[11/2]Wildebeest 6th of 6, 27.00L behind VedettariatP Carberry122
15Mar15Lim22SH5y+ 11-0[20/1]Down Ace 5th of 7, 45.75L behind Vroum Vroum MagD J Condon121
13Mar15Che16S5y+ 11-1[4/1JF]Ned Buntline 4th of 20, 6.50L behind Next SensationA P McCoy1421
13Mar15Che26S5y+ 11-10[8/1]Road To Riches 3rd of 16, 3.50L behind ConeygreeB J Cooper1671
13Mar15Che17S5y+ 11-7[25/1]Rich Coast 18th of 24, 35.25L behind Wicklow BraveD N Russell1411
13Mar15Che17S5y+ 11-2[10/1]Waxies Dargle 14th of 24, 27.50L behind Wicklow BraveP Carberry1361
12Mar15Che24G4y+ 11-10[14/1]Monksland 14th of 16, 45.00L behind Cole HardenP Carberry1561
12Mar15Che20G5y+ 11-4[7/1]Apache Stronghold 2nd of 8, 15L behind VautourP Carberry1491
11Mar15Che31G5y+ 10-3[20/1]Ipsos Du Berlais 10th of 16, 17.06L behind Rivage D'OrMr G N Fox1322
11Mar15Che24G5y+ 11-4[12/1]Wounded Warrior 3rd of 8, 7.50L behind Don PoliP Carberry1481
11Mar15Che21G4y+ 11-7[20/1]Snow Falcon 5th of 10, 5.50L behind Windsor ParkP Carberry1311
10Mar15Che32GS5y+ 11-6[7/2F]Very Wood 10th of 17, 41.00L behind Cause Of CausesMs N Carberry1401
04Mar15Dow18Y4y+ 11-4[7/1]Definite Trouble 4th of 9, 7.75L behind AkorakorP Carberry
01Mar15Nav16H5-7y 12-0[9/2]Wes Hardin 5th of 7, 29.00L behind Anibale FlyMs N Carberry
01Mar15Nav16H5y+ 11-12[11/4JF]Wildebeest 1st of 19, 2L to Sizing TitaniumP Carberry
01Mar15Nav16H4y 11-7[9/1]Hoodoo Brown 5th of 11, 40.25L behind Sam RedP Carberry
28Feb15Leo20S5y+ 11-12[15/8]Heck Thomas 1st of 10, 2L to Mount BeckhamP Carberry
22Feb15Naa24SH5y+ 11-4[8/1]Festive Felon pulled up in race won by Miss XianP Carberry116
22Feb15Naa20SH5y+ 10-2[12/1]Down Ace 8th of 15, 51.00L behind Empire Of DirtG N Fox123
22Feb15Naa16SH4y+ 11-3[9/1]The Herds Garden 5th of 13, 16.50L behind Misty LadyP Carberry116
21Feb15Fai16S4y 10-7[15/8]Lettre De Cachet 2nd of 3, 11L behind Gwencily BerbasB J Cooper
18Feb15Pun16Y4y 11-7[7/4]Disko 1st of 9, 15L to Chain GangMs N Carberry
15Feb15Nav24YS5y+ 11-3[13/2]Very Wood 1st of 6, 4.25L to Noble EmperorB J Cooper
14Feb15Gow20SH5y+ 11-8[8/1]Texas Jack 2nd of 5, 4.25L behind Champagne FeverP Carberry157
12Feb15Thu24YS5y+ 10-13[7/4]Down Ace 2nd of 5, 4.5L behind Our KatieG N Fox127
10Feb15Clo22YS4y+ 11-0[12/1]Russian Bill 9th of 9, 112.25L behind Roi Des FrancsP Carberry
08Feb15Leo24Y5y+ 11-10[20/1]Texas Jack 5th of 8, 10.50L behind Carlingford LoughP Carberry157
08Feb15Leo16Y4y+ 10-5[14/1]The Herds Garden 9th of 18, 17.13L behind Sort It OutP Carberry118
08Feb15Leo21Y5y+ 11-10[9/2]Apache Stronghold 1st of 9, Valseur LidoP Carberry149
08Feb15Leo18Y4y+ 9-13[11/2]Josephine Marcus 16th of 23, 38.75L behind Who's ThatP Carberry99
08Feb15Leo16Y4y 11-0[7/1]Officieux 8th of 8, 67.25L behind Petite ParisienneP Carberry
08Feb15Leo16Y4y 10-7[20/1]Lettre De Cachet 5th of 8, 32.25L behind Petite ParisienneP Townend
07Feb15Naa19YS5y+ 11-11[8/15F]Aengus 1st of 16, 2.25L to TongieP Carberry
01Feb15Pun16S5-7y 12-0[7/2]Zip Wyatt 4th of 8, 25.50L behind General PrincipleMs N Carberry
01Feb15Pun24S5y+ 11-6[7/1]Ipsos Du Berlais 5th of 8, 9.25L behind Ballyboker BridgeG N Fox126
24Jan15Nav16S5-7y 12-0[1/1F]Killer Miller 3rd of 8, 3.13L behind IlluminatiMs N Carberry
24Jan15Nav20S4y+ 10-6[6/1JF]Josephine Marcus 2nd of 24, 1.5L behind Oscar SamG N Fox95
24Jan15Nav23S5y+ 11-4[1/1F]Snow Falcon 1st of 12, 6L to Speed DemonG N Fox
22Jan15Gow25SH5y+ 10-0[28/1]Ipsos Du Berlais fell in race won by DjakadamG N Fox126
22Jan15Gow24SH5y+ 11-3[15/8F]Monksland 2nd of 5, shd behind DedigoutD J Condon156
18Jan15Leo16S4y+ 11-0[15/2]Waxies Dargle fell in race won by Katie TP Carberry131
18Jan15Leo21S5y+ 10-1[10/1]Down Ace 10th of 15, 61.06L behind FoxrockP Carberry128
18Jan15Leo20S5y+ 11-12[5/2]Heck Thomas 2nd of 11, 8L behind FletcherA P McCoy
18Jan15Leo16S4y+ 11-5[11/4]Bonny Kate 6th of 18, 9.75L behind Golan RoadP Carberry
17Jan15Naa19SH5y+ 11-10[13/8F]Russian Bill 1st of 15, 1.25L to Goulane ChosenP Carberry
17Jan15Naa24SH5y+ 11-5[3/1]Wounded Warrior 1st of 5, 9.5L to Rule The WorldP Carberry138
16Jan15Dun11A4y+ 9-4[20/1]Rock Of Glenstal 10th of 14, 8.25L behind Thirteen DiamondsC P Hoban
15Jan15Thu20SH5y+ 11-0[11/2]Down Ace fell in race won by Vroum Vroum MagP Carberry128
15Jan15Thu20SH6y+ 11-8[8/1]Texas Jack 2nd of 4, 44L behind Don CossackP Carberry158
15Jan15Thu16SH4-5y 11-4[25/1]Jack Slade 12th of 18, 38.87L behind Knockraha PylonP Carberry
11Jan15Fai16SH5-7y 11-7[8/1]Wes Hardin 4th of 9, 9.75L behind Au Quart De TourA J Fox
11Jan15Fai16SH5y+ 11-12[33/1]Sunrae Shadow 12th of 25, 66.78L behind RathpatrickP Carberry
11Jan15Fai16SH4y 11-7[11/2]Officieux 1st of 13, 12L to Hostile FireP Carberry
10Jan15Pun16SH5y+ 11-5[25/1]Josephine Marcus 8th of 22, 19.25L behind Mount Corkish GirlP Carberry
10Jan15Pun20SH5y+ 11-12[5/1]Busty Brown 4th of 8, 17.00L behind Jarry D'HonneurP Carberry
05Jan15Thu22SH5y+ 11-1[16/1]Bronco Bill 10th of 13, 83.25L behind Roi Des FrancsP Carberry
04Jan15Naa20SH5y+ 11-10[20/1]Couleur France 4th of 7, 5.75L behind MckinleyP Carberry132
03Jan15Cor16H5y+ 11-3[7/1]The Herds Garden 2nd of 6, 11L behind Bosman RuleP Carberry118
02Jan15Dun12A4y+ 9-9[8/1]Rock Of Glenstal 5th of 8, 10.56L behind Heart In The AirS Foley
01Jan15Fai22SH4y+ 10-9[5/1]Zigger Zagger 5th of 11, 17.50L behind MydorP Carberry101
01Jan15Fai16SH4y+ 10-6[7/2JF]Owen Mc 11th of 12, 56.75L behind FrontlineP Carberry102
31Dec14Pun18S4-7y 11-6[1/1F]Bonny Kate 1st of 12, 1.75L to Ten Times BetterMs N Carberry
29Dec14Leo24S4y+ 11-10[5/1]Apache Stronghold 2nd of 7, 3L behind Don PoliP Carberry
29Dec14Leo24S4y+ 11-9[20/1]Very Wood pulled up in race won by Don PoliD J Condon
29Dec14Leo20S5y+ 11-12[12/1]Wildebeest 10th of 13, 17.50L behind Windsor ParkP Carberry