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Last Winner   Stretchingthetruth (IRE)
13/8Fav, Ms N Carberry
Punchestown Sat, 30th Apr, 16
Runs Since Last Winner   2
Days Since Last Winner   3
Last Runner   Hoodoo Brown (GB)
12th, 8/1, B J Reynolds
Down Royal Mon, 2nd May, 16

Noel Meade
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Last 90 Days (Flat)5010.00%€2500.00€-5.00
Last 90 Days (N.H.)6171411.48%€233026.72€-34.50
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Date CourseConditionsRace ResultJockeyORClass
02May16Dow16G4y+ 10-13[8/1]Hoodoo Brown 12th of 20, 23.28L behind Shan Dun Na NgallB J Reynolds89
02May16Dow16G4y+ 10-13[5/1]Night Generation 5th of 20, 24.50L behind DeruloJ M Moore
30Apr16Pun16GY4-7y 11-7[6/1]Rathnure Rebel 6th of 23, 30.63L behind StretchingthetruthMr L J McGuinness
30Apr16Pun16GY4-7y 12-0[13/8F]Stretchingthetruth 1st of 23, 6.5L to Miss TynteMs N Carberry
30Apr16Pun20GY4y+ 10-9[16/1]Waxies Dargle 19th of 25, 27.19L behind Anibale FlyG N Fox138
30Apr16Pun20GY4y+ 10-3[16/1]De Name Escapes Me 10th of 25, 16.13L behind Anibale FlyJ M Moore134
30Apr16Pun25GY5y+ 11-2[25/1]Texas Jack 7th of 15, 29.50L behind Pleasant CompanyJ M Moore145
30Apr16Pun30GY5y+ 9-12[10/1]Tulsa Jack fell in race won by Fletchers FlyerJ M Moore123
29Apr16Pun18Y5-7y 12-0[10/1]Red Giant 15th of 24, 60.00L behind No CommentMs N Carberry
29Apr16Pun20Y4y+ 11-10[5/1]Disko 6th of 9, 31.25L behind Jer's GirlD N Russell
29Apr16Pun21Y4y+ 10-12[9/2]Bonny Kate 6th of 13, 16.88L behind Definite RubyS W Flanagan136
28Apr16Pun16Y4-7y 12-0[20/1]Tamlough Boy 6th of 12, 43.00L behind Invitation OnlyMs N Carberry
27Apr16Pun25GY5y+ 11-10[7/1]Road To Riches fell in race won by Carlingford LoughD N Russell163
27Apr16Pun24GY4y+ 11-9[25/1]A Genie In Abottle 6th of 11, 31.50L behind BellshillS W Flanagan135
26Apr16Pun16GY4y 11-7[6/1]Art Of Supremacy 17th of 17, 78.88L behind Cilaos EmeryMs N Carberry
26Apr16Pun16GY4-5y 11-1[66/1]Getaway Kid 11th of 16, 33.06L behind Coeur De LionMr R P Quinlan
26Apr16Pun16GY4-5y 11-4[12/1]Moulin A Vent 3rd of 16, 7.50L behind Coeur De LionMs N Carberry
26Apr16Pun16GY4-5y 11-1[33/1]Runforbob 7th of 16, 18.75L behind Coeur De LionMr J J King
26Apr16Pun16GY4y+ 11-0[33/1]Rich Coast 15th of 21, 28.25L behind Tempo MacJ M Moore136
25Apr16Naa6G2y 9-0[33/1]Sheisdiesel 6th of 11, 10.75L behind Psychedelic FunkC P Hoban
21Apr16Tip12SH4y+ 9-3[10/1]Curley Bill 4th of 6, 10.00L behind Lady GiselleS Foley79
20Apr16Fai20Y4-7y Turfmans Daughter non-runner (change in going) Ms N Carberry
20Apr16Fai16Y4y+ Hoodoo Brown non-runner (Reserve) 89
15Apr16Bal17H4-7y 12-0[4/1]Leopards Leap 3rd of 6, 7.50L behind Presenting PercyMs N Carberry
14Apr16Lim16H4y 11-7[11/10F]Runforbob 4th of 10, 21.25L behind MossbackMs N Carberry
14Apr16Lim19H5y+ 11-9[20/1]Executive Decision 9th of 9, 80.00L behind Bobbie's DiamondG N Fox
09Apr16Gow14H4y+ 9-5[16/1]Rich Coast 3rd of 4, 10.75L behind Toe The LineS Foley102
08Apr16Dun16A4y+ 8-13[16/1]Hoodoo Brown 9th of 12, 16.25L behind DanequestC P Hoban47
02Apr16Nav20SH5y+ 11-12[4/5F]Road To Riches 2nd of 5, 0.5L behind SmashingD N Russell165
02Apr16Nav16SH4y+ 10-13[11/1]Night Generation 5th of 20, 11.75L behind ThebarrowmanG N Fox
31Mar16Clo16YS5-7y 12-0[15/8JF]Joey Sasa 3rd of 6, 14.00L behind Thirsty WorkMs N Carberry
30Mar16Dow18GY4y+ 10-13[33/1]Hoodoo Brown 3rd of 15, 7.50L behind MaighnealtaB J Reynolds89
30Mar16Dow18GY4y+ 11-4[16/1]Rise Of An Empire 6th of 11, 28.25L behind Buyer BewareB J Cooper
29Mar16Fai16Y4-7y 12-0[10/3]Laverteen 6th of 9, 9.13L behind Miracle In MedinahMs N Carberry
29Mar16Fai16Y4y+ 10-0[66/1]Officieux fell in race won by Clondaw WarriorS W Flanagan123
28Mar16Fai29YS5y+ 10-9[13/2F]Bonny Kate pulled up in race won by Rogue AngelS W Flanagan137
28Mar16Fai29YS5y+ 9-5[25/1]Tulsa Jack 8th of 27, 18.81L behind Rogue AngelJ M Moore124
28Mar16Fai22YS4y+ 10-5[8/1]Aengus 10th of 19, 17.76L behind Just CauseJ M Moore118
27Mar16Fai16YS4-5y 11-2[20/1]Art Of Supremacy 6th of 16, 19.25L behind Forge MeadowMr J P McKeown
27Mar16Fai16YS4-5y 11-2[6/1]Calicojack 4th of 16, 9.75L behind Forge MeadowMs N Carberry
27Mar16Fai17YS5y+ 10-5[12/1]Wes Hardin pulled up in race won by SolitaS W Flanagan119
20Mar16Dow28G5y+ 10-8[5/1]Tulsa Jack 5th of 11, 14.25L behind FedericiJ M Moore124
18Mar16Che26G5y+ Road To Riches non-runnerNon Runner1651
17Mar16Che21G5y+ 11-10[7/1]Road To Riches 3rd of 15, 6.50L behind VautourB J Cooper1651
16Mar16Che21G4y+ 10-10[33/1]Waxies Dargle 6th of 26, 2.31L behind Diamond KingM P Walsh1421
13Mar16Nav16SH5-7y 12-0[16/1]Joey Sasa 3rd of 7, 7.06L behind Invitation OnlyMs N Carberry
13Mar16Lim22H5y+ 11-0[1/2F]Bonny Kate 1st of 5, 2.25L to UrannaS W Flanagan137
12Mar16Lim19H5-7y 12-0[11/2]Showem Silver 6th of 7, 52.25L behind ArticulumMs N Carberry
06Mar16Naa16SH4-7y 10-11[4/1]She's A Star 5th of 6, 32.50L behind Shattered LoveMs N Carberry
06Mar16Naa24SH5y+ 11-10[3/1]A Genie In Abottle 1st of 7, 3.5L to Call It MagicB J Cooper
06Mar16Naa16SH5y+ 11-12[10/3]Wes Hardin 3rd of 9, 19.50L behind CaolaneoinS W Flanagan
06Mar16Naa19SH4y+ 9-10[33/1]Aengus 2nd of 11, nk behind Total RecallJ M Moore116
27Feb16Nav16SH5-7y 11-13[8/1]Gettysburg Address 1st of 5, 0.75L to DerrynaneMs N Carberry
26Feb16Dun11A4y+ 8-6[28/1]Hoodoo Brown 12th of 14, 16.51L behind Sea Of BlueT P Madden47
21Feb16Naa16SH4-7y 11-10[5/4]Tamlough Boy 2nd of 5, 14L behind Avenir D'Une VieMs N Carberry
20Feb16Fai16H5-7y 11-13[6/5F]Laverteen 2nd of 5, 7.5L behind ThebarrowmanMs N Carberry
17Feb16Pun20H5y+ 11-1[33/1]Zip Wyatt 9th of 11, 60.25L behind Robin ThymeG N Fox
14Feb16Nav24H5y+ Monksland non-runner (temperature) 147
14Feb16Nav21H5y+ 11-3[11/4]Snow Falcon 1st of 3, 2.75L to Lieutenant ColonelS W Flanagan145
14Feb16Nav16H5y+ 11-4[66/1]Hoodoo Brown 11th of 15, 59.88L behind AutomatedB J Reynolds
13Feb16New16H4y+ 10-10[33/1]Waxies Dargle 5th of 22, 13.13L behind AgrapartJonathan Moore1421
07Feb16Naa19SH5-7y 11-6[2/1JF]A Genie In Abottle 1st of 6, 0.5L to Blood Crazed TigerMs K Walsh
07Feb16Naa16SH5y+ 11-12[16/1]Wes Hardin 3rd of 11, 18.75L behind Alisier D'irlandeS W Flanagan
07Feb16Naa16SH4-5y 11-5[66/1]Hoodoo Brown 9th of 16, 28.53L behind Babbling StreamB J Reynolds
06Feb16Leo16H5-7y 11-13[10/1]Kagney 9th of 10, 28.50L behind Sunni MayMs K Walsh
06Feb16Leo24H5y+ 11-10[5/4F]Road To Riches 2nd of 10, 12L behind Carlingford LoughB J Cooper165
06Feb16Leo24H5y+ 11-10[12/1]Wounded Warrior 6th of 10, 26.00L behind Carlingford LoughS W Flanagan155
06Feb16Leo16H4y+ 10-11[25/1]Officieux 9th of 15, 21.25L behind BlazerG N Fox124
06Feb16Leo21H5y+ 11-10[6/1]Monksland 2nd of 6, 2.75L behind OutlanderS W Flanagan147
03Feb16Dow16H4y 11-0[13/8F]She's A Star 1st of 7, 5L to Sanibel IslandMs N Carberry