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Everardgrange Fethard Tipperary

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Last Winner   Easter Hunt (IRE)
12/1, S J Crimin
Wexford Fri, 3rd Jul, 15
Runs Since Last Winner   4
Days Since Last Winner   4
Last Runner   Rogue Angel (IRE)
4th, 9/2, B J Cooper
Limerick Sun, 5th Jul, 15

Limerick 2-3-06. Trainer MOUSE MORRIS after Hidden Talents had won and reported his Cheltenham hopefuls, War Of Attrition and Fota Island in great health after they both worked this morning. Photo Healy Racing.
RunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Last 90 Days (N.H.)5661010.71%€191103.80€-27.27
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Date CourseConditionsRace ResultJockeyORClass
05Jul15Lim24GF5y+ 11-10[9/2]Rogue Angel 4th of 6, 3.25L behind AbolitionistB J Cooper127
04Jul15Bel24GF4y+ 10-8[9/1]Scamall Dubh 10th of 13, 19.00L behind Ocean GlandoreM A Enright91
04Jul15Bel24GF4y+ 9-13[12/1]Troubleshot pulled up in race won by Ocean GlandoreS J Crimin89
03Jul15Wex20GF5y+ 11-10[12/1]Miradane 7th of 13, 37.75L behind IlltakeitfromhereM A Enright107
03Jul15Wex26GF5y+ 11-5[12/1]Easter Hunt 1st of 10, 2.25L to Officer CadetS J Crimin
22Jun15Kil20G4y+ [18/1]Miradane 4th of 12, 24.75L behind HarangueM A Enright109
22Jun15Kil25G5y+ 11-3[40/1]Scamall Dubh 4th of 7, 31.00L behind Sandymount DukeM A Enright91
20Jun15Gow24G4y+ 10-11[6/1JF]Horendus Hulabaloo 9th of 17, 24.75L behind From FrostD J Mullins122
20Jun15Gow20G5y+ 11-5[33/1]Troubleshot 4th of 14, 22.53L behind KilkishenJ W Kennedy
19Jun15Dow20G5y+ 11-9[11/2]Rathlin 5th of 10, 9.75L behind Elegant StatesmanB J Cooper143
19Jun15Dow20G5y+ 10-10[11/1]Band Of Blood 7th of 10, 39.75L behind Elegant StatesmanD J Mullins133
19Jun15Dow20G5y+ 11-5[9/1]Easter Hunt fell in race won by BellgroveS J Crimin
12Jun15Clo24G5y+ 11-12[9/4F]Easter Hunt 5th of 9, 23.50L behind CorrigsB J Cooper
08Jun15Ros24G5y+ 10-12[16/1]Rogue Angel 5th of 15, 10.00L behind Aranhill ChiefD J Mullins128
04Jun15Tip20YS4y+ 11-1[16/1]Miradane 11th of 16, 37.13L behind Steel KingM A Enright107
04Jun15Tip16YS4y 11-2[11/2]Baily Smile 5th of 17, 6.25L behind Copy ThatM A Enright
03Jun15Pun20G4y+ 11-12[20/1]Easter Hunt 5th of 17, 14.50L behind Sandymount DukeM A Enright106
03Jun15Pun22G5y+ 11-10[7/2]The Doorman 3rd of 12, 3.50L behind As De PiqueM P Walsh116
03Jun15Pun22G5y+ 11-6[10/3]Baily Green 4th of 6, 3.75L behind Make A TrackM A Enright157
03Jun15Pun22G5y+ 11-0[5/2]Rathlin 2nd of 6, 0.5L behind Make A TrackR Walsh143
03Jun15Pun18G5y+ 11-5[11/4F]Real Steel fell in race won by SavelloB J Cooper143
01Jun15Lis19SH5y+ 10-12[13/8F]Horendus Hulabaloo 1st of 5, 24L to The Conker ClubB J Cooper123
26May15Bal23G4y+ 11-0[6/1]Band Of Blood 10th of 15, 87.75L behind Rohan's PrideB J Cooper134
26May15Bal23G4y+ Ravished non-runner (lame) 128
21May15Clo16G4y 11-2[25/1]Baily Smile 6th of 14, 21.75L behind Sea's AriaM A Enright
18May15Ros21YS5y+ 11-2[7/2]The Doorman 2nd of 12, 0.75L behind KilfordM P Walsh114
16May15Pun16G4y+ 11-5[11/4F]Real Steel 1st of 10, 0.5L to FoildubhD J Mullins140
16May15Pun24G5y+ 11-5[66/1]Carole Rose 8th of 18, 18.00L behind ChampoleonM A Enright
15May15Kil20GY4y+ Let's Celebrate non-runner (lame)
15May15Kil16GY4y+ 11-5[10/1]Miradane 8th of 14, 31.00L behind Lucky PatM A Enright109
15May15Kil19GY5y+ 11-4[11/4]Easter Hunt 3rd of 14, 27.00L behind Aunt AliceB J Cooper110
14May15Tip20SH5y+ 11-12[11/10F]Horendus Hulabaloo 1st of 12, 3L to Seamus MorB J Cooper
11May15Kil22GY5y+ 10-8[5/2F]Ravished 1st of 9, 0.5L to FedericiB J Cooper123
11May15Kil20GY4y+ Baily Green non-runner (lame) M A Enright126
10May15Kil21YS5y+ 11-2[1/1F]Baily Green 2nd of 4, 7.5L behind Letter Of CreditM A Enright158
10May15Kil17YS4y+ Carole Rose non-runner (stone bruise)
10May15Kil17YS5y+ Easter Hunt non-runner (lame) 113
10May15Kil17YS4y Baily Smile non-runner (Reserve)
02May15Pun25S5y+ 11-5[14/1]First Lieutenant 8th of 19, 55.00L behind Gallant OscarD J Mullins150
02May15Pun25S5y+ 11-5[8/1]Rule The World 6th of 19, 33.00L behind Gallant OscarB J Cooper145
02May15Pun30S5y+ 10-9[20/1]Rogue Angel pulled up in race won by HeathfieldB J Cooper130
01May15Pun20GY4y+ 11-10[9/2]Alpha Des Obeaux 2nd of 6, 7L behind Nichols CanyonB J Cooper138
01May15Pun21GY5y+ 10-4[12/1]Dromnea 3rd of 17, 7.50L behind Blood CotilM A Enright131
30Apr15Pun16Y4-7y 11-9[20/1]Alamein 7th of 8, 41.00L behind YorkhillMr D G Lavery
30Apr15Pun16Y5y+ 11-10[20/1]Real Steel 4th of 5, 8.75L behind Un De SceauxB J Cooper140
30Apr15Pun24Y4y+ 11-3[25/1]Horendus Hulabaloo 12th of 25, 57.75L behind Avant ToutB J Cooper123
29Apr15Pun20GY5y+ 10-13[12/1]Rathlin 6th of 18, 26.75L behind Ballyadam ApproachG N Fox145
28Apr15Pun16GY4y 11-2[33/1]Baily Moon 21st of 21, 34.41L behind Timing'severythingMr J J King
28Apr15Pun16GY4y 11-4[25/1]Hogan's Alley 17th of 21, 26.78L behind Timing'severythingMr R P Quinlan
28Apr15Pun16GY5y+ 11-12[40/1]Baily Green 2nd of 9, 0.5L behind Felix YongerM A Enright143
24Apr15Kil25GY5y+ 11-1[11/4]Ravished 1st of 8, 12L to Mallards In FlightG N Fox112
23Apr15Tip24GF4y+ 11-12[10/1]Turnandgo pulled up in race won by BitsandpiecesB J Cooper
21Apr15Wex16G4y+ 11-2[9/1]Bleeding Hearts 12th of 14, 36.69L behind Credo StarB J Cooper
17Apr15Tip20GY5y+ 11-1[13/2]Miradane 4th of 8, 14.50L behind Never ComplainB T O'Connell110
15Apr15Lim19YS5y+ 11-12[7/4F]Turnandgo 7th of 15, 35.25L behind Casual ApproachB J Cooper
15Apr15Lim19YS4y+ 11-7[18/1]Carole Rose 11th of 18, 33.75L behind Crystal PearlA E Lynch
12Apr15Tra22GY5y+ 10-10[5/1]Ravished 2nd of 9, 3L behind DushrembrandtG N Fox111
11Apr15Ain35G7y+ 11-3[14/1]First Lieutenant 16th of 39, 95.00L behind Many CloudsMs N Carberry1541
10Apr15Wex19G5y+ 11-5[6/1]Miradane 5th of 10, 25.00L behind Up SluggarhA P Crowe111
10Apr15Wex20G4y+ 11-4[33/1]Troubleshot 12th of 15, 76.00L behind Cairde ArisA P Crowe
10Apr15Ain24GS4y+ 11-4[8/1]Alpha Des Obeaux fell in race won by ThistlecrackR Johnson1381
10Apr15Ain21GS5y+ 11-6[20/1]Rathlin 3rd of 30, 21.00L behind Rajdhani ExpressB T O'Connell1471