HorseTrackerA P O'Brien

Ballydoyle Stables, Cashel, Co. Tipperary.

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Last Winner   Plinth (IRE)
9/10Fav, M P Walsh
Punchestown Sat, 15th Nov, 14
Runs Since Last Winner   6
Days Since Last Winner   12
Last Runner   King Leon (IRE)
6th, 50/1, A P Crowe
Thurles Thu, 27th Nov, 14

A P O'Brien
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RunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Last 90 Days (Flat)206304114.56%€1640436.70€-85.84
Last 90 Days (N.H.)319629.03%€100990.00€7.97
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Date CourseConditionsRace ResultJockeyORClass
27Nov14Thu18S4y+ 11-12[50/1]King Leon 6th of 16, 65.75L behind Mr FiftyoneA P Crowe
26Nov14Dun8A2y 8-3[8/1]Along The Shore 8th of 12, 3.22L behind DalewariAnastasia O'Brien66
22Nov14Gow20H4y+ 11-11[11/1]Carriganog pulled up in race won by Don PoliR M Power
22Nov14Gow20H4y+ 11-11[33/1]Shield 8th of 14, 52.75L behind Don PoliA P Crowe
18Nov14Wex19SH4y+ 11-7[8/1]Beach Of Falesa 4th of 12, 27.25L behind Vroum Vroum MagR M Power
16Nov14Pun16S4y+ 11-0[8/1]Noah Webster 5th of 10, 7.50L behind PairofbrowneyesG N Fox123
15Nov14Pun22S4y+ 11-4[9/10F]Plinth 1st of 3, 0.5L to GoonyellaM P Walsh140
15Nov14Pun16S3y 11-7[5/1]Lone Star 7th of 9, 17.75L behind Crafty CodgerR M Power
14Nov14Dun11A3y+ Duarte Fernandes non-runner (no suitable rider) 47
14Nov14Dun12A3y+ 8-9[10/1]Waver 4th of 11, 3.78L behind HardstoneAnastasia O'Brien85
14Nov14Dun8A2y 8-7[16/1]Echoes Of My Mind 5th of 7, 14.75L behind Great DancerAnastasia O'Brien
04Nov14Fai16GY4y+ 11-12[11/2]King Leon 4th of 6, 60.25L behind Sin MiedoR M Power
02Nov14Naa20Y4y+ 11-3[11/4]Plinth 1st of 4, 1.5L to MacnicholsonM P Walsh140
02Nov14Cor24S4y+ 11-0[7/2]Marchese Marconi 6th of 7, 38.50L behind Martello TowerR M Power
01Nov14San12F3y+ Magician non-runnerNon Runner123
01Nov14San12F3y+ 8-11[14/1]Chicquita 5th of 13, 2.50L behind Main SequenceL Dettori115
01Nov14San8F2y 8-10[14/1]The Great War 4th of 13, 8.31L behind Texas RedR L Moore
31Oct14San8AF2y 8-10[13/2]Qualify 8th of 16, 7.50L behind Lady EliR L Moore
31Oct14San8AF2y 8-10[7/2F]War Envoy 12th of 16, 3.57L behind HootenannyR L Moore104
31Oct14Dun8A3y+ 9-0[16/1]Adeste Fideles 10th of 14, 9.69L behind PelerinJ A Heffernan83
31Oct14Dun8A3y+ 9-0[16/1]Beyond Brilliance 7th of 14, 7.13L behind PelerinM C Hussey98
27Oct14Gal22GY4y+ 11-7[20/1]Noah Webster 4th of 12, 4.50L behind Battling BoruJ S McGarvey123
27Oct14Wex16G4y+ 11-10[4/7F]Draco 1st of 3, 13L to The Herds GardenR M Power128
27Oct14Gal20GY4y+ 11-10[5/2]Egyptian Warrior 3rd of 4, 2.50L behind Mumbo BayM P Walsh123
26Oct14Gal14GY4y+ 11-2[15/8]Marchese Marconi 2nd of 6, 9.5L behind Windsor ParkMiss S O'Brien90
26Oct14Leo10Y3y+ 8-5[20/1]Blackstone 9th of 17, 2.78L behind Stronger Than MeAnastasia O'Brien79
26Oct14Leo15Y3y+ 8-11[16/1]Blue Hussar 16th of 22, 12.01L behind Clondaw WarriorD O'Brien105
26Oct14Leo9Y2y 9-3[7/4F]Order Of St George 2nd of 9, behind Parish BoyJ A Heffernan
26Oct14Leo7Y3y+ 9-7[7/2F]Francis Of Assisi 2nd of 13, 1L behind Kanes PassJ A Heffernan109
26Oct14Leo7Y2y 9-5[10/1]Gran Paradiso 7th of 11, 16.75L behind ZawraqC O'Donoghue
26Oct14Leo7Y2y 9-5[8/11F]Sir Isaac Newton 2nd of 11, 0.5L behind ZawraqJ A Heffernan
26Oct14Leo7Y2y 9-0[3/1]Easter 1st of 15, 1L to Stellar GlowJ A Heffernan
25Oct14Leo8YS3y+ Illusive non-runner (off feed) Anastasia O'Brien83
25Oct14Leo8YS2y 8-7[14/1]Sea Of Blue 15th of 20, 8.70L behind Duke EllingtonAnastasia O'Brien65
25Oct14Don8S2y 9-1[10/1]Aloft 2nd of 8, 2.75L behind Elm ParkW Buick1
25Oct14Don8S2y 9-1[3/1]Jacobean 4th of 8, 8.25L behind Elm ParkC O'Donoghue1
25Oct14Leo10YS3y+ 9-7[9/1]Afonso De Sousa 5th of 10, 6.00L behind AnsweredJ A Heffernan105
25Oct14Leo10YS3y+ 8-11[12/1]Beyond Brilliance 8th of 10, 12.50L behind AnsweredAnastasia O'Brien100
25Oct14Leo7YS2y 9-3[1/6F]Royal Navy Ship 2nd of 4, 0.75L behind Steip AmachJ A Heffernan
25Oct14Leo7YS2y Ask Me Nicely non-runner (in season) M C Hussey83
25Oct14Leo7YS2y 9-0[10/1]Cocoon 3rd of 4, 3.25L behind Steip AmachAnastasia O'Brien94
25Oct14Leo8YS2y 9-5[4/7F]Giovanni Canaletto 1st of 16, 6.5L to AlcatrazJ A Heffernan
25Oct14Leo8YS2y 9-5[20/1]Hobart 10th of 16, 16.13L behind Giovanni CanalettoE J McNamara
25Oct14Leo8YS2y 9-5[12/1]Los Barbados 3rd of 16, 7.50L behind Giovanni CanalettoM C Hussey
25Oct14Leo8YS2y 9-0[9/2]Facade 4th of 20, 1.31L behind Off LimitsM C Hussey
25Oct14Leo8YS2y 9-0[25/1]On A Pedestal 12th of 20, 10.94L behind Off LimitsE J McNamara
25Oct14Leo8YS2y 9-0[3/1F]Outstanding 5th of 20, 3.06L behind Off LimitsJ A Heffernan
24Oct14Dun12A3y+ 9-0[4/1F]Tigris River 5th of 14, 2.31L behind GretzkyJ A Heffernan88
24Oct14Dun6A3y+ 9-0[2/1F]Adeste Fideles 1st of 14, 4.75L to TaalufJ A Heffernan76
23Oct14Thu16G3y 10-12[6/4F]Lone Star 1st of 8, 9L to Brog Deas NuaR M Power
22Oct14Nav13S3y+ 9-5[12/1]Dynamo 18th of 18, 31.63L behind Lettre De CachetJ A Heffernan
22Oct14Nav13S3y+ 9-0[12/1]Ruby Tuesday 11th of 18, 20.00L behind Lettre De CachetM C Hussey
22Oct14Nav8S2y 8-7[33/1]Absorbing 16th of 17, 33.51L behind Harold PetoAnastasia O'Brien
22Oct14Nav10S3y+ 9-3[12/1]Beach Of Falesa 9th of 15, 10.88L behind Hannah's MagicAnastasia O'Brien90
22Oct14Nav6S2y Pink Lavender non-runner (in season)
19Oct14Naa12GY3y+ 9-7[8/1]Blue Hussar 11th of 16, 7.53L behind Rocky BleierD O'Brien105
19Oct14Naa12GY3y+ 9-9[20/1]Buonarroti 10th of 16, 6.53L behind Rocky BleierJ A Heffernan100
19Oct14Naa12GY3y+ 9-5[9/2JF]Bazaar 2nd of 16, 1.5L behind Rocky BleierC O'Donoghue96
19Oct14Naa12GY3y+ Felix Mendelssohn non-runner (lame) 93
19Oct14Naa12GY3y+ 8-9[14/1]Waver 15th of 16, 16.28L behind Rocky BleierAnastasia O'Brien86
19Oct14Naa8GY3y+ 9-0[16/1]Beyond Brilliance 8th of 15, 4.78L behind Avenue GabrielAnastasia O'Brien100
19Oct14Naa8GY3y+ 9-0[16/1]Shell House 13th of 15, 10.78L behind Avenue GabrielC O'Donoghue96
19Oct14Naa6GY2y 8-4[11/1]Ask Me Nicely 4th of 16, 5.38L behind Captain My CaptainAnastasia O'Brien83
19Oct14Naa6GY2y 9-0[8/1]As Good As Gold 6th of 19, 4.84L behind ByzantiumJ A Heffernan84
19Oct14Naa6GY2y 9-5[6/1]Cenotaph 2nd of 17, 5.5L behind Endless DramaJ A Heffernan
19Oct14Naa6GY2y 9-5[16/1]Headquarters 7th of 17, 9.94L behind Endless DramaM C Hussey
19Oct14Naa6GY2y 9-5[8/1]Treaty Of Rome 9th of 17, 13.69L behind Endless DramaC O'Donoghue
18Oct14Cor8S3y+ 9-5[9/4]Juniper Tree 3rd of 18, 3.00L behind Flight RiskJ A Heffernan
18Oct14Asc10H3y+ 9-5[6/1]Ruler Of The World 9th of 9, 12.50L behind Noble MissionJ P O'Brien1221
18Oct14Asc8H3y+ 9-4[14/1]Kingsbarns 6th of 11, 10.00L behind Charm SpiritJ P O'Brien1131
18Oct14Cor7S2y 9-5[5/1]Father Christmas 8th of 15, 13.25L behind MandamusJ A Heffernan
18Oct14Cor7S2y 9-5[10/1]Fields Of Athenry 7th of 15, 13.00L behind MandamusM C Hussey
18Oct14Asc12H3y+ 9-5[7/1]Chicquita 3rd of 10, 2.75L behind Madame ChiangJ P O'Brien1151
18Oct14Asc16H3y+ 9-7[2/1F]Leading Light 7th of 9, 12.00L behind Forgotten RulesJ P O'Brien1181
17Oct14Dun11A3y+ 9-7[6/1]Afonso De Sousa 3rd of 7, 3.88L behind Chance To DanceJ P O'Brien107
17Oct14Dun11A3y+ 9-2[16/1]Michaelmas 5th of 7, 6.88L behind Chance To DanceJ A Heffernan103
17Oct14Dun7A2y 9-0[11/1]Absorbing 12th of 13, 25.31L behind SparklingsovereignC O'Donoghue
17Oct14Dun7A2y Cradle Mountain non-runner (off feed)
17Oct14New7S2y 9-1[7/2]Smuggler's Cove 3rd of 6, 4.50L behind BelardoJ P O'Brien1
17Oct14New8S2y 9-0[7/1]Together Forever 1st of 7, 0.5L to Agnes StewartJ P O'Brien951
17Oct14New6S2y 9-0[40/1]The Warrior 6th of 6, 3.28L behind Charming ThoughtJ P O'Brien1
15Oct14Pun16GF3y 10-12[7/2]Lone Star 3rd of 9, 6.25L behind Dai BandoR M Power
12Oct14Cur12Y3y+ 9-0[9/1]Blue Hussar 4th of 15, 1.06L behind Second StepJ P O'Brien100
12Oct14Cur12Y3y+ 9-0[14/1]Buonarroti 9th of 15, 5.37L behind Second StepJ A Heffernan103
12Oct14Cur12Y3y+ 9-0[25/1]Vivat Rex 15th of 15, 15.03L behind Second StepM C Hussey
12Oct14Cur12Y3y+ 8-9[16/1]Shell House 13th of 15, 8.53L behind Second StepC O'Donoghue98
12Oct14Cur16Y3y+ 9-5[25/1]El Salvador 1st of 21, 1L to Hidden UniverseD O'Brien102
12Oct14Cur16Y3y+ 9-0[10/1]Marchese Marconi 3rd of 21, 3.75L behind El SalvadorJ P O'Brien90
12Oct14Cur8Y2y 9-0[20/1]Cocoon 2nd of 9, 3L behind Together ForeverJ A Heffernan81
12Oct14Cur8Y2y 9-0[11/10F]Together Forever 1st of 9, 3L to CocoonJ P O'Brien95
12Oct14Lim18G4y 11-3[7/2]Plinth 2nd of 4, shd behind ClarcamJ S McGarvey137
12Oct14Cur7Y2y 8-12[25/1]Cradle Mountain 18th of 22, 21.75L behind Royal Navy ShipD O'Brien
12Oct14Cur7Y2y 9-5[10/3F]Jacobean 2nd of 22, 1.5L behind Royal Navy ShipJ P O'Brien
12Oct14Cur7Y2y 9-5[6/1]Royal Navy Ship 1st of 22, 1.5L to JacobeanJ A Heffernan
12Oct14Cur7Y2y 9-5[12/1]The Happy Prince 5th of 22, 4.50L behind Royal Navy ShipC O'Donoghue
12Oct14Cur7Y2y 9-0[6/1]Ask Me Nicely 6th of 23, 3.56L behind DevonshireJ P O'Brien88
12Oct14Cur7Y2y 9-0[16/1]Echoes Of My Mind 22nd of 23, 37.75L behind DevonshireC O'Donoghue
12Oct14Cur7Y2y 9-0[6/1]Often 5th of 23, 3.50L behind DevonshireJ A Heffernan
12Oct14Cur7Y2y 8-7[33/1]Sea Of Blue 13th of 23, 9.59L behind DevonshireAnastasia O'Brien
11Oct14New8G2y 9-1[3/1]Order Of St George 5th of 9, 5.00L behind CommemorativeJ P O'Brien1
10Oct14Dun12A3y+ 9-7[13/2]Waver 4th of 14, 1.50L behind Wither HillsD O'Brien84
10Oct14Dun12A3y+ 8-10[25/1]Blackstone 5th of 14, 2.50L behind Wither HillsAnastasia O'Brien80
10Oct14Dun7A2y 9-3[7/4]Smuggler's Cove 1st of 6, 7L to OrciaJ P O'Brien
10Oct14Dun7A3y+ 9-0[4/1]Adeste Fideles 2nd of 13, 0.5L behind MansuriJ P O'Brien80
10Oct14Dun5A2y General Marshall non-runner (coughing) 89
08Oct14Nav10Y3y 9-5[11/10F]Felix Mendelssohn 1st of 18, 1.25L to CeylonJ P O'Brien
08Oct14Nav10Y3y+ 9-9[4/1F]Bazaar 1st of 17, ShukhovJ P O'Brien79
08Oct14Nav8Y2y 9-5[8/11F]Giovanni Canaletto 3rd of 18, 6.00L behind MohaayedJ P O'Brien
08Oct14Nav8Y2y 9-5[25/1]Jinsha Lake 2nd of 18, 4.5L behind MohaayedC O'Donoghue
08Oct14Nav8Y2y 9-5[20/1]King Of Aragon 9th of 18, 9.13L behind MohaayedJ A Heffernan
08Oct14Nav8Y2y Diamond Bangle non-runner (in season)
08Oct14Nav8Y2y 9-0[6/1]Easter 2nd of 18, 2L behind Bocca BaciataJ P O'Brien
08Oct14Nav8Y2y 9-0[14/1]On A Pedestal 11th of 18, 22.00L behind Bocca BaciataJ A Heffernan
08Oct14Nav16Y3y+ 9-0[5/1]Ruby Tuesday 11th of 16, 22.01L behind Silver ConcordeJ P O'Brien
05Oct14Lon7G3y+ 9-2[20/1]Darwin 13th of 14, 9.43L behind Olympic GloryJ P O'Brien1161
05Oct14Tip16G4y+ 11-1[5/1]Draco 5th of 10, 8.75L behind Rich CoastR M Power128
05Oct14Tip16G4y+ 11-3[12/1]Plinth 4th of 5, 12.25L behind Rebel FitzR M Power138
05Oct14Lon12G3y+ 9-5[12/1]Ruler Of The World 9th of 20, 5.44L behind TreveL Dettori1221
05Oct14Lon12G3y+ 9-2[40/1]Chicquita 15th of 20, 8.94L behind TreveJ P O'Brien1151
05Oct14Lon12G3y+ 8-8[14/1]Tapestry 13th of 20, 7.31L behind TreveR L Moore1221
05Oct14Lon7G2y 8-13[9/4]Gleneagles 3rd of 9, 0.56L behind Full MastJ P O'Brien1131
05Oct14Lon7G2y 8-13[20/1]War Envoy 5th of 9, 0.87L behind Full MastR L Moore1041
05Oct14Tip9G2y 9-5[9/2]Ivanovich Gorbatov 3rd of 14, 1.25L behind VilmanC O'Donoghue
05Oct14Lon8G2y 8-11[9/4F]Found 1st of 12, 2.5L to ErvedyaR L Moore1
05Oct14Lon5G2y+ 9-10[22/1]Guerre 13th of 18, 2.20L behind Move In TimeJ P O'Brien1101
04Oct14Gow18Y4y+ 11-11[9/2]Shield 5th of 8, 42.94L behind BenemeadeR M Power
04Oct14New8G2y 9-5[13/8F]Aloft 1st of 10, nk to Storm The StarsJ P O'Brien4
04Oct14Gow16Y3y 10-8[7/1]Lone Star 5th of 8, 9.75L behind Bay HillR M Power
04Oct14New7G2y 9-3[10/1]The Warrior 9th of 15, 10.13L behind Secret BriefJ P O'Brien2
03Oct14Dun12A3y+ 8-8[12/1]Duarte Fernandes 13th of 13, 14.63L behind Tight TimesAnastasia O'Brien50
03Oct14Dun11A3y+ 9-8[11/4]Afonso De Sousa 6th of 8, 18.50L behind Cat O'mountainJ P O'Brien107
03Oct14Dun11A3y+ 9-3[66/1]Indian Maharaja 8th of 8, 48.50L behind Cat O'mountainE J McNamara90
03Oct14Dun11A3y+ 9-3[33/1]Michaelmas 5th of 8, 7.50L behind Cat O'mountainM C Hussey104
03Oct14Dun6A3y+ 8-12[3/1JF]Masai 6th of 7, 5.38L behind My Good BrotherD O'Brien90
03Oct14Dun7A2y Facade non-runner (off feed)
03Oct14Dun7A2y 8-7[20/1]Sea Of Blue 9th of 12, 6.25L behind OrciaAnastasia O'Brien
02Oct14Clo20G4y+ 11-12[11/8F]Egyptian Warrior 1st of 4, 3L to Supreme DocR M Power
30Sep14Fai12GF3y+ 9-0[3/1]Adeste Fideles 5th of 8, 13.25L behind Break My MindJ A Heffernan82
30Sep14Fai6GF2y 9-5[1/4F]General Marshall 2nd of 12, 0.5L behind Buenos Y BobosJ A Heffernan92
29Sep14Ros12G3y+ 9-5[4/6F]A Greater Force 1st of 14, 2.5L to Beyond IntensityJ P O'Brien
28Sep14Cur16GF3y+ 9-12[5/2F]Eye Of The Storm 5th of 8, 7.50L behind Toe The LineJ P O'Brien110
28Sep14Cur16GF3y+ 9-4[33/1]Beach Of Falesa 6th of 8, 34.50L behind Toe The LineAnastasia O'Brien92
28Sep14Cur12GF3y+ 10-10[9/1]Blackstone 10th of 14, 10.00L behind Hurricane RidgeMiss S O'Brien81
28Sep14Cur8GF2y 9-3[25/1]Battle Of Marathon 3rd of 6, 3.50L behind Ol' Man RiverJ A Heffernan100
28Sep14Cur8GF2y 9-3[1/2F]Ol' Man River 1st of 6, 2.75L to Clonard StreetJ P O'Brien
28Sep14Cur8GF2y Order Of St George non-runner (off-feed)
28Sep14Cur6GF2y 9-3[10/11F]The Great War 1st of 6, 3.5L to TamadhorJ P O'Brien105
28Sep14Cur6GF2y 8-12[16/1]As Good As Gold 5th of 6, 10.50L behind The Great WarJ A Heffernan85
28Sep14Cur7GF2y 9-0[33/1]Ask Me Nicely 5th of 6, 8.81L behind QualifyJ A Heffernan
28Sep14Cur7GF2y 9-0[9/4]Qualify 1st of 6, 3L to Lola BeauxJ P O'Brien102
28Sep14Cur7GF2y 9-5[12/1]Crocodile Rock 7th of 21, 5.13L behind PortageJ A Heffernan
28Sep14Cur7GF2y 9-5[5/2]The Warrior 3rd of 21, 3.00L behind PortageJ P O'Brien
26Sep14Dun11A3y+ 9-6[4/5F]Afonso De Sousa 1st of 7, 3.5L to Hold The LineJ P O'Brien107
26Sep14Dun11A3y+ 9-6[9/1]Festive Cheer 5th of 7, 12.75L behind Afonso De SousaC O'Donoghue105
26Sep14Dun11A3y+ 9-0[8/1]Indian Maharaja 6th of 7, 13.00L behind Afonso De SousaM C Hussey95
26Sep14Dun12A4y+ 9-5[7/2JF]Waver 1st of 14, nk to Catchy LassD O'Brien78
26Sep14Dun8A2y 9-9[15/2]Cocoon 7th of 14, 6.63L behind Private PartyAnastasia O'Brien81
21Sep14Gow9GF3y+ 8-12[3/1JF]Quartz 1st of 9, 6L to CoolfighterD O'Brien85
21Sep14Gow9GF3y+ 9-0[50/1]Adeste Fideles 6th of 8, 8.25L behind BroochJ A Heffernan74
21Sep14Gow8GF2y 9-5[12/1]Aloft 2nd of 16, 2L behind IntransiveJ A Heffernan
21Sep14Gow8GF2y 9-5[7/1]Hans Holbein 4th of 16, 2.50L behind IntransiveJ P O'Brien
21Sep14Gow8GF2y 9-5[7/1]Kilimanjaro 6th of 16, 4.50L behind IntransiveC O'Donoghue
21Sep14Gow8GF2y 9-0[33/1]Facade 4th of 16, 7.50L behind Together ForeverC O'Donoghue
21Sep14Gow8GF2y 9-0[10/1]Outstanding 6th of 16, 11.75L behind Together ForeverJ A Heffernan
21Sep14Gow8GF2y 8-7[40/1]Terracotta 11th of 16, 15.63L behind Together ForeverAnastasia O'Brien
21Sep14Gow8GF2y 9-0[8/13F]Together Forever 1st of 16, 5L to Rivers Of BabylonJ P O'Brien95
20Sep14Lis14G4y+ 10-11[9/2]Marchese Marconi 5th of 12, 10.25L behind Rebel FitzMiss S O'Brien90
20Sep14Lis20G5y+ 10-12[11/2]Noah Webster 11th of 11, 46.75L behind Ask VicR M Power123
20Sep14Lis16G4y+ Draco non-runner (change in ground) 128
20Sep14Lis16G4y 11-7[9/4]Waver 1st of 12, 1.5L to Louise RoyaleR M Power
19Sep14Lis12Y3y+ 9-5[9/2JF]A Greater Force 3rd of 14, 0.81L behind Asbury BossJ P O'Brien
18Sep14Lis14G3y+ 9-5[3/1]Gypsy King 8th of 8, 69.06L behind Face ValueJ P O'Brien90
17Sep14Lis16G5y 11-12[15/8F]Egyptian Warrior 1st of 5, 2.5L to Tom's ArticleA P McCoy
17Sep14Lis20G4y+ 11-10[7/2]Shield fell in race won by Hash BrownA P McCoy132
17Sep14Lis12G3y+ 9-4[16/1]Beach Of Falesa 6th of 9, 13.50L behind Vintage NouveauJ P O'Brien94
16Sep14Lis8GF2y 9-0[8/1]Absorbing 7th of 11, 12.38L behind HassahJ A Heffernan
16Sep14Lis7GF2y 9-6[9/4]Smuggler's Cove 1st of 7, 1.25L to New AllianceJ P O'Brien
15Sep14Lis8GF2y 9-7[2/1F]Rule The Waves 4th of 6, 0.56L behind CocoonJ P O'Brien94
15Sep14Lis8GF2y 8-0[4/1]Cocoon 1st of 6, Dht to Ernest ShackletonAnastasia O'Brien80
15Sep14Lis8GF3y+ 9-1[13/8F]Adeste Fideles 3rd of 10, 4.00L behind Duchess AndorraJ P O'Brien
15Sep14Lis6GF2y 9-1[9/2]As Good As Gold 2nd of 14, behind Queen AnneJ P O'Brien85
14Sep14Cur12GF3y+ 8-8[11/2]Adjusted 1st of 15, nk to Panama HatC O'Donoghue95
14Sep14Cur14GF3y+ 9-11[50/1]Eye Of The Storm 10th of 11, 29.01L behind Brown PantherC O'Donoghue110
14Sep14Cur14GF3y+ 9-11[9/10F]Leading Light 2nd of 11, 6.5L behind Brown PantherJ P O'Brien118
14Sep14Cur7GF2y 9-3[1/3F]Gleneagles 1st of 5, 1.5L to ToscaniniJ P O'Brien113
14Sep14Cur7GF2y 9-3[50/1]Toscanelli 5th of 5, 6.75L behind GleneaglesJ A Heffernan94
14Sep14Cur7GF2y 9-0[7/2]Found 3rd of 10, 0.75L behind Cursory GlanceJ P O'Brien
14Sep14Cur7GF2y 9-0[50/1]I Am Beautiful 9th of 10, 11.01L behind Cursory GlanceC O'Donoghue100
14Sep14Cur7GF2y 9-0[50/1]Qualify 6th of 10, 3.63L behind Cursory GlanceM C Hussey100
14Sep14Cur7GF2y 9-0[33/1]Simply A Star 10th of 10, 13.51L behind Cursory GlanceJ A Heffernan98
14Sep14Lon12G4y+ 9-2[3/1]Ruler Of The World 1st of 6, 1.5L to FlintshireL Dettori1221
14Sep14Lon12G4y+ 9-2[10/1]Kingsbarns unplaced in race won by Ruler Of The WorldR L Moore1131
14Sep14Cur5GF3y+ 9-3[14/1]Fountain Of Youth 6th of 9, 4.53L behind Stepper PointJ A Heffernan107
14Sep14Cur5GF3y+ 9-3[13/2]Guerre 8th of 9, 5.53L behind Stepper PointJ P O'Brien110
14Sep14Cur10GF3y+ 9-7[11/4]Chicquita 2nd of 7, 1.75L behind TarfashaJ P O'Brien115
14Sep14Cur10GF3y+ 9-0[25/1]Beyond Brilliance 7th of 7, 9.28L behind TarfashaAnastasia O'Brien100
14Sep14Cur10GF3y+ 9-0[25/1]Shell House 6th of 7, 7.78L behind TarfashaJ A Heffernan99
14Sep14Cur6GF3y+ 8-4[20/1]Masai 13th of 20, 6.35L behind WatchableAnastasia O'Brien91
14Sep14Lon12G3y 9-2[5/1]Adelaide 3rd of 8, 1.50L behind EctotR L Moore1171
13Sep14Leo10GF3y+ 9-1[3/10F]Australia 2nd of 7, nk behind The Grey GatsbyJ P O'Brien127
13Sep14Leo10GF3y+ 9-0[100/1]Kingfisher 6th of 7, 16.25L behind The Grey GatsbyJ A Heffernan111
13Sep14Leo8GF3y+ 9-8[11/2]Darwin 7th of 8, 5.38L behind Bow CreekJ P O'Brien119
13Sep14Leo8GF3y+ 9-3[25/1]Michaelmas 8th of 8, 8.38L behind Bow CreekR L Moore104
13Sep14Leo8GF3y+ 9-0[33/1]Palace 10th of 10, 11.38L behind FiesolanaJ A Heffernan102
13Sep14Leo8GF3y+ 9-0[9/4]Tapestry 9th of 10, 4.38L behind FiesolanaJ P O'Brien122
13Sep14Leo10GF3y+ 9-10[6/1]Hall Of Mirrors 6th of 10, 13.00L behind Free EagleJ P O'Brien113
13Sep14Leo10GF3y+ 9-0[25/1]Indian Maharaja 10th of 10, 36.50L behind Free EagleJ A Heffernan98
13Sep14Leo14GF3y+ 9-2[20/1]Chamonix 10th of 15, 10.25L behind Toe The LineD O'Brien101
13Sep14Leo14GF3y+ 9-0[11/2F]Blue Hussar 8th of 15, 6.25L behind Toe The LineJ P O'Brien100
13Sep14Leo14GF3y+ 8-7[20/1]Egyptian Warrior 11th of 15, 10.28L behind Toe The LineAnastasia O'Brien89
13Sep14Leo8GF2y 9-3[11/1]East India 6th of 7, 11.00L behind John F KennedyJ A Heffernan98
13Sep14Leo8GF2y 9-3[4/7F]John F Kennedy 1st of 7, 3.25L to TombelaineJ P O'Brien
13Sep14Don15G3y 9-1[20/1]Granddukeoftuscany 11th of 12, 14.13L behind Kingston HillC O'Donoghue1051
13Sep14Leo7GF2y 8-7[10/1]Ask Me Nicely 7th of 13, 10.50L behind TamadhorAnastasia O'Brien
13Sep14Leo7GF2y 9-0[22/1]Diamondsandrubies 6th of 13, 9.25L behind TamadhorJ A Heffernan
13Sep14Leo7GF2y 9-0[13/2]Wedding Vow 12th of 13, 15.00L behind TamadhorJ P O'Brien
13Sep14Don7G2y 9-0[11/1]War Envoy 2nd of 6, 1.25L behind EstidhkaarR L Moore1041
11Sep14Don6GS2y 9-2[6/1]The Great War 11th of 21, 7.47L behind Bond's GirlJ P O'Brien1052
11Sep14Don15GS3y+ 9-5[6/1]Venus De Milo 10th of 13, 32.50L behind Silk SariJ P O'Brien1111
10Sep14Gal16G4y+ 11-3[16/1]Noah Webster 1st of 10, 4L to She's A LeaderR M Power116
10Sep14Gal20G4y+ 10-2[6/4JF]Plinth 2nd of 4, 2L behind Flaxen FlareJ S McGarvey138
09Sep14Gal18GF4y+ 11-8[5/2]Draco 2nd of 5, 4L behind Most PeculiarR M Power
09Sep14Gal16GF4y 11-7[1/1F]Waver 2nd of 6, 3L behind West MontanR M Power
08Sep14Gal12G3y+ 9-5[4/1]Vivat Rex 1st of 13, 2.25L to Thunder ZoneJ P O'Brien
08Sep14Gal12G3y+ 9-9[40/1]Beach Of Falesa 8th of 12, 8.25L behind TaranaE J McNamara96
08Sep14Gal12G3y+ 9-9[66/1]Exotic 9th of 12, 8.38L behind TaranaM C Hussey82
08Sep14Gal12G3y+ 9-0[9/1]Beyond Brilliance 3rd of 12, 2.50L behind TaranaAnastasia O'Brien100
08Sep14Gal12G3y+ 9-0[25/1]Just Gorgeous 12th of 12, 26.38L behind TaranaC O'Donoghue86
08Sep14Gal12G3y+ 9-0[11/2]Shell House 5th of 12, 5.50L behind TaranaJ P O'Brien100
08Sep14Gal7G2y 9-0[14/1]Along The Shore 8th of 13, 7.13L behind Could Should WouldJ P O'Brien
08Sep14Gal7G2y 8-7[10/3F]Before Long pulled up in race won by Could Should WouldAnastasia O'Brien
08Sep14Gal8G2y 9-5[11/10F]Archangel Raphael 1st of 15, 2L to Sarah JoyceJ P O'Brien
08Sep14Gal8G2y 9-5[33/1]Best Kept Secret 12th of 15, 14.37L behind Archangel RaphaelC O'Donoghue
08Sep14Gal8G2y 8-9[20/1]Song Of Love 8th of 15, 8.81L behind Archangel RaphaelD O'Brien
07Sep14Dun8A3y+ 8-12[4/6F]Quartz 1st of 14, 0.5L to Duchess AndorraD O'Brien
07Sep14Dun7A2y 9-5[4/5F]General Marshall 2nd of 13, 0.75L behind Lola BeauxJ P O'Brien94
06Sep14Nav16G5y+ 11-12[6/1]Egyptian Warrior 4th of 16, 6.25L behind TandemR M Power
06Sep14Hay6G3y+ 9-1[9/1]Cougar Mountain 12th of 17, 7.63L behind G ForceJ P O'Brien1121
03Sep14Gow12G3y+ 8-11[16/1]Waver 5th of 11, 3.25L behind Tooreen LegendD O'Brien80
03Sep14Gow7G2y 9-3[7/4F]Cocoon 6th of 12, 4.88L behind IntenserAnastasia O'Brien79
03Sep14Gow7G3y+ 9-1[1/2F]Adeste Fideles 2nd of 5, 2.75L behind Crafted MasteryJ P O'Brien
01Sep14Ros7G2y 9-5[3/1JF]Smuggler's Cove 5th of 15, 5.81L behind VocaliserJ P O'Brien
31Aug14Cur9GY3y+ 9-0[20/1]Beyond Brilliance 6th of 9, 3.31L behind Carla BiancaAnastasia O'Brien101
31Aug14Cur9GY3y+ 9-0[9/2]Palace 8th of 9, 8.06L behind Carla BiancaJ P O'Brien102
31Aug14Cur6GY2y 9-3[5/2]War Envoy 3rd of 7, 1.50L behind Cappella SanseveroJ P O'Brien104
31Aug14Cor16GF4-5y 11-2[11/4]Plinth 1st of 4, 2L to The Plan ManJ S McGarvey139
31Aug14Cur8GY2y 9-0[3/1]Together Forever 3rd of 7, 2.00L behind Jack NaylorJ P O'Brien
31Aug14Cur8GY2y Hans Holbein non-runner (lame)
31Aug14Cur8GY2y 9-5[11/10F]Ol' Man River 1st of 18, 0.75L to AaredJ P O'Brien
31Aug14Cur8GY2y 9-5[20/1]Torrey Pines 7th of 18, 7.69L behind Ol' Man RiverJ A Heffernan