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Last Winner   Flying Fantasy (GB)
11/2, Aaron Jones
Lingfield Thu, 19th May, 16
Runs Since Last Winner   6
Days Since Last Winner   5
Last Runner   Fable Of Arachne (GB)
8th, 16/1, Oisin Murphy
Nottingham Sun, 22nd May, 16
RunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Last 90 Days (Flat)77151619.48%€138306.62€20.21
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Date CourseConditionsRace ResultJockeyORClass
22May16Not8G3y 8-13[16/1]Fable Of Arachne 8th of 14, 7.16L behind BriyouniOisin Murphy615
22May16Not5G3y 9-3[5/1]Sacred Harp 2nd of 8, 1.25L behind Lady Joanna VassaOisin Murphy616
21May16Goo6GS6y+ 8-12[10/1]Welease Bwian 6th of 11, 7.50L behind PettochsideMilly Naseb784
21May16Yor5G3y+ 9-2[13/2]Royal Birth 6th of 15, 2.50L behind Harry HurricaneF M Berry942
20May16Goo5G3y 9-7[5/1]Cherry Kool 8th of 9, 14.00L behind Wiley PostF M Berry705
20May16Goo7G4y+ 9-2[7/1]Pharmaceutical 3rd of 8, 0.53L behind Arlecchino'S LeapAdam Beschizza804
19May16Lin8G4y+ 9-0[11/2]Flying Fantasy 1st of 10, shd to Black CaesarAaron Jones735
18May16Kem7A4y+ 9-4[8/1]Monna Valley 11th of 14, 5.37L behind EljaddaafP Cosgrave646
18May16Kem8A4y+ 9-6[12/1]Ruban 6th of 12, 4.97L behind Cape IconP Cosgrave844
17May16Lin7A3y 9-5[66/1]Sweet Temptation 9th of 10, 8.66L behind TorianoAdam Beschizza735
16May16Win5G3y 8-10[13/2]Bring On A Spinner 5th of 7, 3.75L behind UdontdodouAaron Jones734
16May16Win6G3y+ 9-2[5/1]Doctor Parkes 6th of 8, 3.50L behind Fear Or FavourAaron Jones775
16May16Bri10G4y+ 8-0[5/1]My Tringaling 5th of 8, 4.56L behind Solveig's SongMilly Naseb535
16May16Bri6G4y+ 8-9[11/8F]Upavon 1st of 8, nk to UpstagingP Cosgrave674
14May16New5GF4y+ 8-8[16/1]Doctor Parkes 11th of 13, 6.38L behind Majestic HeroAaron Jones774
13May16New6GF4y+ 8-10[10/3F]Upavon 1st of 10, 2.5L to Racing AngelMilly Naseb675
13May16New8GF3y 9-4[16/1]World's Greatest 1st of 12, nk to ProsecuteM Harley675
12May16New8GF3y 8-12[20/1]Little Kipling 3rd of 11, 1.50L behind MukaabraHarry Bentley665
12May16Sal10GS3y 9-2[9/2]Auntie Barber 5th of 7, 13.75L behind Visage BlancOisin Murphy744
12May16Yor5GF4y+ 8-8[8/1]Royal Birth 6th of 17, 4.00L behind Duke Of FirenzeAaron Jones952
07May16Asc6GF4y+ 9-5[33/1]Doctor Parkes 6th of 21, 2.06L behind Normandy BarriereP Cosgrave784
07May16Asc7GF4y+ 8-13[16/1]Crazy Chic 16th of 26, 8.26L behind Flash FireAndrea Atzeni972
04May16Che5A4y+ 8-5[9/2]Welease Bwian 2nd of 7, 1L behind Top BoyMilly Naseb764
04May16Che8A3y 8-13[25/1]Sweet Temptation 7th of 8, 15.00L behind Mise En RoseS Golam763
02May16Win6G4y+ 8-12[16/1]Crew Cut 1st of 13, 0.5L to Elusive EllenS Golam764
01May16New6G4y+ 8-3[25/1]Pharmaceutical 16th of 16, 20.13L behind EnglishmanK T O'Neill842
01May16New6G4y+ 8-0[50/1]Bold 15th of 16, 17.88L behind EnglishmanR Powell802
30Apr16Goo8G3y+ 9-7[14/1]Oakley Girl 2nd of 7, 3.5L behind Blond MeF M Berry921
30Apr16New9GS3y+ 8-10[16/1]Examiner 2nd of 14, 0.5L behind Knight OwlOisin Murphy902
29Apr16Lin6A4y+ 8-11[8/1]Monna Valley 8th of 8, 7.50L behind Lightning CharlieAdam Beschizza655
28Apr16Che8A4y+ 9-0[9/2]Little Lord Nelson 4th of 8, 5.50L behind Foie GrasMilly Naseb656
28Apr16Che8A3y Fable Of Arachne non-runnerMilly Naseb615
28Apr16Che13A4y+ 8-8[11/4]Daisy Boy 5th of 7, 17.50L behind DannydayAaron Jones823
28Apr16Lin6A3y 9-2[7/2]Cherry Kool 3rd of 6, 4.25L behind ExistS M Levey754
28Apr16Lin6A4y+ 9-1[9/4]Invade 2nd of 6, 1.25L behind Baileys MirageAaron Jones675
27Apr16Bri10GF3y 8-12[5/4F]Auntie Barber 1st of 4, 5L to Le TissierHarry Bentley706
27Apr16Bri8GF3y 8-2[14/1]Fable Of Arachne 4th of 6, 4.56L behind Frozen ForceAaron Jones615
26Apr16Lin5A3-4y 8-12[16/1]Cecile Royale 8th of 8, 10.75L behind Aragon KnightJack Mitchell6
25Apr16Che8A3y 8-13[33/1]Tamara Love 7th of 8, 20.50L behind We Are NinetyJack Mitchell625
23Apr16Lei6GS4y+ 9-2[33/1]Doctor Parkes 11th of 14, 7.50L behind MunfalletS Golam804
22Apr16Don6GS3y+ 8-13[100/1]Secret Sonnet 12th of 17, 13.32L behind Time CheckS Golam5
19Apr16Wol7A4y+ 8-12[7/2]Flying Fantasy 1st of 10, 0.75L to SurewecanAaron Jones715
18Apr16Win6S4y+ 8-12[50/1]Crew Cut 8th of 11, 6.28L behind EnglishmanS Golam783
16Apr16Wol9A4y+ 9-2[9/2F]Little Lord Nelson 6th of 11, 6.31L behind QaffaalS Golam655
14Apr16Che5A4y+ 8-12[7/2]Welease Bwian 1st of 7, 0.5L to More SpiceMilly Naseb725
14Apr16Che10A4y+ 8-13[8/1]Daisy Boy 1st of 7, nk to BurcanAaron Jones774
14Apr16New7S3y Secret Sonnet withdrawn (Withdrawn) Adam Beschizza4
13Apr16New5GS4y+ 8-6[20/1]Doctor Parkes 7th of 8, 9.75L behind BrandoAaron Jones823
12Apr16Sou14A4y+ 8-0[15/2]My Tringaling 2nd of 8, 0.5L behind An Fear CiuinMilly Naseb485
09Apr16Lin6A3y 9-0[50/1]Cecile Royale 10th of 11, 17.28L behind Dream DubaiS Golam5
06Apr16Lin7A4y+ 9-0[9/4JF]Flying Fantasy 6th of 10, 1.26L behind Polar KiteMilly Naseb645
04Apr16Lin6A4y+ 8-1[7/2]Invade 3rd of 7, 1.13L behind Elusive EllenMilly Naseb674
03Apr16Don7S4y+ 9-2[50/1]Crew Cut 15th of 17, 23.75L behind MuntadabS Golam804
02Apr16Don8S4y+ 9-4[20/1]Examiner 15th of 21, 17.25L behind Lord Of The RockJ P Spencer912
01Apr16Wol6A3-5y 8-4[12/1]Secret Sonnet 5th of 5, 29.13L behind Semana SantaAaron Jones6
31Mar16Che10A3y Fable Of Arachne non-runnerOisin Murphy616
31Mar16Che6A4y+ 8-11[10/1]Spinning Cobblers pulled up in race won by ColourbearerMilly Naseb675
30Mar16Lin7A3y 9-0[3/1]Auntie Barber 2nd of 9, 1.25L behind Bargain BuyHarry Bentley645
27Mar16Wol7A4y+ 9-1[11/4F]Flying Fantasy 1st of 9, 2.75L to Colour My WorldAaron Jones646
26Mar16Kem11A4y+ 8-10[8/1]Pactolus 5th of 12, 8.00L behind BarsantiOisin Murphy882
25Mar16Lin8A4y+ 9-5[25/1]Lunar Deity 12th of 12, 12.88L behind Captain JoyP Cosgrave992
25Mar16Wol14A4y+ Daisy Boy non-runnerMilly Naseb772
25Mar16Lin6A4y+ 9-5[5/1]Realize 5th of 12, 3.31L behind Alben StarAndrea Atzeni1032
23Mar16Sou11A4y+ 9-2[11/1]My Tringaling 4th of 10, 11.06L behind Moonshine RidgeS Golam516
18Mar16Lin7A3y 9-4[9/2]World's Greatest 3rd of 9, 3.38L behind North CreekAndrea Atzeni665
18Mar16Lin7A3y Tamara Love withdrawn (Withdrawn) S Golam625
18Mar16Lin6A4y+ 9-5[7/4]Doctor Parkes 1st of 5, 2.5L to BallistaAaron Jones796
17Mar16Che6A4y+ 8-12[4/1]Invade 1st of 7, nk to Saved My BaconAndrea Atzeni655
12Mar16Wol7A4y+ 9-3[9/2]Realize 3rd of 8, 1.78L behind Mister UniverseS M Levey1031
11Mar16Che5A4y+ 8-7[8/1]Welease Bwian 1st of 10, hd to King CrimsonMilly Naseb685
11Mar16Che6A4y+ 9-1[10/1]Doctor Parkes 3rd of 13, 1.50L behind Oriental RelationAaron Jones794
10Mar16Che10A4y+ 9-7[9/2]Pactolus 1st of 8, hd to StetchworthOisin Murphy854
09Mar16Kem6A4y+ 9-6[6/1]Flying Fantasy 7th of 11, 4.50L behind EljaddaafOisin Murphy646
05Mar16Lin5A4y+ 8-1[11/4F]Royal Birth 1st of 8, 1.25L to Fast TrackAaron Jones902
05Mar16Lin6A3y+ 8-5[33/1]Secret Sonnet 5th of 6, 7.25L behind MerhoobK T O'Neill5
05Mar16Lin8A4y+ 9-4[5/2F]Lunar Deity 3rd of 8, 3.00L behind Mister UniverseP Cosgrave992
02Mar16Kem6A4y+ 9-0[11/1]Spinning Cobblers 8th of 10, 7.41L behind The Big LadS Golam685
29Feb16Wol9A4y+ 8-2[9/1]Pactolus 5th of 7, 2.88L behind Bravo ZoloJ Fanning852
26Feb16Lin7A4y+ 8-1[16/1]Doctor Parkes 7th of 8, 3.47L behind Pour La VictoireAaron Jones803
25Feb16Che8A3-5y 8-9[33/1]Tamara Love 5th of 6, 2.31L behind Bocking EndS Golam5
25Feb16Che6A4y+ 8-8[12/1]Welease Bwian 4th of 11, 2.78L behind EleutheraMilly Naseb695
25Feb16Lin6A4y+ 8-6[3/1JF]Invade 2nd of 8, shd behind HeartsongAaron Jones645