HorseTrackerH Rogers

Mountrush, Ardee, Co. Louth.

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Last Winner   Calm Bay (IRE)
6/1, R P Downey
Bellewstown Wed, 27th Aug, 14
Runs Since Last Winner   8
Days Since Last Winner   21
Last Runner   Botanical Lady (IRE)
8th, 6/1, L F Roche
Galway Mon, 8th Sep, 14

H Rogers
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Last 90 Days (Flat)5171313.73%€74280.00€10.75
Last 90 Days (N.H.)81212.50%€17995.00€-2.00
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Date CourseConditionsRace ResultJockeyOR
16Sep14Lis7GF4y+ La Canaada non-runner (not declared) 55
08Sep14Gal7G3y 8-12[6/1]Botanical Lady 8th of 12, 6.44L behind So SensibleL F Roche64
08Sep14Gal8G3y+ 9-5[12/1]Fit The Cove 13th of 18, 8.50L behind ShukhovC D Hayes65
06Sep14Nav16G4y 11-4[33/1]Sea Bank 7th of 7, 35.53L behind Little HaarthMiss J M Mangan
01Sep14Ros10G3y+ 9-7[14/1]Strandfield Lady 9th of 10, 11.50L behind Queen Of AlbaC R King83
31Aug14Cur6GY3y+ 9-3[33/1]Allegra Tak 17th of 19, 13.56L behind Captain CullenC R King77
28Aug14Tip9GF3y+ Fit The Cove non-runner (change in going) 65
28Aug14Bel17G4-7y 11-11[5/2]Thomas Ledger 2nd of 8, 1.75L behind First To BoogieMiss J M Mangan
28Aug14Bel17G4y+ 10-9[25/1]Buachaill Tapa 16th of 16, 65.28L behind LuddsdeneneA P Thornton85
27Aug14Bel12S3y+ 9-1[20/1]Strandfield Lady 6th of 8, 9.06L behind EbadaniC M Banahan85
27Aug14Bel5S3y+ 9-9[6/1]Calm Bay 1st of 10, 3.75L to Blueberry GalR P Downey70
27Aug14Bel5S3y+ 8-10[7/2F]La Canaada 4th of 10, 5.00L behind Calm BayC R King55
27Aug14Bel8S3y+ 8-12[8/1]Zero Euro 2nd of 15, 1L behind HilaryC D Hayes47
27Aug14Bel8S3y+ 9-10[3/1F]Botanical Lady 6th of 15, 16.50L behind MctaggartL F Roche65
26Aug14Bal9G3y+ 9-9[50/1]Elusive Ridge 7th of 8, 8.63L behind Eric The GreyC R King
26Aug14Bal13G3y+ 9-1[9/1]Byron Beauty 13th of 14, 23.00L behind Bell Of The BallP J Smullen56
26Aug14Bal13G3y+ Buachaill Tapa non-runner (Reserve) 47
24Aug14Cur16GF3y+ 9-7[7/1]Giant's Quest 2nd of 15, 1.25L behind KalannC O'Donoghue82
19Aug14Sli10GY3y+ 9-8[14/1]Diamond Daze 6th of 10, 7.25L behind Ring ChiefS Foley69
19Aug14Sli7GY3y+ 8-7[16/1]La Canaada 1st of 13, 2.5L to Elusive GentC R King47
18Aug14Ros7GF3y+ 9-7[28/1]Elusive Ridge 12th of 13, 9.47L behind Kanes PassJ P O'Brien83
14Aug14Leo9S3y+ 8-4[14/1]Irish Reel 6th of 6, 12.75L behind MassingaC D Hayes65
10Aug14Cur8S3y+ 9-5[33/1]Elusive Ridge 11th of 14, 30.25L behind No DominionC R King83
08Aug14Tip5GF3y+ 8-4[20/1]Calm Bay 4th of 9, 1.76L behind Lady MegaC D Hayes72
06Aug14Sli12S3y+ 9-6[9/1]Strandfield Lady 5th of 7, 8.88L behind RaynaC R King85
06Aug14Sli12S4y+ 9-2[6/1]Diamond Daze 6th of 10, 15.38L behind Back Off MateC R King70
04Aug14Cor19GF5-7y 12-0[20/1]Thomas Ledger 2nd of 15, 2.75L behind Bosman RuleMs K Walsh
04Aug14Naa7GY3y 9-9[2/1F]Botanical Lady 3rd of 16, 1.00L behind TwistsandturnsL F Roche57
01Aug14Gal8Y3y 8-8[9/2F]Botanical Lady 1st of 14, Dashing DynamoL F Roche53
01Aug14Gal12Y3y+ 8-5[16/1]Strandfield Lady 9th of 11, 26.13L behind Artful ArtistC R King81
31Jul14Gal8G4y+ 9-11[18/1]Elusive Ridge 16th of 16, 43.01L behind HasanourJ P O'Brien84
28Jul14Gal7G3y 8-1[11/2]Botanical Lady 2nd of 10, 0.75L behind Expensive TasteL F Roche53
25Jul14Dow10GF3y+ Byron Beauty non-runner (stiff) 55
24Jul14Leo14GF3y+ 9-3[14/1]Strandfield Lady 1st of 11, hd to Egyptian WarriorC R King81
24Jul14Leo10GF3y+ 8-8[9/2]Byron Beauty 7th of 8, 8.25L behind Mr SnagsbyC D Hayes55
23Jul14Naa6GF3y+ 8-5[9/1]La Canaada 12th of 14, 14.88L behind AlmadaaC D Hayes47
21Jul14Bal9GY3y+ 9-9[25/1]Fit The Cove 4th of 5, 1.56L behind Truly DelightfulC D Hayes60
21Jul14Bal13GY3y+ 9-5[11/4F]Byron Beauty 2nd of 12, 1.75L behind Hangar FiveC R King55
20Jul14Cur5GF3y+ 7-8[33/1]Calm Bay 8th of 16, 6.78L behind Sir MaximilianK P Moriarty74
16Jul14Kil22G4y+ 11-2[5/1]Giant's Quest 1st of 14, 2L to Our Man ZeboS A Shortall129
15Jul14Kil11G3y 8-8[7/1]Botanical Lady 5th of 12, 2.25L behind RaynaL F Roche53
15Jul14Kil8G3y+ 9-7[8/1]Elusive Ridge 4th of 5, 3.13L behind Stay De NightC R King86
14Jul14Kil11GF4y+ 9-1[7/2]Byron Beauty 3rd of 15, 0.63L behind RidestanC R King52
14Jul14Kil8GF4y+ 9-5[13/2]Diamond Daze 7th of 8, 4.91L behind TeochtP J Smullen71
12Jul14Dun16A3y+ 8-13[9/4JF]Giant's Quest 1st of 5, 2.25L to KalannP J Smullen78
12Jul14Dun5A3y+ 9-9[8/1]Calm Bay 3rd of 9, 4.00L behind Above The LawC D Hayes80
11Jul14Nav8GF3y+ 9-3[14/1]Elusive Ridge 3rd of 6, 3.25L behind Burn The BoatsC R King86
11Jul14Nav13GF4y+ 9-8[15/2]Strandfield Lady 1st of 9, 0.5L to Shake The BucketC R King75
11Jul14Nav5GF3y+ 8-7[4/1]La Canaada 3rd of 7, 1.28L behind Pixie SpiritC R King47
10Jul14Leo14YS3y+ 9-5[16/1]Strandfield Lady 3rd of 10, 3.50L behind BayanC D Hayes76
08Jul14Ros20GF4-7y 11-2[28/1]Sea Bank 15th of 18, 37.19L behind Pack The PunchMr R J Kiely
08Jul14Ros20GF4-7y 12-0[16/1]Thomas Ledger 5th of 18, 10.75L behind Pack The PunchMs K Walsh
07Jul14Ros7GF4y+ Fit The Cove non-runner (change in going) 60
07Jul14Ros7GF3y+ Diamond Daze non-runner (change in going) 71
05Jul14Bel5G3y+ 8-13[12/1]La Canaada 3rd of 12, 2.25L behind UcanchooseC D Hayes47
05Jul14Bel8G3y 8-5[8/1]Botanical Lady 2nd of 13, 0.5L behind MoonmeisterL F Roche50
04Jul14Bel14GF3y+ Giant's Quest non-runner (ground conditions) 78
04Jul14Bel14GF3y+ 9-3[14/1]Strandfield Lady 9th of 14, 19.00L behind LindenhurstC R King76
04Jul14Bel14GF3y+ 8-3[15/8F]Byron Beauty 3rd of 15, 1.13L behind AriaheyK P Moriarty50
04Jul14Bel8GF3y+ 10-0[33/1]Elusive Ridge 9th of 12, 10.19L behind Strait Of ZanzibarC D Hayes88
04Jul14Bel8GF4y+ 8-0[8/1]Zero Euro 7th of 15, 6.25L behind TahafK P Moriarty47
29Jun14Cur12GF4y+ Strandfield Lady non-runner (in season) 76
29Jun14Cur12GF4y+ Diamond Daze non-runner (declared in error) 71
27Jun14Cur5GF3y+ Calm Bay non-runner (stiff) 76
26Jun14Tip5GY3y+ 9-11[9/4F]Calm Bay 5th of 10, 1.50L behind UcanchooseR P Downey67
25Jun14Naa7G3y+ 8-4[18/1]Botanical Lady 4th of 16, 2.50L behind Lake GeorgeC D Hayes50
22Jun14Gow7GF3y+ 9-12[25/1]Elusive Ridge 9th of 9, 23.44L behind Toccata BlueC D Hayes89
21Jun14Dow5GF3y+ 9-0[9/2]Calm Bay 1st of 7, 4.75L to Seal RockR P Downey62
20Jun14Dow16GF4-7y 11-2[20/1]Thomas Ledger 5th of 8, 21.25L behind Morning RunMr J J King