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23Sep17 New 6f. G 3y+ Hcap (10K)
Farleigh Mac 8-12[14/1] 7th of 12, 7.75L behind Glenamoy Lad
Oisin Murphy
78 -4
23Sep17 New 1m. 4f. G 3y+ Hcap (11K)
Galactic Prince 8-6[5/1] 7th of 12, 9.25L behind Daphne
David Probert
80 -3
23Sep17 New 5f. G 3y+ F (60K)
Rosie Briar 8-11[50/1] 15th of 17, 7.75L behind Take Cover
Rob Hornby
96 -1
23Sep17 New 1m. 2f. G 3y+ Hcap (75K)
Brorocco 8-9[8/1CF] 1st of 19, 1L to Fidaawy
David Probert
89 -2
23Sep17 New 6f. G 2y F (75K)
Rebel Streak 9-1[50/1] 7th of 9, 6.75L behind James Garfield
David Probert
81 -1
23Sep17 New 1m. 3f. G 3y+ F (60K)
Wingingit 8-8[25/1] 6th of 11, 3.16L behind Desert Encounter
Rob Hornby
92 -1
23Sep17 New 1m. G 2y F (7K)
Must Be Magic 9-0[16/1] 4th of 8, 4.31L behind Stream Song
Oisin Murphy
23Sep17 New 7f. G 2y F (8K)
Face Like Thunder 9-2[16/1] 8th of 16, 8.57L behind Fennaan
David Probert
22Sep17 New 7f. G 3y+ F (37K)
Belle Meade non-runner
David Probert
89 -1
22Sep17 New 1m. G 2y F (16K)
Macaque 8-12[3/1] 4th of 7, 5.03L behind White Mocha
David Probert
88 -2
22Sep17 New 6f. G 2y Mdn (10K)
Foxtrot Lady 9-0[13/2] 2nd of 13, 1.5L behind Beshaayir
David Probert
80 -4
20Sep17 San 1m. 1f. G 3y Hcap (9K)
Makkadangdang 8-9[9/1] 8th of 9, 18.25L behind The Statesman
Oisin Murphy
73 -4
20Sep17 San 1m. G 3y+ F (37K)
Naval Warfare 9-0[9/1] 4th of 10, 1.13L behind Khafoo Shememi
Oisin Murphy
98 -1
20Sep17 San 1m. G 2y F (6K)
Unbridled Spirit 9-2[33/1] 7th of 12, 8.88L behind Kitaabaat
Oisin Murphy
19Sep17 Che 7f. GS 3y+ Hcap (8K)
Berkshire Boy 9-2[9/2] 1st of 8, 1.75L to Mohsen
Rob Hornby
82 -4
17Sep17 Ffo 1m. 3f. H 3y+ Hcap (6K)
Eolian 9-2[2/1F] 3rd of 5, 6.75L behind Bazooka
David Probert
72 -5
17Sep17 Ffo 1m. 2f. H 3y+ Hcap (10K)
Lorelina 9-7[1/1F] 1st of 5, 0.75L to Bybrook
William Cox
79 -4
17Sep17 Ffo 2m. H 3y+ Hcap (12K)
Look My Way 8-8[6/4F] 1st of 6, 22L to Champagne Champ
David Probert
79 -3
16Sep17 Che 1m. 6f. H 4y+ Hcap (18K)
St Mary's 8-10[5/2F] 2nd of 9, 4.5L behind Kajaki
William Cox
83 -3
16Sep17 Don 1m. 6f. GS 3y F (700K)
Count Octave 9-1[20/1] 6th of 11, 5.56L behind Capri
Oisin Murphy
104 -1
16Sep17 Che 1m. 4f. H 3y+ F (40K)
Duretto 9-3[11/10F] 1st of 5, 0.5L to Across The Stars
G Lee
112 -1
16Sep17 Don 7f. GS 3y+ F (100K)
Viscount Barfield 9-4[28/1] 7th of 8, 5.81L behind Aclaim
David Probert
105 -1
15Sep17 Sal 1m. 1f. S 3y Mdn (6K)
Eastern 9-0[14/1] 6th of 6, 23.75L behind Italian Heiress
L P Keniry
15Sep17 Che 1m. 2f. H 3y+ Mdn (10K)
Meccabah non-runner
Non Runner
77 -4
15Sep17 Sal 1m. S 2y F (6K)
Munstead Gold 8-11[33/1] 8th of 14, 17.91L behind Alternative Fact
Joshua Bryan
15Sep17 Don 2m. 1f. GS 3y+ F (100K)
Montaly 9-6[15/2] 6th of 9, 11.88L behind Desert Skyline
Oisin Murphy
113 -1
15Sep17 Che 1m. 2f. H 3y Hcap (12K)
Native Prospect 8-12[3/1] 2nd of 4, hd behind Alexander M
David Probert
81 -3
15Sep17 Che 7f. H 2y Hcap (10K)
Chai Chai 8-13[4/1] 1st of 8, 1.75L to Magnus
David Probert
71 -4
15Sep17 San 1m. G 2y F (6K)
Kabrit 9-2[50/1] 12th of 14, 13.51L behind Crossed Baton
Rob Hornby
15Sep17 San 1m. G 2y F (6K)
Diocletian 9-2[33/1] 9th of 14, 9.51L behind Crossed Baton
M Dwyer
14Sep17 Che 1m. 4f. S 3y+ Hcap (4K)
Meyandi 9-0[2/5F] 4th of 10, 7.00L behind Incredible Dream
Joshua Bryan
66 -6
14Sep17 Eps 1m. G 4y+ Hcap (6K)
Lady Perignon 9-6[14/1] 1st of 10, 0.5L to Masarzain
J Fortune
74 -5
14Sep17 Don 6f. S 2y F (300K)
Danzan 9-0[12/1] 2nd of 22, 1.25L behind Laugh A Minute
David Probert
96 -2
13Sep17 Kem 1m. 7f. AA 3y Hcap (7K)
Munstead Star 9-5[4/1] 1st of 8, 1.25L to Master Archer
Rob Hornby
76 -4
13Sep17 Kem 7f. AA 3y+ Hcap (4K)
Know The Truth 8-8[20/1] 10th of 13, 8.75L behind Daring Guest
Jason Watson
65 -5
13Sep17 Car 7f. H 3y+ Hcap (12K)
Highland Colori 9-5[12/1] 4th of 9, 6.50L behind King's Pavilion
David Probert
88 -3
13Sep17 Car 7f. H 2y Mdn (10K)
Soldier To Follow 9-5[13/8F] 2nd of 7, 0.75L behind Wax And Wane
David Probert
10Sep17 Cha 1m. 3f. A 3y+ F (350K)
Blond Me 9-3[9/1] unplaced in race won by Bateel
Oisin Murphy
09Sep17 Kem 7f. AA 3y+ Hcap (9K)
Leontes 9-3[16/1] 2nd of 11, 1.75L behind Accidental Agent
Oisin Murphy
82 -4
09Sep17 Hay 1m. 6f. H 3y Hcap (100K)
Orsino 8-0[22/1] 5th of 10, 14.75L behind Taxmeifyoucan
J Quinn
74 -2
09Sep17 Hay 1m. 6f. H 3y+ Hcap (60K)
Cleonte 9-3[12/1] 4th of 9, 5.03L behind Sepal
David Probert
93 -2
09Sep17 Asc 1m. 3f. S 3y Hcap (100K)
Torcello 8-7[5/1] 6th of 14, 3.75L behind Duke Of Bronte
Rob Hornby
85 -2
08Sep17 Asc 1m. 3f. S 3y Mdn (15K)
Count Simon 9-5[6/1] 3rd of 5, 0.81L behind Reverend Jacobs
David Probert
72 -3
08Sep17 Asc 7f. S 2y Mdn (12K)
Bodie And Doyle 9-5[50/1] 7th of 8, 10.00L behind Herculean
David Probert
07Sep17 Sal 1m. G 3y+ Hcap (7K)
Fort Jefferson 9-6[10/1] 10th of 10, 7.59L behind The Groove
Michael Coles
71 -5
07Sep17 Sal 6f. G 3y+ Hcap (22K)
Rely On Me 8-10[8/1] 3rd of 10, 4.25L behind Thafeera
Oisin Murphy
85 -2
07Sep17 Hay 6f. GS 3y+ F (15K)
Donjuan Triumphant 9-1[4/1] 1st of 6, 1.25L to Yattwee
P J McDonald
104 -3
07Sep17 Sal 6f. G 2y F (42K)
Crossing The Line 9-0[12/1] 6th of 13, 3.06L behind Anna Nerium
J Quinn
07Sep17 Sal 6f. G 2y Hcap (5K)
Chai Chai 9-8[4/1] 3rd of 13, 1.88L behind Move To The Front
Oisin Murphy
71 -5
06Sep17 Che 1m. 4f. GS 3y Hcap (4K)
Meyandi 9-9[5/2] 1st of 9, 3.25L to Mirimar
Joshua Bryan
66 -6
06Sep17 Che 1m. 2f. GS 4y+ Hcap (5K)
Priors Brook 9-6[7/2] 4th of 8, 6.75L behind Sparte Quercus
Joshua Bryan
77 -5
05Sep17 Goo 6f. S 2y Hcap (20K)
Golden Salute 8-11[9/2] 2nd of 8, 0.75L behind Neola
David Probert
79 -2
05Sep17 Goo 1m. S 2y Mdn (25K)
Berkshire Royal 9-5[50/1] 5th of 11, 9.25L behind Showroom
Rob Hornby
04Sep17 Win 1m. 2f. GS 3y Hcap (4K)
Queen Moon 8-4[28/1] 5th of 8, 19.50L behind Oh It's Saucepot
Jason Watson
60 -5
04Sep17 Win 6f. GS 2y F (6K)
Lord Vetinari non-runner
David Probert