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Last Winner   Sonnolento (IRE)
10/1, David Probert
Kempton Wed, 27th May, 15
Runs Since Last Winner   3
Days Since Last Winner   1
Last Runner   Dandy (GER)
11th, 12/1, J Fortune
Sandown Thu, 28th May, 15
RunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Last 90 Days (Flat)160214713.12%€549227.46€-59.20
Last 90 Days (N.H.)2010.00%€4502.88€-2.00
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Date CourseConditionsRace ResultJockeyORClass
28May15San10GF4y+ Tullius non-runnerJ Fortune1171
28May15San10GF4y+ 9-3[12/1]Dandy 11th of 13, 21.50L behind InterconnectionJ Fortune715
28May15Lin8A3y+ 9-2[5/2]Hit List 5th of 12, 8.25L behind MuntadabDavid Probert5
27May15Kem6A4y+ 8-13[13/2]Desert Command 7th of 10, 5.78L behind Tagula NightDavid Probert823
27May15Kem11A3y 9-3[10/1]Sonnolento 1st of 8, 1.75L to Fit The BillDavid Probert744
26May15Lin10A3y+ 8-10[12/1]Kind Of Hush 7th of 8, 12.25L behind Age of EleganceDavid Probert5
25May15Win8GF3y 9-0[25/1]Farletti 4th of 11, 2.25L behind Divine LawDavid Probert685
23May15Sal12GF3y 9-1[8/1]Berkshire Beauty 7th of 11, 21.81L behind Christmas HamperDavid Probert586
23May15Goo14G4y+ 8-4[13/2]Royal Warranty 9th of 11, 15.00L behind Quest For MoreDavid Probert822
23May15Goo12G4y+ 9-0[7/2]Rawaki 2nd of 7, 0.5L behind AyradJ Fortune1031
22May15Goo6G3y+ 9-6[9/2]Zanetto 2nd of 10, 2.5L behind RuwaiyanDavid Probert942
22May15Hay8GS3y+ 9-2[9/2]Rocket Punch 5th of 9, 12.50L behind Racing HistoryOisin Murphy5
22May15Bat12GF3y 8-11[9/1]Whitchurch 6th of 6, 28.25L behind BelgradeL P Keniry704
22May15Goo8G3y 8-8[50/1]Lady Pinnacle 4th of 9, 1.38L behind Royal SilkDavid Probert674
22May15Bat10GF3-4y 9-0[11/8]Countermand 2nd of 7, 2.75L behind Rib ReserveL P Keniry6
21May15San10GF3-4y 8-12[50/1]Sthenic 7th of 14, 12.03L behind ProposedDavid Probert5
21May15San10GF3y 9-1[5/1]Duretto 10th of 10, 9.31L behind DartmouthDavid Probert833
21May15San14GF3y 9-1[6/1]Havisham 3rd of 6, 1.50L behind YorkiddingDavid Probert774
21May15San8GF3y 8-13[8/1]Cosmic Ray 4th of 10, 3.50L behind Critical RiskOisin Murphy774
21May15Goo9G3y 9-1[20/1]Red Rubles 10th of 10, 19.38L behind ResonantDavid Probert794
20May15Kem11A4y+ 8-12[9/4F]Smiling Stranger 2nd of 9, 1.5L behind MajeedOisin Murphy843
20May15Kem7A3-4y 9-3[7/1]Kingston Mimosa 8th of 9, 14.06L behind TajathubOisin Murphy6
20May15Lin8G4y+ 9-5[10/1]Hannington 1st of 14, hd to KubebaDavid Probert735
20May15Lin8G3y+ 9-12[1/1F]Pool House 5th of 8, 11.81L behind Ocean CrystalDavid Probert836
19May15Che10A3y 8-11[8/1]Lunar Logic 6th of 8, 16.38L behind ScrutiniseKieran Shoemark5
19May15Che10A4y+ 8-6[8/1]Angelic Upstart 2nd of 7, nk behind Sennockian StarKieran Shoemark853
19May15Che8S4y+ 9-0[10/1]Breakheart 3rd of 9, 0.81L behind Double CzechEdward Greatrex755
19May15Che8S3y 9-0[5/1]Hala Madrid 3rd of 8, 5.00L behind AlcatrazDavid Probert6
19May15Che10S4y+ Dandy non-runnerNon Runner715
19May15Che12S3y 9-5[8/1]Highland Blaize 9th of 9, 64.25L behind Honour PromiseDavid Probert626
18May15Lei6G3y 9-2[50/1]Royal Normandy 5th of 10, 11.25L behind Classic WinThomas Brown5
18May15Win8G3y+ 9-0[10/1]Blond Me 2nd of 12, nk behind TazffinDavid Probert5
17May15Rip9G3y 9-5[5/2]St Saviour 3rd of 5, 12.25L behind Keep In LineDavid Probert5
17May15Rip10G3y 9-2[6/4F]Star System 1st of 6, 0.75L to Regal WaysDavid Probert744
17May15Rip6G3y+ 9-13[9/4F]Secret Hint 7th of 8, 5.19L behind Gran Canaria QueenDavid Probert883
16May15New8G4y+ Highland Colori non-runnerDavid Probert1012
16May15New12GF3y 9-0[6/1]Munstead Pride 3rd of 4, 4.25L behind AntiquariumL P Keniry823
16May15New10G3y 9-0[20/1]Nadder 10th of 12, 20.38L behind Crystal ZvezdaDavid Probert811
16May15New8G4y+ 9-0[14/1]Here Comes When 6th of 16, 2.75L behind Night Of ThunderJim Crowley1161
16May15New8G4y+ Tullius non-runnerJ Fortune1171
16May15New10G3y 8-6[12/1]Dance Of Fire 9th of 13, 14.38L behind Time TestDavid Probert872
16May15New14GF4y+ 8-12[16/1]Chiberta King 6th of 9, 7.88L behind ElidorL P Keniry912
16May15New12G4y+ 9-0[12/1]Scotland 4th of 8, 11.25L behind TelescopeJim Crowley1091
15May15New11G3y 8-8[14/1]Man Look 13th of 15, 16.50L behind King BoleteM Dwyer714
15May15New10G3y 9-5[11/4]Scottish 1st of 14, 1.75L to KebleJim Crowley4
15May15Yor14GF4y+ 9-1[12/1]Havana Beat 3rd of 6, 2.00L behind Snow SkyDavid Probert1091
14May15Sal7S4y+ Perfect Mission non-runnerEdward Greatrex645
14May15Yor8G4y+ 8-8[25/1]Merry Me 10th of 18, 11.63L behind Alfred HutchinsonJim Crowley931
14May15Yor10G3y 9-0[7/2]Elm Park 3rd of 7, 6.00L behind Golden HornAndrea Atzeni1171
13May15Bat13F4y+ 9-2[5/2]Chesil Beach 2nd of 5, 3.5L behind Elysian FieldsRob Hornby883
13May15Yor10G4y+ 8-8[5/1]Field Of Fame 5th of 18, 3.25L behind MahsoobDavid Probert862
12May15Che6A4y+ 9-4[7/2F]Desert Command 4th of 9, 1.75L behind Golden AmberDavid Probert833
12May15Che8A3y 9-5[25/1]Hit List 7th of 14, 13.50L behind Western ReserveDavid Probert5
11May15Win8GF3y+ 9-6[5/1]Intransigent 3rd of 5, 2.25L behind Shifting PowerOisin Murphy1091
11May15Win10GF3-5y 8-13[6/1]Scarlet Minstrel 5th of 9, 8.50L behind GenresDavid Probert785
11May15Wol9A3-5y 9-10[7/1]Kokovoko 8th of 8, 11.63L behind Rio FallsThomas Brown6
09May15Lin7G4y+ 9-5[8/1]Pool House 3rd of 8, 2.50L behind Beach BarDavid Probert834
09May15Lin8G4y+ 8-13[12/1]Mime Dance 9th of 9, 9.01L behind DonnchaOisin Murphy823
09May15Asc12GF4y+ 9-0[5/1]Rawaki 4th of 7, 3.31L behind Agent MurphyR Hughes1031
09May15Lin11G3y Nadder non-runnerDavid Probert811
08May15Asc7G3y 8-2[10/1]Nortron 8th of 10, 15.00L behind Mister UniverseDavid Probert772
08May15Che12S4y+ 8-12[10/3F]Storm Force Ten 1st of 9, 2.25L to Two JabsEdward Greatrex834
08May15Che7S3y 8-11[16/1]Cape Spirit 5th of 8, 11.75L behind Vibe QueenThomas Brown4
08May15Lin11G3y 9-5[33/1]Nordic Beat 9th of 9, 65.50L behind L'ingenueDavid Probert5
07May15Che10S4y+ 9-1[9/4F]Collaboration 1st of 11, 2.25L to Tres CoronasDavid Probert952
06May15Che14A4y+ 9-3[5/1]Montaly 5th of 6, 5.50L behind PinzoloL P Keniry972
06May15Che13A3y+ 8-8[8/1]Roses Wild 6th of 6, 26.25L behind Star RiderL P Keniry5
06May15Che8A4y+ 8-8[9/2]Zampa Manos 6th of 8, 4.25L behind LacanThomas Brown872
06May15Che12GS3y 8-2[16/1]Prince Of Cardamom 8th of 9, 39.75L behind Not NeverDavid Probert713
06May15Che10GS3y 9-5[10/1]Mr Quicksilver 3rd of 7, 11.75L behind CymroDavid Probert3
06May15Che19GS4y+ 9-3[16/1]Mymatechris 15th of 17, 52.75L behind Trip To ParisDavid Probert1032
06May15Che11GS3y 9-0[11/1]Victoria Pollard 7th of 10, 12.00L behind DiamondsandrubiesDavid Probert1
05May15Bri10GS4y+ 9-4[6/1]Elbereth 2nd of 8, 0.75L behind Tears of The SunDavid Probert803
04May15Win12GF4y+ 8-10[7/2]Cape Victoria 3rd of 6, 4.75L behind CurbyourenthusiasmThomas Brown774
04May15Bat8F4y+ 9-1[5/1]Breakheart 4th of 7, 3.28L behind Mister MusicmasterRob Hornby764
04May15Bat12F4y+ 9-7[9/4JF]Royal Warranty 2nd of 4, 1.25L behind Elysian FieldsDavid Probert804
04May15Win8GF3-4y 8-7[7/2]Hala Madrid 2nd of 11, nk behind King of NormandyThomas Brown5
03May15Sal7GF4y+ 9-13[5/2F]Perfect Mission 11th of 11, 17.69L behind Two In The PinkMiss M Nash-Steer646
03May15New10GF3y Nadder non-runnerDavid Probert811
03May15Sal12GF3y 9-5[10/1]Havisham 4th of 8, 5.50L behind FabricateL P Keniry5
03May15New6GF4y+ 8-13[11/1]Zanetto 3rd of 22, 1.06L behind Eastern ImpactW Buick932
03May15Sal14GF4y+ 8-12[7/2JF]Spectator 6th of 9, 26.25L behind Fun MacKieran Shoemark863
03May15New12GF4y+ Montaly non-runnerDavid Probert972
03May15Sal6GF3y+ 9-1[25/1]Royal Normandy 9th of 11, 15.28L behind Harbour PatrolThomas Brown5
02May15New10GF3y 9-0[3/1]Rocky Rider 4th of 6, 7.25L behind Best Of TimesAndrea Atzeni991
02May15New8GF3y Elm Park non-runnerAndrea Atzeni1171
02May15Goo7G4y+ 9-7[14/1]Highland Colori 3rd of 12, 1.50L behind FiftyshadesofgreyDavid Probert1002
02May15New9GF3y+ 7-7[8/1]Angelic Upstart 5th of 10, 12.25L behind Balty BoysEdward Greatrex852
01May15Che8GF3y 8-8[12/1]Guiding Light 6th of 9, 7.06L behind Outback RulerKieran Shoemark724
01May15Che10GF3y+ Heartless non-runnerOisin Murphy5
01May15Che10GF4y+ 9-7[6/4F]Grace And Favour 1st of 6, 5L to Scarlet SashOisin Murphy735
30Apr15Lin8A3y 9-5[10/11F]Red Rubles 1st of 6, nk to Rio FallsDavid Probert796
29Apr15Lin7A3y 9-2[12/1]Farletti 7th of 7, 8.63L behind Luna MoonDavid Probert705
29Apr15Asc8GF4y+ 9-0[6/1]Infantry 4th of 8, 11.75L behind MoohaaribDavid Probert1
28Apr15Che10A4y+ 9-1[8/1]Zampa Manos 3rd of 8, 3.75L behind LanceurThomas Brown873
28Apr15Che10A3-4y 8-11[8/1]Scots Fern 7th of 9, 5.56L behind Falcon's SongDavid Probert5
28Apr15Not8GF3y 9-0[9/2]Lady Pinnacle 6th of 8, 8.75L behind Down To EarthDavid Probert685
27Apr15Win12G3y 9-6[9/2]Brandon Castle 5th of 10, 8.53L behind Stolen StoryDavid Probert685
27Apr15Win10G3y+ 8-11[12/1]St Saviour 3rd of 9, 1.50L behind Richard of YorkeDavid Probert5
27Apr15Kem11A3y 9-7[14/1]Berkshire Beauty 7th of 10, 6.88L behind Harley RebelOisin Murphy606
27Apr15Kem12A3-4y 8-9[10/1]Sthenic 6th of 8, 21.75L behind Al RifaiL P Keniry5
26Apr15Che13A4y+ 9-7[10/11F]Nabatean 1st of 6, 2L to The QuarterjackOisin Murphy913
26Apr15Wet5G4y+ 9-7[6/5F]Secret Hint 2nd of 11, 1.5L behind Ridge RangerDavid Probert883
26Apr15Che6A4y+ 8-10[4/1]Desert Command 5th of 7, 3.75L behind UpavonL P Keniry843
26Apr15Wet8G4y+ 8-12[11/1]Breakheart 6th of 14, 4.06L behind In FocusRob Hornby764
25Apr15Lei10GF3y+ Sthenic non-runnerOisin Murphy5
25Apr15Lei7GF4y+ 9-6[9/2]Intransigent 3rd of 7, 0.78L behind CoulstyOisin Murphy1051
25Apr15Lei6GF4y+ 9-0[8/1]Modern Tutor 7th of 9, 11.75L behind CanyariOisin Murphy784
24Apr15San10G3y 9-1[12/1]Master Apprentice 1st of 4, 0.5L to Cape Clear IslandDavid Probert951
24Apr15San8G4y+ 9-5[4/1]Here Comes When 2nd of 6, 1.5L behind Custom CutJim Crowley1161
24Apr15San10G4y+ 9-0[6/1]Tullius 4th of 5, 7.00L behind Western HymnJ Fortune1181
23Apr15Sou12A3y Man Look non-runnerOisin Murphy715
23Apr15Bat10F3y 8-10[9/1]Highland Blaize 3rd of 5, 11.75L behind Triple DipDavid Probert645
23Apr15Bat10F4y+ 8-9[11/4]Dandy 4th of 5, 6.00L behind ZugzwangRob Hornby734
22Apr15Eps9G3y 9-5[16/1]Cosmic Ray 6th of 10, 1.39L behind Them And UsOisin Murphy774
22Apr15Eps9G3-4y 8-11[4/1]Mr Quicksilver 3rd of 6, 4.63L behind MezajyOisin Murphy5
22Apr15Eps10G4y+ 8-2[7/2]Collaboration 1st of 11, 4.5L to Hold The LineDavid Probert752
22Apr15Eps10G3y 8-13[8/1]Dance Of Fire 4th of 5, 12.00L behind ChristophermarloweDavid Probert872
21Apr15Bri7GF4y+ 9-7[7/4]Mime Dance 3rd of 6, 5.50L behind GanymedeOisin Murphy824
21Apr15Wol17A4y+ 10-7[8/11F]Haines 2nd of 7, 1.25L behind Arty CampbellMr H Hunt705
20Apr15Win12GF3y 9-5[5/1]Prince Of Cardamom 4th of 9, 11.00L behind SparringDavid Probert725
20Apr15Win10GF3y+ 8-11[5/1]Scarlet Minstrel 3rd of 9, 4.50L behind Wild StormDavid Probert5
18Apr15New11GF3y 9-5[33/1]Lunar Logic 9th of 11, 29.75L behind Mr SinghDavid Probert4
18Apr15New11GF3y 9-5[16/1]Scottish 2nd of 11, nk behind Mr SinghJim Crowley4
18Apr15New8GF4y+ 9-1[33/1]Highland Colori 20th of 22, 14.40L behind AyaarDavid Probert1022
18Apr15New12GF4y+ 8-13[9/1]Scotland 5th of 8, 2.50L behind Arab SpringJim Crowley1091
18Apr15New10GF4y+ 8-13[13/2]Field Of Fame 3rd of 17, 2.25L behind MahsoobDavid Probert823
17Apr15New7GF3y 9-0[16/1]Blond Me 13th of 17, 9.62L behind YasmeenOisin Murphy4
17Apr15New10GF3y 9-0[11/2]Victoria Pollard 1st of 8, 0.75L to StubbinsDavid Probert4
16Apr15New10GF3y 9-5[7/4F]Rocky Rider 3rd of 8, 0.38L behind Cape Clear IslandAndrea Atzeni922
14Apr15Sou14A4y+ 9-3[4/7F]Haines 1st of 6, 1.75L to Serenity NowEdward Greatrex705
14Apr15Sou8A3-5y 8-12[15/8]Snoozing Indian 2nd of 7, 8L behind Recently AcquiredDavid Probert6
13Apr15Win10G4y+ 9-7[15/8F]Collaboration 1st of 13, 1.75L to KastiniOisin Murphy755
13Apr15Win10G3y 9-5[5/1]Countermand 2nd of 11, nk behind CorneliousOisin Murphy5
11Apr15Wol12A3y+ 9-6[6/4F]Cape Victoria 1st of 7, 4L to BariRob Hornby5
11Apr15Wol9A4y+ 8-7[5/1]Angelic Upstart 2nd of 8, 1.75L behind Flag WarKieran Shoemark853
11Apr15Lin12A4y+ 8-4[8/1]Storm Force Ten 4th of 7, 2.00L behind Trip To ParisDavid Probert832
10Apr15Lei10GS3y 8-11[14/1]Sonnolento 5th of 8, 16.50L behind Paddys MotorbikeL P Keniry754
08Apr15Kem12A3y Man Look non-runnerDavid Probert713
08Apr15Kem7A3y 8-9[6/1]Guiding Light 4th of 6, 3.75L behind Rain Wind And FireKieran Shoemark735
08Apr15Not8S3y Galeotti non-runnerDavid Probert5
07Apr15Che10A4y+ 8-3[10/1]Breakheart 4th of 4, 10.25L behind WatersmeetRob Hornby763
07Apr15Che13A3y+ 8-6[5/6F]Havisham 2nd of 4, 2.25L behind Emirates SkywardsDavid Probert5
06Apr15Wol9A3y 9-0[9/2]Brandon Castle 4th of 7, 4.75L behind Marma's BoyKieran Shoemark685
04Apr15Kem7A4y+ 8-5[20/1]Pool House 9th of 9, 5.02L behind Speculative BidDavid Probert892
03Apr15Lin16A4y+ 9-1[8/1]Mymatechris 1st of 11, hd to AnglophileDavid Probert922
03Apr15Lin8A4y+ 9-5[25/1]Melvin The Grate 10th of 12, 3.35L behind Grey MirageDavid Probert952
03Apr15Lin6A4y+ 9-5[14/1]Intransigent 4th of 11, 1.75L behind PretendOisin Murphy1052
01Apr15Kem12A3y+ 8-0[7/1]Prince Of Cardamom 3rd of 8, 3.75L behind Aussie AndreEdward Greatrex5
29Mar15Don10GS3y 8-8[10/3]Dance Of Fire 2nd of 7, nk behind Dark WaveDavid Probert813
29Mar15Don7GS3y 9-5[7/2]Nortron 2nd of 12, shd behind MulaaseqDavid Probert5
28Mar15Che10A4y+ 9-4[11/4]Zampa Manos 2nd of 4, nk behind MajeedThomas Brown854
28Mar15Mey10AF3y+ 9-0[33/1]Side Glance unplaced in race won by Prince BishopAndrea Atzeni
28Mar15Don10G3y 9-5[16/1]Sonnolento 5th of 9, 6.50L behind PandoraDavid Probert745
28Mar15Che5A4y+ 9-7[6/1]Dungannon 11th of 12, 15.51L behind Royal BajanThomas Brown1052
28Mar15Don8G4y+ 9-0[1/2F]Tullius 1st of 5, 0.5L to Glory AwaitsJ Fortune1181
28Mar15Mey16AF3y+ 9-0[14/1]Havana Beat 4th of 15, 4.56L behind Brown PantherR L Moore
26Mar15New21GS4y+ 10-12[13/2]Queen's Star 6th of 8, 9.50L behind Ebony EmpressP J Brennan1054
21Mar15New19G4y 10-5[2/1F]Storm Force Ten 3rd of 12, 11.75L behind AlzammaarMr S Waley-Cohen1232
20Mar15Lin8A4y+ 9-0[9/2]Perfect Mission 4th of 9, 1.91L behind West LeakeEdward Greatrex646
19Mar15Che10A3y 9-6[7/4]Rocky Rider 1st of 4, 6L to MoneinAndrea Atzeni804
19Mar15Che13A4y+ 8-6[6/5F]Haines 1st of 4, 0.5L to The QuarterjackRob Hornby655
18Mar15Kem12A3-5y 8-6[13/8F]Havisham 3rd of 7, 1.00L behind Soul SearcherL P Keniry6
17Mar15Sou8A3-5y 8-11[9/4]Star System 1st of 4, 5L to MidlightDavid Probert5
14Mar15Lin5A4y+ 9-0[5/1]Dungannon 7th of 9, 5.13L behind PretendThomas Brown1071
14Mar15Lin8A3y+ 8-9[14/1]Galeotti 2nd of 4, 3L behind NewmarchDavid Probert5
13Mar15Lin8A3y 9-5[25/1]Highland Blaize 5th of 7, 11.00L behind RevolutionistDavid Probert5
13Mar15Lin12A4y+ 8-11[7/2]Mymatechris 3rd of 6, 4.00L behind PinzoloDavid Probert922
11Mar15Kem8A4y+ 9-0[8/1]Breakheart 1st of 7, 0.75L to EmbankmentRob Hornby745
11Mar15Sou7A4y+ 9-2[7/1]Pool House 5th of 6, 9.25L behind Two MoonsKieran Shoemark923
07Mar15Wol9A4y+ 9-0[5/1]Melvin The Grate 10th of 10, 8.38L behind MindurownbusinessDavid Probert952
07Mar15Wol7A4y+ 9-6[11/1]Intransigent 10th of 11, 6.89L behind Sovereign DebtJ P Spencer1061
05Mar15Che6A4y+ 9-3[12/1]Modern Tutor 11th of 11, 12.75L behind Malaysian BolehL P Keniry814
04Mar15Kem8A4y+ 8-13[8/1]Breakheart 7th of 14, 3.75L behind City Of Angkor WatRob Hornby745
04Mar15Kem8A3y 8-11[20/1]Sheer Honesty 7th of 9, 9.75L behind VelociterThomas Brown5
28Feb15Mey14G3y+ 9-2[14/1]Havana Beat 4th of 11, 0 behind AlmoonqithOisin Murphy1