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Last Winner   Franklin D (USA)
5/2Fav, William Twiston-Davies
Lingfield Tue, 17th Nov, 15
Runs Since Last Winner   6
Days Since Last Winner   9
Last Runner   Rock Of Max (GB)
2nd, 15/8Fav, A Kirby
Chelmsford City Thu, 26th Nov, 15
RunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Last 90 Days (Flat)11111259.91%€107197.10€13.23
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Date CourseConditionsRace ResultJockeyORClass
26Nov15Che16A3y+ 9-3[15/8F]Rock Of Max 2nd of 7, 1.5L behind Sweet SelectionA Kirby685
26Nov15Che7A2y 9-0[10/1]Bonhomie 4th of 11, 4.75L behind Quality TimeWilliam Twiston-Davies4
26Nov15Sou8A2y 8-6[7/1]Giant Shadow 10th of 10, 53.75L behind Arcane DancerJ Fanning456
23Nov15Che8A2y 8-8[16/1]Strathearn 2nd of 7, 4.5L behind Show Me AgainLuke Morris674
19Nov15Lin8A2y 9-0[33/1]Carter Pace 9th of 10, 19.69L behind DanilovnaWilliam Twiston-Davies5
19Nov15Lin8A2y 9-0[12/1]Chelabella 2nd of 10, 2.5L behind Natural BeautyLuke Morris5
17Nov15Lin10A3y+ 9-1[5/2F]Franklin D 1st of 8, 0.75L to AnsaabWilliam Twiston-Davies893
14Nov15Lin6A3y+ 8-12[14/1]Touchline 10th of 12, 6.89L behind GokenW Buick971
12Nov15Che7A2y 8-6[8/1]Giant Shadow 4th of 13, 5.00L behind Fable Of ArachneJ Fanning456
12Nov15Sou7A2y 9-5[50/1]Davey Boy 1st of 10, nk to UnderdressedWilliam Twiston-Davies5
09Nov15Kem8A3y+ 9-0[12/1]Bella Blur 8th of 10, 16.81L behind My BethanyWilliam Twiston-Davies5
07Nov15Don6H2y 8-2[13/2]Modest 11th of 12, 15.56L behind Flying PursuitTom Marquand694
06Nov15Che8A2y 8-4[11/10F]Purple Magic 1st of 7, hd to With PleasureTom Marquand6
04Nov15Kem8AA2y 9-0[33/1]Chelabella 7th of 11, 6.69L behind The Black PrincessJ P Fahy4
04Nov15Not8S2y 9-5[8/1]Batts Rock 3rd of 10, 11.50L behind WajeezJ P Fahy5
31Oct15New8S3y+ Franklin D non-runnerJ P Spencer893
31Oct15New9S2y 8-9[12/1]Bocking End 5th of 6, 13.50L behind Good RunP Hanagan724
31Oct15New7S2y 9-0[6/1]Purple Raven 6th of 9, 14.13L behind TiptreeWilliam Twiston-Davies4
30Oct15New10S3y+ 9-2[7/1]Berland 9th of 12, 13.53L behind ZamperiniLouis Steward854
29Oct15Lin7A2y 9-0[12/1]Forecaster 7th of 12, 7.31L behind VauntingWilliam Twiston-Davies5
29Oct15Lin7A2y 9-0[25/1]Bonhomie 3rd of 9, 5.25L behind Our JoyWilliam Twiston-Davies5
28Oct15Kem10AA3y+ 9-2[10/1]Midas Haze 4th of 11, 2.50L behind TyrsalWilliam Twiston-Davies626
28Oct15Che10A3y+ 8-13[10/1]Thunder In Myheart 9th of 11, 10.63L behind Jam JarLouis Steward705
27Oct15Lin10A3y 9-5[7/1]Penang Paparaja 7th of 9, 2.56L behind Ashdown LassWilliam Twiston-Davies586
27Oct15Lin7A2y 9-4[6/1]Big Sky 5th of 12, 2.06L behind Electra VoiceWilliam Twiston-Davies675
26Oct15Red14S3y 9-5[10/1]Rock Of Max 3rd of 12, 3.00L behind AzamesseT Hamilton685
26Oct15Lei12S3y+ 9-2[5/4F]Fabricate 3rd of 7, 12.25L behind Noble GiftJ P Spencer962
24Oct15New8S2y 9-0[50/1]Merriment 11th of 12, 22.78L behind Last Tango InparisWilliam Twiston-Davies4
23Oct15New6GS2y 9-3[2/1F]Taurean Star 5th of 8, 8.75L behind TawdheefJ P Spencer833
23Oct15New8GS2y 9-5[50/1]Towerlands Park 4th of 17, 1.25L behind MidtermJ P Spencer4
21Oct15New9GS2y 8-9[14/1]Strathearn 8th of 10, 20.66L behind Southdown LadJ P Spencer694
21Oct15New7GS2y 9-0[33/1]Carter Pace 10th of 11, 12.82L behind FarandineWilliam Twiston-Davies5
20Oct15Win12G3y+ 9-7[6/1]Instant Karma 1st of 12, 2.75L to MelodicaWilliam Twiston-Davies725
20Oct15Lin7A2y 9-1[25/1]Davey Boy 12th of 12, 20.06L behind Little KiplingJ Fanning6
20Oct15Win8G2y 9-0[11/4]Duchy 4th of 12, 2.25L behind So Mi DarJ P Spencer5
19Oct15Win10GS3y+ 9-3[10/1]Taper Tantrum 7th of 12, 4.03L behind Wild StormT P Queally834
18Oct15Bat8GF3y+ 9-1[8/1]Bipartisan 1st of 11, hd to HawkinLouis Steward705
17Oct15Cat12S3y+ 9-0[15/8F]Strait Of Magellan 3rd of 10, 1.56L behind SellingallthetimeJosh Doyle824
16Oct15Hay8GS2y 9-5[33/1]School Fete 4th of 11, 4.50L behind GershwinWilliam Twiston-Davies5
16Oct15Hay5GS2y 8-10[7/2]Modest 2nd of 7, 0.5L behind Curtain CallLouis Steward615
15Oct15Che8A3y+ Midas Haze non-runnerNon Runner626
15Oct15Bri8GS2y 9-5[15/8F]Duck A L'orange 5th of 6, 6.25L behind Albe BackJ P Spencer5
14Oct15Kem8AA3y+ 8-13[5/1]On The Huh 3rd of 11, 0.81L behind CandestaLouis Steward536
14Oct15Kem7AA2y Bonhomie non-runnerJ P Spencer5
14Oct15Not8GS2y 9-0[8/1]Purple Raven 6th of 17, 8.25L behind ArchitectureJ P Spencer5
14Oct15Not8GS2y 9-5[25/1]Stetchworth Park 9th of 10, 8.16L behind MainstreamJ P Spencer5
13Oct15Lei8GS2y 9-5[33/1]Kaisan 6th of 10, 4.13L behind Little AvonWilliam Twiston-Davies4
12Oct15Win10GS3y 9-7[11/2]Berland 2nd of 10, 0.5L behind Devonshire PlaceJ P Spencer844
12Oct15Sal7S2y 9-0[13/2]Blue Moon Rising 5th of 11, 4.78L behind RostovaWilliam Twiston-Davies5
10Oct15New6G3y+ 9-0[9/1]Touchline 9th of 16, 7.13L behind MistrustingR L Moore981
08Oct15Che13A3y+ 9-5[11/8F]Barefoot Dancer 1st of 5, nk to NigelJ P Spencer815
07Oct15Kem7AA3y+ 9-2[10/1]On The Huh 4th of 13, 2.13L behind ShahrazadDavid Probert546
07Oct15Not10S3y+ Taper Tantrum non-runnerJ P Spencer834
07Oct15Not8S3y+ 8-11[10/1]My Strategy 3rd of 12, 1.78L behind Rocket RonnieJosh Doyle735
07Oct15Not9S2y 8-10[6/1]Machine Learner 3rd of 5, 1.25L behind Viren's ArmyJ P Spencer783
06Oct15Cat12S3y+ 9-0[11/4F]Strait Of Magellan 1st of 12, 4.5L to Cloud MonkeyLouis Steward735
06Oct15Lei6GS3y+ 9-4[20/1]Malvia 12th of 13, 28.89L behind Caius College GirlJ P Spencer695
06Oct15Lei7GS2y Bonhomie non-runnerJ P Spencer4
06Oct15Cat6S2y 9-0[8/1]Modest 1st of 11, 2.5L to Smart MoverLouis Steward616
05Oct15Win8S2y 9-7[6/1]Academy House 4th of 8, 9.25L behind Start TimeJ P Spencer824
05Oct15Pon12G3y 9-7[16/1]Rock Of Max 4th of 12, 4.25L behind NomenklaturaT Hamilton695
03Oct15New7GF2y 9-0[100/1]Chelabella 10th of 12, 17.38L behind Alice SpringsJ P Fahy2
02Oct15Asc7G3y 9-5[10/1]Them And Us 2nd of 9, hd behind Flying HammerJ P Spencer883
02Oct15Asc8G3y+ 9-2[8/1]George Cinq 4th of 12, 4.25L behind Sir Robert ChevalJ P Spencer893
30Sep15Kem11AA3y+ 9-2[6/1]Penang Paparaja 13th of 13, 19.56L behind IsdaalR Winston596
30Sep15Not8G2y 9-0[33/1]Purple Magic 3rd of 10, 6.00L behind AndastraWilliam Twiston-Davies5
28Sep15Bat13GF3y+ 8-12[17/2]Born To Reign 11th of 11, 40.75L behind Grams And OuncesLuke Morris456
28Sep15Bat6GF2y Modest non-runnerNon Runner626
27Sep15Eps12GS3y+ Strait Of Magellan non-runnerMiss M Nicholls734
27Sep15Eps10GS3y+ 8-8[8/1]Banditry 11th of 14, 26.25L behind Quest For WonderJ P Spencer853
27Sep15Eps7GS2y 9-3[6/1]Show Legend 11th of 11, 55.13L behind Goodwood ZodiacJ P Spencer794
26Sep15Hay10S3y+ 9-0[7/1]Banzari 6th of 9, 10.88L behind Polar EyesJoe Doyle883
26Sep15New7G2y 9-0[33/1]Duchy 6th of 13, 4.75L behind AljuljalahJ P Spencer4
26Sep15New9G3y+ 8-0[33/1]Franklin D 12th of 34, 5.00L behind Third Time LuckyHayley Turner892
26Sep15Hay8S2y 9-0[16/1]School Fete 7th of 11, 12.25L behind OrmitoJ P Fahy5
26Sep15Hay8S2y 9-0[14/1]Forecaster 6th of 10, 9.62L behind ChicadoroA Kirby5
26Sep15Hay8S2y 9-0[14/1]Purple Raven 4th of 10, 6.06L behind ChicadoroK Fallon5
25Sep15Wol7A3y+ 9-3[14/1]Stone Roses 7th of 12, 6.50L behind Queen AggieJ P Fahy695
25Sep15Wol7A3-5y 9-0[11/2]Bella Blur 2nd of 6, nose behind Free OneJ P Fahy6
25Sep15Wol9A3y 9-3[12/1]Thunder In Myheart 8th of 11, 6.66L behind Robins PearlJ P Fahy715
25Sep15Hay10S3y+ 9-4[12/1]Rock Of Max 8th of 14, 8.50L behind OmotesandoHector Crouch705
25Sep15Hay8S3y+ 9-6[8/1]George Cinq 4th of 11, 3.25L behind Mitchum SwaggerLouis Steward893
25Sep15Hay12S3y+ 9-9[11/8F]Instant Karma 5th of 9, 4.25L behind Captain SwiftLouis Steward705
24Sep15Che8A3y+ 9-2[7/1]Le Rouquin pulled up in race won by ClaryJ P Spencer695
24Sep15New8GS3y+ Them And Us non-runnerJ P Spencer883
24Sep15New8GS2y 8-3[16/1]Strathearn 5th of 9, 5.06L behind BathosHayley Turner722
24Sep15New8GS2y 9-0[33/1]Towerlands Park 10th of 14, 15.75L behind MustajeerJ P Spencer4
22Sep15Lin10A3y+ 9-3[12/1]Midas Haze 7th of 11, 3.62L behind SpeculatorJ P Spencer646
21Sep15Kem12AA3y 9-4[8/1]Barefoot Dancer 2nd of 11, 0.75L behind Return AceA Kirby774
19Sep15New8GS3y+ Them And Us non-runnerWilliam Twiston-Davies882
19Sep15New12GS3y+ 8-12[8/1]Graceland 7th of 7, 12.00L behind BateelLouis Steward843
18Sep15New10S3y+ 9-4[2/1F]Berland 4th of 9, 6.25L behind Star SystemJ P Spencer844
18Sep15Ayr8G3y 9-4[9/1]Bipartisan 5th of 14, 8.00L behind Devious SpiritLouis Steward705
17Sep15Che8A3y+ 9-0[33/1]Bella Blur 6th of 10, 12.50L behind Lovely MemoryHayley Turner5
17Sep15Ayr13G3y+ 9-9[4/1]Instant Karma 3rd of 15, 1.88L behind Sir ChauvelinLouis Steward705
14Sep15Wol7A2y 9-6[7/1]Golden Hello 3rd of 11, 4.00L behind Opera BaronWilliam Twiston-Davies606
14Sep15Wol6A3y+ 9-5[5/1]On The Huh 8th of 13, 3.03L behind Miracle GardenLuke Morris556
13Sep15Ffo10GS3y+ 9-1[11/4]Sampera 4th of 6, 7.50L behind PerceivedLouis Steward764
11Sep15Don10G3y+ Berland non-runnerJ P Spencer843
10Sep15Che8A3y+ 8-2[16/1]Stone Roses 6th of 7, 7.03L behind AjaadatCameron Hardie714
10Sep15Eps10G3y 8-11[9/2]Strait Of Magellan 2nd of 8, nk behind AzzirLouis Steward685
10Sep15Che8GF3y+ 9-5[9/2]Niblawi 6th of 10, 4.50L behind Our QueenieDavid Probert755
10Sep15Che7GF2y 9-0[7/1]Forecaster 5th of 8, 3.50L behind Puzzled LookD Sweeney5
09Sep15Don7G3y Them And Us non-runnerNon Runner882
09Sep15Don5G2y+ 9-5[14/1]Touchline 4th of 12, 1.75L behind Cotai GloryJ P Spencer981
09Sep15Don7G2y 8-5[25/1]Show Legend 1st of 9, hd to King's PavilionAndrea Atzeni752
08Sep15Lei8G2y 9-0[33/1]Bocking End 4th of 12, 1.81L behind SepalWilliam Twiston-Davies4
07Sep15Win10G3y 9-7[14/1]Rock Of Max 3rd of 11, 2.25L behind Light WaveJ P Spencer705
07Sep15Win8G2y 9-6[5/1]Strathearn 4th of 9, 4.50L behind CartagoJ P Spencer745
07Sep15Win8G2y 9-5[4/1]Duck A L'orange 3rd of 14, 2.25L behind Four On EightJ P Spencer5
05Sep15Thi8GS3y+ 8-11[7/2]Bipartisan 1st of 8, nose to Amazing CharmLouis Steward674
04Sep15Kem16AA4y+ 9-6[5/1]Instant Karma 4th of 8, 7.19L behind ToddWilliam Twiston-Davies735
04Sep15Asc8GS3y+ 8-12[9/2]Franklin D 4th of 9, 2.25L behind ArthenusJ P Spencer893
04Sep15Hay7GS3y+ 9-3[16/1]George Cinq 3rd of 10, 1.50L behind PerilLouis Steward883
04Sep15New5GS3y+ 9-5[3/1]Malvia 2nd of 6, 2.5L behind Grand BeautyT Hamilton5
04Sep15Asc6GS2y 9-5[5/1]Taurean Star 1st of 16, hd to OperativeJ P Spencer4
03Sep15Che8A2y 9-3[3/1]Big Sky 4th of 7, 8.75L behind York MinsterLouis Steward695
02Sep15Bat10GS3y+ 8-5[11/2]Midas Haze 6th of 7, 9.50L behind Devonshire PlaceS De Sousa664
01Sep15Eps12S3y+ Strait Of Magellan non-runnerNon Runner685
30Aug15Yar7GS3y+ 8-10[14/1]On The Huh 6th of 10, 8.88L behind Venus MarinaJ P Spencer585
30Aug15Yar8GS3y+ 8-11[16/1]My Strategy 4th of 11, 5.50L behind Up In LightsLouis Steward744
29Aug15New6G3y 9-7[4/1]Them And Us 5th of 8, 6.53L behind Dragon KingJ P Spencer883
29Aug15New7G2y 9-5[12/1]Academy House 3rd of 6, 3.00L behind Drifting SpiritJ P Spencer843