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Last Winner   Only For Love (GB)
10/3Fav, Mr F Mitchell
Uttoxeter Thu, 5th May, 16
Runs Since Last Winner   1
Days Since Last Winner   1
Last Runner   Comely (GB)
3rd, 4/1, Jeremiah McGrath
Uttoxeter Thu, 5th May, 16

Nicky Henderson
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Last 90 Days (Flat)110100.00%€87211.44€11.00
Last 90 Days (N.H.)209285513.40%€1230699.58€-86.23
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Date CourseConditionsRace ResultJockeyORClass
05May16Utt16GS4-6y 10-8[4/1]Comely 3rd of 14, 1.81L behind G For GingerJeremiah McGrath5
05May16Utt16GS4-6y 10-7[10/3F]Only For Love 1st of 12, 2.75L to Isle Of EweMr F Mitchell5
05May16Utt16GS4y+ 10-11[5/2JF]Phobiaphiliac 2nd of 8, nk behind Going For BrokeJeremiah McGrath4
04May16Kel16G4-6y 10-12[11/2]Thomas Campbell 1st of 9, 14L to Uncle PercyN de Boinville5
04May16Kel16G4-6y 10-12[2/1F]Tales Of The Tweed 3rd of 9, 10.50L behind Mount MewsN de Boinville5
04May16Che19G4y+ 8-13[11/1]No Heretic 1st of 17, shd to NakeetaJ P Spencer932
03May16Exe17GF4-6y 10-12[13/8F]Swoop To Conquer 5th of 10, 10.13L behind ChallicoN de Boinville6
03May16Fak20G4y+ 11-0[11/4]Walt 3rd of 8, 7.50L behind CeporineN D Fehily3
02May16Kem16G4y+ 11-7[9/2]Forever Field 2nd of 14, 1.75L behind Brotherly CompanyMr H Hunt1154
02May16Kem18G5y+ 11-9[11/1]French Opera 7th of 9, 21.50L behind Dunraven StormA Tinkler1422
02May16Kem24G5y+ 11-7[10/1]Ericht 7th of 15, 25.00L behind Bob TuckerN de Boinville1353
02May16Kem21G4y+ 10-12[4/1]Granit pulled up in race won by Deciding MomentN de Boinville4
02May16Kem20G5y+ 11-0[2/1F]Days Of Heaven 1st of 5, 4L to Monsieur GibraltarN de Boinville3
02May16Kem16G4y+ 10-12[4/1]Barman 5th of 15, 17.00L behind DebeceN de Boinville4
30Apr16Utt23GS4y+ 11-4[25/1]Derksen pulled up in race won by Battle Of ShilohJeremiah McGrath1124
29Apr16Ban20G4y+ 10-13[4/7F]Newsworthy 1st of 7, 1.75L to Bennys KingN de Boinville1234
29Apr16Fon18G4y+ 10-12[9/4]Maestro Royal 2nd of 10, 10L behind BanyuPeter Carberry1243
29Apr16Pun20Y4y+ 11-10[10/1]O O Seven 2nd of 9, 10L behind Jer's GirlD J Mullins149
29Apr16Fon19G4y+ 11-2[8/1]Minstrel Royal 3rd of 13, 1.00L behind Vaillant CreekJeremiah McGrath1235
29Apr16Pun16Y4y+ 11-12[11/4]My Tent Or Yours 3rd of 6, 4.75L behind Vroum Vroum MagB J Geraghty163
29Apr16Pun21Y5y+ 10-12[7/1]Full Shift 7th of 15, 13.81L behind Avant ToutM P Walsh135
28Apr16Pun24Y4y+ 11-7[14/1]Cup Final 1st of 24, shd to Jury DutyR M Power137
27Apr16Pun20GY5y+ 10-12[12/1]Captain Conan 6th of 17, 15.00L behind Irish CavalierB J Geraghty141
27Apr16Pun20GY4y+ 11-6[8/1]Baden 3rd of 11, 2.25L behind Woodland OperaP Townend
26Apr16Pun16GY4-5y 11-4[8/11F]Jenkins 2nd of 16, 0.5L behind Coeur De LionMr P W Mullins
26Apr16Pun16GY5y+ 11-12[6/1]Simonsig 3rd of 7, 3.25L behind God's OwnB J Geraghty158
26Apr16Pun16GY4y+ 10-12[16/1]Cool Macavity 13th of 21, 15.75L behind Tempo MacDavid Bass129
26Apr16Pun16GY5y+ 11-12[20/1]Brain Power 3rd of 6, 5.00L behind Don't Touch ItD J Mullins133
23Apr16San20G4y+ 11-12[8/1]Kilcrea Vale 9th of 17, 13.00L behind MckinleyJeremiah McGrath1452
23Apr16San20G4y+ 11-5[16/1]Hunters Hoof 11th of 17, 19.00L behind MckinleyN de Boinville1382
23Apr16San20G4y+ 11-2[25/1]Close Touch 14th of 17, 31.50L behind MckinleyPeter Carberry1352
23Apr16San20G4y+ 11-2[25/1]Gold Present 13th of 17, 31.00L behind MckinleyDavid Bass1352
23Apr16San20G5y+ 11-12[7/1]Volnay De Thaix 2nd of 11, 1.25L behind Junction FourteenN de Boinville1452
23Apr16San21G4y+ 11-0[9/4]Vaniteux 3rd of 6, 3.25L behind Ptit ZigN de Boinville1501
23Apr16San29G5y+ 10-11[10/1]Hadrian's Approach 6th of 20, 8.56L behind The Young MasterN de Boinville1441
23Apr16San16G5y+ 11-7[11/10F]Sprinter Sacre 1st of 6, 15L to Un De SceauxN de Boinville1731
21Apr16Mar17GS4-6y 10-12[9/4]Polly's Pursuit 5th of 10, 9.25L behind NaranjaDavid Bass6
21Apr16Mar17GS4y+ 11-11[5/1]Quiet Candid 4th of 7, 25.75L behind Grimley GirlJeremiah McGrath1194
21Apr16War16G4-6y 11-2[10/3]Magic Bullet 4th of 11, 5.88L behind Clondaw CrackerN de Boinville6
19Apr16Lud16GS4-6y Whoshotwho non-runnerNon Runner4
19Apr16Kem21G4y+ 11-1[6/1]Clondaw Banker 7th of 14, 22.00L behind CottersrockJeremiah McGrath1243
19Apr16Kem21G4y+ 10-13[12/1]Special Agent 9th of 14, 48.50L behind CottersrockDavid Bass1223
19Apr16Lud24GS4y+ 11-6[9/2F]Towering 6th of 12, 13.63L behind AlzammaarN de Boinville1223
16Apr16Ayr32GS5y+ 11-2[8/1JF]Vyta Du Roc 5th of 28, 9.63L behind VicenteD A Jacob1451
16Apr16Ban23H5y+ 11-2[8/11F]Beware The Bear 1st of 3, 29L to Mahler LadJeremiah McGrath1205
15Apr16Ayr24S4y+ 11-12[8/1]Aigle De La See 4th of 10, 12.50L behind Arctic CourtD A Jacob1203
15Apr16Ayr20S5y+ 10-13[9/2]Full Shift 3rd of 7, 4.00L behind Definitly RedB J Geraghty1351
15Apr16Ayr24S4y+ 11-11[8/1]Birch Hill 9th of 9, 58.75L behind Gully's EdgeA Tinkler1263
15Apr16Fon25GS5y+ 10-12[6/5F]Lessons In Milan unseated rider in race won by Saint RoquePeter Carberry1344
14Apr16Che24S4y+ 11-1[8/1]Sugar Baron 15th of 19, 74.00L behind The EaglehaslandedDavid Bass1342
14Apr16Che20S4y+ 11-5[11/2JF]Robins Reef pulled up in race won by Briery BelleMr F Mitchell1321
14Apr16Che20S4y+ 11-0[9/1]Chocca Wocca 6th of 10, 14.50L behind Katie TooN de Boinville1
14Apr16Che20S4y+ 10-12[13/2]Omessa Has 9th of 10, 93.50L behind Katie TooD A Jacob1381
13Apr16Che17G4y+ 10-13[9/1]Lough Kent 4th of 14, 11.50L behind MinellaforleisureThomas Cheesman1263
13Apr16Che17G4y+ 10-12[11/2]Divine Spear 8th of 14, 12.78L behind MinellaforleisureNed Curtis1253
13Apr16Che20G4y+ 11-12[5/2F]Might Bite 7th of 16, 5.26L behind MatoricoN de Boinville1482
13Apr16Che20G4y+ 11-0[33/1]Bear's Affair 14th of 16, 16.39L behind MatoricoMr F Mitchell1412
13Apr16Che20G4y+ 11-2[14/1]Laurium 3rd of 16, 2.75L behind MatoricoDavid Bass1382
13Apr16Che20G4y+ 11-4[6/1]Premier Bond 7th of 8, 48.50L behind Mister MiyagiDavid Bass1362
10Apr16Mar17S4-6y 11-0[12/1]New Providence 7th of 7, 42.78L behind Mount MewsJeremiah McGrath6
09Apr16Che16S4-6y 11-0[5/1]Post War 6th of 11, 18.75L behind The Worlds EndA Tinkler6
09Apr16Ain16S4y+ 11-2[25/1]Nesterenko 6th of 17, 21.50L behind Ivan GroznyJeremiah McGrath1312
09Apr16Ain34S7y+ 11-0[50/1]Triolo D'alene 14th of 39, 196.25L behind Rule The WorldJeremiah McGrath1551
09Apr16Ain34S7y+ 10-6[50/1]Hadrian's Approach unseated rider in race won by Rule The WorldN de Boinville1471
09Apr16Ain25S4y+ 11-7[5/1]Different Gravey 5th of 6, 16.75L behind ThistlecrackN de Boinville1601
08Apr16Ain21GS5y+ 11-8[16/1]Cocktails At Dawn fell in race won by EastlakeN de Boinville1531
08Apr16Ain16GS4y+ 11-4[11/4]Buveur D'air 1st of 11, nk to Petit MouchoirN D Fehily1521
08Apr16Ain20GS4y+ 11-12[20/1]Theinval 9th of 22, 29.19L behind Party RockJeremiah McGrath1481
07Apr16Tau16G4-6y New Providence non-runnerA Tinkler5
07Apr16Tau16G4-6y 10-5[3/1]Only For Love 2nd of 7, 1.75L behind Show On The RoadMr F Mitchell5
07Apr16Ain17GS4-6y 11-0[14/1]Kayf Grace 1st of 17, 0.5L to Augusta KateN de Boinville1
07Apr16Ain17GS4-6y 11-0[33/1]Theatre Territory 11th of 17, 41.38L behind Kayf GraceDavid Bass1
07Apr16Tau19G4y+ Nesterenko non-runnerA Tinkler1323
07Apr16Ain20GS4y+ 11-7[9/1]My Tent Or Yours 2nd of 6, 18L behind Annie PowerB J Geraghty1621
07Apr16Ain17GS4y 11-0[28/1]Khezerabad pulled up in race won by Apple's JadeN de Boinville1
07Apr16Ain20GS5y+ 11-4[9/2]L'ami Serge 2nd of 8, 8L behind ArzalD A Jacob1531
07Apr16Ain20GS5y+ 11-4[12/1]Volnay De Thaix 5th of 8, 34.75L behind ArzalN de Boinville1
05Apr16Lud16GS4y+ 11-0[8/1]Forever Field 4th of 11, 13.50L behind King MuroPeter Carberry1153
05Apr16Lud21GS4y+ 10-12[16/1]Wishing Wind 5th of 10, 17.75L behind UnbuckledN de Boinville4
04Apr16War16S4-6y 10-6[9/2]River Of Intrigue 3rd of 9, 14.50L behind Aintree My DreamAlan Doyle6
03Apr16Asc19GS4y+ 11-2[10/11F]What's The Scoop 5th of 13, 25.94L behind Dark FlameN de Boinville4
02Apr16New16G4-6y 11-2[16/1]Le Dauphin 4th of 15, 25.75L behind JenkinsPeter Carberry6
02Apr16New16G4-6y 10-10[7/2JF]Jenkins 1st of 15, 9L to Cash AgainDavid Bass6
02Apr16New16G4y+ 11-0[6/1]No Heretic 3rd of 15, 7.75L behind Ozzie The OscarN de Boinville4
02Apr16New16G4y+ 11-0[20/1]Vaillant Nonantais 5th of 15, 23.00L behind Ozzie The OscarA Tinkler4
01Apr16New16GS4y+ 11-9[6/1]Close Touch 4th of 7, 23.00L behind Thunder SheikN de Boinville1402
01Apr16New21GS4y+ 11-0[50/1]Granit pulled up in race won by BigbadjohnA Tinkler3
28Mar16Fak16S4-6y 11-4[1/5F]Kayf Grace 1st of 5, 53L to IndulgenceN de Boinville4
28Mar16Hun16S4-6y 10-9[5/6F]Bardd 2nd of 5, 6L behind Laval NoirA Tinkler6
28Mar16Hun16S4y 11-3[11/8]Red Hammer 1st of 3, hd to Magic DancerD A Jacob1114
27Mar16Aut18G4y 10-10[4/6F]Protek Des Flos 2nd of 7, 0.5L behind Saint Goustan BlueJ Reveley137
26Mar16Hay16G4-6y 11-2[1/1F]River Wylde 3rd of 12, 3.75L behind ElginN de Boinville5
24Mar16Lud16G4-6y 11-0[5/1]New Member 3rd of 14, 9.75L behind Ridgeway FlyerN de Boinville4
23Mar16War16G4-6y 11-4[9/1]Phobiaphiliac 5th of 18, 9.25L behind Robin RoeJeremiah McGrath6
23Mar16War16G4-6y 11-4[25/1]Post War 3rd of 18, 3.50L behind Robin RoeN de Boinville6
23Mar16Hay19G4-8y 11-9[9/2]Birch Hill 2nd of 5, 0.75L behind SharpasaknifeA Tinkler1223
23Mar16Hay19G4-8y 11-2[9/2]Beware The Bear 3rd of 5, 4.25L behind SharpasaknifeMr F Mitchell1203
23Mar16War21G4y+ 11-1[50/1]Bellator pulled up in race won by Walking In The AirPeter Carberry4
23Mar16War21G4y+ 11-1[33/1]Derksen 11th of 17, 86.63L behind Walking In The AirJeremiah McGrath4
23Mar16War21G4y+ 11-1[16/1]Neumond 10th of 17, 63.63L behind Walking In The AirN de Boinville4
22Mar16Wet24GS5y+ 10-12[13/8]Lessons In Milan 3rd of 3, 16.00L behind BallycullaPeter Carberry1383
21Mar16Tau16G4y+ 11-10[7/4]Nesterenko 1st of 5, 0.75L to Vicenzo MioN de Boinville1293
19Mar16Utt16S4-6y 11-4[5/2]Stowaway Magic 4th of 11, 17.50L behind Mr Big ShotNed Curtis4
19Mar16Kem16G4-6y 11-3[20/1]Tower Of Allen pulled up in race won by Mere IronmongerN de Boinville5
19Mar16Kem16G4-6y 11-3[12/1]Walt 14th of 17, 45.06L behind Mere IronmongerN D Fehily5
19Mar16Fon18G4y+ 11-2[7/1]Maestro Royal 2nd of 9, 6L behind Karinga DancerPeter Carberry1243
19Mar16Kem21G4y+ 11-12[8/1]Might Bite 1st of 17, 8L to Simply A LegendN de Boinville1382
19Mar16Kem21G4y+ 11-10[18/1]Gold Present 6th of 17, 35.25L behind Might BiteJeremiah McGrath1362
19Mar16Kem21G4y+ 11-7[22/1]Champagne Express pulled up in race won by Might BiteA Tinkler1332
19Mar16Kem16G4y+ 11-6[2/5F]Brain Power 1st of 14, 1.5L to Imperial PresenceB J Geraghty1344
19Mar16Utt20S4y+ 11-3[2/1]Pougne Bobbi 2nd of 10, 10L behind BallyopticMr F Mitchell4
18Mar16Che16G5y+ 10-12[12/1]Lough Kent 10th of 24, 12.50L behind Solar ImpulseN de Boinville1381
18Mar16Che20G4y+ 11-9[50/1]Bivouac pulled up in race won by Ibis Du RheuMr F Mitchell1412
18Mar16Che20G4y+ 11-6[20/1]Laurium unseated rider in race won by Ibis Du RheuJeremiah McGrath1382
18Mar16Che17G5y+ 11-0[22/1]Cardinal Walter 10th of 26, 11.50L behind Superb StoryA Tinkler1401
18Mar16Che17G4y 11-0[33/1]Consul De Thaix 10th of 15, 23.50L behind Ivanovich GorbatovM P Walsh1
17Mar16Che26G5y+ 11-2[33/1]Ericht pulled up in race won by Cause Of CausesMr D G Lavery1352
17Mar16Che17G4y+ 11-7[7/1]Bloody Mary 3rd of 16, 7.00L behind LiminiB J Geraghty1
17Mar16Che17G4y+ 11-2[10/1]Chocca Wocca 10th of 16, 23.50L behind LiminiN de Boinville1
17Mar16Che17G4y+ 11-2[25/1]Robins Reef 4th of 16, 7.50L behind LiminiA Tinkler1251
17Mar16Che21G5y+ 11-3[40/1]Bear's Affair brought down in race won by Empire Of DirtPeter Carberry1481
17Mar16Che21G5y+ 10-4[7/1]Full Shift 4th of 22, 7.75L behind Empire Of DirtM P Walsh1351
17Mar16Che24G4y+ 11-10[33/1]Bobs Worth 3rd of 12, 29.00L behind ThistlecrackD Bass1501
17Mar16Che24G4y+ 11-10[9/1]Whisper 8th of 12, 45.75L behind ThistlecrackN de Boinville1641
17Mar16Che21G5y+ 11-10[100/1]Captain Conan 12th of 15, 49.50L behind VautourA Tinkler1471
17Mar16Che21G5y+ 11-10[20/1]Josses Hill 8th of 15, 22.25L behind VautourN de Boinville1581
17Mar16Che24G5y+ 10-11[9/1]Cup Final pulled up in race won by Mall DiniM P Walsh1391
17Mar16Che24G5y+ 10-10[25/1]Broxbourne 7th of 24, 6.88L behind Mall DiniN de Boinville1381
17Mar16Che20G5y+ 11-4[8/1]L'ami Serge 3rd of 9, 4.00L behind Black HerculesN de Boinville1481
16Mar16Che16G4-6y 11-5[50/1]Rather Be 9th of 23, 0 behind BallyandyA Tinkler1
16Mar16Che16G4y 11-10[8/1]Fixe Le Kap 8th of 22, 10.38L behind Diego du CharmilD A Jacob1421
16Mar16Che16G5y+ 11-10[5/1]Sprinter Sacre 1st of 10, 3.5L to Un De SceauxN de Boinville1701
16Mar16Che21G4y+ 11-7[40/1]Volnay De Thaix 15th of 26, 10.59L behind Diamond KingMr F Mitchell1581
16Mar16Che21G4y+ 11-7[25/1]Call The Cops 17th of 26, 16.84L behind Diamond KingA Tinkler1531
16Mar16Che21G4y+ 11-3[33/1]Theinval 14th of 26, 9.09L behind Diamond KingJeremiah McGrath1491
16Mar16Che21G4y+ 10-9[33/1]Days Of Heaven 23rd of 26, 60.90L behind Diamond KingD Bass1411
16Mar16Che21G4y+ 10-7[14/1]Hunters Hoof 16th of 26, 13.84L behind Diamond KingN de Boinville1391
16Mar16Che24G5y+ 11-4[12/1]Vyta Du Roc 5th of 8, 10.50L behind BlaklionD A Jacob1451
16Mar16Che21G4y+ 11-7[20/1]O O Seven 8th of 11, 23.31L behind YorkhillA Tinkler1501
15Mar16Che20GS4y+ 11-5[6/1]Polly Peachum 10th of 19, 19.50L behind Vroum Vroum MagD Bass1491
15Mar16Che16GS4y+ 11-10[16/1]Hargam 10th of 12, 50.88L behind Annie PowerM P Walsh1571
15Mar16Che16GS4y+ 11-10[10/1]My Tent Or Yours 2nd of 12, 4.5L behind Annie PowerB J Geraghty1611
15Mar16Che16GS4y+ 11-10[16/1]Peace And Co pulled up in race won by Annie PowerN de Boinville1571
15Mar16Che16GS4y+ 11-10[66/1]Sign Of A Victory 8th of 12, 22.63L behind Annie PowerA Tinkler1531
15Mar16Che16GS4y+ 11-10[14/1]Top Notch 5th of 12, 9.63L behind Annie PowerD A Jacob1581
15Mar16Che16GS5y+ 11-4[8/1]Vaniteux unseated rider in race won by DouvanN de Boinville1521
15Mar16Che16GS4y+ 11-7[4/1]Altior 1st of 14, 7L to MinN de Boinville1551
15Mar16Che16GS4y+ 11-7[10/1]Buveur D'air 3rd of 14, 8.50L behind AltiorN D Fehily1541
12Mar16San20S4-7y 11-4[11/1]Divine Spear 10th of 18, 27.13L behind Barney DwanN de Boinville1271
11Mar16San16H4y+ 11-1[7/2]What's The Scoop 2nd of 4, 6L behind Starving MarvinB J Geraghty4
07Mar16Lin16H4-6y 11-2[9/2]Good Idea 5th of 9, 8.25L behind Peggies VentureJeremiah McGrath6
06Mar16Hun16S4y+ 10-10[5/4JF]Red Hammer 2nd of 7, 2.75L behind CenturiusD A Jacob4
05Mar16New16S4-5y 11-7[6/1]Cultivator 10th of 14, 16.53L behind Sam's AdventureN de Boinville2
05Mar16New16S4y+ 11-3[7/2]Saint Charles 5th of 11, 28.50L behind Gala BallB J Geraghty1313
05Mar16Don24S4y+ Bear's Affair non-runnerNon Runner1412
05Mar16Don24S4y+ 10-13[5/2]Sugar Baron 1st of 5, 2.25L to ZeroeshadesofgreyD Bass1292
04Mar16New16GS4-6y 10-10[3/1]Only For Love 3rd of 9, 5.75L behind CanoodleMr F Mitchell6
04Mar16New22GS5y+ 11-6[15/2]Special Agent 7th of 12, 34.50L behind MystifiableD Bass1234
04Mar16New21GS5y+ 10-12[10/1]Coole Charmer 6th of 10, 61.75L behind Hell's KitchenN D Fehily4
02Mar16Ban20H4y+ 11-2[4/1]Bellator pulled up in race won by Bryden BoyN de Boinville5
27Feb16Kem16GS4-6y 11-2[7/1]Berce 11th of 11, 29.75L behind BolvingN de Boinville5
27Feb16Kem16GS4-6y 11-2[16/1]Vaillant Nonantais 6th of 11, 8.50L behind BolvingA Tinkler5
27Feb16Kem20GS5y+ 11-9[5/1]Ericht 1st of 11, 5L to CernunnosN de Boinville1263
27Feb16Kem21GS4y+ 11-10[15/8F]Clean Sheet 6th of 13, 15.50L behind Poker SchoolB J Geraghty1333
27Feb16Kem24GS5y+ 11-0[20/1]Hadrian's Approach 7th of 15, 15.25L behind Theatre GuideN de Boinville1471
27Feb16Kem16GS4y 10-12[8/1]Khezerabad 3rd of 7, 4.50L behind ZubayrD A Jacob1
25Feb16Hun21GS4y+ 11-4[4/1]Minstrel Royal 5th of 11, 42.00L behind Treaty GirlD Bass5
25Feb16Hun21GS4y+ 11-4[40/1]Derksen 6th of 12, 20.00L behind Board Of TradeJeremiah McGrath5
25Feb16Hun21GS4y+ 11-4[9/2]Neumond 7th of 12, 20.75L behind Board Of TradeN de Boinville5
24Feb16Don17G4-6y 11-9[11/8]Rather Be 2nd of 9, 0.5L behind Snow LeopardessA Tinkler6
24Feb16Don24G1-0y 11-12[14/1]French Opera 9th of 10, 26.50L behind Saint AreA Tinkler1472
24Feb16Don17G4-7y 11-8[8/11F]Divine Spear 3rd of 15, 2.56L behind Chic TheatreN de Boinville1274
21Feb16Mar19S4y+ 11-12[6/1]Clemency pulled up in race won by Card GameA Tinkler1154
21Feb16Mar17S4y+ 11-2[8/15F]Chocca Wocca 1st of 9, nk to Awesome RosieN de Boinville4
20Feb16Asc16S4-6y 10-13[15/8JF]Theatre Territory 2nd of 8, 3.25L behind TearsofclewbayMr S Waley-Cohen4
20Feb16Asc24S4y+ 11-12[15/2]Aigle De La See 12th of 14, 97.50L behind Bangkok PeteD A Jacob1253
20Feb16Asc21S5y+ 11-7[5/1]Triolo D'alene 5th of 8, 54.25L behind Silviniaco ContiJeremiah McGrath1551
20Feb16Asc21S5y+ 11-0[8/1]Ma Filleule pulled up in race won by Silviniaco ContiD A Jacob1501
20Feb16Asc19S4y+ 11-12[5/1]Different Gravey 1st of 9, 16L to FingertipsN de Boinville1492
20Feb16Asc24S5y+ 11-0[9/2]Vyta Du Roc 1st of 6, 0.5L to Minella RoccoD A Jacob1451
20Feb16Hay16H4y 11-6[1/4F]Fixe Le Kap 2nd of 4, 0.75L behind FrodonD Bass1452
20Feb16Asc19S5y+ 11-5[9/4]Premier Bond 4th of 5, 7.25L behind Yala EnkiN de Boinville1372
19Feb16San16H4y+ 11-0[2/7F]Protek Des Flos 1st of 9, 4.5L to Starving MarvinN D Fehily4
18Feb16Fon14H4-6y 10-8[7/4]River Of Intrigue 2nd of 5, 1.25L behind Admiral KidAlan Doyle6
18Feb16Kel18H4y+ 11-4[4/11F]Top Notch 1st of 4, 12L to One For HarryD A Jacob1582
14Feb16Exe17H4y+ Buveur D'air non-runnerN D Fehily1541
13Feb16New16H5y+ L'ami Serge non-runner2 Preference1
13Feb16New16H5y+ 11-0[15/2]Captain Conan 3rd of 4, 37.00L behind Top GambleA Tinkler1501
13Feb16War16S5y+ 11-4[1/5F]L'ami Serge 2nd of 3, 11L behind Violet DancerD A Jacob1
13Feb16New24H4y+ 11-2[6/1]Argocat 8th of 8, 29.00L behind Count Guido DeiroD Bass1342
13Feb16New16H4y+ 11-2[16/1]Argante 3rd of 7, 11.50L behind Meet The LegendN de Boinville3
12Feb16Kem16S4-6y 11-4[8/1]Le Dauphin 4th of 15, 13.53L behind Stowaway MagicD Bass5
12Feb16Kem16S4-6y 11-4[5/1]Stowaway Magic 1st of 15, 1.5L to OnthewesternfrontN de Boinville5
12Feb16Kem16S4-6y 11-4[10/1]Walt 6th of 15, 17.28L behind Stowaway MagicN D Fehily5
12Feb16Kem16S4-6y 11-4[11/2]Fell Runner 15th of 15, 100.88L behind Sir Antony BrowneN de Boinville5
12Feb16Kem16S4-6y 11-4[7/2F]Peppay Le Pugh 4th of 15, 4.63L behind Sir Antony BrowneN D Fehily5
12Feb16Kem16S4-6y 11-4[11/1]Phobiaphiliac 6th of 15, 12.38L behind Sir Antony BrowneJeremiah McGrath5
12Feb16Kem16S4-6y 11-4[20/1]Whoshotwho 3rd of 15, 2.38L behind Sir Antony BrowneA Tinkler5
12Feb16Kem20S5y+ 11-0[10/11F]Josses Hill 1st of 4, 8L to God's OwnN de Boinville1582
12Feb16Kem21S4y+ 11-4[9/2]What's The Scoop 5th of 13, 11.25L behind BallyhenryB J Geraghty4
11Feb16Hun16GS4-6y 10-12[6/4F]Bright Eyes 6th of 11, 39.75L behind Beyond MeasureA Tinkler6
11Feb16Don19GS5y+ 11-0[10/3]Blue Fashion 6th of 6, 76.00L behind NexiusD Bass1394
11Feb16Hun20GS4y+ 11-4[13/8F]Minella Awards 5th of 6, 18.75L behind Ma du FouN D Fehily1
11Feb16Hun20GS4y+ 11-2[11/1]One For The Guv'nr unseated rider in race won by Baoulet DelaroqueA Tinkler1352
11Feb16Hun20GS4y+ 11-0[5/1]Champagne Express pulled up in race won by Baoulet DelaroqueN de Boinville1332
11Feb16Hun20GS4y+ 10-8[16/1]Maestro Royal 7th of 13, 33.13L behind Baoulet DelaroquePeter Carberry1272
11Feb16Don20GS4-7y 11-2[5/2F]Newsworthy 2nd of 11, 10L behind Rock On OscarB J Geraghty4
07Feb16Mus26S5y+ 11-11[8/1]Call The Cops 8th of 10, 9.91L behind Cup FinalA Tinkler1532
07Feb16Mus26S5y+ 10-4[11/8F]Cup Final 1st of 10, 1.5L to Warriors TaleB J Geraghty1322
07Feb16Mus24S4y+ 11-13[11/10F]O O Seven 1st of 4, 0.75L to FaganA Tinkler1452
07Feb16Mus16S4y+ 11-5[5/1]Days Of Heaven 7th of 11, 18.75L behind ShrewdB J Geraghty1431
07Feb16Mus16S4y+ 11-1[11/2]Cardinal Walter 3rd of 11, 2.75L behind ShrewdA Tinkler1391
07Feb16Mus16S5y+ 11-11[5/2F]Full Shift pulled up in race won by Chestnut BenB J Geraghty1353
07Feb16Mus16S4y+ 11-8[5/4F]Brain Power 2nd of 8, 11L behind CharbelB J Geraghty2
06Feb16San20S4y+ 11-12[7/2CF]Birch Hill 3rd of 9, 25.50L behind Pinnacle PandaA Tinkler1243
06Feb16San16S4y+ 11-4[4/7F]Peace And Co 3rd of 4, 2.25L behind ConnetableD A Jacob1591