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Pollardstown The Curragh Co Kildare

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Last Winner   Red Ivy (IRE)
5/4Fav, C D Hayes
Navan Wed, 22nd Oct, 14
Runs Since Last Winner   3
Days Since Last Winner   9
Last Runner   Magic Of Christmas (IRE)
4th, 11/2Fav, C D Hayes
Leopardstown Sat, 25th Oct, 14
RunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Last 90 Days (Flat)764125.26%€114612.50€-37.75
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Date CourseConditionsRace ResultJockeyOR
25Oct14Leo8YS2y 9-5[11/2F]Magic Of Christmas 4th of 20, 1.51L behind Duke EllingtonC D Hayes70
24Oct14Dun5A2y 9-9[10/3F]Miss Temple 3rd of 8, 0.63L behind Anonymous LadyC D Hayes71
24Oct14Dun7A3y+ 8-4[20/1]Yes I Am 12th of 14, 8.10L behind Captain JoyC D Hayes76
22Oct14Nav6S2y 9-0[5/4F]Red Ivy 1st of 10, 1.5L to Shanghai BeautyC D Hayes83
19Oct14Naa12GY3y+ 8-13[16/1]Aussie Valentine 8th of 16, 5.03L behind Rocky BleierC D Hayes90
19Oct14Naa8GY3y+ 9-0[5/1]Avenue Gabriel 1st of 15, Fastnet MistC D Hayes103
19Oct14Naa6GY2y 8-11[8/1]Red Ivy 5th of 16, 5.51L behind Captain My CaptainC D Hayes83
19Oct14Naa6GY2y 9-5[25/1]Sakhees Jack 11th of 17, 14.47L behind Endless DramaE J McNamara
18Oct14Cor8S2y 8-12[16/1]Royal Distinction 10th of 15, 8.26L behind Sarah JoyceC T Keane73
18Oct14Cor8S2y 8-8[12/1]Magic Of Christmas 3rd of 15, 0.26L behind Sarah JoyceM C Hussey69
18Oct14Cor8S2y 7-13[25/1]Duke Of Medina 7th of 15, 5.26L behind Sarah JoyceR P Downey60
18Oct14Cor8S3y+ 9-12[2/1F]Sruthan 2nd of 9, 0.5L behind Sun On The RunC D Hayes111
18Oct14Cor7S2y 9-5[20/1]Caution 5th of 15, 9.50L behind MandamusC D Hayes
17Oct14Dun11A3y+ 9-5[1/1F]Prince Of All 4th of 7, 4.63L behind Chance To DanceC D Hayes109
17Oct14Dun8A3y+ 9-0[12/1]Yes I Am 9th of 12, 9.75L behind Strait Of ZanzibarC D Hayes79
12Oct14Cur7Y2y 9-5[20/1]Master Rule 7th of 22, 5.63L behind Royal Navy ShipC D Hayes
12Oct14Cur7Y2y 9-0[16/1]Corail 2nd of 23, 0.5L behind DevonshireC D Hayes
12Oct14Cur7Y2y 9-0[66/1]Marol 11th of 23, 8.59L behind DevonshireF Lynch
10Oct14Dun7A2y 8-12[8/1]Rest Assured 6th of 14, 3.50L behind Liffey ViewC D Hayes63
10Oct14Dun7A2y Duke Of Medina non-runner (Reserve) 60
10Oct14Dun7A2y 8-7[33/1]Nice Vintage 11th of 14, 9.91L behind Liffey ViewW M Lordan58
08Oct14Nav10Y3y+ 8-6[14/1]Mistiness 13th of 17, 18.81L behind BazaarP K Donovan69
08Oct14Nav8Y2y Sakhees Jack non-runner (Reserve)
05Oct14Tip7G3y+ 9-8[2/1F]Sruthan 3rd of 8, 1.75L behind Big BreakC D Hayes111
03Oct14Dun11A3y+ 9-3[4/1]Prince Of All 2nd of 8, 0.5L behind Cat O'mountainC D Hayes109
03Oct14Dun7A2y 9-0[50/1]Rest Assured 10th of 12, 6.38L behind OrciaC D Hayes
03Oct14Dun8A2y 8-8[7/1]Magic Of Christmas 4th of 13, 3.63L behind Manny OwensW M Lordan
30Sep14Fai6GF2y Heritage Island non-runner (exported)
30Sep14Fai6GF2y 9-0[20/1]Miss Temple 3rd of 12, 3.75L behind Buenos Y BobosC D Hayes
29Sep14Ros7G3y+ 9-8[20/1]Yes I Am 10th of 15, 8.38L behind HensonC O'Donoghue81
29Sep14Ros7G2y 9-0[25/1]Shine On 7th of 15, 12.00L behind Military AngelC D Hayes
28Sep14Cur12GF3y+ 11-10[7/1]Papa's Way 13th of 14, 19.75L behind Hurricane RidgeMr S Crawford80
28Sep14Cur6GF2y 8-12[80/1]Rest Assured 6th of 6, 14.75L behind The Great WarW M Lordan
28Sep14Cur7GF2y 9-5[20/1]Caution 14th of 21, 8.35L behind PortageC D Hayes
28Sep14Cur7GF2y 9-5[50/1]Sakhees Jack 13th of 21, 8.29L behind PortageR P Whelan
26Sep14Dun12A4y+ 9-10[4/1]Papa's Way 11th of 14, 10.75L behind WaverP K Donovan80
26Sep14Dun8A2y 9-4[11/1]Red Haired Mary 12th of 14, 10.63L behind Private PartyC D Hayes69
26Sep14Dun8A2y Duke Of Medina non-runner (Reserve) 60
26Sep14Dun8A2y Nice Vintage non-runner (Reserve) 58
26Sep14Dun6A2y 8-5[9/2]Red Ivy 4th of 14, 3.75L behind SorsC P Hoban
21Sep14Gow8GF2y 9-0[50/1]Marol 15th of 16, 21.66L behind Together ForeverW J Lee
17Sep14Lis7G3y 9-11[13/2]Yes I Am 6th of 9, 6.00L behind AbushamahP K Donovan84
16Sep14Lis8GF3y+ 9-8[11/2]Talitha Kum 8th of 9, 5.28L behind Kanes PassC D Hayes87
16Sep14Lis8GF2y 9-0[20/1]Hassah 1st of 11, 7.5L to Magic Of ChristmasC O'Donoghue
16Sep14Lis8GF2y 9-0[7/1]Magic Of Christmas 2nd of 11, 7.5L behind HassahC D Hayes
15Sep14Lis6GF2y Rest Assured non-runner (Reserve)
13Sep14Leo10GF3y+ 9-0[13/2]Prince Of All 4th of 10, 8.00L behind Free EagleC D Hayes110
12Sep14Dow18GF3y+ 9-7[9/1]Papa's Way 3rd of 13, 3.25L behind Notable GraduateP K Donovan80
12Sep14Dow13GF3y+ 8-6[7/1]Hallo Rosie 7th of 14, 5.62L behind MahrajaanP K Donovan51
12Sep14Dow7GF2y 8-13[7/1]Nice Vintage 6th of 7, 10.00L behind Wee MonsterC D Hayes
08Sep14Gal8G2y 9-5[100/1]Duke Of Medina 11th of 15, 13.12L behind Archangel RaphaelW M Lordan
03Sep14Gow7G2y 9-5[50/1]Duke Of Medina 15th of 16, 18.63L behind BaldonnelC O'Donoghue
01Sep14Ros7G2y 9-0[13/2]Corail 6th of 15, 5.94L behind VocaliserC D Hayes
01Sep14Ros7G2y 9-0[50/1]Rest Assured 10th of 15, 12.97L behind VocaliserC O'Donoghue
31Aug14Cur8GY2y 9-0[20/1]Hassah 6th of 7, 35.25L behind Jack NaylorC D Hayes
30Aug14Wex12G3y+ 8-6[7/1]Hallo Rosie 5th of 11, 9.00L behind Gold FocusC P Hoban52
27Aug14Bel8S2y 9-5[33/1]Duke Of Medina 15th of 15, 23.19L behind Havanna BelleC D Hayes
27Aug14Bel8S2y 8-3[50/1]Magic Of Christmas 5th of 15, 5.50L behind Havanna BelleS Corby
27Aug14Bel8S2y 8-8[25/1]Nice Vintage 12th of 15, 12.44L behind Havanna BelleM C Hussey
24Aug14Cur10GF3y 8-12[100/1]Law Equity 14th of 14, 29.50L behind AdjustedP K Donovan
24Aug14Cur16GF3y+ 9-6[20/1]Papa's Way 6th of 15, 5.06L behind KalannC D Hayes81
22Aug14Kil8G3y 9-6[10/3]Yes I Am 4th of 5, 3.25L behind Fiscal FocusC O'Donoghue
22Aug14Kil8G2y 8-10[4/1]Red Haired Mary 7th of 7, 31.00L behind Rule The WavesC D Hayes69
21Aug14Kil8G2y 9-0[25/1]Nice Vintage 7th of 9, 8.13L behind Bleu Ciel Et RougeC D Hayes
18Aug14Ros7GF3y+ 9-6[18/1]Talitha Kum 10th of 13, 8.34L behind Kanes PassP K Donovan89
18Aug14Ros7GF2y Duke Of Medina non-runner (declared in error)
17Aug14Dun7A2y 8-11[20/1]Miss Temple 8th of 9, 14.19L behind QualifyL F Roche
14Aug14Leo9S3y+ 9-4[20/1]Whimsical 5th of 6, 7.75L behind MassingaR P Downey91
14Aug14Leo8S3y+ 9-12[13/2]Sruthan 3rd of 9, 2.75L behind Custom CutC D Hayes111
14Aug14Tra12Y3y 8-9[5/2F]Hallo Rosie 4th of 8, 20.00L behind Little StampyP K Donovan52
13Aug14Gow7GY2y 8-9[7/1]Red Haired Mary 3rd of 9, 4.00L behind The Ice MeisterC D Hayes70
13Aug14Gow7GY2y 8-7[40/1]Nice Vintage 7th of 11, 13.50L behind Success DaysP K Donovan
10Aug14Cur8S2y 9-5[66/1]Royal Distinction 6th of 12, 9.75L behind John F KennedyC O'Donoghue
08Aug14Tip7GF2y Corail withdrawn (withdrawn at start on veterinary advice) C D Hayes
07Aug14Leo9Y3y+ 9-5[16/1]Law Equity 9th of 11, 24.25L behind IllusiveC D Hayes
07Aug14Leo7Y2y 9-5[10/1]Park Rebel 3rd of 10, 6.25L behind Vert De GreceC D Hayes
06Aug14Sli12S3y 8-10[8/1]Hallo Rosie 1st of 8, nk to Uncharted WatersC D Hayes47
06Aug14Sli10S3y+ 9-7[10/1]Whimsical 6th of 9, 25.00L behind Queen Of AlbaC D Hayes92
06Aug14Sli6S3y+ 9-8[5/1]Caprella 6th of 8, 6.32L behind FootprintC D Hayes84
05Aug14Cor8YS3y+ Prince Of All non-runner (change in going) 110
05Aug14Cor6YS2y 9-0[12/1]Miss Temple 7th of 13, 11.75L behind BlackbriarC D Hayes
04Aug14Naa7GY3y+ 9-9[7/2JF]Caprella 4th of 7, 2.50L behind Strait Of ZanzibarC D Hayes84
04Aug14Naa7GY2y 9-5[50/1]Royal Distinction 11th of 15, 11.16L behind Parish BoyC O'Donoghue
04Aug14Naa7GY2y 9-0[33/1]Full Of Beauty 8th of 15, 6.88L behind Parish BoyC D Hayes
04Aug14Naa7GY2y 9-0[20/1]Red Haired Mary 5th of 15, 6.25L behind Parish BoyP J Smullen