HorseTrackerS R B Crawford

Newlands Farm Larne Co Antrim

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Last Winner   Elusive Theatre (IRE)
9/2, Mr J P McKeown
Navan Sat, 2nd Apr, 16
Runs Since Last Winner   43
Days Since Last Winner   59
Last Runner   Jimmy Breekie (IRE)
2nd, 4/1, Mr N McParlan
Down Royal Fri, 27th May, 16

S R B Crawford
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Date CourseConditionsRace ResultJockeyORClass
27May16Dow16G4-7y 11-11[4/1]Jimmy Breekie 2nd of 16, 1.5L behind Bosco Di AlcoMr N McParlan
27May16Dow16G4-7y 11-7[7/1]Well Joey 6th of 16, 18.50L behind Bosco Di AlcoMr B G Crawford
27May16Dow20G5y+ 11-7[10/1]Strongpoint 4th of 9, 12.50L behind KylestyleMr N McParlan121
27May16Dow20G5y+ 11-7[20/1]Indy Island pulled up in race won by DuckweedR C Colgan
27May16Dow20G5y+ 11-7[20/1]Legacy Phoenix 6th of 8, 99.75L behind DuckweedK M Donoghue
27May16Dow16G5y+ 11-4[10/1]Carnduff 13th of 20, 32.26L behind WakeaR C Colgan
27May16Dow16G5y+ 10-8[50/1]Tazara 19th of 20, 118.76L behind WakeaP E Corbett
26May16Ban17G4y+ 10-12[7/4F]Siena Bouquet 2nd of 7, 5L behind Lily YeatsR Johnson4
24May16Hex16G4y+ 9-11[3/1F]Tish Hall 7th of 10, 36.50L behind Magnolia RidgeMr Stan Sheppard745
24May16Hex24G5y+ 11-2[9/2F]Suzy's Music 5th of 11, 13.50L behind SharivarryS A Shortall925
24May16Hex20G4y+ 10-7[20/1]Bankhall 4th of 9, 7.75L behind Another BillW J Boyes5
23May16Sli18GY4y 11-0[16/1]Largy Bull 11th of 15, 25.25L behind Belle HeleneMr B O'Neill
23May16Sli18GY4y 10-7[33/1]Mr Clarkson 6th of 15, 11.25L behind Belle HeleneMr J P O'Sullivan
23May16Sli18GY4y 10-7[14/1]Carnspindle 4th of 15, 3.50L behind Belle HeleneMr S Crawford
23May16Sli20GY4y+ 11-1[11/1]A Touch Of Sparkle slipped up in race won by The Mad WellR C Colgan91
15May16Kil17G4y+ 11-7[6/1]Legacy Gold 3rd of 6, 14.25L behind Missy TataR C Colgan139
11May16Per20G4y+ A Touch Of Sparkle non-runnerCraig Nichol5
08May16Lim19GY5y+ 11-12[10/1]Dr Moloney 5th of 16, 6.00L behind Blazing BeaconD N Russell109
08May16Lim19GY4-6y 11-7[33/1]Siena Bouquet 4th of 15, 20.50L behind Billy's HopeR C Colgan
07May16Hex24G5y+ 10-5[10/1]Suzy's Music 3rd of 14, 0.63L behind Maz MajeccG B Watters924
06May16Dow18G5-7y 11-7[8/1]River Dun 3rd of 7, 13.25L behind Bertie BellMr S Crawford
06May16Dow18G4y+ 11-2[10/1]Verona Opera unseated rider in race won by Mystic PrincessR C Colgan95
06May16Dow18G5y+ 11-12[5/1]Carnduff 3rd of 8, 11.50L behind TsundokuR C Colgan
04May16Kel16G4-6y 11-2[8/1]Pot Committed 6th of 9, 32.00L behind Thomas CampbellMr S Crawford5
04May16Wet20G4y+ Elusive Theatre non-runnerB Hughes4
03May16Bal17YS5-7y 11-9[5/1]Lorenzo 7th of 10, 71.00L behind MiddlebrowMr M J O'Hare
03May16Bal17YS5y+ 9-11[20/1]Young Palm 13th of 16, 59.25L behind Liberty's GiftA E Lynch96
03May16Bal21YS5y+ Siena Bouquet non-runner (Reserve)
02May16Dow16G4y 11-2[25/1]Amonit 10th of 19, 30.03L behind Third EstateMr M J O'Hare
02May16Dow16G4y 11-0[16/1]Lagavara 4th of 19, 3.50L behind Third EstateMr S Crawford
02May16Dow20G5y+ 11-3[9/1]Strongpoint 5th of 7, 13.00L behind Mitebeall ForluckR C Colgan123
02May16Dow22G4y+ 11-1[11/2]Danielle's Journey 2nd of 6, 1L behind KilkishenA E Lynch116
02May16Dow16G4y+ 10-8[25/1]A Touch Of Sparkle 6th of 20, 25.00L behind DeruloP E Corbett
30Apr16Hex20GS5y+ 11-6[7/1]Suzy's Music 6th of 15, 32.00L behind Seventeen BlackB Hughes925
30Apr16Hex24GS5y+ 11-12[9/2]Glenquest 3rd of 7, 15.00L behind Chicago OutfitB Hughes1204
30Apr16Pun15GY4y+ 12-0[33/1]Ballylumford 12th of 25, 20.13L behind Pires
30Apr16Pun18GY4y+ Legacy Gold non-runner (stone bruise) 140
28Apr16Pun24Y4y+ 11-3[28/1]Legacy Gold 8th of 9, 67.75L behind One Track MindA E Lynch140
27Apr16Pun20GY5y+ 9-10[25/1]Strongpoint 10th of 17, 30.00L behind Irish CavalierA E Lynch125
26Apr16Pun16GY4-5y 11-4[66/1]Dear Sire 10th of 16, 30.31L behind Coeur De LionMr S Crawford
22Apr16Per16G4-6y 10-7[9/2]River Dun 4th of 6, 2.50L behind Tyrrell's SuccesP Buchanan4
22Apr16Per16G4y+ 10-11[5/2]Danielle's Journey 4th of 8, 2.00L behind MardaleA W Short1244
17Apr16Wet16S4-6y Lagavara non-runnerMr S Crawford5
17Apr16Wet24S5y+ Glenquest non-runnerA E Lynch1203
17Apr16Wet20S4y+ Knocklayde Sno Cat non-runnerA E Lynch1055
16Apr16Ayr16GS4-6y 11-1[12/1]Jimmy Breekie 2nd of 10, 1.75L behind Gibbes BayA E Lynch3
16Apr16Ayr16GS4-6y Dear Sire non-runnerB J Geraghty3
16Apr16Ayr20GS4y+ 11-3[25/1]Now This Is It 5th of 8, 15.75L behind Impulsive AmericanW J Boyes1243
16Apr16Ayr20GS4y+ 10-0[16/1]Knocklayde Sno Cat 7th of 8, 17.75L behind Impulsive AmericanA W Short1053
16Apr16Ayr21GS4y+ 10-8[16/1]Baby Bach 11th of 11, 57.25L behind Two TaffsA E Lynch1322
16Apr16Ayr32GS5y+ Fine Rightly non-runnerA E Lynch1511
15Apr16Ayr16S4y+ 11-0[11/2]Craiganboy pulled up in race won by Nine AltarsB J Geraghty1183
02Apr16Nav16SH4-7y 11-0[9/2]Elusive Theatre 1st of 6, 13L to SocksyMr J P McKeown
02Apr16Nav16SH4-7y Lagavara non-runner (change in going)
02Apr16Nav20SH5y+ 11-5[100/1]Strongpoint 5th of 5, 39.75L behind SmashingA E Lynch128
02Apr16Nav16SH4y+ 11-12[9/1]Craiganboy 3rd of 20, 3.25L behind ThebarrowmanA E Lynch
30Mar16Dow18GY4-7y 12-0[12/1]Jimmy Breekie 2nd of 12, 11L behind Bel SasMr S Crawford
30Mar16Dow18GY4-7y 11-4[25/1]Kally's Taken 11th of 12, 173.50L behind Bel SasMr S Clements
29Mar16Hex16S4-6y 11-4[18/1]Breakdown Cover 3rd of 11, 7.75L behind Imperial EloquenceP Buchanan6
29Mar16Hex23S5y+ 10-12[9/4]Billy Billy pulled up in race won by Gully's EdgeP Buchanan4
27Mar16Cor24H5y+ 11-6[4/5F]Fine Rightly 1st of 6, 10L to Toon RiverA E Lynch149
26Mar16Car17G4-6y 11-0[3/1]Largy Girl 7th of 8, 52.50L behind Wildehearted WomanA E Lynch6
26Mar16Car17G4y+ 10-13[3/1F]Verona Opera 6th of 12, 22.00L behind Our KylieA W Short994
26Mar16Car19G4y+ 11-13[1/4F]Baby Bach 1st of 7, 0.5L to Jovial JoeyA E Lynch1254
20Mar16Dow21G5y+ 10-13[11/2]Suzy's Music 3rd of 10, 8.75L behind Shadow PlayA E Lynch88
20Mar16Dow28G5y+ Yes Tom non-runner (lame) Mr B G Crawford136
20Mar16Dow28G5y+ 10-11[14/1]Glenquest 8th of 11, 46.25L behind FedericiA E Lynch122
20Mar16Dow28G5y+ 9-3[33/1]Trucking Along pulled up in race won by FedericiA W Short107
17Mar16Dow16YS4-7y 11-9[11/4]Kally's Taken 8th of 8, 58.38L behind Dixie LeeMr S Crawford
17Mar16Che17G4y+ 11-2[66/1]Danielle's Journey 12th of 16, 35.00L behind LiminiB Hughes1
17Mar16Dow26YS5y+ 11-4[1/3F]Fine Rightly 1st of 3, 7.5L to Draycott PlaceA E Lynch149
17Mar16Dow26YS5y+ 11-0[7/2]Yes Tom 3rd of 3, 9.50L behind Fine RightlyR C Colgan136
17Mar16Dow20YS5y+ 11-3[11/2]Dr Moloney 3rd of 5, 5.03L behind KylestyleA E Lynch109
15Mar16Che20GS4y+ 11-5[40/1]Legacy Gold 3rd of 19, 3.25L behind Vroum Vroum MagA E Lynch1301
13Mar16Nav16SH5-7y 12-0[15/2]Lorenzo 7th of 7, 61.06L behind Invitation OnlyMr S Crawford
13Mar16Kel22S5y+ 10-7[7/2]Suzy's Music 2nd of 5, 12L behind Voyage A New YorkB Hughes904
13Mar16Nav20SH4y+ 11-5[8/1]A Touch Of Sparkle 4th of 6, 43.75L behind CrestR C Colgan
13Mar16Nav16SH5y+ 11-5[9/2]Craiganboy unseated rider in race won by Beyond The ObviousA W Short
12Mar16Ayr16H4-6y 11-2[16/1]Breakdown Cover 4th of 6, 28.50L behind Grays ChoiceB Hughes6
12Mar16Ayr20H4y+ 11-3[10/1]Yes Tom 3rd of 5, 16.25L behind Shades Of MidnightA W Short1353
12Mar16Ayr21H4y+ 9-10[9/2]Knocklayde Sno Cat fell in race won by W Six TimesA W Short1053
12Mar16Ayr24H4y+ 10-10[3/1]Billy Billy 1st of 3, 27L to StraidnahannaP Buchanan4
11Mar16Ayr16S4y+ 11-5[3/1]Verona Opera 2nd of 6, 11L behind Suprise VendorA W Short995
11Mar16Ayr20S5y+ 11-4[11/4]Dr Moloney 3rd of 5, 7.75L behind Gold OperaB Hughes1124
11Mar16Ayr20S5y+ 10-9[8/1]Trucking Along 5th of 5, 62.75L behind Gold OperaA W Short1104
11Mar16Ayr21S4y+ 11-5[10/3]Craiganboy 2nd of 4, 1.25L behind Shanroe StreetB Hughes5
11Mar16Ayr21S4y+ Nendrum non-runnerA W Short5
10Mar16Car19S4y+ 11-8[4/5F]Baby Bach 1st of 6, 10L to Dakota GreyB Hughes1254
09Mar16Cat16S4-6y 10-8[15/8F]Undisputed 2nd of 8, 5L behind KelkaMr S Crawford6
08Mar16New16H4-5y 10-3[11/1]Dear Sire 5th of 9, 12.00L behind BestiariusA W Short6
08Mar16New16H4y+ 11-1[11/4]Nendrum 6th of 10, 44.75L behind Very First TimeP Buchanan4