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Rathellen Leighlionbridge Carlow

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Last Winner   The Green Lady (IRE)
20/1, Miss J M Mangan
Fairyhouse Wed, 20th Apr, 16
Runs Since Last Winner   63
Days Since Last Winner   94
Last Runner   Stormy Belle (IRE)
11th, 50/1, C D Hayes
Gowran Park Sat, 23rd Jul, 16

RunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Last 90 Days (Flat)28040.00%€15199.10€-28.00
Last 90 Days (N.H.)31040.00%€7233.28€-31.00
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Date CourseConditionsRace ResultJockeyORClass
23Jul16Gow8GF2y 9-0[50/1]Stormy Belle 11th of 16, 18.50L behind ButterfliesC D Hayes
22Jul16Wex16G4-7y 11-9[33/1]Baby Lenson 9th of 13, 22.88L behind Inchiquin HighMr B O'Neill
22Jul16Wex26G5y+ 10-0[8/1]Trust No One 5th of 11, 41.88L behind As De PiqueD E Mullins92
22Jul16Wex24G4y+ 10-11[16/1]Milano Express 3rd of 14, 9.25L behind Definite IncomeD E Mullins80
22Jul16Wex24G4y+ 10-10[25/1]Soft Seventeen 11th of 13, 66.13L behind The Rite ArticleKatie O'Farrell86
20Jul16Naa6G3y+ 8-11[50/1]Kates Doll 9th of 13, 13.53L behind PeacehavenGary Paul Halpin
17Jul16Cur6G2y 9-0[50/1]Stormy Belle 20th of 21, 15.43L behind VelveteenD P McDonogh
16Jul16Cur7GY2y 9-5[100/1]Blackhall 7th of 13, 6.75L behind ArcadaD P McDonogh
14Jul16Leo7GF3y+ 8-11[50/1]Kates Doll 9th of 9, 22.03L behind Seville StarGary Paul Halpin
14Jul16Kil21GY5y+ 11-2[10/1]Trust No One brought down in race won by Supreme VicA P Heskin92
14Jul16Kil17GY4y+ 11-12[25/1]Tongie 10th of 14, 73.03L behind AkitoD E Mullins
13Jul16Kil17GY4y+ 9-1[16/1]Jazz Ranger 10th of 11, 17.06L behind XsquaredK J Manning62
12Jul16Kil8GY3y+ 10-0[14/1]Shantou Ed 5th of 9, 9.00L behind Mr OrmsbyN P Madden
10Jul16Sli20S4y+ 10-0[7/1]Micras 8th of 10, 25.50L behind The Mad WellC Brassil93
08Jul16Nav13G4y+ 9-11[20/1]Jazz Ranger 6th of 18, 5.50L behind Black LabelK J Manning62
07Jul16Leo13G4y+ 8-12[16/1]Micras 6th of 9, 8.50L behind Botany BayK J Manning73
07Jul16Leo10G3y+ 9-0[66/1]Desert Mix 12th of 12, 34.50L behind Cirin ToinneL F Roche
07Jul16Leo7G2y 9-3[20/1]Blackhall 4th of 4, 14.50L behind Radio SilenceD P McDonogh
05Jul16Ros20GY4-7y 11-7[20/1]Aunt Berry 3rd of 13, 11.50L behind Baltimore BuzzMr D O'Connor
05Jul16Ros16GY4y+ 11-5[25/1]Soft Seventeen 11th of 18, 30.50L behind Kilcaragh BoyB M Cash88
04Jul16Ros12H4y+ 8-13[16/1]Head Turner 3rd of 11, 2.75L behind MulticultureD O'Brien
04Jul16Ros12H3y+ 9-6[12/1]Ballybacka Queen 4th of 7, 4.06L behind Red StarsK J Manning98
03Jul16Naa6S2y 9-5[50/1]Haaf Crafty 9th of 11, 16.63L behind Firey SpeechL F Roche
01Jul16Bel12H3y+ Shantou Ed non-runner (change in going)
30Jun16Tip12Y3y+ 8-8[14/1]Moonlight Art 11th of 14, 23.88L behind Lilly The LionessL F Roche45
30Jun16Tip9Y3y+ 9-0[12/1]Desert Mix 3rd of 3, 14.00L behind ElltaafK J Manning
30Jun16Bel14YS3y+ Jazz Ranger non-runner (Reserve) 62
24Jun16Cur12GY3y+ 9-5[9/1]Ballybacka Queen 10th of 13, 7.87L behind AvenanteD M Redmond98
23Jun16Leo15G3y+ 9-0[10/1]Jazz Ranger 9th of 14, 11.81L behind Buzz Off BarrosoD M Redmond61
21Jun16Bal13GY4y+ 8-11[25/1]Head Turner 11th of 13, 23.25L behind PetunaR Coakley
21Jun16Bal13GY4y+ 9-7[25/1]Shantou Ed 9th of 13, 19.00L behind PetunaN G McCullagh
21Jun16Bal13GY4y+ 9-5[8/1]Jazz Ranger 3rd of 14, 0.53L behind Highland FlingP J Smullen61
21Jun16Bal13GY4y+ 9-1[8/1]Micras 4th of 8, 5.00L behind Queen AlphabetR Coakley74
20Jun16Kil25G4y+ Moonlight Art non-runner (reserve) 82
19Jun16Gow7S2y 9-0[80/1]Blackhall 7th of 10, 13.75L behind IntricatelyR Coakley
18Jun16Gow20GF5y+ 11-7[33/1]Call Him Bawny 15th of 18, 65.44L behind El VascoJ M Moore
17Jun16Lim17GF3y+ 9-4[22/1]Micras 6th of 11, 4.88L behind Winter LionR Coakley74
17Jun16Lim11GF3y+ 8-9[66/1]Desert Mix 9th of 9, 17.00L behind DarkyilaR Coakley
12Jun16Cor12Y4y+ 9-5[11/1]Ballybacka Queen 3rd of 12, 3.75L behind AlveenaD M Redmond98
10Jun16Clo16G4-7y 11-9[20/1]Aunt Berry unseated rider in race won by KhalessiMs K Walsh
10Jun16Clo16G4y+ 10-6[22/1]Moonlight Art 14th of 15, 144.25L behind Balinaboola LassS A Shortall85
10Jun16Clo16G5y+ 11-2[20/1]Soft Seventeen 5th of 11, 13.63L behind Oh Me Oh MyS A Shortall
01Jun16Pun16G4y+ 11-7[100/1]Soft Seventeen 6th of 18, 23.50L behind PetunaB Hayes
30May16Bal16G4-7y Aunt Berry non-runner (coughing)
30May16Car29G1-0y 11-3[11/1]Thelobstercatcher 5th of 6, 69.56L behind Thomas WildS A Shortall1233
27May16Dow16G4-7y 12-0[20/1]Call Him Bawny 13th of 16, 28.75L behind Bosco Di AlcoMs K Walsh
26May16Tip16GY4-7y 11-9[6/1]The Green Lady 10th of 19, 16.25L behind Miss EyecatcherMs K Walsh
26May16Tip16GY5y+ 10-11[100/1]Soft Seventeen 11th of 18, 35.88L behind Heartbreak CityB Hayes
25May16Gow9GF3y+ Ballybacka Queen non-runner (change in going) 100
21May16Cur12YS3y+ 9-9[12/1]Ballybacka Queen 8th of 15, 5.94L behind RepeaterD O'Brien100
19May16Clo19G4y+ 10-13[2/1F]Belle Fortune 9th of 18, 26.75L behind Sarah JoyceD J Mullins
16May16Kil22G4y+ 11-4[7/1]Supreme Steel 4th of 9, 36.50L behind Cape City BoyB Hayes
15May16Kil17G4y+ 10-11[7/1]Ten Times Better 5th of 6, 19.88L behind Missy TataJ M Moore126
14May16Pun16G5-7y 11-7[16/1]Call Him Bawny 11th of 23, 16.57L behind The Birdie CroweMr B J White
12May16Yor10GF4y+ 9-0[33/1]Ballybacka Queen 6th of 7, 12.25L behind Beautiful RomanceK J Manning1001
08May16Lim16GY5-7y 11-0[6/1]The Green Lady 3rd of 10, 16.50L behind Dixie LeeMr B J White
06May16Cor16G4-7y 11-2[50/1]Soft Seventeen 17th of 23, 84.81L behind Glendine RiverMr B J White
03May16Bal17YS4y+ 11-12[12/1]Ancient Highway unseated rider in race won by Peoples ParkD J Mullins
28Apr16Pun16Y4y+ 11-4[14/1]Ten Times Better 3rd of 13, 12.25L behind Missy TataB J Geraghty122
28Apr16Pun16Y4y+ 11-7[25/1]Head Turner 8th of 13, 38.75L behind Missy TataD J Mullins108
28Apr16Pun16Y4y+ 10-6[33/1]Jazz Ranger 20th of 25, 41.06L behind Elusive IvyP Townend113
27Apr16Pun16GY4-7y The Green Lady withdrawn (bolted after false start) Miss J M Mangan
27Apr16Pun20GY4y+ 10-12[14/1]Tongie 16th of 25, 65.88L behind ShamiranKatie O'Farrell113
26Apr16Pun16GY4y 11-0[8/1]Dazzling Sarah 12th of 17, 40.13L behind Cilaos EmeryMs K Walsh
26Apr16Pun16GY4y+ 10-9[20/1]Western Boy fell in race won by Tempo MacJ S McGarvey129