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Course Date Time Time
Beverley04-08-201.30Tickton Maiden Auction Stakes 5f (£5400.00)
 2.00Churchill Tyres Nursery 5f (£9000.00)
 2.30Cherry Burton Cricket Club Handicap 5f (£4300.00)
 3.00British Stallion Studs Ebf Routh Maiden Auction Stakes 7f (£6400.00)
 3.30Skidby Handicap 7f (£4300.00)
 4.00Churchill Tyres A Great British Brand Handicap 1m (£7250.00)
 4.30Spurn Head Fillies' Handicap 1m 1f (£5400.00)
 5.00Pure Broadband Handicap (Div 1) 1m 1f (£4300.00)
 5.35Pure Broadband Handicap (Div 2) 1m 1f (£4300.00)
Catterick04-08-201.45Plumtree Moor Fillies' Novice Stakes (Plus 10/gbb Race) 5f (£5400.00)
 2.15Kiplin Handicap 5f (£5400.00)
 2.45Every Race Live On Racing Tv Handicap 1m 5f (£5400.00)
 3.15Millbry Hill Handicap 5f (£4300.00)
 3.45British Stallion Studs Ebf Plodmire Maiden Stakes 7f (£6400.00)
 4.15Bet At Racingtv.Com Handicap 7f (£4300.00)
 4.50Watch Replays On Racingtv.Com Handicap 7f (£7250.00)
 5.20Follow Catterickraces Handicap (Div 1) 1m 4f (£4300.00)
 5.50Follow Catterickraces Handicap (Div 2) 1m 4f (£4300.00)
Lingfield04-08-204.05Betway British Stallion Studs Ebf Novice Auction Stakes 7f (£6400.00)
 4.40Betway Novice Stakes 7f (£5400.00)
 5.10Betway Handicap 7f (£5400.00)
 5.45Betway Novice Median Auction Stakes 1m (£5400.00)
 6.15Betway Casino Handicap 6f (£4300.00)
 6.45Betway Maiden Stakes (Div 1) 1m 2f (£5400.00)
 7.15Betway Maiden Stakes (Div 2) 1m 2f (£5400.00)
 7.45Read Andrew Balding On Betway Insider Handicap 1m 4f (£4300.00)
 8.15Betway Apprentice Handicap 1m (£4300.00)
Southwell04-08-204.20Support The Arc Racing Club Handicap Chase 1m 7f (£4500.00)
 4.55Southwell Golf Club Handicap Chase 2m 4f (£4500.00)
 5.30Sky Sports Racing Sky 415 Novices' Handicap Chase (Gbb Race) 2m 4f (£6100.00)
 6.00Thank You Southwell Annual Members Claiming Hurdle 2m 4f (£5400.00)
 6.30Follow At The Races On Twitter Maiden Hurdle (Gbb Race) 1m 7f (£5400.00)
 7.00Visit Attheraces.Com Handicap Hurdle (Div 1) 2m 4f (£4300.00)
 7.30Visit Attheraces.Com Handicap Hurdle (Div 2) 2m 4f (£4300.00)
 8.00Final Furlong Podcast Maiden Hurdle (Gbb Race) 2m 4f (£5400.00)
 8.30Sky Sports Racing Hd Virgin 535 Handicap Hurdle 1m 7f (£4300.00)