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Horse Race Type
Eagle Top (GB)Leopardstown Sat, 6.50 12th SepEntry
Earring (USA)Curragh Sun, 3.40 13th SepEntry
East Coast Lady (IRE)Epsom Thu, 8.55 2nd JulDeclaration
Easter (IRE)Curragh Sat, 5.50 18th JulEntry
Curragh Sun, 3.45 19th JulEntry
Easter Hunt (IRE)Wexford Fri, 7.50 3rd JulWeights
Bellewstown Sat, 7.25 4th JulWeights
Limerick Sun, 3.40 5th JulWeights
Easter Spirit (IRE)Bellewstown Thu, 6.40 2nd JulDeclaration
Eastern Dragon (IRE)Epsom Thu, 8.55 2nd JulDeclaration
Eastern Rules (IRE)Curragh Sun, 3.10 19th JulEntry
Easy Boy (IRE)Bellewstown Fri, 6.40 3rd JulWeights
Ebasani (IRE)Leopardstown Thu, 8.30 9th JulEntry
Leopardstown Thu, 8.00 16th JulEntry
Ebayya (IRE)Curragh Sat, 5.50 18th JulEntry
Ebony Princess (IRE)Tipperary Thu, 8.00 2nd JulDeclaration
Eddies Pearl (IRE)Wexford Fri, 5.50 3rd JulWeights
Wexford Fri, 8.50 3rd JulWeights
Edelpour (IRE)Fairyhouse Sun, 5.40 5th JulWeights
Edith Somerville (IRE)Wexford Fri, 5.50 3rd JulWeights
Eeny Mac (IRE)Beverley Fri, 6.15 3rd JulDeclaration
Efron (IRE)Haydock Thu, 2.50 2nd JulDeclaration
Eight Till Late (IRE)Bellewstown Sat, 6.25 4th JulWeights
Ejaazah (IRE)Sandown Fri, 2.50 3rd JulDeclaration
Elegant Albert (IRE)Bellewstown Sat, 5.55 4th JulWeights
Elis Gury (GB)Wexford Fri, 6.50 3rd JulWeights
Elishpour (IRE)Bellewstown Fri, 8.10 3rd JulWeights
Ella's Honour (GB)Haydock Fri, 9.00 3rd JulDeclaration
Elleval (IRE)Leopardstown Thu, 8.30 9th JulEntry
Leopardstown Thu, 8.00 16th JulEntry
Ellie's Choice (IRE)Limerick Sun, 5.20 5th JulWeights
Elm Park (GB)Leopardstown Sat, 6.50 12th SepEntry
Eltezam (IRE)Curragh Sun, 4.15 13th SepEntry
Eltham (GB)Lingfield Thu, 2.10 2nd JulDeclaration
Elusive Approach (IRE)Leopardstown Thu, 8.00 16th JulEntry
Curragh Sun, 3.45 19th JulEntry
Leopardstown Sat, 5.45 12th SepEntry
Elusive Award (USA)Tipperary Thu, 8.30 2nd JulDeclaration
Elusive Ellen (IRE)Lingfield Thu, 3.10 2nd JulDeclaration
Emdale Ruby (IRE)Perth Thu, 5.30 2nd JulDeclaration
Emmy Lou (IRE)Wexford Fri, 5.50 3rd JulWeights
Wexford Fri, 6.50 3rd JulWeights
Encrypted Message (IRE)Bellewstown Thu, 7.15 2nd JulDeclaration
Endless Drama (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 6.50 12th SepEntry
Enigma Code (UAE)Bellewstown Thu, 6.10 2nd JulDeclaration
Enjoy Responsibly (IRE)Wexford Fri, 7.20 3rd JulWeights
Enter The Priory (IRE)Tipperary Thu, 8.00 2nd JulDeclaration
Ephraim (GB)Curragh Sun, 4.50 13th SepEntry
Epsom Icon (GB)Newbury Thu, 7.05 2nd JulDeclaration
Eqleem (GB)Haydock Thu, 2.50 2nd JulDeclaration
Equation Of Time (GB)Bellewstown Fri, 7.10 3rd JulWeights
Erins Pride (IRE)Wexford Fri, 8.50 3rd JulWeights
Erlkonig (GER)Bellewstown Sat, 6.25 4th JulWeights
Ervedya (FR)Leopardstown Sat, 5.45 12th SepEntry
Escaping Midge (IRE)Bellewstown Fri, 7.10 3rd JulWeights
Roscommon Mon, 6.15 6th JulEntry
Escondida (IRE)Roscommon Mon, 5.45 6th JulEntry
Eshera (IRE)Curragh Sat, 5.50 18th JulEntry
Leopardstown Sat, 5.45 12th SepEntry
Esprit De Vie (USA)Curragh Sat, 5.50 18th JulEntry
Estournel (GB)Haydock Thu, 5.20 2nd JulDeclaration
Euro Charline (GB)Leopardstown Sat, 5.45 12th SepEntry
Evelith Hall (FR)Newbury Thu, 8.40 2nd JulDeclaration
Even Song (IRE)Curragh Sun, 3.40 13th SepEntry
Even Though (IRE)Bellewstown Sat, 6.55 4th JulWeights
Evident (IRE)Doncaster Fri, 2.30 3rd JulDeclaration
Evita Peron (GB)Leopardstown Sat, 5.45 12th SepEntry
Excellent Guest (GB)Doncaster Fri, 3.35 3rd JulDeclaration
Excessable (GB)Beverley Fri, 6.45 3rd JulDeclaration
Exchequer (IRE)Doncaster Fri, 3.35 3rd JulDeclaration
Exhibit Five (IRE)Bellewstown Sat, 7.25 4th JulWeights