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Horse Race Type
G Force (IRE)Curragh Sun, 4.35 10th AugEntry
Gabrial The Hero (USA)Newmarket Sat, 5.15 2nd AugDeclaration
Gabrial The Thug (FR)Hamilton Sat, 8.45 2nd AugDeclaration
Gaius Marius (IRE)Roscommon Tue, 6.05 5th AugWeights
Sligo Thu, 7.20 7th AugWeights
Galactic Heroine (GB)Goodwood Sat, 2.40 2nd AugDeclaration
Galago (IRE)Newbury Sun, 2.40 3rd AugDeclaration
Galvanize (GB)Newmarket Sat, 2.20 2nd AugDeclaration
Game Set Dash (USA)Curragh Sun, 4.05 10th AugEntry
Curragh Sun, 4.45 14th SepEntry
Gamesome (FR)Curragh Sun, 4.35 10th AugEntry
Ganges (IRE)Doncaster Sat, 3.25 2nd AugDeclaration
Ganymede (GB)Newbury Sun, 5.25 3rd AugDeclaration
Garamor Boy (IRE)Roscommon Tue, 6.35 5th AugWeights
Gathering Power (IRE)Curragh Sun, 4.35 10th AugEntry
Curragh Sat, 3.10 23rd AugEntry
General Brook (IRE)Leopardstown Thu, 7.30 7th AugWeights
General Marshall (USA)Naas Mon, 2.10 4th AugWeights
Naas Mon, 3.10 4th AugWeights
Cork Tue, 5.25 5th AugWeights
Leopardstown Thu, 5.10 7th AugWeights
Curragh Sun, 3.30 24th AugEntry
Gentian Moon (IRE)Naas Mon, 2.40 4th AugWeights
Geoffrey Chaucer (USA)Leopardstown Sat, 6.50 13th SepEntry
Georgie (GB)Galway Sun, 2.15 3rd AugDeclaration
Roscommon Tue, 8.05 5th AugWeights
Giant's Quest (AUS)Leopardstown Thu, 8.00 7th AugWeights
Gimli's Rock (IRE)Cork Mon, 3.20 4th AugWeights
Ginger Quill (IRE)Sligo Thu, 7.20 7th AugWeights
Giovanni Canaletto (IRE)Curragh Sun, 4.45 14th SepEntry
Give Me A Break (IRE)Galway Sat, 3.10 2nd AugDeclaration
Sligo Thu, 7.50 7th AugWeights
Giveyouaguarantee (IRE)Sligo Thu, 5.35 7th AugWeights
Glance Of Doon (IRE)Roscommon Tue, 5.35 5th AugWeights
Glassatura (IRE)Galway Sun, 4.30 3rd AugDeclaration
Naas Mon, 3.40 4th AugWeights
Glebeparkhawk (IRE)Sligo Thu, 7.20 7th AugWeights
Sligo Thu, 8.20 7th AugWeights
Gleese The Devil (IRE)Thirsk Sat, 4.50 2nd AugDeclaration
Glenconkeyne (IRE)Sligo Thu, 6.45 7th AugWeights
Gleneagles (IRE)Curragh Sun, 3.30 24th AugEntry
Curragh Sun, 4.45 14th SepEntry
Glenwood For Ever (IRE)Roscommon Tue, 7.05 5th AugWeights
Roscommon Tue, 7.35 5th AugWeights
Glory Awaits (IRE)Leopardstown Thu, 7.15 14th AugEntry
Go Glamorous (IRE)Doncaster Sat, 6.10 2nd AugDeclaration
Go Paddy Go (IRE)Sligo Thu, 7.50 7th AugWeights
Goadby (GB)Doncaster Sat, 6.10 2nd AugDeclaration
Gold Avenger (IRE)Sligo Thu, 8.20 7th AugWeights
Gold Focus (IRE)Sligo Wed, 8.30 6th AugWeights
Golden Shoe (IRE)Sligo Wed, 7.00 6th AugWeights
Golden Ticket (AUS)Cork Mon, 2.50 4th AugWeights
Golden Town (IRE)Newmarket Sat, 4.40 2nd AugDeclaration
Gordon Lord Byron (IRE)Curragh Sat, 3.10 23rd AugEntry
Gottcher (GB)Hamilton Sat, 7.15 2nd AugDeclaration
Graceful Grit (IRE)Leopardstown Thu, 7.15 14th AugEntry
Gran Canaria Queen (GB)Hamilton Sat, 7.45 2nd AugDeclaration
Gran Paradiso (IRE)Curragh Sun, 4.45 14th SepEntry
Grand Opera (IRE)Galway Sat, 5.25 2nd AugDeclaration
Grand Proposal (GB)Goodwood Sat, 5.00 2nd AugDeclaration
Granddukeoftuscany (IRE)Leopardstown Thu, 7.30 7th AugWeights
Curragh Sun, 4.40 24th AugEntry
Grandma Dotty (IRE)Cork Tue, 8.25 5th AugWeights
Graney Town (IRE)Roscommon Tue, 6.05 5th AugWeights
Graphene (GB)Newbury Sun, 5.25 3rd AugDeclaration
Gray Hession (IRE)Galway Sun, 3.20 3rd AugDeclaration
Great White Eagle (USA)Curragh Sun, 4.35 10th AugEntry
Leopardstown Thu, 7.15 14th AugEntry
Curragh Sat, 3.10 23rd AugEntry
Greek Spirit (IRE)Doncaster Sat, 6.10 2nd AugDeclaration
Gregoria (IRE)Doncaster Sat, 2.50 2nd AugDeclaration
Grey Sky Blue (IRE)Curragh Sun, 2.55 24th AugEntry
Curragh Sun, 4.15 14th SepEntry
Grey Zeb (IRE)Thirsk Sat, 2.30 2nd AugDeclaration
Grigolo (GB)Goodwood Sat, 5.00 2nd AugDeclaration
Groundworker (IRE)Goodwood Sat, 5.35 2nd AugDeclaration
Guerre (USA)Curragh Sun, 4.35 10th AugEntry
Curragh Sat, 3.10 23rd AugEntry
Guesshowmuchiloveu (IRE)Thirsk Sat, 4.50 2nd AugDeclaration
Guiding Light (IRE)Goodwood Sat, 5.00 2nd AugDeclaration
Gypsy King (IRE)Leopardstown Thu, 8.00 7th AugWeights
Curragh Sun, 4.40 24th AugEntry