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Horse Race Type
Galilean (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 3.40 29th OctEntry
Curragh Sat, 1.03 27th MayEntry
Galtymore (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 7.00 28th OctWeights
Leopardstown Sat, 2.00 29th OctEntry
Gamain (IRE)Fakenham Wed, 4.40 26th OctDeclaration
Garbanzo (IRE)Nottingham Wed, 1.50 26th OctDeclaration
Generous Day (IRE)Bangor Tue, 4.45 25th OctDeclaration
George Bailey (IRE)Newcastle Tue, 7.30 25th OctDeclaration
George Boole (IRE)Dundalk Wed, 7.00 26th OctDeclaration
Dundalk Fri, 7.00 28th OctWeights
Georges Conn (IRE)Galway Sun, 1.45 30th OctEntry
Geraldine (GER)Kempton Wed, 6.45 26th OctDeclaration
Get Ready Freddy (GB)Chepstow Tue, 4.35 25th OctDeclaration
Getna (USA)Lingfield Thu, 1.40 27th OctDeclaration
Gilgamboa (IRE)Down Royal Sat, 2.35 5th NovEntry
Give Me A Break (IRE)Wexford Sun, 3.40 30th OctEntry
Give Me A Minute (IRE)Galway Sun, 1.10 30th OctEntry
Give Us A Hand (IRE)Wexford Sun, 2.35 30th OctEntry
Giveaway Glance (GB)Fakenham Wed, 3.10 26th OctDeclaration
Gladiator King (IRE)Galway Sun, 3.25 30th OctEntry
Glamorous Approach (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 8.00 28th OctWeights
Glastonbury Song (IRE)Curragh Sat, 1.03 27th MayEntry
Gloryette (GB)Chelmsford City Wed, 3.30 26th OctDeclaration
Golan Dancer (IRE)Fakenham Wed, 4.40 26th OctDeclaration
Golander (IRE)Wexford Sun, 3.05 30th OctEntry
Gold Beau (FR)Newcastle Tue, 7.30 25th OctDeclaration
Gold Sands (IRE)Lingfield Thu, 3.10 27th OctDeclaration
Dundalk Fri, 8.00 28th OctWeights
Gold Smoke (IRE)Clonmel Thu, 2.15 27th OctWeights
Gold Struck (GB)Leopardstown Sat, 5.25 29th OctEntry
Golden Amber (IRE)Chelmsford City Wed, 4.00 26th OctDeclaration
Golden Flowerpower (IRE)Wexford Sun, 1.25 30th OctEntry
Golden Opportunity (GB)Lingfield Thu, 2.40 27th OctDeclaration
Golden Spear (GB)Leopardstown Sat, 4.15 29th OctEntry
Golden State (USA)Dundalk Wed, 7.00 26th OctDeclaration
Goldflinch (IRE)Clonmel Thu, 5.25 27th OctWeights
Goodluck Joey (GB)Dundalk Fri, 7.00 28th OctWeights
Leopardstown Sat, 2.00 29th OctEntry
Goodthynemilan (IRE)Clonmel Thu, 2.15 27th OctWeights
Wexford Sun, 2.00 30th OctEntry
Gorane (IRE)Dundalk Wed, 7.00 26th OctDeclaration
Gothelle (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 1.30 29th OctEntry
Gougane Barra (USA)Dundalk Wed, 7.00 26th OctDeclaration
Goulane Chosen (IRE)Wexford Sun, 3.40 30th OctEntry
Gower Princess (GB)Dundalk Wed, 5.30 26th OctDeclaration
Graceful Legend (GB)Fakenham Wed, 2.10 26th OctDeclaration
Grainne's Dream (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 6.00 28th OctWeights
Grams And Ounces (GB)Nottingham Wed, 5.20 26th OctDeclaration
Graney Town (IRE)Clonmel Thu, 5.25 27th OctWeights
Grange Cailin (IRE)Wexford Sun, 12.55 30th OctEntry
Granny Biddy (IRE)Clonmel Thu, 3.15 27th OctWeights
Clonmel Thu, 5.25 27th OctWeights
Galway Sun, 3.55 30th OctEntry
Granny May (IRE)Dundalk Wed, 6.30 26th OctDeclaration
Great Colaci (GB)Newcastle Tue, 8.30 25th OctDeclaration
Grey Mountain Mist (IRE)Galway Sun, 3.55 30th OctEntry
Guanabara Bay (IRE)Chelmsford City Wed, 4.30 26th OctDeclaration
Guard Of Honour (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 4.15 29th OctEntry
Guilded Rock (GB)Chelmsford City Thu, 7.10 27th OctDeclaration
Gulland Rock (GB)Kempton Wed, 7.45 26th OctDeclaration
Gung Ho Jack (GB)Chelmsford City Thu, 8.10 27th OctDeclaration