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Horse Race Type
La Bacouetteuse (FR)Catterick Sat, 4.05 28th MayDeclaration
La Celebs Ville (IRE)Pontefract Fri, 8.30 27th MayDeclaration
La Fee Verte (IRE)Fairyhouse Thu, 6.20 2nd JunEntry
La Madonnina (IRE)Fontwell Sun, 2.20 29th MayDeclaration
La Rioja (GB)Haydock Sat, 3.45 28th MayDeclaration
La Superba (IRE)Beverley Sat, 3.35 28th MayDeclaration
Laburnum Park (IRE)Fairyhouse Thu, 7.20 2nd JunEntry
Lackaday (GB)Catterick Sat, 5.15 28th MayDeclaration
Lady Argentum (IRE)Fairyhouse Thu, 7.50 2nd JunEntry
Lady Aurelia (USA)Curragh Sun, 3.50 7th AugEntry
Lady Cardinal (IRE)Worcester Fri, 7.20 27th MayDeclaration
Lady Clair (IRE)Chester Sat, 2.15 28th MayDeclaration
Lady Coole (IRE)Navan Sat, 2.30 28th MayDeclaration
Lady From Geneva (GB)Fontwell Sun, 5.30 29th MayDeclaration
Lady Grandera (IRE)Ballinrobe Mon, 6.00 30th MayWeights
Lady Hare (IRE)Brighton Fri, 4.50 27th MayDeclaration
Lady Million (IRE)Fairyhouse Thu, 6.20 2nd JunEntry
Lady Of Dubai (GB)Curragh Sun, 4.30 26th JunEntry
Lady Of Portlairge (IRE)Ballinrobe Mon, 7.30 30th MayWeights
Lady Poppy (GB)Catterick Sat, 2.55 28th MayDeclaration
Lady Rosebud (IRE)Navan Sat, 1.55 28th MayDeclaration
Lady Shou (IRE)Ballinrobe Mon, 9.00 30th MayWeights
Laganore (IRE)Haydock Sat, 2.35 28th MayDeclaration
Cork Sun, 3.55 12th JunEntry
Leopardstown Sat, 5.40 10th SepEntry
Lake Field (IRE)Ballinrobe Tue, 8.00 31st MayEntry
Lake Malawi (IRE)Punchestown Wed, 7.20 1st JunEntry
Lake Shore Drive (IRE)Ballinrobe Tue, 7.30 31st MayEntry
Lala's Sister (IRE)Worcester Fri, 6.20 27th MayDeclaration
Lancaster Bomber (USA)Curragh Sat, 5.50 25th JunEntry
Curragh Sun, 3.50 7th AugEntry
Landofhopeandglory (IRE)Curragh Sat, 6.30 25th JunEntry
Curragh Sun, 5.30 26th JunEntry
Curragh Sun, 4.50 11th SepEntry
Landscape (FR)Fontwell Sun, 2.50 29th MayDeclaration
Landwade Lad (GB)Naas Sun, 5.45 29th MayDeclaration
Laser Blazer (GB)Uttoxeter Sun, 2.40 29th MayDeclaration
Last Echo (IRE)Ffos Las Sat, 8.05 28th MayDeclaration
Last Garrison (IRE)Navan Sat, 4.15 28th MayDeclaration
Last Star Falling (IRE)Beverley Sat, 5.20 28th MayDeclaration
Late Romantic (IRE)Cartmel Sat, 2.05 28th MayDeclaration
Late Shipment (GB)Worcester Fri, 8.50 27th MayDeclaration
Laudatory (GB)Ballinrobe Tue, 8.00 31st MayEntry
Laugh Aloud (GB)Haydock Fri, 4.40 27th MayDeclaration
Lawless Louis (GB)Catterick Sat, 2.20 28th MayDeclaration
Lawyer (IRE)Beverley Sat, 4.45 28th MayDeclaration
Layerthorpe (IRE)Ffos Las Sat, 7.05 28th MayDeclaration
Le Aqua (IRE)Ballinrobe Tue, 9.00 31st MayEntry
Le Capricieux (FR)Fontwell Sun, 1.50 29th MayDeclaration
Le Laitier (FR)Pontefract Fri, 6.30 27th MayDeclaration
Beverley Sat, 4.45 28th MayDeclaration
Leaderofthedance (GB)Fontwell Sun, 4.30 29th MayDeclaration
Lean Times (IRE)Ballinrobe Mon, 8.00 30th MayWeights
Ballinrobe Tue, 7.30 31st MayEntry
Legacy Phoenix (IRE)Down Royal Fri, 7.35 27th MayDeclaration
Legendary Lunch (IRE)Curragh Sun, 3.50 7th AugEntry
Leontes (GB)Salisbury Sat, 5.50 28th MayDeclaration
Les Arceaux (IRE)Fairyhouse Thu, 6.20 2nd JunEntry
Let Right Be Done (GB)Musselburgh Fri, 9.10 27th MayDeclaration
Letters Of Note (IRE)Curragh Sat, 6.00 4th JunEntry
Lex Talionis (IRE)Navan Sat, 4.50 28th MayDeclaration
Fairyhouse Thu, 5.50 2nd JunEntry
Liberty's Gift (IRE)Ballinrobe Mon, 8.30 30th MayWeights
Lieutenant General (IRE)Curragh Sun, 3.55 26th JunEntry
Lightening Fast (GB)Curragh Sun, 3.50 7th AugEntry
Like A Star (IRE)Fairyhouse Thu, 8.50 2nd JunEntry
Cork Sun, 3.55 12th JunEntry
Lillies Tiger (IRE)Ballinrobe Tue, 6.30 31st MayEntry
Lilly The Lioness (IRE)Ballinrobe Mon, 7.00 30th MayWeights
Lilshane (IRE)Punchestown Wed, 8.20 1st JunEntry
Lily's Rainbow (IRE)Naas Sun, 2.35 29th MayDeclaration
Leopardstown Thu, 8.00 16th JunEntry
Limerick Lord (IRE)Brighton Fri, 4.50 27th MayDeclaration
Limited Reserve (IRE)Ballinrobe Tue, 9.00 31st MayEntry
Lion's Choice (IRE)Ballinrobe Tue, 6.30 31st MayEntry
Litigant (GB)Curragh Sun, 5.30 26th JunEntry
Little Avon (GB)Curragh Sat, 5.45 16th JulEntry
Little Dream (IRE)Ffos Las Sat, 8.05 28th MayDeclaration
Little Fritz (FR)Kelso Sun, 4.05 29th MayDeclaration
Little Mitch (IRE)Ballinrobe Tue, 7.00 31st MayEntry
Little Prairie (GB)Naas Sun, 5.15 29th MayDeclaration
Little Stampy (IRE)Ballinrobe Tue, 6.00 31st MayEntry
Little Sweetheart (IRE)Navan Sat, 3.05 28th MayDeclaration
Live Twice (GB)Cork Sun, 3.55 12th JunEntry
Lizzies Champ (IRE)Ballinrobe Mon, 6.30 30th MayWeights
Llewellyn (GB)Catterick Sat, 5.15 28th MayDeclaration
Loaded (IRE)Chester Sat, 4.00 28th MayDeclaration
Loaves And Fishes (GB)Beverley Sat, 3.35 28th MayDeclaration
Logi (IRE)Beverley Sat, 2.25 28th MayDeclaration
Lomi's Law (IRE)Fairyhouse Thu, 8.20 2nd JunEntry
London (FR)Curragh Sat, 6.30 25th JunEntry
Lonelyasacloud (IRE)Punchestown Wed, 7.20 1st JunEntry
Long House Hall (IRE)Uttoxeter Sun, 4.20 29th MayDeclaration
Long Island (GB)Haydock Fri, 4.10 27th MayDeclaration
Long Island Sound (USA)Leopardstown Thu, 8.00 16th JunEntry
Curragh Sun, 3.55 26th JunEntry
Leopardstown Sat, 5.40 10th SepEntry
Look Closer (IRE)Navan Sat, 5.55 28th MayDeclaration
Looking For Mick (GB)Worcester Fri, 8.50 27th MayDeclaration
Looking Well (IRE)Kelso Sun, 3.35 29th MayDeclaration
Lopes Dancer (IRE)Pontefract Fri, 6.30 27th MayDeclaration
Lopito de Vega (IRE)Beverley Sat, 4.10 28th MayDeclaration
Lord Ben (IRE)Punchestown Wed, 5.50 1st JunEntry
Lord Boru (IRE)Ballinrobe Mon, 7.30 30th MayWeights
Lord Bryan (IRE)Ffos Las Sat, 9.05 28th MayDeclaration
Lord Franklin (GB)Chester Sat, 5.10 28th MayDeclaration
Lord Justice (IRE)Navan Sat, 4.50 28th MayDeclaration
Lord Of The Land (IRE)Leopardstown Thu, 8.00 16th JunEntry
Lord Of The Storm (GB)Bath Fri, 2.30 27th MayDeclaration
Lord Reason (GB)Brighton Fri, 4.50 27th MayDeclaration
Lords Park Star (IRE)Uttoxeter Sun, 3.45 29th MayDeclaration
Lorendano (IRE)Navan Sat, 2.30 28th MayDeclaration
Lorimer's Lot (IRE)Catterick Sat, 2.55 28th MayDeclaration
Lough Carrow (IRE)Down Royal Fri, 8.35 27th MayDeclaration
Lough Kent (GB)Ffos Las Sat, 8.35 28th MayDeclaration
Louis Phillipe (IRE)Ffos Las Sat, 6.35 28th MayDeclaration
Louis The Pious (GB)Haydock Sat, 3.10 28th MayDeclaration
Lovefromabove (IRE)Ffos Las Sat, 8.05 28th MayDeclaration
Loveisallaroundyou (IRE)Fairyhouse Thu, 6.20 2nd JunEntry
Lovin' Spoonful (GB)Pontefract Fri, 9.00 27th MayDeclaration
Loving Your Work (GB)Brighton Fri, 4.20 27th MayDeclaration
Lucida (IRE)Curragh Sun, 4.30 26th JunEntry
Leopardstown Sat, 5.40 10th SepEntry
Lucky Diva (GB)Bath Fri, 2.00 27th MayDeclaration
Lucky Dottie (GB)Brighton Fri, 4.20 27th MayDeclaration
Lulani (IRE)Bath Fri, 3.00 27th MayDeclaration
Lulu The Zulu (IRE)Chester Sat, 2.50 28th MayDeclaration
Lunada (IRE)Navan Sat, 4.15 28th MayDeclaration
Lundy (GB)Naas Sun, 3.10 29th MayDeclaration
Curragh Sat, 5.50 25th JunEntry
Curragh Sun, 3.50 7th AugEntry
Lungarno Palace (USA)Salisbury Sat, 7.20 28th MayDeclaration
Lustrous (GB)Haydock Sat, 2.35 28th MayDeclaration
Lustrous Light (IRE)Navan Sat, 5.55 28th MayDeclaration
Lycidas (GER)Kelso Sun, 2.00 29th MayDeclaration
Lydstep Point (GB)Ffos Las Sat, 7.35 28th MayDeclaration
Lyin Eyes (GB)Navan Sat, 1.55 28th MayDeclaration