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Horse Race Type
Oasis Fantasy (IRE)Doncaster Sat, 2.10 25th OctDeclaration
Doncaster Sat, 2.40 25th OctDeclaration
Octavia (IRE)Curragh Sun, 3.55 24th MayEntry
Odit (GER)Leopardstown Sun, 3.25 26th OctDeclaration
Off Limits (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 2.05 25th OctDeclaration
Off The Charts (IRE)Galway Mon, 4.05 27th OctWeights
Often (IRE)Curragh Sun, 3.55 24th MayEntry
Ogaritmo (GB)Stratford Sat, 2.15 25th OctDeclaration
Ohh Lala (IRE)Leopardstown Sun, 1.40 26th OctDeclaration
Oiche Mhaith Boy (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 4.20 25th OctDeclaration
Oiseau de Nuit (FR)Chepstow Sat, 4.45 25th OctDeclaration
Ol' Man River (IRE)Curragh Sat, 3.20 23rd MayEntry
Old Castle Villa (IRE)Wexford Sat, 5.10 25th OctDeclaration
Clonmel Thu, 3.55 30th OctWeights
Old Storm (IRE)Galway Sun, 1.25 26th OctDeclaration
Old Supporter (IRE)Punchestown Wed, 3.35 29th OctWeights
Old Time Melody (IRE)Clonmel Thu, 1.55 30th OctWeights
On A Pedestal (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 2.05 25th OctDeclaration
On Alberts Head (IRE)Wexford Sat, 3.25 25th OctDeclaration
On His Own (IRE)Down Royal Sat, 2.30 1st NovEntry
On The Shannon (IRE)Punchestown Wed, 3.05 29th OctWeights
On Tour (IRE)Stratford Sat, 3.20 25th OctDeclaration
Ondamoura (IRE)Leopardstown Sun, 1.10 26th OctDeclaration
One Cool Poet (IRE)Leopardstown Sun, 1.10 26th OctDeclaration
One Fine Morning (GB)Punchestown Wed, 3.35 29th OctWeights
Open Eagle (IRE)Doncaster Sat, 2.40 25th OctDeclaration
Order Of St George (IRE)Leopardstown Sun, 2.50 26th OctDeclaration
Ordinary Man (IRE)Wexford Mon, 2.45 27th OctWeights
Orgilgo Bay (IRE)Leopardstown Sun, 3.25 26th OctDeclaration
Osaila (IRE)Curragh Sun, 3.55 24th MayEntry
Oscar Buzz (IRE)Galway Sun, 3.40 26th OctDeclaration
Oscar Invitation (IRE)Clonmel Thu, 1.25 30th OctWeights
Our Katie (IRE)Clonmel Thu, 3.55 30th OctWeights
Our Mick (GB)Aintree Sun, 3.50 26th OctDeclaration
Our Phylli Vera (IRE)Newbury Sat, 5.10 25th OctDeclaration
Our Queenie (IRE)Newbury Sat, 4.40 25th OctDeclaration
Outbacker (IRE)Wolverhampton Sat, 8.45 25th OctDeclaration
Outstanding (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 2.05 25th OctDeclaration
Curragh Sun, 3.55 24th MayEntry
Owens Pride (IRE)Wexford Sat, 2.20 25th OctDeclaration