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Horse Race Type
P C Dolly (IRE)Sligo Tue, 7.00 28th JunDeclaration
Fairyhouse Wed, 6.50 29th JunWeights
Tipperary Thu, 6.50 30th JunWeights
Paca Punch (GB)Chepstow Tue, 7.10 28th JunDeclaration
Pacific Salt (IRE)Wolverhampton Mon, 6.00 27th JunDeclaration
Paco Pat (GB)Chepstow Tue, 7.40 28th JunDeclaration
Paco's Angel (GB)Windsor Mon, 5.55 27th JunDeclaration
Pacohontas (GB)Brighton Tue, 2.15 28th JunDeclaration
Painted Cliffs (IRE)Curragh Sun, 3.05 17th JulEntry
Paladin (IRE)Wolverhampton Mon, 5.25 27th JunDeclaration
Palisade (GB)Brighton Tue, 4.15 28th JunDeclaration
Pandora's Box (IRE)Curragh Sun, 3.40 11th SepEntry
Papa's Way (IRE)Bellewstown Thu, 7.05 30th JunWeights
Papal Motel (IRE)Fairyhouse Wed, 7.50 29th JunWeights
Fairyhouse Wed, 8.50 29th JunWeights
Tipperary Thu, 8.55 30th JunWeights
Pat Harkin (IRE)Fairyhouse Wed, 8.50 29th JunWeights
Patience A Plenty (IRE)Sligo Tue, 7.30 28th JunDeclaration
Pavers Star (GB)Musselburgh Mon, 8.40 27th JunDeclaration
Paytheprice (GB)Bellewstown Thu, 5.35 30th JunWeights
Peace Envoy (FR)Curragh Sun, 4.15 11th SepEntry
Pearl Secret (GB)Curragh Sat, 4.05 16th JulEntry
Pedestal (IRE)Curragh Sun, 4.15 11th SepEntry
Peinaire (IRE)Fairyhouse Wed, 7.20 29th JunWeights
Fairyhouse Wed, 8.50 29th JunWeights
Tipperary Thu, 8.55 30th JunWeights
Pencaitland (GB)Musselburgh Mon, 6.10 27th JunDeclaration
Penelope Pitstop (GB)Sligo Tue, 8.30 28th JunDeclaration
Pennsylvania (USA)Curragh Sun, 4.15 11th SepEntry
Pensax Lady (IRE)Wolverhampton Mon, 6.00 27th JunDeclaration
Pepita (IRE)Curragh Sun, 3.40 11th SepEntry
Pepperminty (IRE)Curragh Sun, 3.40 11th SepEntry
Perceived (GB)Windsor Mon, 7.25 27th JunDeclaration
Perennial (GB)Musselburgh Mon, 6.10 27th JunDeclaration
Perfect Madge (IRE)Curragh Sun, 3.40 11th SepEntry
Perfect Orange (GB)Brighton Tue, 4.45 28th JunDeclaration
Perplexity (IRE)Tipperary Thu, 5.45 30th JunWeights
Pershing (GB)Fairyhouse Wed, 7.20 29th JunWeights
Bellewstown Thu, 6.35 30th JunWeights
Persian Wind (IRE)Bellewstown Thu, 8.40 30th JunWeights
Petit Ecuyer (FR)Chepstow Tue, 8.40 28th JunDeclaration
Petrify (GB)Chepstow Tue, 8.40 28th JunDeclaration
Petticoat (GB)Curragh Sun, 3.40 11th SepEntry
Phoenix Twist (IRE)Bellewstown Thu, 6.35 30th JunWeights
Pillar (GB)Fairyhouse Wed, 6.50 29th JunWeights
Bellewstown Thu, 5.35 30th JunWeights
Pintle's Image (GB)Windsor Mon, 6.55 27th JunDeclaration
Pipers Piping (IRE)Wolverhampton Mon, 5.25 27th JunDeclaration
Pleascach (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 5.40 10th SepEntry
Polar Forest (GB)Windsor Mon, 7.25 27th JunDeclaration
Poole Belle (IRE)Windsor Mon, 6.55 27th JunDeclaration
Popeswood (IRE)Windsor Mon, 7.25 27th JunDeclaration
Poppy Pivot (IRE)Musselburgh Mon, 7.40 27th JunDeclaration
Port Douglas (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 5.40 10th SepEntry
Curragh Sun, 4.50 11th SepEntry
Portage (IRE)Leopardstown Thu, 8.00 14th JulEntry
Postponed (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 5.40 10th SepEntry
Power Struggle (IRE)Fairyhouse Wed, 8.20 29th JunWeights
Powerpuff (IRE)Fairyhouse Wed, 6.20 29th JunWeights
Prairie Wind (IRE)Fairyhouse Wed, 8.50 29th JunWeights
Tipperary Thu, 8.55 30th JunWeights
Prefer (IRE)Curragh Sat, 5.45 16th JulEntry
Presidential (IRE)Curragh Sun, 3.50 7th AugEntry
Curragh Sun, 4.15 11th SepEntry
Press Gang (GB)Pontefract Mon, 4.10 27th JunDeclaration
Presto Boy (GB)Windsor Mon, 6.25 27th JunDeclaration
Pretty Little Liar (IRE)Tipperary Thu, 6.50 30th JunWeights
Pretty Perfect (IRE)Curragh Sat, 5.45 16th JulEntry
Curragh Sun, 4.15 17th JulEntry
Prim And Proper (GB)Chepstow Tue, 9.10 28th JunDeclaration
Primo Uomo (IRE)Bellewstown Thu, 6.05 30th JunWeights
Prince Jock (USA)Tipperary Thu, 8.25 30th JunWeights
Prince Kup (IRE)Bellewstown Thu, 7.05 30th JunWeights
Bellewstown Thu, 7.40 30th JunWeights
Princeofthequeen (USA)Hamilton Tue, 2.00 28th JunDeclaration
Promise To Be True (IRE)Tipperary Thu, 5.45 30th JunWeights
Promising Run (USA)Curragh Sat, 5.45 16th JulEntry
Leopardstown Sat, 5.40 10th SepEntry
Pronounced (IRE)Curragh Sun, 3.50 7th AugEntry
Psychedelic Funk (GB)Curragh Sun, 3.50 7th AugEntry
Curragh Sun, 4.15 11th SepEntry
Punches Pious (IRE)Tipperary Thu, 6.50 30th JunWeights
Puppetshow (IRE)Curragh Sun, 3.40 11th SepEntry
Pure Art (GB)Fairyhouse Sun, 3.10 10th JulEntry
Pure Morning (IRE)Curragh Sun, 4.15 11th SepEntry
Pushkin Museum (IRE)Musselburgh Mon, 8.40 27th JunDeclaration