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Horse Race Result
Baby Shine (IRE)Cheltenham Thu, 2.40 17th Apr3rd
Baby Strange (GB)Pontefract Mon, 3.10 14th Apr8th
Back Burner (IRE)Southwell Tue, 2.20 15th Apr1st
Back On The Road (IRE)Hexham Mon, 4.30 14th Apr4th
Bahamian Art (GB)Beverley Wed, 1.55 16th Apr5th
Bahamian C (GB)Pontefract Mon, 4.10 14th Apr6th
Bahango (IRE)Beverley Wed, 1.55 16th Apr9th
Baileys Pursuit (GB)Newmarket Thu, 1.45 17th Apr15th
Bainne (IRE)Windsor Mon, 2.50 14th Apr10th
Bajan Beauty (IRE)Southwell Tue, 4.00 15th Apr4th
Balinderry (IRE)Southwell Wed, 7.05 16th Apr4th
Ballinahow Rover (IRE)Tramore Mon, 7.05 14th Apr5th
Bally Legend (GB)Cheltenham Wed, 3.50 16th Apr4th
Bally Sands (IRE)Cheltenham Wed, 2.40 16th Aprp.u.
Ballybough Andy (IRE)Exeter Tue, 5.45 15th Aprn.r.
Ballyculla (IRE)Cheltenham Thu, 4.25 17th Apr2nd
Ballygrooby Bertie (IRE)Southwell Wed, 6.35 16th Apr10th
Ballyheigue Bay (IRE)Cheltenham Wed, 4.25 16th Apr9th
Baltic Pathfinder (IRE)Sedgefield Wed, 5.50 16th Apr1st
Barkston Ash (GB)Ripon Thu, 2.30 17th Apr1st
Barley Mow (IRE)Newmarket Wed, 4.40 16th Apr4th
Barlow (IRE)Cheltenham Thu, 5.00 17th Apr5th
Barnevelder (IRE)Hexham Mon, 2.00 14th Apr4th
Bartack (IRE)Pontefract Mon, 2.40 14th Apr14th
Barton Stacey (IRE)Exeter Tue, 2.30 15th Aprp.u.
Basem (GB)Newmarket Thu, 2.20 17th Apr1st
Basil The Great (GB)Beverley Wed, 2.30 16th Apr6th
Bathwick Brave (IRE)Exeter Tue, 2.30 15th Apr14th
Bay To Go (IRE)Southwell Wed, 6.05 16th Apr1st
Be A Dreamer (GB)Hexham Mon, 3.00 14th Apr7th
Be Bop Boru (IRE)Cheltenham Wed, 4.25 16th Apr2nd
Be Ready (IRE)Newmarket Thu, 4.05 17th Apr6th
Beacon Lodge (IRE)Tipperary Thu, 4.35 17th Apr3rd
Beau Dandy (IRE)Sedgefield Wed, 6.55 16th Apr7th
Beautiful Ben (IRE)Tramore Mon, 4.35 14th Apr5th
Bebinn (IRE)Cheltenham Wed, 4.25 16th Aprp.u.
Bedloe's Island (IRE)Beverley Wed, 3.05 16th Apr12th
Bejeweled (IRE)Dundalk Wed, 8.15 16th Apr14th
Belle Fille (GB)Newmarket Thu, 1.45 17th Apr5th
Benbecula (GB)Exeter Tue, 3.35 15th Apr8th
Benedictus (IRE)Kempton Tue, 5.20 15th Apr3rd
Benny The Swinger (IRE)Kempton Tue, 2.10 15th Apr3rd
Berkeley Barron (IRE)Cheltenham Thu, 4.25 17th Apr5th
Bernshaw (GB)Exeter Tue, 4.40 15th Aprp.u.
Bertie's Desire (GB)Kempton Tue, 3.15 15th Apr1st
Berwick Bassett (GB)Exeter Tue, 5.10 15th Apr7th
Bespoke Lady (IRE)Hexham Mon, 4.00 14th Apr1st
Betty Boo (IRE)Beverley Wed, 1.25 16th Apr5th
Between Wickets (GB)Newmarket Wed, 1.45 16th Apr2nd
Beyeh (IRE)Cheltenham Thu, 3.15 17th Apr9th
Beylerbey (USA)Beverley Wed, 5.25 16th Apr6th
Big Casino (GB)Cheltenham Wed, 3.15 16th Apr7th
Big McIntosh (IRE)Newmarket Wed, 2.20 16th Apr6th
Big Sound (GB)Sedgefield Wed, 7.25 16th Apr6th
Bills Official (IRE)Tramore Mon, 6.35 14th Apr13th
Billy Dunne (IRE)Tramore Mon, 5.05 14th Apr12th
Billy Dutton (GB)Exeter Tue, 2.30 15th Apr1st
Bingo Bash (IRE)Tramore Mon, 7.05 14th Apr9th
Binky Blue (IRE)Beverley Wed, 2.30 16th Apr9th
Black Chariot (IRE)Tramore Mon, 6.05 14th Apr12th
Blaine (GB)Beverley Wed, 3.05 16th Apr5th
Blessington (IRE)Windsor Mon, 4.20 14th Apr5th
Blinding Lights (IRE)Exeter Tue, 4.40 15th Aprp.u.
Blockade (IRE)Newmarket Wed, 4.05 16th Apr12th
Blue Atlantic (USA)Beverley Wed, 4.15 16th Apr1st
Blue Buttons (IRE)Cheltenham Thu, 3.15 17th Apr5th
Blue Heron (IRE)Cheltenham Wed, 2.05 16th Apr5th
Bob (GB)Pontefract Mon, 2.40 14th Apr16th
Bob Keown (IRE)Cheltenham Wed, 4.25 16th Apr3rd
Bobskier (IRE)Tipperary Thu, 7.35 17th Apr11th
Boherna Lady (IRE)Tramore Mon, 5.35 14th Apr16th
Boker Hill (IRE)Tramore Mon, 5.05 14th Apr7th
Bold Addition (FR)Kempton Tue, 5.20 15th Apr6th
Bon Voyage (GB)Newmarket Wed, 2.55 16th Apr7th
Bondesire (GB)Beverley Wed, 3.05 16th Apr1st
Bonheur Secret (FR)Tramore Mon, 5.35 14th Apr11th
Bonnie Charlie (GB)Ripon Thu, 3.05 17th Apr6th
Boogie In The Barn (IRE)Kempton Tue, 3.50 15th Apr1st
Boom And Bust (IRE)Newmarket Thu, 4.40 17th Apr9th
Boondooma (IRE)Cheltenham Wed, 3.15 16th Apr5th
Bop Along (IRE)Hexham Mon, 2.30 14th Apr2nd
Boqa (IRE)Tipperary Thu, 6.35 17th Apr1st
Boris The Blade (GB)Sedgefield Wed, 6.55 16th Aprp.u.
Boronia (IRE)Dundalk Wed, 8.15 16th Apr7th
Boss In Boots (IRE)Kempton Tue, 3.15 15th Apr6th
Botticelli's Venus (IRE)Dundalk Wed, 7.45 16th Apr8th
Boxing Shadows (GB)Pontefract Mon, 4.40 14th Apr5th
Brackloon High (IRE)Exeter Tue, 2.30 15th Aprfell
Bradley (GB)Cheltenham Thu, 3.50 17th Apr5th
Brass Tax (IRE)Kempton Tue, 4.20 15th Apr2nd
Breccbennach (GB)Windsor Mon, 3.20 14th Apr1st
Breffni Gael (IRE)Tramore Mon, 6.35 14th Apr8th
Brijomi Queen (IRE)Cheltenham Thu, 3.15 17th Apr10th
Broadway Buffalo (IRE)Cheltenham Wed, 3.15 16th Apr8th
Brother Brian (IRE)Cheltenham Wed, 3.15 16th Apr1st
Bubbly Bellini (IRE)Tipperary Thu, 4.35 17th Apr4th
Buccaneers Vault (IRE)Beverley Wed, 1.55 16th Apr1st
Burnham (GB)Windsor Mon, 4.50 14th Apr2nd
Burning Issues (IRE)Tramore Mon, 7.05 14th Apru.r.
Burnwynd Boy (GB)Tipperary Thu, 5.35 17th Apr11th
Burrenbridge Lodge (IRE)Tipperary Thu, 7.35 17th Apr7th
Buywise (IRE)Cheltenham Wed, 3.50 16th Apr1st
By The Banks (IRE)Tramore Mon, 7.05 14th Apru.r.
Bygones Sovereign (IRE)Kempton Tue, 4.50 15th Apr7th