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Horse Race Result
Back To Love (CAN)Brighton Tue, 5.20 23rd May11th
Backinanger (GB)Ayr Wed, 2.50 24th May9th
Bahamian Sunshine (GB)Ayr Wed, 3.20 24th May8th
Baileys Showgirl (FR)Sandown Thu, 8.10 25th May6th
Baily Moon (IRE)Wexford Wed, 8.00 24th May1st
Bakers Street (GB)Tipperary Thu, 8.20 25th May3rd
Ballinahow Bill (IRE)Wexford Wed, 6.00 24th May5th
Ballygrooby Bertie (IRE)Hexham Tue, 6.15 23rd May4th
Ballyheigue Bay (IRE)Huntingdon Tue, 8.05 23rd May7th
Ballytier Princess (IRE)Wexford Wed, 6.30 24th May8th
Ban Shoof (GB)Brighton Tue, 3.50 23rd May10th
Bancnuanaheireann (IRE)Chelmsford City Thu, 8.00 25th May11th
Bare Necessities (IRE)Huntingdon Tue, 7.05 23rd Mayp.u.
Barizan (IRE)Nottingham Tue, 3.00 23rd May3rd
Barnsdale (GB)Chelmsford City Thu, 5.50 25th May6th
Bartholomeu Dias (GB)Goodwood Thu, 2.00 25th May3rd
Bassino (USA)Brighton Tue, 5.20 23rd May9th
Bath And Tennis (IRE)Catterick Thu, 1.50 25th Mayn.r.
Battle Hard (IRE)Wexford Wed, 9.00 24th May5th
Baydar (GB)Sandown Thu, 7.35 25th May7th
Be Royale (GB)Yarmouth Wed, 4.00 24th May2nd
Beach Bar (IRE)Lingfield Wed, 4.40 24th May6th
Beach Dancer (IRE)Brighton Tue, 2.50 23rd Mayn.r.
Kempton Wed, 6.40 24th May6th
Bearag (GB)Catterick Thu, 5.15 25th May7th
Beau Satchel (GB)Gowran Park Tue, 6.25 23rd May12th
Beautiful Ben (IRE)Wexford Wed, 8.30 24th May5th
Becca Campbell (IRE)Brighton Tue, 3.50 23rd May7th
Belclare Boy (IRE)Gowran Park Tue, 4.55 23rd May1st
Bellevarde (IRE)Nottingham Tue, 2.30 23rd May5th
Bellgrove (IRE)Wexford Wed, 8.30 24th Mayn.r.
Benefit Of Luck (IRE)Huntingdon Tue, 8.05 23rd May3rd
Bensachuine (IRE)Wexford Wed, 9.00 24th May3rd
Berghain (IRE)Sandown Thu, 7.05 25th May5th
Bergholt (IRE)Yarmouth Wed, 2.30 24th Mayw.d.
Bertalus (IRE)Hexham Tue, 8.20 23rd May9th
Best Example (USA)Yarmouth Wed, 2.30 24th May4th
Best Not Argue (IRE)Gowran Park Tue, 6.25 23rd Mayn.r.
Beverley Bullet (GB)Newcastle Tue, 2.10 23rd May4th
Beyondtheflame (GB)Hexham Tue, 5.45 23rd May4th
Big Easy (GER)Warwick Thu, 3.55 25th May1st
Big Orange (GB)Sandown Thu, 7.05 25th May1st
Bigwood (IRE)Gowran Park Tue, 6.55 23rd May1st
Bingo George (IRE)Brighton Tue, 5.50 23rd May5th
Bint Dandy (IRE)Yarmouth Wed, 3.30 24th May1st
Bismarck The Flyer (IRE)Catterick Thu, 2.55 25th Mayn.r.
Bit Of A Quirke (GB)Ayr Wed, 4.50 24th May5th
Black Bess (GB)Brighton Tue, 3.20 23rd May2nd
Black Bubba (IRE)Catterick Thu, 2.55 25th May2nd
Black Caesar (IRE)Brighton Tue, 5.50 23rd May2nd
Goodwood Thu, 5.25 25th Mayn.r.
Black Dave (IRE)Lingfield Wed, 4.40 24th May1st
Black Truffle (FR)Kempton Wed, 8.40 24th May6th
Blackthorn Stick (IRE)Brighton Tue, 4.50 23rd Mayn.r.
Blackwater Bridge (IRE)Wexford Wed, 8.30 24th May9th
Blairs Cove (GB)Warwick Thu, 2.10 25th May2nd
Blaze Of Hearts (IRE)Lingfield Wed, 3.10 24th May5th
Blind Faith (IRE)Yarmouth Wed, 3.30 24th May5th
Blue Cove (GB)Hexham Tue, 7.50 23rd Mayp.u.
Blue Suede (IRE)Catterick Thu, 4.40 25th May6th
Bodacious Name (IRE)Catterick Thu, 4.05 25th Mayn.r.
Bold Max (GB)Brighton Tue, 5.20 23rd May7th
Bold Sky (IRE)Wexford Wed, 6.00 24th May2nd
Bold Spirit (GB)Catterick Thu, 3.30 25th May4th
Bollihope (GB)Newcastle Tue, 3.10 23rd May5th
Bollin Julie (GB)Hexham Tue, 8.20 23rd May10th
Bombero (IRE)Nottingham Tue, 4.00 23rd May9th
Bonjour Steve (GB)Nottingham Tue, 5.00 23rd May3rd
Bonnie Gals (GB)Catterick Thu, 5.15 25th Mayn.r.
Born By The Sea (IRE)Tipperary Thu, 6.40 25th May7th
Borough Boy (IRE)Nottingham Tue, 5.00 23rd May2nd
Botanical Lady (IRE)Gowran Park Tue, 7.25 23rd Mayn.r.
Boudry (FR)Wexford Wed, 7.00 24th May5th
Bowler Bill (GB)Southwell Wed, 8.50 24th May8th
Boychick (IRE)Kempton Wed, 6.10 24th May2nd
Boycie (GB)Sandown Thu, 6.00 25th May1st
Brasted (IRE)Chelmsford City Thu, 6.20 25th May10th
Breakwater Bay (IRE)Catterick Thu, 4.05 25th May2nd
Bridge Of Sighs (GB)Brighton Tue, 3.50 23rd May3rd
Broad Appeal (GB)Nottingham Tue, 4.30 23rd May8th
Broctune Papa Gio (GB)Newcastle Tue, 2.40 23rd May3rd
Broken Eagle (USA)Huntingdon Tue, 8.35 23rd May1st
Bronco Billy (IRE)Warwick Thu, 5.05 25th May1st
Brooke's Point (GB)Lingfield Wed, 2.40 24th May7th
Broughtons Fancy (GB)Kempton Wed, 8.40 24th May9th
Broughtons Rhythm (GB)Warwick Thu, 2.45 25th Mayw.d.
Bumptious (GB)Yarmouth Wed, 4.30 24th May2nd
Burning Heat (IRE)Warwick Thu, 2.45 25th May2nd
Burrows Lane (FR)Warwick Thu, 2.10 25th May3rd
Burtonwood (GB)Newcastle Tue, 4.40 23rd May2nd
Bustam (IRE)Ayr Wed, 2.20 24th May2nd
Buster Dan Dan (IRE)Tipperary Thu, 8.20 25th May11th
Button Up (IRE)Goodwood Thu, 4.55 25th May7th
Buzz Lightyere (GB)Brighton Tue, 5.20 23rd May3rd
Bye Awhile (IRE)Gowran Park Tue, 5.55 23rd May11th
Bygones For Coins (IRE)Hexham Tue, 8.50 23rd May7th