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Horse Race Result
Daban (IRE)Newbury Sat, 3.35 19th Augn.r.
Daddys Poppit (USA)Newbury Fri, 4.50 18th Aug9th
Daily Trader (GB)Newbury Fri, 5.25 18th Aug2nd
Daisy Chicks (IRE)Tramore Fri, 6.35 18th Aug11th
Daisy's Flyer (IRE)Curragh Sat, 5.05 19th Aug5th
Dakota Gold (GB)Newmarket Sat, 2.45 19th Aug2nd
Daliyah (IRE)Leopardstown Thu, 5.05 17th Aug3rd
Danandy (IRE)Fontwell Thu, 3.00 17th Aug3rd
Dance Along (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 6.45 18th Aug13th
Dance Emperor (IRE)Salisbury Wed, 2.20 16th Aug9th
Dance Rock (GB)Bangor Wed, 5.50 16th Aug2nd
Dandiesque (IRE)Nottingham Fri, 2.00 18th Aug3rd
Dandy Flame (IRE)Salisbury Wed, 2.50 16th Aug5th
Dandy Rock (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 7.20 18th Aug2nd
Dandy's Beano (IRE)Beverley Wed, 2.10 16th Aug8th
Beverley Thu, 2.40 17th Augn.r.
Danehill Kodiac (IRE)Newmarket Sat, 4.30 19th Aug1st
Danequest (IRE)Tramore Fri, 7.45 18th Augn.r.
Dangerous Ends (GB)Kempton Wed, 8.10 16th Aug3rd
Dani's Boy (IRE)Gowran Park Wed, 4.55 16th Aug13th
Danielsflyer (IRE)Newmarket Sat, 2.45 19th Aug5th
Danot (IRE)Catterick Fri, 8.10 18th Aug2nd
Dapper Man (IRE)Nottingham Fri, 2.30 18th Aug8th
Dark Destroyer (IRE)Newmarket Sat, 5.40 19th Aug8th
Dark Forest (GB)Doncaster Sat, 1.55 19th Augn.r.
Dark Power (IRE)Newmarket Sat, 2.10 19th Aug8th
Dark Rose Angel (IRE)Doncaster Sat, 2.30 19th Aug1st
Dark Sunset (IRE)Bangor Wed, 7.20 16th Aug1st
Darkolva (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 4.15 18th Aug3rd
Darvie (GB)Doncaster Sat, 1.55 19th Aug4th
Dasmyhoss (IRE)Tramore Fri, 8.15 18th Aug1st
Dathanna (IRE)Newmarket Sat, 3.55 19th Aug1st
David's Beauty (IRE)Bath Sat, 7.40 19th Aug2nd
Dawaaleeb (USA)Nottingham Fri, 3.35 18th Aug3rd
Dawn Arrival (IRE)Leopardstown Thu, 6.35 17th Aug5th
Day Day (IRE)Tramore Thu, 7.50 17th Aug6th
Dayereh (IRE)Leopardstown Thu, 8.10 17th Aug5th
De Coronado (USA)Dundalk Fri, 5.15 18th Aug3rd
Deadly Accurate (GB)Newbury Fri, 1.40 18th Aug5th
Deadly Move (IRE)Bangor Wed, 6.50 16th Aug3rd
Deansgate (IRE)Doncaster Sat, 1.25 19th Aug1st
Dear Sire (FR)Perth Sat, 3.45 19th Aug1st
Debawtry (IRE)Beverley Thu, 2.40 17th Aug2nd
Deben (GB)Catterick Fri, 8.10 18th Aug8th
Decision Time (IRE)Tramore Thu, 8.20 17th Aug5th
Decked (IRE)Curragh Sat, 2.20 19th Aug9th
Defoe (IRE)Newbury Sat, 2.25 19th Aug1st
Deja (FR)Wolverhampton Fri, 4.00 18th Aug1st
Del Parco (GB)Chepstow Thu, 8.15 17th Aug8th
Delaire (GB)Gowran Park Wed, 7.30 16th Aug12th
Delegating (GB)Leopardstown Thu, 7.40 17th Augn.r.
Demons Rock (IRE)Catterick Fri, 6.30 18th Aug1st
Derek Duval (USA)Newmarket Fri, 7.55 18th Aug7th
Desert God (IND)Nottingham Fri, 4.10 18th Aug9th
Desert Island Dusk (GB)Bangor Wed, 6.20 16th Aug3rd
Desert Law (IRE)Doncaster Sat, 3.40 19th Aug1st
Deshan (GER)Bangor Wed, 5.50 16th Aug4th
Desi Daru (IRE)Nottingham Fri, 3.35 18th Aug11th
Designamento (IRE)Nottingham Fri, 5.10 18th Aug10th
Destination Debbie (IRE)Tramore Fri, 7.10 18th Augn.r.
Devil's Bridge (IRE)Wolverhampton Fri, 3.25 18th Aug3rd
Devito'sgoldengirl (IRE)Perth Sat, 2.00 19th Aug2nd
Diamond (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 6.15 18th Aug6th
Diamond Fields (IRE)Leopardstown Thu, 7.10 17th Aug6th
Diamond Lady (GB)Newmarket Fri, 5.50 18th Aug8th
Diamond Runner (IRE)Doncaster Sat, 5.20 19th Aug3rd
Diamond Vine (IRE)Bath Sat, 5.10 19th Augn.r.
Diamonds A Dancing (GB)Nottingham Fri, 5.10 18th Aug2nd
Dierama (IRE)Leopardstown Thu, 5.35 17th Aug9th
Directorship (GB)Newbury Fri, 2.40 18th Aug14th
Discovered (IRE)Doncaster Sat, 1.55 19th Aug6th
Do Na Paisti (IRE)Tramore Fri, 6.35 18th Aug4th
Do Try Dolly (IRE)Tramore Thu, 8.20 17th Aug7th
Dochasach (IRE)Leopardstown Thu, 8.10 17th Aug2nd
Dock Of The Bay (GB)Newbury Sat, 4.05 19th Aug10th
Doctor Bartolo (IRE)Newbury Sat, 1.20 19th Aug2nd
Dodgy Bob (GB)Chepstow Thu, 7.15 17th Aug2nd
Dollar And A Dream (IRE)Bangor Wed, 6.20 16th Aug7th
Dolphin Village (IRE)Newmarket Sat, 5.05 19th Aug7th
Don Franco (IRE)Bangor Wed, 6.50 16th Aug6th
Donnelly's Rainbow (IRE)Doncaster Sat, 1.55 19th Aug7th
Dont Have It Then (GB)Dundalk Fri, 5.45 18th Aug5th
Dontbackme (IRE)Tramore Fri, 7.45 18th Augp.u.
Dorkas (GB)Tramore Fri, 5.35 18th Augfell
Doswell (USA)Wolverhampton Fri, 4.00 18th Augn.r.
Dot Green (IRE)Yarmouth Thu, 6.30 17th Aug11th
Dotties Dilema (IRE)Bangor Wed, 8.20 16th Aug4th
Double Windsor (IRE)Tramore Thu, 5.20 17th Aug5th
Tramore Fri, 5.35 18th Aug14th
Dove Mountain (IRE)Market Rasen Sat, 4.55 19th Aug3rd
Dowayla (IRE)Newmarket Fri, 7.55 18th Aug2nd
Downtown Diva (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 4.15 18th Aug8th
Dr Moloney (IRE)Perth Sat, 3.10 19th Augfell
Dragon Fei (IRE)Gowran Park Wed, 6.30 16th Aug14th
Dragons Voice (GB)Salisbury Wed, 3.20 16th Augn.r.
Newbury Fri, 2.40 18th Aug13th
Drakaina (IRE)Tramore Fri, 6.35 18th Aug2nd
Dream Sleep (GB)Gowran Park Wed, 8.00 16th Aug4th
Dream Team (GB)Beverley Wed, 3.40 16th Aug6th
Dreaming Time (GB)Wolverhampton Fri, 4.30 18th Aug6th
Dreamofdiscovery (IRE)Beverley Thu, 5.10 17th Aug5th
Dreamsoftheatre (IRE)Market Rasen Sat, 6.30 19th Aug2nd
Drill (GB)Yarmouth Thu, 4.55 17th Augn.r.
Drive On Locky (IRE)Fontwell Thu, 2.30 17th Augfell
Druid's Diamond (GB)Nottingham Fri, 5.10 18th Aug6th
Dryennais (FR)Tramore Fri, 8.15 18th Aug6th
Dubai Key (IRE)Tramore Sat, 5.50 19th Aug8th
Dubawi Fifty (GB)Nottingham Fri, 4.10 18th Aug1st
Duchy (GB)Newmarket Fri, 7.25 18th Aug2nd
Duck Egg Blue (IRE)Ripon Sat, 4.25 19th Aug2nd
Duckanddive (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 7.20 18th Aug3rd
Ducky Mallon (IRE)Leopardstown Thu, 5.35 17th Aug1st
Duffy Allen (FR)Market Rasen Sat, 5.30 19th Aug3rd
Duke Of Bronte (GB)Newmarket Sat, 5.05 19th Augn.r.
Duke Of Yorkshire (GB)Catterick Fri, 5.30 18th Aug6th
Duke's Girl (GB)Salisbury Thu, 5.25 17th Aug4th
Dunbrody Lass (IRE)Tramore Fri, 8.15 18th Augu.r.
Duplication (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 3.40 18th Aug1st
Dursey Sound (IRE)Bangor Wed, 6.50 16th Aug7th
Dutiful Son (IRE)Kempton Wed, 8.40 16th Aug10th
Dwynant (GB)Bangor Wed, 8.20 16th Aug15th
Dylan's Centenary (GB)Yarmouth Thu, 7.00 17th Aug15th