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Horse Race Result
Dad's Girl (GB)Redcar Mon, 5.05 25th May7th
Daidaidai (FR)Fontwell Sun, 4.35 24th May9th
Daizy (IRE)Fontwell Sun, 5.35 24th May6th
Dalalah (GB)Lingfield Tue, 2.10 26th Mayn.r.
Dalasiri (IRE)Curragh Sun, 4.30 24th May13th
Dalby Spook (IRE)Hamilton Wed, 3.40 27th May8th
Dalmarella Dancer (IRE)Leicester Mon, 2.40 25th May3rd
Dancing Dik (GB)Fontwell Sun, 5.05 24th May3rd
Dancing Maite (GB)Thirsk Wed, 5.45 27th May7th
Dancing Springs (IRE)Leicester Tue, 4.00 26th May8th
Dangerous Age (GB)Lingfield Tue, 2.40 26th May5th
Dangerous Moonlite (IRE)Windsor Mon, 2.20 25th May4th
Dannanceys Hill (IRE)Kelso Sun, 4.55 24th Mayfell
Dans Le Rouge (FR)Ballinrobe Mon, 6.30 25th May7th
Dark Crescent (IRE)Leicester Tue, 5.00 26th May6th
Dark Diamond (IRE)Leicester Mon, 2.05 25th May5th
Dark Elegance (GB)Leicester Mon, 4.55 25th May8th
Dark War (IRE)Thirsk Wed, 4.40 27th May8th
Darkan (IRE)Leicester Mon, 4.55 25th May5th
Darwins Theory (IRE)Newton Abbot Wed, 6.30 27th Mayunplaced
Dat Il Do (GB)Leicester Tue, 4.30 26th May11th
David's Duchess (IRE)Redcar Tue, 2.20 26th May4th
Dead Ringa (GB)Cartmel Mon, 5.15 25th Mayfell
Deal Done (FR)Cartmel Mon, 4.40 25th Mayp.u.
Debt Free Dame (GB)Thirsk Wed, 2.30 27th May2nd
Decade Player (IRE)Ballinrobe Mon, 7.00 25th May13th
Decisive (IRE)Thirsk Wed, 3.00 27th May4th
Defining Year (IRE)Curragh Sun, 4.30 24th May10th
Definite Earl (IRE)Ballinrobe Tue, 6.00 26th May1st
Delgany Demon (GB)Uttoxeter Sun, 2.30 24th May3rd
Dell' Arca (IRE)Uttoxeter Sun, 2.30 24th May1st
Demographic (USA)Huntingdon Tue, 8.20 26th May6th
Deputy Marshall (IRE)Ballinrobe Mon, 6.00 25th May7th
Derryogue (IRE)Fontwell Sun, 5.05 24th Mayn.r.
Desert Roe (IRE)Ballinrobe Mon, 8.00 25th May2nd
Destiny Awaits (IRE)Hexham Tue, 6.10 26th May2nd
Detroit Blues (GB)Fontwell Sun, 3.25 24th May1st
Devonshire (IRE)Curragh Sun, 3.55 24th May3rd
Dew Pond (GB)Redcar Tue, 2.50 26th Mayu.r.
Dexter Benjamin (IRE)Fontwell Sun, 5.35 24th May12th
Diatomic (IRE)Hamilton Wed, 5.25 27th May3rd
Dimitar (USA)Lingfield Tue, 3.10 26th May9th
Dire Straits (IRE)Cartmel Mon, 2.25 25th May3rd
Discoverie (GB)Kelso Sun, 3.10 24th Mayp.u.
Dishy Guru (GB)Leicester Tue, 3.30 26th May1st
Distain (GB)Redcar Tue, 4.20 26th May1st
Distant Shadow (GB)Thirsk Wed, 5.15 27th May9th
Divertimenti (IRE)Thirsk Wed, 5.15 27th May4th
Divine Law (GB)Windsor Mon, 1.15 25th May1st
Dj Gerry (GB)Huntingdon Tue, 7.20 26th Mayp.u.
Dominannie (IRE)Redcar Mon, 2.10 25th May5th
Don't Be Late (IRE)Uttoxeter Sun, 2.30 24th Mayp.u.
Donetsk (GB)Leicester Tue, 6.05 26th May13th
Dont Bother Me (IRE)Curragh Sun, 2.15 24th May7th
Dont Have It Then (GB)Windsor Mon, 4.05 25th May4th
Dontupsettherhythm (IRE)Cartmel Mon, 3.00 25th May7th
Douglas Julian (GB)Cartmel Mon, 4.10 25th May7th
Dovil's Duel (IRE)Leicester Tue, 2.30 26th May5th
Dr Moloney (IRE)Hexham Tue, 7.10 26th May2nd
Cartmel Wed, 3.50 27th Mayn.r.
Dromrue (IRE)Ballinrobe Tue, 9.00 26th Mayn.r.
Dubai Breeze (IRE)Lingfield Tue, 3.40 26th May11th
Dubai Hills (GB)Thirsk Wed, 4.05 27th Mayw.d.
Dubai Skyline (USA)Lingfield Tue, 5.10 26th Mayn.r.
Duc de Seville (IRE)Lingfield Tue, 5.40 26th May4th
Duhallowcountry (IRE)Hexham Tue, 9.10 26th Mayp.u.
Duke Of Yorkshire (GB)Redcar Mon, 3.20 25th May7th
Dumbarton (IRE)Cartmel Wed, 2.20 27th May2nd
Durham Express (IRE)Thirsk Wed, 5.15 27th May10th
Dushybeag (IRE)Ballinrobe Tue, 8.30 26th May8th
Dutch Breeze (GB)Carlisle Mon, 2.35 25th May3rd
Dutch Diva (GB)Thirsk Wed, 3.00 27th May7th
Dutch Falcon (GB)Windsor Mon, 1.15 25th May7th
Dylan Alexander (IRE)Leicester Tue, 5.30 26th May9th
Dylan Express (IRE)Hamilton Wed, 3.10 27th May8th
Dysios (IRE)Ballinrobe Tue, 8.00 26th Mayu.r.