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Horse Race Result
L'ami Louis (IRE)Ayr Mon, 2.30 28th Jul6th
L'avenue (IRE)Lingfield Sat, 8.05 26th Juln.r.
Lacerta (GB)Pontefract Sun, 5.10 27th Jul4th
Lady Clitico (IRE)Galway Mon, 7.45 28th Jul4th
Lady Cooper (GB)Lingfield Mon, 4.15 28th Jul7th
Lady Crossmar (IRE)Lingfield Sat, 7.00 26th Jul2nd
Lady Frances (GB)Newmarket Sat, 3.55 26th Jul7th
Lady Sparkler (IRE)Lingfield Sat, 6.30 26th Jul1st
Lady Vellyn (GB)Salisbury Sat, 7.15 26th Jul10th
Laffan (IRE)Newcastle Sat, 3.05 26th Jul1st
Laftah (IRE)Newmarket Sat, 3.20 26th Jul5th
Last Echo (IRE)Salisbury Sat, 8.20 26th Jul4th
Lastgirlstanding (IRE)Wexford Sat, 4.35 26th Julb.d.
Late Shipment (GB)Newmarket Sat, 5.35 26th Jul1st
Law Keeper (IRE)Carlisle Sun, 4.25 27th Jul1st
Lawyer (IRE)Newmarket Sat, 5.05 26th Jul5th
Layline (IRE)Windsor Mon, 8.35 28th Jul5th
Le Deluge (FR)Pontefract Sun, 3.30 27th Jul10th
Lead A Merry Dance (GB)Salisbury Sat, 6.45 26th Juln.r.
Legal Adviso r (GB)Pontefract Sun, 5.10 27th Jul7th
Leitir Mor (IRE)Ascot Sat, 3.50 26th Jul8th
Let's Go Live (GB)Beverley Tue, 2.20 29th Jul7th
Lewamy (IRE)Lingfield Mon, 3.15 28th Jul6th
Liberal Lady (GB)Newcastle Sat, 4.50 26th Jul9th
Lifejacket (IRE)Yarmouth Tue, 2.10 29th Jul5th
Lightscameraction (IRE)Lingfield Sat, 5.30 26th Jul1st
Lil Sophella (IRE)Newcastle Sat, 5.25 26th Jul3rd
Lily Edge (GB)Lingfield Sat, 8.35 26th Jul5th
Lincoln (IRE)Newcastle Sat, 2.30 26th Jul2nd
Line Of Reason (IRE)York Sat, 3.30 26th Jul8th
Lionheart (GB)Salisbury Sat, 5.45 26th Jul9th
Little Buxted (USA)Lingfield Mon, 4.45 28th Jul2nd
Little Indian (GB)Lingfield Sat, 7.00 26th Jul7th
Little Riggs (GB)Windsor Mon, 6.35 28th Jul5th
Living Leader (GB)Salisbury Sat, 5.45 26th Jul1st
Lockhart (IRE)Pontefract Sun, 5.10 27th Jul1st
Lola Montez (IRE)Lingfield Mon, 3.45 28th Jul4th
Long House Saint (IRE)Galway Mon, 5.40 28th Jul13th
Long John (AUS)York Sat, 2.55 26th Jul7th
Longshadow (GB)Newcastle Sat, 3.40 26th Jul1st
Look On By (GB)Ayr Mon, 5.30 28th Jul9th
Lord Buffhead (GB)Ayr Mon, 3.00 28th Juln.r.
Lord of The Dance (IRE)Ascot Sat, 4.25 26th Jul12th
Lord of Words (IRE)Newcastle Sat, 1.55 26th Jul4th
Lostock Hall (IRE)Newcastle Sat, 1.55 26th Jul6th
Louis The Pious (GB)Ascot Sat, 3.15 26th Jul11th
Love Marmalade (IRE)Carlisle Sun, 3.50 27th Jul3rd
Lucky Pat (IRE)Galway Mon, 8.15 28th Jul6th
Luddsdenene (IRE)Galway Mon, 5.40 28th Juln.r.
Lungarno Palace (USA)Ascot Sun, 4.15 27th Jul5th
Lysander The Greek (GB)Salisbury Sat, 7.15 26th Jul3rd
Lysino (GER)Uttoxeter Mon, 8.25 28th Jul1st