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Horse Race Result
L'attendue (IRE)Kelso Mon, 2.10 16th Aprp.u.
L'auberge Du Bois (IRE)Exeter Tue, 4.20 17th Aprn.r.
La Maquina (GB)Kempton Wed, 7.45 18th Aprn.r.
La Sioux (IRE)Beverley Wed, 5.10 18th Apr0th
Lacken Bridge (IRE)Tramore Mon, 6.50 16th Apr1st
Lady Alavesa (GB)Windsor Mon, 4.50 16th Apr2nd
Lady Godiva (IRE)Leopardstown Mon, 6.05 16th Apr11th
Lady Mangan (IRE)Tramore Mon, 6.20 16th Aprp.u.
Lady Margorie (IRE)Fairyhouse Thu, 4.40 19th Apr5th
Lady Marwah (IRE)Cheltenham Thu, 5.35 19th Apr9th
Lady Of The Night (GB)Cheltenham Thu, 5.35 19th Apr11th
Lady Safeara (GB)Newmarket Thu, 4.10 19th Apr10th
Lady Valdean (GB)Windsor Mon, 3.50 16th Apr6th
Lagenod (IRE)Tramore Mon, 6.20 16th Aprp.u.
Landofhopeandglory (IRE)Fairyhouse Tue, 5.50 17th Apr16th
Larry Capri (IRE)Fairyhouse Tue, 6.20 17th Aprp.u.
Las Tunas (FR)Kelso Mon, 4.10 16th Apr5th
Last Mystery (IRE)Tipperary Thu, 6.00 19th Apr0th
Lastin' Memories (GB)Kelso Mon, 5.10 16th Apr2nd
Launceston Place (FR)Newmarket Thu, 5.55 19th Apr13th
Le Brivido (FR)Newmarket Thu, 3.00 19th Apr6th
Le Musee (FR)Cheltenham Wed, 2.05 18th Apr10th
Leader's Choice (IRE)Tramore Mon, 6.50 16th Apr5th
Lean And Keen (IRE)Fairyhouse Tue, 4.05 17th Apru.r.
Leeshaan (IRE)Ripon Thu, 2.50 19th Apr5th
Legal Lord (GB)Fairyhouse Thu, 6.25 19th Apr3rd
Leodis (IRE)Newcastle Thu, 5.40 19th Aprn.r.
Lerichi Belle (IRE)Exeter Tue, 2.35 17th Aprp.u.
Let's Get At It (IRE)Carlisle Tue, 5.40 17th Apr4th
Lexington Place (GB)Ripon Thu, 6.15 19th Apr13th
Lexington Times (IRE)Ripon Thu, 4.00 19th Apr12th
Liberatum (GB)Ripon Thu, 6.15 19th Apr14th
Life For Rent (GB)Ripon Thu, 2.50 19th Apr3rd
Light My Fire (IRE)Ripon Thu, 2.15 19th Apr1st
Lily Trotter (GB)Fairyhouse Thu, 4.40 19th Apr8th
Lily's Gem (IRE)Carlisle Tue, 5.40 17th Apr1st
Lily's Prince (IRE)Dundalk Wed, 8.30 18th Apr10th
Linenhall (IRE)Cheltenham Wed, 4.25 18th Apr17th
Liscannor Bay (IRE)Dundalk Wed, 6.30 18th Apr4th
Lisheen Prince (IRE)Cheltenham Wed, 3.15 18th Apr15th
Lithic (IRE)Cheltenham Wed, 4.25 18th Apr13th
Little Princess (GER)Fairyhouse Thu, 4.40 19th Apr3rd
Littlestickarubarb (IRE)Tramore Mon, 5.50 16th Apr5th
Livvys Dream (IRE)Newmarket Wed, 5.20 18th Apr9th
Log On (IRE)Kelso Mon, 3.10 16th Apr5th
London (FR)Newmarket Tue, 4.10 17th Apr16th
London Glory (GB)Beverley Wed, 4.00 18th Apr0th
Newcastle Thu, 6.10 19th Apr13th
Look Out Louis (GB)Beverley Wed, 1.40 18th Apr0th
Looksnowtlikebrian (IRE)Kelso Mon, 3.40 16th Apr6th
Lord Franklin (GB)Beverley Wed, 4.00 18th Apr0th
Newcastle Thu, 5.40 19th Apr12th
Lord Murphy (IRE)Newcastle Thu, 9.15 19th Apr9th
Los Amigos (IRE)Fairyhouse Tue, 6.20 17th Aprp.u.
Lough Derg Island (IRE)Kelso Mon, 4.40 16th Aprp.u.
Lough Ryn (IRE)Exeter Tue, 4.20 17th Apr5th
Loujain (IRE)Beverley Wed, 5.40 18th Apr0th
Love Dreams (IRE)Newmarket Tue, 5.20 17th Apr2nd
Love The Vocals (IRE)Tipperary Thu, 4.55 19th Apr0th
Love To Rock (IRE)Dundalk Wed, 8.00 18th Apr14th
Loveinalamborghini (IRE)Fairyhouse Thu, 5.15 19th Apr4th
Loveisili (GB)Newmarket Thu, 4.45 19th Aprn.r.
Lovely Job (IRE)Cheltenham Wed, 5.00 18th Apr4th
Low Sun (GB)Fairyhouse Tue, 5.50 17th Apr1st
Lowanbehold (IRE)Kelso Mon, 3.40 16th Apr1st
Lucky Violet (IRE)Newcastle Thu, 9.15 19th Apr6th
Lulu Star (IRE)Newcastle Thu, 7.40 19th Apr3rd
Lumi (IRE)Newcastle Thu, 6.40 19th Apr5th
Luna's Luck (IRE)Leopardstown Mon, 6.35 16th Apr12th
Luola (GB)Newcastle Thu, 8.15 19th Apr7th
Lure Of The Sea (IRE)Tipperary Thu, 7.30 19th Apr0th
Lust For Glory (IRE)Cheltenham Thu, 5.35 19th Aprn.r.
Lydiate Lady (GB)Ripon Thu, 6.15 19th Apr1st