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Horse Race Result
Paddy Mulligan (IRE)Ludlow Mon, 1.50 24th Nov7th
Padlock (IRE)Southwell Tue, 1.40 25th Nov1st
Paint It Red (IRE)Southwell Tue, 12.40 25th Nov9th
Panatella (GB)Wolverhampton Mon, 2.35 24th Nov3rd
Panettone (IRE)Lingfield Wed, 3.40 26th Nov8th
Pao De Acuca (IRE)Dundalk Wed, 6.30 26th Nov8th
Parisian Pyramid (IRE)Lingfield Wed, 3.10 26th Novn.r.
Past Forgetting (IRE)Kempton Wed, 4.45 26th Nov2nd
Pavers Bounty (GB)Wolverhampton Mon, 2.00 24th Nov11th
Pearl Noir (GB)Wolverhampton Mon, 2.00 24th Nov10th
Penelope Pitstop (GB)Wolverhampton Mon, 4.05 24th Nov4th
Pennant Dancer (GB)Ludlow Mon, 3.25 24th Nov9th
Pernica (GB)Kempton Wed, 6.45 26th Nov9th
Perseid (IRE)Sedgefield Tue, 3.20 25th Nov1st
Peterhouse (USA)Lingfield Wed, 12.30 26th Nov7th
Piddie's Power (GB)Wolverhampton Mon, 4.35 24th Nov6th
Pink Cadillac (IRE)Southwell Tue, 12.40 25th Nov8th
Pipers Note (GB)Kempton Wed, 7.15 26th Nov8th
Pistol Basc (FR)Sedgefield Tue, 2.50 25th Nov4th
Planetoid (IRE)Lingfield Wed, 3.40 26th Nov1st
Politbureau (GB)Sedgefield Tue, 12.20 25th Nov3rd
Polly Peachum (IRE)Kempton Mon, 2.10 24th Novfell
Poor Duke (IRE)Southwell Tue, 12.10 25th Novn.r.
Pour La Victoire (IRE)Wolverhampton Mon, 4.35 24th Novn.r.
Powerful Pierre (GB)Lingfield Wed, 1.30 26th Nov8th
Primo Rossi (GB)Lingfield Tue, 12.30 25th Novs.u.
Prince Of Poets (GB)Lingfield Tue, 3.30 25th Nov1st
Princesse Katie (IRE)Ludlow Mon, 3.25 24th Nov7th
Private Jones (GB)Ludlow Mon, 12.50 24th Nov11th
Promised Wings (GER)Fontwell Wed, 2.10 26th Nov2nd
Pure Oxygen (IRE)Ludlow Mon, 1.20 24th Nov4th