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Horse Race Result
Paco's Prince (GB)Kempton Wed, 5.55 23rd May1st
Pactolus (IRE)Chelmsford City Thu, 7.45 24th May6th
Palixandre (FR)Southwell Wed, 8.35 23rd May5th
Pallaskenry (IRE)Wexford Wed, 5.10 23rd May2nd
Palmerston (GB)Ayr Wed, 5.05 23rd May5th
Pandagreen (IRE)Leopardstown Fri, 8.55 25th May10th
Parnassian (IRE)Goodwood Fri, 2.35 25th May4th
Parole (IRE)Pontefract Fri, 6.30 25th May8th
Parwich Lees (GB)Worcester Fri, 8.15 25th Mayn.r.
Pass The Cristal (IRE)Chelmsford City Thu, 6.10 24th May8th
Pastoral Player (GB)Goodwood Fri, 2.35 25th May5th
Patrick (IRE)Pontefract Fri, 8.00 25th May3rd
Patty Patch (GB)Lingfield Thu, 1.10 24th May6th
Pearl Acclaim (IRE)Lingfield Thu, 2.50 24th May8th
Peggy's Acre (IRE)Wexford Wed, 6.45 23rd May8th
Pentland Hills (IRE)Haydock Fri, 5.45 25th May5th
Percy Toplis (GB)Yarmouth Wed, 5.25 23rd May10th
Perfect Illusion (GB)Goodwood Fri, 3.45 25th May7th
Perfect Pastime (GB)Kempton Wed, 8.55 23rd May10th
Perfect Soldier (IRE)Tipperary Thu, 5.15 24th Mayp.u.
Persian Wind (IRE)Down Royal Fri, 8.05 25th May7th
Petite Jack (GB)Chelmsford City Thu, 7.45 24th May4th
Petitioner (IRE)Kempton Wed, 7.25 23rd May3rd
Petrus (IRE)Sandown Thu, 7.05 24th May8th
Pettochside (GB)Goodwood Fri, 4.20 25th May7th
Pharaway View (GB)Warwick Wed, 5.15 23rd May5th
Philba (GB)Lingfield Thu, 1.10 24th Mayn.r.
Phoenix Star (IRE)Yarmouth Wed, 2.20 23rd May7th
Photonics (IRE)Haydock Fri, 5.45 25th May9th
Pike Corner Cross (IRE)Kempton Wed, 7.55 23rd May13th
Pinctada (GB)Kempton Wed, 6.55 23rd May8th
Pirate (IRE)Goodwood Thu, 1.30 24th May6th
Plaisir D'amour (FR)Southwell Wed, 6.05 23rd May6th
Planetaria (IRE)Pontefract Fri, 6.30 25th May16th
Plant Pot Power (IRE)Kempton Wed, 7.55 23rd May5th
Play The Part (IRE)Tipperary Thu, 7.25 24th May14th
Player's Luck (IRE)Chelmsford City Thu, 6.45 24th May12th
Plough Boy (IRE)Ayr Wed, 4.05 23rd May4th
Poet's Quest (GB)Chelmsford City Thu, 8.50 24th May11th
Poet's Word (IRE)Sandown Thu, 8.10 24th May1st
Poetic Choice (GB)Leopardstown Fri, 8.55 25th May13th
Poetic Steps (FR)Catterick Thu, 3.35 24th May4th
Pointel (FR)Goodwood Fri, 4.55 25th May2nd
Poitin (GB)Leopardstown Fri, 8.55 25th May14th
Polar Present (IRE)Down Royal Fri, 7.05 25th May8th
Polly Glide (IRE)Ayr Wed, 4.35 23rd May7th
Poppyinthepark (GB)Haydock Fri, 1.50 25th May6th
Porchy Party (IRE)Haydock Fri, 2.55 25th May10th
Portledge (IRE)Goodwood Fri, 2.35 25th May3rd
Posh Perfect (GB)Catterick Thu, 1.50 24th May4th
Pour L'amour (IRE)Lingfield Thu, 5.10 24th Mayn.r.
Pour La Victoire (IRE)Goodwood Thu, 5.30 24th May2nd
Powerallied (IRE)Ayr Wed, 4.05 23rd May2nd
Powerful Dream (IRE)Bath Fri, 2.10 25th May5th
Prazeres (GB)Ayr Wed, 3.05 23rd Mayn.r.
Presenting Julio (IRE)Down Royal Fri, 7.05 25th May9th
Pretty Moi (IRE)Catterick Thu, 3.35 24th May8th
Prime Minister (IRE)Kempton Wed, 5.55 23rd May7th
Prince Garyantle (IRE)Leopardstown Fri, 7.55 25th May11th
Prince Rock (IRE)Lingfield Thu, 1.40 24th May6th
Princess Ophelia (GB)Pontefract Fri, 8.30 25th May9th
Private Ledger (IRE)Tipperary Thu, 8.30 24th Mayp.u.
Prosecution (GB)Leopardstown Fri, 5.55 25th May7th
Proud And Elated (FR)Leopardstown Fri, 6.25 25th May3rd
Psychocandy (IRE)Warwick Wed, 4.45 23rd May3rd
Psychotic (GB)Sandown Thu, 6.00 24th May11th
Pudding Chare (IRE)Ayr Wed, 5.40 23rd May1st
Pullman Brown (USA)Ayr Wed, 5.05 23rd May8th
Pumaflor (IRE)Pontefract Fri, 6.30 25th May13th
Punkawallah (GB)Sandown Thu, 6.00 24th May9th