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Horse Race Result
Wadswick Court (IRE)Chepstow Sun, 4.35 15th Oct5th
Wannabe Friends (GB)Goodwood Sun, 5.25 15th Oct6th
Waqt (IRE)Kempton Tue, 7.15 17th Oct10th
War Glory (IRE)Leicester Tue, 3.00 17th Oct8th
Waseem Faris (IRE)Windsor Mon, 4.30 16th Oct9th
Wat Tyler (GB)Naas Sun, 4.10 15th Oct13th
We Know (IRE)Goodwood Sun, 3.45 15th Oct4th
Whaleweigh Station (GB)Kempton Tue, 8.15 17th Oct6th
What Wonders Weave (IRE)Leicester Tue, 5.00 17th Oct4th
Whiskey Moon (GB)Huntingdon Tue, 3.20 17th Oct8th
Whitehall (GB)Leicester Tue, 2.00 17th Oct8th
Wichita Line (IRE)Naas Sun, 1.50 15th Oct15th
Wicked Willy (IRE)Huntingdon Tue, 4.20 17th Oct1st
Wigan Warrior (GB)Yarmouth Mon, 5.40 16th Oct7th
Willie John (GB)Yarmouth Mon, 2.10 16th Oct1st
Wimboldsley (GB)Kempton Tue, 5.15 17th Octn.r.
Wind Place And Sho (GB)Goodwood Sun, 2.00 15th Oct6th
Wingingit (IRE)Yarmouth Mon, 3.10 16th Oct8th
Wor Lass (GB)Musselburgh Mon, 5.25 16th Oct5th
World Of Good (GB)Kempton Tue, 7.15 17th Oct13th
Wot A Shot (IRE)Huntingdon Tue, 2.20 17th Oct2nd