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Horse Race Result
Waaleef (GB)Kempton Wed, 6.45 28th Jan3rd
Wait A Second (IRE)Chepstow Fri, 1.20 30th Jan2nd
Walkabout Creek (IRE)Chepstow Fri, 3.30 30th Janu.r.
Waltz Darling (IRE)Catterick Fri, 3.55 30th Jan0th
War And Contrition (IRE)Towcester Thu, 2.50 29th Janu.r.
Waterloo Dock (GB)Lingfield Fri, 2.35 30th Jan3rd
Wee Jock Elliot (GB)Newcastle Wed, 4.20 28th Jan5th
Welsh Inlet (IRE)Kempton Wed, 4.45 28th Jan7th
Westminster (IRE)Chelmsford City Wed, 2.10 28th Jan5th
What A Moment (IRE)Towcester Thu, 4.20 29th Jan1st
Whats Up Woody (IRE)Catterick Fri, 3.20 30th Jan0th
When In Roam (IRE)Towcester Thu, 1.50 29th Jan5th
Whichwaytobougie (GB)Newcastle Wed, 2.50 28th Jann.r.
Whiskey Chaser (IRE)Towcester Thu, 3.50 29th Jan4th
Whiskey John (GB)Chepstow Fri, 4.35 30th Jan6th
Wicklewood (GB)Towcester Thu, 2.20 29th Jan5th
Wild Fern (IRE)Thurles Thu, 2.35 29th Jan8th
Wilde And Willing (IRE)Chepstow Fri, 1.20 30th Jan9th
Willie Wag Tail (USA)Chelmsford City Wed, 3.40 28th Jan2nd
Windy Miller (GB)Kempton Wed, 4.45 28th Jan4th
Winning Spark (USA)Taunton Tue, 4.30 27th Jan1st
Wiskee Lil (GB)Catterick Fri, 1.40 30th Jan0th
With Hindsight (IRE)Southwell Tue, 3.40 27th Jann.r.
Wolf Of Windlesham (IRE)Lingfield Fri, 3.45 30th Jan9th
Woofie (IRE)Wolverhampton Thu, 6.10 29th Jan1st
Worldor (FR)Chepstow Fri, 3.30 30th Jan11th
Wyck Hill (IRE)Chepstow Fri, 2.20 30th Jan2nd