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Horse Race Result
A Gypsy In Moscow (IRE)Inch Wed, 3.30 16th Aprn.r.
A Plein Temps (FR)Oldcastle Sun, 2.30 13th Apr4th
A Touch Of Sass (IRE)Inch Wed, 1.30 16th Aprn.r.
Abbeygold (GB)Ballydurn Sun, 2.00 20th Aprn.r.
Quakerstown Sun, 2.30 20th Aprn.r.
Achemenes (FR)Oldcastle Sun, 4.00 13th Aprp.u.
Adams Wood (IRE)Kilmallock Sun, 3.00 13th Apr1st
Agnes Browne (IRE)Stradbally Sun, 5.00 20th Aprn.r.
Agreatstart (IRE)Dromahane Sun, 3.30 13th Apr5th
Aine's Double (IRE)Ballydurn Sun, 3.00 20th Aprn.r.
Al Dafa (USA)Oldcastle Sun, 3.30 13th Aprp.u.
Alemad (IRE)Dromahane Sun, 2.30 13th Apr1st
Aleppo Faith (IRE)Oldcastle Sun, 2.30 13th Aprp.u.
Inch Wed, 2.00 16th Aprn.r.
Amant D'or (FR)Inch Wed, 2.00 16th Aprn.r.
Amron Kris (IRE)Ballydurn Sun, 2.30 20th Aprn.r.
Amys Choice (IRE)Inch Wed, 1.30 16th Aprn.r.
An Cathaoir (IRE)Inch Wed, 2.30 16th Aprn.r.
An Poc Ar Buile (IRE)Dromahane Sun, 2.30 13th Apr7th
An Tarbh Og (IRE)Stradbally Sun, 3.00 20th Aprn.r.
Anna's Lad (IRE)Inch Wed, 3.00 16th Aprn.r.
Anotherlady (IRE)Oldcastle Sun, 3.00 13th Aprp.u.
Aqua Dude (IRE)Inch Wed, 2.00 16th Aprn.r.
Quakerstown Sun, 2.00 20th Aprn.r.
Archive (GB)Oldcastle Sun, 2.30 13th Apr3rd
Arctic Mick (IRE)Stradbally Sun, 4.00 20th Aprn.r.
Ardkilly Cloud (IRE)Inch Wed, 3.30 16th Aprn.r.
Areyouritejack (IRE)Dromahane Sun, 3.00 13th Apr4th
Inch Wed, 2.30 16th Aprn.r.
Ballydurn Sun, 2.00 20th Aprn.r.
Armarissis (IRE)Dromahane Sun, 4.30 13th Apr1st
Artic Lightning (IRE)Kilmallock Sun, 2.00 13th Aprfell
Ash Park (IRE)Quakerstown Sun, 4.00 20th Aprn.r.
Ashdale Lad (IRE)Oldcastle Sun, 4.30 13th Apr3rd
Ashes Corner (IRE)Kilmallock Sun, 2.00 13th Aprfell
Auldthunder (IRE)Quakerstown Sun, 3.30 20th Aprn.r.
Auntie Peig (IRE)Ballydurn Sun, 3.30 20th Aprn.r.
Aussie Slip (IRE)Kilmallock Sun, 4.00 13th Aprb.d.
Quakerstown Sun, 3.00 20th Aprn.r.
Awkward Moment (IRE)Stradbally Sun, 4.00 20th Aprn.r.