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Horse Race Result
A Touch Of Sparkle (IRE)Farmaclaffley Sat, 2.00 25th Febn.r.
About You (IRE)Cragmore Sun, 1.30 19th Feb9th
Accordin Tocharlie (IRE)Kildorrery Sun, 4.00 19th Febref
Adsup (IRE)Farmaclaffley Sat, 3.30 25th Febn.r.
Aine's Choice (IRE)Tinahely Sun, 2.30 19th Feb3rd
Aine's Double (IRE)Tinahely Sun, 3.00 19th Feb6th
Ajijic (IRE)Cragmore Sun, 3.30 19th Febp.u.
All On Blue (IRE)Kildorrery Sun, 2.30 19th Feb1st
Alone No More (IRE)Tinahely Sun, 1.30 19th Feb3rd
Anseanachai Cliste (IRE)Farmaclaffley Sat, 1.00 25th Febn.r.
Art Of Logistics (IRE)Farmaclaffley Sat, 2.30 25th Febn.r.
Asian Fitz (IRE)Kildorrery Sun, 3.30 19th Febp.u.
Ask Dee (IRE)Cragmore Sun, 1.30 19th Febp.u.