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Grand National Odds 2021

Compare the latest 2021 Grand National odds from our leading bookmakers to get the best value. We will update Grand National betting odds in the build-up to the big race. So you can see up-to-date Grand National live odds on all the Grand National horses.

Latest Betting Odds for Grand National

Our Grand National odds comparison table will make sure you can get the Grand National live odds before the race from an array of top bookmakers. It means you can secure the best Grand National live odds for each runner.

The 2021 Grand National odds for each runner are available in an odds comparison table. It contains the latest Grand National prices from various bookmakers.

Simply find the Grand National horse you would like to bet on in our table. Then you will see all the available Grand National live odds for that runner. The best Grand National betting odds for each horse will then be highlighted so you can see easily where the best value is and with which bookmakers.

If you don’t have an account with the bookmaker that’s offering the best Grand National betting odds on a particular horse, then simply click on their logo. It will re-direct you to their site where you can open a new account.

Best of all, most of our bookmakers will also give new customers a sign-up offer, plus always shop around for the best Grand National offers. Such as extra place pay-outs, money back on fallers or price boosts.

Why take 10/1 odds on a Grand National horse, if you can get 12/1 on the same horse with another bookmaker.

Understanding Grand National Odds

All the leading bookmakers will have Grand National betting odds on their sites all-year-round — this is called an ante-post market. So, even when the Grand National has just finished, many bookmakers will have odds on the Grand National horses for the next year.

However, as the Grand National date (April) draws nearer each year, the betting on the Grand National will gather pace as the list of final runners becomes known and punters get to know the jockey bookings and ground conditions.

The Aintree Grand National Festival runs over three days (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), with the Grand National always being on the final day — Saturday. Alongside the Cheltenham Festival, the Aintree Grand National Meeting is another hugely popular event that attracts the best horses from mainly Ireland, Britain and France.

How The Grand National Odds Work?

If your Grand National fancy is 4/1, then for every pound you stake on that horse you will win £4. Should the horse win, the bookmakers will also return your stake. Therefore, if you placed £10 on a Grand National runner at 4/1 and it won, you would return £50 (£40 winnings and your £10 stake).


A lot of Grand National bets are best played ‘each-way’. This means you are backing your horse to win and also covering your horse to be placed. Normally in a handicap race such as the Grand National a top 4 finish collects on the place part of the bet but shop around as a lot of bookmakers will extend their each-way terms to 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or even 10 places, mainly due to the big field of 40 runners.

When you place an each-way bet, you actually placing two bets, a win bet and place bet so you stake doubles. A £5 each-way bet would cost £10. This splits into £5 on the horse to win and £5 on the horse to place. The place odds generally work out at 1/4 or 1/5 of the odds (depending on what offer your bookmaker has).

Some of the other main races over the three-day Aintree Grand National Meeting are the Betway Bowl, Aintree Hurdle, Topham Chase, Liverpool Stayers’ Hurdle and the Melling Chase.

When looking to place a bet on the Grand National there are many factors punters will take into account. The form of the horse, previous course form over the unique Grand National fences,, the betting odds, the going (ground conditions), the trainer’s current form, horse form in long distance races and the previous record of the jockey in the Grand National.

Grand National Betting Markets to Consider

The main Grand National win or each-way market is where the bulk of the Grand National bets will be placed. In the build-up to the race, there will be many Grand National entries to bet on, but the final 40 runners are announced two days before the race each year (on the Thursday prior to the Saturday race).

Each bookmaker will have their own set of Grand National betting odds in the lead-up to the race. But, as the event draws nearer there will be a Grand National live odds market that will have set industry prices for all punters and bookmakers to work from. Once the race starts the last live odds are called the SP (starting price) odds.

That is why the results of the race will carry the same odds in all publications. Most bookmakers will offer Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) which means that if the SP price of the horse is bigger than the price of the horse at the time you struck your bet you will be paid out at the better odds.

Best Odds Guaranteed

Always shop around the bookmakers to see if they offer ‘Best Odds Guaranteed’. That will give you a safety net on the Grand National betting odds you take, should the price get bigger.

For example, if you take 8/1 on your Grand National fancy and it wins at 10/1, as long as you have the bet with a ‘Best Odds Guaranteed or BOG’ bookmaker, then they will pay you out at the bigger price of 10/1.

Other Grand National betting market to note are ‘place only’, ‘winning margin’, ‘faller insurance’, ‘race match bets’ and ‘number of finishers’.


Bet on a horse to be placed in the Grand National. Normally, this means to finish in the top 4, but some bookmakers will offer enhanced places (top 5, 6, 7 or 8). The Grand National odds in the place market will be significantly lower than their ‘win’ odds.

Winning Margin

Bet on how far the winner of the Grand National will win by. This is measured in lengths, which is the length of a horse. For example, the 2019 winner — Tiger Roll — won the Grand National by 2 ¾ lengths. In general terms the slower the ground conditions the greater the winning margin tends to be in races.

Faller Insurance

Some bookmakers will offer faller insurance should your horse unseat its jockey, fall or get brought down. The odds will always be a bit lower than the main ‘win’ odds. However, it will give you a chance to get your stake back should your horse fall. Always check the T&Cs.

Race Match Bets

Bookmakers can often match-up two horses they feel have a similar chance in the Grand National. That gives punters the chance to see which horse will finish ahead of the one it’s been matched with. Most of the time these match bets are priced around Evs/Evs. But with the bookmakers liking to take their percentage profit, more often 10/11 and 10/11!

Number Of Grand National Finishers

Some bookmakers will also price-up a market that will allow punters to bet on how many horses will finish the race. The ground can often play a big part in this market. The ground conditions can play a significant role in this market. If the ground is very soft or heavy a lot of horses will not stay the extreme distance and will pull up. In 2019, there were 19 finishers from the 40 runners, which is about average.

FAQ on Grand National Odds

Find out more in the FAQ section below.

How Do I Bet on Grand National?

There are many ways to place a bet on the Grand National. The traditional way is to visit your high street and place a bet in a betting shop. With most of the main bookmakers having websites and apps these days, then you don’t have to leave your home to place a bet on the Grand National.

Shop — You will have to fill out a betting slip, which will need to include the race time and meeting, the name of the horse, your stake and the bet you want to place. Most of the time, that’s ‘win’ or ‘each-way. Give the slip to the betting cashier and pay for the bet. They will then give you a copy and should it win you will need to present that to them to collect any winnings.

Online/App — Find the Grand National betting market on their site/app. On the day of the race, there will be a lot of promotions to point you in the right direction. Then go to the market, find the horse you want to bet on, click on the odds available next to that horse and a mini ‘betting slip’ will pop up with the horse’s name and race details.

Then just add your bet type win, place, each-way and put it in your stake. Click confirm and the bet will be placed. Always make sure you get a confirmation message or check the ‘my bets’ section to see if it’s there. Any winnings after the race will be automatically returned to your betting account balance.

Which are the Most Popular Grand National Races to Bet on?

The Aintree Grand National Festival is staged over three days (Thurs, Fri and Sat). However, the Grand National on the Saturday is by far the most popular race to bet on. Once-a-year punters often place bets in the race to join the seasoned horse racing fans so the money staked on the race is like no other in the world.

Away from the Grand National, other main races to bet on over the three days are the Betway Bowl, Aintree Hurdle, Topham Chase, Liverpool Stayers’ Hurdle and the Melling Chase.

Which Bookmaker has the Best Grand National Odds?

There isn’t really a ‘standout’ bookmaker that you can say year-on-year will always have the best Grand National odds. It depends on when you place your Grand National bet. For example, how far in advance or which horse you are betting on.

All bookmakers will also have their own views and liabilities on each horse. So one horse to one bookmaker might have more people placing bets on. It might drive the price on their site down. Whereas another bookmaker, might not have as many bets on that horse (at that time) and want to tempt punters in by offering a bigger price.

However, with the introduction of the betting exchanges, many punters feel the exchanges will offer better prices than most of the main fixed odds bookmakers as the exchange prices are based on actual people offering odds.

You will need to pay a commission on any winnings with the exchanges though, so take that into account (normally between 2-5%).

How Do I Get Grand National Best Odds Guaranteed?

A lot of the fixed odds bookmakers will offer ‘Best Odds Guaranteed’. This will give you a safety net on the Grand National betting odds you take, should the price get bigger.

For example, if you take 8/1 on your Grand National fancy and it goes onto win at 10/1. As long as you’ve placed the bet with a ‘Best Odds Guaranteed or BOG’ bookmaker, they will pay you out at the bigger price of 10/1.

Always shop around and check bookmaker sites to see if they offer this and always check their terms. Some will offer it, but might have restrictions on the offer. It might only apply to bets placed after 9 am or 10 am for example.

However, it’s a great offer that will give you peace of mind should the betting odds on your Grand National fancy drift (get bigger) before the race.

This will also hopefully help with the dilemma when placing the bet, if you should take the odds or not. You should basically ALWAYS take the odds if betting Best Odd Guaranteed as you’ve nothing to lose.

Where Do I Get the Best Grand National Betting Offers?

In the build up to the Grand National a lot of the leading bookmakers will offer new sign-up bonuses to players. Plus always look out for existing player offers too. You can find some of the best Grand National betting offers here.

Always read the terms and conditions for each Grand National betting offer. Even though most are similar, they can also be slightly different. Free bets and matched bets for new customers are always popular while existing Grand National offers might be ‘money back on fallers’.

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