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b g 2012 Pastoral Pursuits (GB)-Neyraan (GB)(Lujain (USA))

Mr Christopher Greenall
Mr F. Stribbling
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Ascot Fri, 7th Sep, 18  17th, 16/1, Charles Bishop
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07Sep18 Asc 6f Good 3y+ Hcap(11K)
9-6[16/1]cp717th of 19, 10.47L behind Akbar Shah
Charles Bishop
Rated 79 4
18Aug18 Don 5f Good to Firm 3y+ Hcap(12K)
8-12[5/1]vs39th of 10, 7.28L behind Orvar
S Donohoe
Rated 82 3
04Aug18 Goo 6f Good to Firm 3y+ Hcap(75K)
9-6[14/1]vs213th of 19, 6.69L behind Tommy G
B A Curtis
Rated 84 2
21Jul18 Cur 6f Good to Firm 3y+ Hcap(100K)
8-5[20/1]vs16th of 17, 2.76L behind Intisaab
L F Roche
Rated 84
14Jun18 Hay 5f Good to Firm 3y+ Hcap(12K)
10-0[10/3]cp66th of 9, 6.57L behind Roman River
B A Curtis
Rated 83 4
04Jun18 Ayr 6f Good to Firm 3y+ Hcap(11K)
9-12[4/1]cp52nd of 10, 2.25L behind Muscika
B A Curtis
Rated 83 4
26May18 Yor 5f Good 3y+ Hcap(50K)
8-4[20/1]cp46th of 19, 2.38L behind Mr Lupton
Edward Greatrex
Rated 83 2
12May18 Asc 6f Good to Firm 4y+ Hcap(11K)
9-7[14/1]2nd of 17, nk behind Moonraker
S Donohoe
Rated 77 4
30Apr18 Thi 6f Good to Soft 4y+ Hcap(10K)
9-0[8/1]9th of 15, 5.32L behind Black Isle Boy
Jim Crowley
Rated 78 4
16Dec17 Wol 7f Standard 3y+ Hcap(8K)
9-0[12/1]2nd of 12, 0.75L behind Twin Appeal
P J McDonald
Rated 78 4
05Sep17 Lay 7f Standard 4y+ Hcap(12K)
11-12[9/2]4th of 10, 2.63L behind Rivellino
Mr J C Barry
Rated 79
18Aug17 Dun 6f Standard 3y+ Hcap(26K)
8-0[10/1]4th of 13, 2.25L behind Reckless Endeavour
S P Davis
Rated 81
07Aug17 Cur 6f Good to Firm 3y+ Hcap(18K)
9-10[6/1]7th of 11, 3.38L behind Ducky Mallon
G F Carroll
Rated 82
15Jul17 Cur 6f Good to Firm 3y+ Hcap(100K)
8-10[16/1]10th of 17, 4.50L behind Tithonus
S Foley
Rated 83
25Jun17 Gow 7f Good to Firm 3y+ Hcap(26K)
9-3[8/1]3rd of 9, 4.50L behind Not A Bad Oul Day
G F Carroll
Rated 84
27May17 Cur 6f Good to Yielding 3y+ Hcap(26K)
non-runner (change in going)
Rated 84
21May17 Naa 7f Good to Yielding 4y+ Hcap(17K)
9-7[16/1]8th of 13, 4.81L behind Have A Nice Day
G F Carroll
Rated 86
24Apr17 Nav 6f Good 3y+ Hcap(25K)
9-1[10/1]12th of 14, 5.72L behind Peticoatgovernment
G F Carroll
Rated 86
17Feb17 Dun 6f Standard 4y+ Hcap(24K)
9-2[6/1]2nd of 9, 1.25L behind Togoville
G F Carroll
Rated 86
03Feb17 Dun 6f Standard 4y+ Hcap(12K)
9-9[7/2]3rd of 8, 1.75L behind Patrick
K J Leonard
Rated 87
20Jan17 Dun 7f Standard 4y+ Hcap(12K)
10-0[7/2]7th of 11, 4.38L behind Grey Danube
G F Carroll
Rated 87
23Dec16 Dun 7f Standard 3y+ Hcap(24K)
9-1[9/2]2nd of 12, 1L behind Ishebayorgrey
W J Lee
Rated 86
16Dec16 Dun 6f Standard 3y+ Hcap(24K)
9-1[7/1]2nd of 14, 1L behind Geological
W J Lee
Rated 86
25Nov16 Dun 7f Standard 3y+ Hcap(12K)
10-0[5/1F]bfes15th of 14, 2.91L behind Plough Boy
G F Carroll
Rated 87
04Nov16 Dun 6f Standard 3y+ Hcap(24K)
9-1[6/1]cp34th of 7, 1.50L behind Dougan
G F Carroll
Rated 89
21Oct16 Dun 7f Standard 3y+ Hcap(25K)
9-9[12/1]cp29th of 14, 3.34L behind Sevenleft
C R King
Rated 94
10Sep16 Leo 7f Good 3y+ Hcap(150K)
non-runner (change in going)
Rated 94
14Aug16 Dun 6f Standard 3y+ Hcap(25K)
9-6[20/1]cp14th of 12, 3.75L behind Moviesta
G F Carroll
Rated 94
16Jul16 Cur 6f Good to Yielding 3y+ Hcap(100K)
9-4[33/1]15th of 19, 12.19L behind Perfect Pasture
G F Carroll
Rated 95
26Jun16 Cur 5f Yielding 3y+ Hcap(100K)
9-3[14/1]10th of 13, 7.31L behind Sors
G F Carroll
Rated 95
06Jun16 Gow 7f Good to Firm 3y+ Hcap(25K)
9-4[13/2]1st of 7, nk to Reckless Endeavour
G F Carroll
Rated 90
21May16 Cur 6f Yielding to Soft 3y+ Hcap(25K)
9-13[16/1]11th of 12, 22.25L behind Downforce
G F Carroll
Rated 94
08May16 Leo 7f Good 3y+ Hcap(25K)
9-10[20/1]10th of 14, 8.06L behind Dont Bother Me
G F Carroll
Rated 95
11Oct15 Cur 6f Good 3y+ F(45K)
9-5[33/1]7th of 10, 10.38L behind Fort Del Oro
C O'Donoghue
Rated 101
02Oct15 Dun 6f Standard 3y+ F(15K)
9-5[8/1]6th of 8, 3.56L behind Jamesie
P J Smullen
Rated 103
19Jul15 Cur 7f Good to Yielding 3y+ F(65K)
9-2[25/1]8th of 9, 15.31L behind Home Of The Brave
G F Carroll
Rated 106
27Jun15 Cur 8f Good to Firm 3y+ F(50K)
9-0[9/1]5th of 7, 5.51L behind Sovereign Debt
W J Lee
Rated 107
18Jun15 Leo 7f Good to Firm 3y+ F(60K)
9-0[14/1]5th of 7, 1.38L behind Convergence
W J Lee
Rated 104
04May15 Cur 7f Heavy 3y F(55K)
9-3[16/1]6th of 7, 11.25L behind Tombelaine
G F Carroll
Rated 108
04Nov14 Mai 6f Heavy 2y F(190K)
8-13[8/1]unplaced in race won by Mattmu
G F Carroll
31Aug14 Cur 6f Good to Yielding 2y F(60K)
9-3[11/2]4th of 7, 1.75L behind Cappella Sansevero
G F Carroll
23Aug14 Cur 6f Good to Firm 2y Mdn(16K)
9-5[20/1]1st of 13, 2.5L to Clutchingatstraws
G F Carroll

Symbols Explained

ts2 Tongue Strap vs2 Visor hd2 Hood es2 Eye Shield ec2 Eye Cover cp2 Cheekpiece bl2 Blinkers tt2 Tongue Tie bf Beaten Favourite on Last Run

The superscript number on headgear bl2 indicates number of times worn. A plus bl+ indicates more than 10 times where as red background bl1indicates first time.