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1998 Pivotal (GB) - Pretty Poppy (GB)

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14Oct19 Yar 8H 3y+ Hcap(6K)
Noble Peace 8-11[7/1] 6th of 12, 7.81L behind Purgatory
Raymond Dawson
14Oct19 Mus 5S 3y+ F(15K)
Kyllang Rock 9-2[9/2] 4th of 5, 6.50L behind Tarboosh
P J McDonald
13Oct19 Cur 16SH 3y+ Hcap(100K)
Golden Spear 9-0[25/1] 16th of 18, 99.00L behind Royal Illusion
R C Colgan
13Oct19 Cur 6SH 3y+ Hcap(17K)
Fridtjof Nansen 8-10[6/1] 5th of 12, 1.12L behind Miacomet
D P McDonogh
12Oct19 Wol 6A 2y F(7K)
Goodman Square 8-0[100/1] 8th of 11, 10.50L behind Speed Merchant
Isobel Francis
12Oct19 Wol 6A 2y F(7K)
Call Me Cheers 8-12[6/1] 5th of 11, 5.75L behind Speed Merchant
Clifford Lee
12Oct19 Yor 8S 2y Hcap(30K)
International Lion 8-0[9/1] 3rd of 9, 1.06L behind Lucander
P Mathers
10Oct19 Kem 6AA 3y+ Hcap(7K)
Al Asef non-runner (Vets Cert (Bruised Foot))
Callum Shepherd
10Oct19 Sou 5A 3y+ Hcap(7K)
Kyllachy Warrior 9-0[12/1] 3rd of 12, 1.50L behind Samovar
Phil Dennis
09Oct19 New 7A 3y Hcap(7K)
Balata Bay 8-10[33/1] 13th of 14, 12.81L behind Castle Quarter
Miss Ella McCain
09Oct19 Kem 11AA 3y+ Hcap(11K)
Kyllachy Gala 9-7[8/1] 3rd of 14, 3.88L behind Regal Director
Gabriele Malune
09Oct19 Not 8S 3y+ Hcap(7K)
Mujassam 9-4[33/1] 8th of 10, 8.50L behind Eponina
William Cox
09Oct19 Hap G Hcap(2100K)
Munro 9-5[24] 3rd of 10, 0 behind Happy Dragon
K C Leung
09Oct19 Nav 6S 2y Mdn(12K)
Sophelanka 9-0[20/1] 18th of 21, 22.25L behind Flaming Moon
S Foley
08Oct19 Che 10A 3y+ Hcap(6K)
Sunshine Coast 9-7[40/1] 10th of 12, 17.03L behind Dreamboat Dave
Nicola Currie
08Oct19 Bri 8GS 3y+ Hcap(5K)
Kyllachys Tale 9-7[6/1] 2nd of 16, 2.75L behind Hedging
Cieren Fallon
08Oct19 Bri 7GS 2y Hcap(6K)
Wilfy 9-4[8/1] 11th of 13, 28.25L behind More Than A Prince
L P Keniry
08Oct19 Bri 7GS 2y Hcap(6K)
Kyllwind 9-5[8/1] 9th of 13, 10.75L behind More Than A Prince
Rob Hornby
05Oct19 Wol 12A 3y+ Hcap(7K)
Smiley Bagel 8-12[50/1] 11th of 12, 21.56L behind Monsieur Lambrays
Kevin Lundie
05Oct19 Red 8H 3y+ Hcap(45K)
Zip 8-0[9/1] 5th of 10, 3.13L behind Give It Some Teddy
S P Davis
04Oct19 Sou 8A 2y Hcap(7K)
Kuwait Shield 9-5[13/2] 2nd of 7, hd behind Bermuda Schwartz
T Hamilton
04Oct19 Sou 6A 3y+ Hcap(6K)
Always Amazing 8-7[16/1] 5th of 11, 5.00L behind Requited
Luke Morris
04Oct19 Asc 6S 3y Hcap(30K)
Lincoln Park 8-4[25/1] 9th of 10, 13.00L behind Tinto
George Wood
03Oct19 Che 6A 3y+ Hcap(4K)
Broughton Excels 9-12[5/4F] 2nd of 13, hd behind Catapult
S Donohoe
03Oct19 Che 6A 2y Hcap(6K)
Goodman Square 8-6[50/1] 12th of 13, 10.12L behind Last Date
Nicola Currie
03Oct19 Wol 5A 2y Hcap(6K)
Bockos Amber 9-3[8/1] 9th of 11, 6.50L behind A Go Go
Jack Mitchell
03Oct19 Wol 5A 2y Hcap(6K)
Call Me Cheers 9-6[11/4F] 6th of 11, 2.75L behind A Go Go
D Tudhope
02Oct19 New 5AA 3y+ Hcap(6K)
Arnoul Of Metz 9-0[11/1] 10th of 14, 10.63L behind Young Tiger
D E Hogan
02Oct19 New 7AA 4y+ Hcap(7K)
Tadaawol 10-0[11/2] 4th of 8, 6.75L behind Kentuckyconnection
Paula Muir
02Oct19 Not 5H 2y Mdn(9K)
Rathagan 9-2[13/2] 2nd of 4, 2.25L behind Spirit Of The Sky
Finley Marsh
01Oct19 Kem 5AA 3y+ Hcap(4K)
Twilighting 9-3[9/1] 2nd of 10, 1.25L behind Katherine Place
David Probert
01Oct19 Kem 5AA 3y+ Hcap(4K)
Swell Song 9-5[11/2] 10th of 10, 15.75L behind Katherine Place
Josephine Gordon
01Oct19 Ayr 7S 3y+ Hcap(5K)
Explain 9-10[17/2] 9th of 12, 7.38L behind Stamp Of Authority
T Eaves
01Oct19 Sha GF Hcap(967K)
Amazing Satchmo 9-4[26] 6th of 14, 0 behind Ezra
H N Wong