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Curragh,Sun, 27th May, 2012
Going - Good (Good To Firm In Places) - Watered

1.35Big Bad Bob EBF (C&G) M´dn 2-y-o 6f. of £17500.00 12 Declared

For two yrs old colts and geldings only, maidens at starting which are E.B.F. eligible Weights 9st 5lb

15silkAntrim (IRE)69-5M HalfordS Foley
28silkCount Of Limonade (IRE)69-5A P O'BrienC O'Donoghue
39silk3Designs On Rome (IRE)11 69-5J S MooreD M Grant
411silk2Leitir Mor (IRE)36 69-5J S BolgerK J Manning
54silkLight Particle (IRE)69-5John Patrick ShanahanM C Hussey
61silkLines Of Battle (USA)69-5A P O'BrienJ P O'Brien
72silkNewberry Hill (IRE)69-5Sarah DawsonF M Berry
810silkProbably (IRE)69-5R HaugenW M Lordan
96silk5Rockabilly Riot (IRE)8 69-5M TodhunterJ P Murtagh
107silkTheatre (IRE)69-5A P O'BrienR L Moore
113silkThunder Mountain (IRE)69-5D K WeldP J Smullen
1212silkTiger Stripes (GB)69-5A OliverC D Hayes

Probable SP 3/1 Lines Of Battle, 7/2 Leitir Mor, 6/1 Thunder Mountain, 7/1 Probably, Newberry Hill, 8/1 Count Of Limonade, Theatre, 10/1 Rockabilly Riot, Designs On Rome, 14/1 Antrim, 20/1 Tiger Stripes, 33/1 Light Particle.

2.05Airlie Stud Gallinule Stakes (Group 3) 3-y-o 1m. 2f. of £52500.00 8 Declared

For three yrs old only Weights 9st 3lb; Fillies allowed 3lb Penalties Winner of a Group 3 race 3lb extra; Of two Group 3 races or a Group 2 Race 5lb extra; Of a Group 1 Race 7lb extra

11silk1221-2Crius (IRE)39 79-6D KublerR Hughes
27silk213-41Athens (IRE)29 79-3A P O'BrienJ P O'Brien106
38silk361-06Bible Black (IRE)115 79-3G M LyonsG F Carroll99
45silk43-1Macbeth (IRE)46 79-3M ApplebyS Foley92
59silk21Speaking Of Which (IRE)51 79-3D K WeldP J Smullen
63silk222-17Absolute Crackers (IRE)19 79-0Mrs John HarringtonF M Berry92
74silk1-34Cleofila (IRE)12 79-0J S BolgerK J Manning95
86silk85-526Soon (IRE)15 79-0A P O'BrienR L Moore101
92silk22-211Tannery (IRE)22 79-0David Wachman104

Probable SP 3/1 Crius, 7/2 Athens, 4/1 Tannery, 7/1 Macbeth, Soon, 8/1 Speaking Of Which, 10/1 Bible Black, 12/1 Cleofila, 14/1 Absolute Crackers.

2.35Tattersalls Gold Cup (Group 1) 4-y-o plus 1m. 2f. 110yds. of £210000.00 5 Declared

E4,200 and the sixth E2,100 For four yrs old and upwards Weights 9st 1lb; Fillies allowed 3lb

11silk1-4277Elusive Ridge (IRE)21 109-1H RogersC D Hayes96
24silk34-131Famous Name (GB)15 119-1D K WeldP J Smullen115
35silk3/1434Robin Hood (IRE)21 89-1P MitchellJ A Heffernan97
43silk1426-4So You Think (NZ)58 109-1A P O'BrienJ P O'Brien125
52silk11172-Bible Belt (IRE)226 88-12Mrs John HarringtonF M Berry113

Probable SP 2/7 So You Think, 4/1 Famous Name, 9/2 Bible Belt, 33/1 Robin Hood, 50/1 Elusive Ridge.

3.05Paddy Power H´cap 3-y-o plus 1m. 4f. of £60000.00 15 Declared

An extended handicap for three yrs old and upwards. Penalties (after calculation of the handicap) A winner shall carry 5lb extra for each race won

16silk331-21Ansaab (GB)36 89-12M ApplebyD P McDonogh95
216silk219-05Harrison's Cave (GB)19 89-11Mrs S WattJ P O'Brien94
31silk53-121Sharalam (IRE)15 89-10P D DeeganC D Hayes93
42silkf6-331Royal Diamond (IRE)43 109-9J P MurtaghJ P Murtagh92
58silk301-11Midnight Soprano (IRE)36 99-8P D DeeganM M Monaghan91
610silk6040-9Admiral Barry (IRE)43 119-5Eoin GriffinK J Manning88
713silk310-5Certerach (IRE)24 89-3M HalfordS Foley86
815silk12p60-Fosters Cross (IRE)232 149-2Thomas MullinsJ A Heffernan85
911silk3697/0Emblazon (GER)20 99-1M HalfordC P Hoban84
1012silk3456-1Glamorous (GER)18 99-1Mrs John HarringtonF M Berry84
115silk141-33Midnight Music (IRE)15 89-0D K Weld83
1214silk030-34Alazan (IRE)36 108-11Philip HobbsS H James80
139silk211-1Backbench Blues (IRE)37 78-11Mrs John HarringtonR L Moore97
144silk230-23Night Glimmer (IRE)10 98-9Reginald RobertsN G McCullagh78
157silk086321Dara Tango (FR)15 98-8A J MartinW M Lordan77
163silk15-773Tantalising (IRE)21 88-5M MeadeR P Cleary74

Probable SP 4/1 Royal Diamond, 6/1 Harrison's Cave, 7/1 Backbench Blues, 8/1 Sharalam, Ansaab, 10/1 Night Glimmer, Dara Tango, Midnight Soprano, 12/1 Tantalising, Glamorous, 14/1 Fosters Cross, Midnight Music, Certerach, 16/1 Alazan, Emblazon, 33/1 Admiral Barry.

3.40Etihad Airways Irish 1,000 Guineas (Group 1) 3-y-o 1m. of £300000.00 8 Declared

For three yrs old fillies only Weights 9st

12silk2956-5After (IRE)43 79-0A P O'BrienR L Moore109
25silk10-911Homecoming Queen (IRE)22 79-0A P O'BrienJ P O'Brien120
31silk4-2913Ishvana (IRE)21 79-0A P O'BrienJ A Heffernan95
44silk9-5734Janey Muddles (IRE)21 79-0J S BolgerK J Manning96
58silk1213-5La Collina (IRE)22 79-0Kevin PrendergastD P McDonogh112
67silk153-30Princess Sinead (IRE)15 79-0Mrs John HarringtonF M Berry102
76silk2321-8Samitar (GB)40 79-0Mick ChannonM Harley
83silk124-1Yellow Rosebud (IRE)15 79-0D K WeldP J Smullen109

Probable SP 4/5 Homecoming Queen, 4/1 Yellow Rosebud, 6/1 La Collina, 10/1 After, 20/1 Ishvana, Samitar, 25/1 Princess Sinead, 33/1 Janey Muddles.

4.15Yas H´cap 3-y-o plus 6f. of £13000.00 16 Declared

An extended handicap for three yrs old and upwards. Weights Top weight in the original handicap shall; not be less than 10st Penalties (after calculation of the handicap) A winner shall carry 5lb extra for each race won

14silk-50331My Girl Anna (IRE)8 910-0Muredach KellyR P Cleary90
29silk47882-Elusive Award (USA)211 99-4T J O'MaraW M Lordan80
311silk5-3251Joe Eile (IRE)87 89-4G M LyonsN G McCullagh80
45silk8796-1Pencil Hill (IRE)54 119-4Tracey CollinsM C Hussey80
53silk89-860Calm Bay (IRE)8 109-0H RogersS Foley76
67silk0684-9Geraldines Lass (IRE)25 88-13W McCreeryK J Manning75
713silk-00-04Madeira Man (IRE)25 88-13J A NashD P McDonogh75
810silk80-003Allegra Tak (ITY)8 108-12H RogersP J Smullen74
912silk1-252Caprella (GB)12 78-12P D DeeganC D Hayes83
1016silk840-2uKhaos (IRE)12 78-11M D O'CallaghanS H James82
112silk90p-72Daring Man (IRE)11 118-9Denis W CullenR Coakley71
128silk373108Thats A Fret (IRE)10 108-9Liam McAteerC P Hoban71
136silk000-65Jembatt (IRE)4 98-7Michael MulvanyI J Brennan69
1415silk-42073Battleroftheboyne (IRE)12 78-5Michael MulvanyB A Curtis76
151silk486640Tsar Paul (IRE)24 118-4J A NashD M Grant66
1614silk22-175Harry Trotter (IRE)12 78-4David MarnaneF Lynch75

Probable SP 11/2 Caprella, 6/1 My Girl Anna, 7/1 Pencil Hill, Joe Eile, 8/1 Elusive Award, 10/1 Allegra Tak, Daring Man, Battleroftheboyne, Jembatt, 12/1 Tsar Paul, Madeira Man, Khaos, 16/1 Geraldines Lass, Harry Trotter, 20/1 Calm Bay, Thats A Fret.

4.50President Of The UAE Cup 4-y-o plus 1m. 5 Declared

16silkAziz (GB)1010-7J Smart
21silkHarran (GB)910-7J SmartD M Williams
34silk1-Areej (GB)239 1110-2Mr J SmartR L Moore
45silkChinaactic (GB)109-11W M SmithMr S A Walker
52silkTidarbret (GB)119-11D M BatteateJ P Murtagh
63silkEl Adjban (GB)109-7Mrs G M DuffieldP J Smullen

Probable SP 2/1 Aziz, Areej, 7/2 Harran, 7/1 Chinaactic, 8/1 El Adjban, 10/1 Tidarbret.

5.20Kilsaran International M´dn 3-y-o plus 1m. 2f. of £12500.00 18 Declared

For three yrs old and upwards, maidens at starting Weights 3-y-o 9st 5lb; 4-y-o and up 10st 5lb; Fillies allowed 5lb

116silk32-3-0Kavanagh (IRE)7 1210-5Gerard KeaneC T Keane
22silk21-900King High (IRE)18 1210-5Eoin DoyleD M Grant
317silk0Mayameen (USA)21 810-5Conor O'DwyerJ F Egan
44silkBlue Corner (IRE)79-5Saeed Bin SuroorS Foley
511silk09-Booster Rocket (IRE)257 79-5M J ByrneW J Lee
610silk08Cottesloe (IRE)12 79-5J BerryF M Berry
715silk7-6Dante Inferno (IRE)12 79-5Kevin PrendergastD P McDonogh
87silk97Gold Not Silver (IRE)15 79-5Adrian Brendan JoyceR P Cleary
99silkMagical Moon (GB)79-5Michael HouriganN G McCullagh
1014silkOur Conor (IRE)79-5D T HughesF Lynch
111silk60Punches Pious (IRE)8 79-5Timothy DoyleC O'Donoghue
125silk0Saturday Night (USA)8 79-5Patrick J FlynnK T Maher
138silk2-62Taigan (USA)51 79-5A P O'BrienJ P O'Brien86
1413silkFaanan Aldaar (IRE)79-0P J RothwellC D Hayes
156silkHay Point (IRE)79-0John M OxxJ P Murtagh
1618silk0-Lady Jock (IRE)222 79-0John Patrick ShanahanM C Hussey
1712silk0-92Something Graceful (GB)22 79-0J S BolgerK J Manning73
183silkTruthwillsetufree (IRE)79-0D K WeldP J Smullen

Probable SP 13/8 Taigan, 3/1 Hay Point, 8/1 Something Graceful, Truthwillsetufree, 10/1 Faanan Aldaar, 12/1 Dante Inferno, 14/1 Blue Corner, 16/1 Punches Pious, Cottesloe, Our Conor, 20/1 Mayameen, Kavanagh, 25/1 Magical Moon, 33/1 Gold Not Silver, Saturday Night, 50/1 Lady Jock, 66/1 Booster Rocket, King High.