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HorseTrackerLightening Rod (GB)

b g 2005 Storming Home (GB) - Bolero (GB) (Rainbow Quest (USA))

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Owner Mr N W A Bannister & Mr S Hull
Trainer M W Easterby
Last Win   Wetherby Sat, 6th Dec, 14 11/4, Mr H A A Bannister
Days Since Last Win   542
Last Run   Stratford Sat, 21st May, 16  3rd, 17/2, Harry Bannister
StatisticsRunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Lifetime (N.H.)4491320.45%€57961.60€6.50
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Date Course Conditions Race Result Jockey OR Class
21May16 Str 17G 5y+ HcapCh(18K) 9-11[17/2] 3rd of 9, 4.50L behind Fair Dilemma Mr H A A Bannister 124 2
21Mar16 Kel 17GS 5y+ HcapCh(14K) 10-12[7/2] 4th of 7, 13.50L behind Aye Well Mr H A A Bannister 125 3
04Jan16 Mus 16GS 5y+ HcapCh(12K) 11-7[13/2] 3rd of 8, 0.63L behind Chestnut Ben Mr H A A Bannister 125 3
16Dec15 Lud 16S 4y+ HcapCh(27K) 10-13[8/1] 4th of 7, 29.50L behind Sir Valentino Mr H A A Bannister 129 2
02Dec15 Lud 16S 4y+ HcapCh(15K) 11-4[10/1] 4th of 9, 19.75L behind Sir Valentino Mr H A A Bannister 132 3
31Oct15 Ayr 16GS 3y+ HcapHdl(20K) 10-8[16/1] 6th of 11, 15.50L behind Aristo Du Plessis Mr H A A Bannister 136 2
11Apr15 Ain 16G 4y+ HcapHdl(40K) 10-13[50/1] 13th of 21, 11.47L behind Astre De La Cour Mr H A A Bannister 138 2
27Mar15 New 16GS 4y+ HcapHdl(8K) 11-3[33/1] 3rd of 9, 3.00L behind Avidity Mr H A A Bannister 135 3
13Mar15 Che 17S 5y+ HcapHdl(80K) 11-1[66/1] pulled up in race won by Wicklow Brave Mr H A A Bannister 140 1
01Jan15 Mus 16S 4y+ HcapHdl(40K) 11-6[8/1] 10th of 10, 59.75L behind Ruacana J Reveley 140 2
06Dec14 Wet 16S 3y+ HcapHdl(8K) 11-2[11/4] 1st of 6, 2.25L to Fisher Mr H A A Bannister 134 3
22Nov14 Hay 16S 3y+ HcapHdl(20K) non-runner 134 3
31Oct14 Wet 16G 3y+ HcapHdl(9K) 11-5[8/1] 1st of 12, 7L to Pertuis Mr H A A Bannister 125 3
15Oct14 Wet 16G 3y+ HcapHdl(8K) 10-7[16/1] 2nd of 15, nk behind Goodwood Mirage Mr H A A Bannister 120 3
14Dec13 Don 16G 3y+ HcapHdl(18K) 10-3[12/1] 4th of 10, 7.00L behind Makari Jake Greenall 123 2
07Dec13 Wet 16GS 3y+ HcapHdl(8K) 10-6[5/1] 5th of 9, 7.75L behind Zaplamation Mr H A A Bannister 124 3
16Nov13 Wet 16GS 4y+ HcapHdl(10K) 11-5[20/1] 10th of 13, 9.87L behind Zaplamation Jake Greenall 125 3
25Oct13 Fak 16G 4y+ HcapHdl(8K) 11-0[12/1] 6th of 7, 47.25L behind First In The Queue Jake Greenall 126 3
16Oct13 Wet 16GS 4y+ HcapHdl(8K) non-runner 126 3
03Apr13 Wet 16G 4y+ HcapHdl(4K) 11-9[6/1] 1st of 12, 1L to Rhymers Ha' Jake Greenall 120 4
11Dec12 Sed 17S 3y+ HcapHdl(3K) 11-8[5/2F] 2nd of 7, 1L behind Sam Lord Jake Greenall 119 4
17Nov12 Wet 16S 4y+ HcapHdl(10K) non-runner 119 3
02Nov12 Wet 16GS 4y+ HcapHdl(7K) 11-1[9/1] 3rd of 15, 9.00L behind Sporting Boy Jake Greenall 118 3
17Oct12 Wet 16GS 4y+ HcapHdl(7K) 10-11[14/1] 12th of 14, 34.50L behind Hi Dancer Jake Greenall 125 3
14Apr12 Ain 16G 4y+ HcapHdl(40K) 10-5[50/1] 13th of 21, 27.12L behind Lifestyle Harry Haynes 127 2
22Mar12 Car 16G 5y+ S(4K) 11-0[9/4] 3rd of 4, 3.50L behind Devotion To Duty Jake Greenall 132 4
11Feb12 Mus 16GS 5y+ HcapCh(15K) 11-8[11/2] 8th of 13, 10.06L behind Tara Royal D Elsworth 134 3
28Dec11 Cat 16S 4y+ HcapCh(8K) 11-0[2/1JF] unseated rider in race won by Shadrack Jake Greenall 134 3
09Dec11 Don 16G 4y+ S(5K) 11-1[6/1] 2nd of 6, 24L behind Sprinter Sacre Jake Greenall 134 4
16Nov11 Hex 16S 4y+ HcapCh(8K) 11-0[7/2] 1st of 5, 4L to Signalman Jake Greenall 126 3
15Apr11 Ayr 16G 5y+ NovCh(9K) 10-8[7/2F] 4th of 6, 31.50L behind Kosta Brava Jake Greenall 3
25Mar11 Sed 20G 5y+ NovCh(4K) 10-7[4/11F] brought down in race won by Catch Bob Jake Greenall 4
06Mar11 Sed 16GS 5y+ NovCh(5K) 10-7[6/4F] 2nd of 7, 4.5L behind Sam Lord Jake Greenall 4
08Feb11 Sed 20S 5y+ NovCh(5K) 10-7[6/1] fell in race won by The Knoxs Jake Greenall 4
28Dec10 Sou 16A 4y+ NHF(4K) 10-11[9/2] 1st of 11, 3.5L to Moorlands Teri Mr O Greenall 4
21Nov10 Ain 20S 4y+ HcapHdl(20K) 10-4[14/1] pulled up in race won by Quartz de Thaix Jake Greenall 2
30Mar10 Mar 17S 4y+ HcapHdl(7K) 11-6[6/5F] 3rd of 7, 6.75L behind Issaquah Mr O Greenall 3
22Mar10 Kel 16GS 4y+ HcapHdl(6K) 11-9[7/2JF] 1st of 9, 16L to Baaher Mr O Greenall 4
15Feb10 Cat 16GS 4y+ HcapHdl(5K) 11-9[11/4JF] 4th of 10, 8.38L behind King's Counsel Mr O Greenall 4
25Jan10 New 16H 4y+ HcapHdl(5K) 11-8[7/2F] 3rd of 11, 4.25L behind Grandad Bill Mr O Greenall 4
15Dec09 Cat 19GS 4y+ H(5K) 11-2[7/2] 3rd of 15, 18.75L behind Tilt Mr O Greenall 4
25Nov09 Wet 16S 4y+ H(5K) 10-9[11/2] 1st of 14, 1.25L to Cunning Clarets Mr O Greenall 4
11Nov09 Ban 17S 4y+ H(5K) 10-9[7/1] 7th of 12, 40.50L behind Thumbs Up Mr O Greenall 4
14Apr09 Mar 17G 4-6y NHF(2K) 11-0[11/2] 1st of 13, 3.25L to Hidden Keel Mr O Greenall 6
11Mar09 Che 16GS 4-6y NHF(60K) 10-11[100/1] 21st of 24, 89.63L behind Dunguib Mr O Greenall 1
18Feb09 Don 16GS 4-6y NHF(3K) 10-0[9/4F] 1st of 15, 2L to Hudibras Mr O Greenall
06Dec08 Wet 13S 3y NHF(3K) 10-5[3/1F] 3rd of 15, 0.78L behind Stopped Out Mr O Greenall