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HorseTrackerSo Is She (IRE)

b f 2008 Kheleyf (USA) - River Beau (IRE) (Galileo (IRE))

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Owner Mr Allan McNamee
Trainer A Bailey
Last Win   Wolverhampton Mon, 16th Apr, 12 5/2Fav, Natasha Eaton
Days Since Last Win   1561
Last Run   Kempton Mon, 6th Aug, 12  12th, 25/1, Robert Tart
StatisticsRunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Lifetime (Flat)433196.98%€21408.74€-31.90
Lifetime (N.H.)51220.00%€5556.62€-1.00
Form Timeline
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Date Course Conditions Race Result Jockey OR Class
06Aug12 Kem 12AS 3y+ Hcap(3K) 8-2[25/1] 12th of 12, 24.03L behind Fleur De La Vie Robert Tart 50 5
30Jul12 Ayr 8G 3y+ Hcap(2K) 9-4[7/1] 4th of 9, 3.50L behind Cheeky Wee Red Natasha Eaton 50 6
27Jul12 New 10GF 3y+ Hcap(4K) 8-2[22/1] 8th of 13, 13.41L behind Candycakes Ian Burns 50 5
21Jun12 War 8S 4y+ Hcap(2K) 8-3[7/1] 3rd of 10, 6.00L behind Join Up Robert Tart 51 6
05Jun12 Yar 10GF 4y+ Hcap(2K) 8-13[3/1F] 5th of 11, 14.25L behind The Ducking Stool L P Keniry 52 6
25May12 Yar 10GF 4y+ Hcap(2K) 8-12[4/1JF] 2nd of 8, 1.25L behind Sky Diamond D Holland 51 6
22May12 Bri 10GF 4y+ Hcap(2K) 8-12[7/1] 5th of 11, 7.56L behind Resplendent Alpha D Holland 51 6
14May12 Wol 12A 4y+ Hcap(2K) 10-3[13/2] 4th of 12, 5.13L behind William's Way Miss Alex Owen 51 6
04May12 Wol 9A 4y+ Hcap(2K) 9-1[5/1] 3rd of 12, 5.13L behind Harare Ian Burns 52 6
01May12 Yar 11H 4y+ Hcap(2K) 8-6[3/1] 3rd of 6, 17.50L behind Satwa Ballerina Natasha Eaton 52 6
26Apr12 Bri 10S 4y+ Hcap(2K) non-runner 52 6
16Apr12 Wol 9A 4y+ Hcap(2K) 8-11[5/2F] 1st of 12, 0.5L to Harrys Yer Man Natasha Eaton 6
11Apr12 Kem 10A 4y+ Hcap(2K) 8-11[8/1] 2nd of 12, 2.25L behind Addikt Ian Burns 50 6
23Mar12 Wol 9A 4y+ Hcap(2K) 9-3[14/1] 3rd of 12, 0.26L behind Safwaan F Norton 50 7
16Mar12 Fak 16G 4y+ HcapHdl(11K) 9-7[16/1] 8th of 11, 36.00L behind Conquisto Trevor Whelan 103 3
12Mar12 Plu 18GS 4y+ HcapHdl(3K) 10-7[9/2] 5th of 5, 24.75L behind Flite Gerard Tumelty 103 4
08Jan12 Sou 8A 4y+ Hcap(2K) 8-8[13/2] 6th of 9, 7.00L behind General Tufto D Fox 50 6
01Dec11 Lei 16GS 3y H(3K) 11-1[4/1] 3rd of 11, 5.25L behind Schism Gerard Tumelty 103 4
15Nov11 Fak 16G 3y H(5K) 10-12[3/1] 1st of 7, 6L to Hope Point Gerard Tumelty 3
09Nov11 Kem 12A 3y Hcap(2K) 8-11[13/2] 5th of 13, 2.26L behind Honourable Knight I Mongan 50 6
03Nov11 Sou 8A 3y+ Hcap(2K) 8-9[8/1] 2nd of 14, 2L behind Putin D Fox 50 6
20Oct11 Bri 12GF 3y+ Hcap(2K) 8-8[17/2] 6th of 11, 5.63L behind Beauchamp Xiara Natasha Eaton 52 6
08Oct11 Wol 9A 3y+ Hcap(2K) 8-12[12/1] 9th of 12, 16.63L behind Arkaim D Fox 55 6
02Oct11 Hun 16GF 3y H(4K) 10-5[28/1] 2nd of 9, 6L behind Alfraamsey Gerard Tumelty 4
24Sep11 Wol 9AF 3y+ Hcap(2K) 8-12[11/1] 3rd of 10, 7.75L behind Hill Tribe D Fox 56 6
31Aug11 Kem 8A 3y F(2K) 9-0[16/1] 6th of 8, 5.25L behind Sky Diamond Amy Baker 6
30Aug11 Wol 9A 3y+ Hcap(2K) 9-1[14/1] 8th of 12, 5.19L behind Excellent Vision Amy Baker 6
19Aug11 Wol 9A 3y+ Hcap(2K) 9-5[9/2] 10th of 11, 5.59L behind Roman Ruler Amy Baker 6
12Aug11 New 8G 3y+ Hcap(4K) 8-3[50/1] 4th of 16, 2.25L behind Abriachan Amy Baker 5
05Jul11 Sou 8A 3y F(2K) 8-4[11/4] 3rd of 7, 5.75L behind Golden Creek Catherine Gannon 6
23Jun11 Lei 7GF 3y F(2K) 9-0[15/2] 4th of 9, 7.50L behind Orchid Street Liam Jones 6
19May11 Sou 7A 3y F(2K) 9-4[7/4] 3rd of 5, 4.25L behind Goal Liam Jones 6
11May11 Kem 8A 3y F(2K) 8-10[11/8F] 2nd of 7, 2.75L behind Merton Lady Catherine Gannon 6
05May11 Ffo 8GF 3y+ F(3K) 7-12[14/1] 5th of 8, 4.25L behind Avon River Amy Baker 6
03Mar11 Sou 7A 3y F(2K) 8-7[7/2] 3rd of 5, 4.75L behind Fantasy Fry Catherine Gannon 6
24Feb11 Sou 6A 3y F(2K) non-runner 6
23Jan11 Kem 8A 3y F(2K) withdrawn (Withdrawn) 6
13Jan11 Sou 7A 3y F(2K) 8-13[1/10F] 1st of 3, 9L to Evelyns Diamond Catherine Gannon 6
06Jan11 Sou 7A 3y F(2K) 8-6[6/5F] 2nd of 3, 7L behind Fred Willetts Catherine Gannon 6
21Dec10 Sou 7AS 2y Mdn(5K) 8-12[11/2] 1st of 7, 3L to Mazovian Catherine Gannon 5
02Dec10 Wol 9AS 2y F(2K) 8-0[3/1JF] 6th of 8, 4.38L behind Ivan's A Star Julie Burke 6
21Oct10 Bri 7G 2y Hcap(3K) non-runner 5
15Oct10 Wol 7A 2y Hcap(2K) 9-4[14/1] 3rd of 10, 2.75L behind Fifth Dimension R Winston 5
17Sep10 Ayr 7G 2y Mdn(7K) non-runner 4
16Sep10 Ayr 6G 2y Mdn(5K) 8-6[2/1] 6th of 9, 6.38L behind Another Citizen G Gibbons 5
10Sep10 Che 7GS 2y Hcap(13K) 7-6[10/1] 3rd of 8, 10.25L behind Magic Casement Jessica Steven 3
26Aug10 Ayr 6GF 2y Mdn(4K) 8-1[5/4JF] 2nd of 4, 1.5L behind Intrusion Billy Cray 5
21Aug10 Che 7GS 2y Mdn(8K) 8-12[8/1] 2nd of 10, 0.5L behind Cosmic Moon M Halford 4
14Aug10 New 5S 2y Hcap(7K) 8-9[11/2] 2nd of 5, 1.5L behind Loki's Revenge Billy Cray 4
25Jul10 Pon 5GF 2y Mdn(6K) 8-5[17/2] 3rd of 9, 4.75L behind New Planet Natasha Eaton 4
12Jun10 Bat 5GF 2y Mdn(2K) 7-13[13/2] unseated rider in race won by Fifth Commandment Natasha Eaton 6
15May10 New 6GF 2y F(10K) 8-6[6/1] 5th of 5, 15.25L behind Klammer M Halford
05May10 Che 5G 2y F(21K) 8-7[16/1] 4th of 7, 4.03L behind Julius Geezer J Mackay